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Gansu civil servant exam "Examination" simulation test questions and answer analysis [2019]: 61

Reduce font 作者:公务员考试信息网 来源:zimauto24.com 发布时间:2019-12-25 20:38:00 Increase Font author: civil service exam Information Network Source: zimauto24.com Published: 2019-12-25 20:38:00
1: The school wants to hold summer camp activities. Due to the limited number of places, it is necessary to select two students from the five eligible students to participate in this activity. So the class leader made five crickets, two of which had the word "to" on it, and the remaining three crickets were blank. After mixing, five students randomly grabbed them. Calculate the probability that the second classmate will catch the word "Go" ()
Multiple choice
A. 0.4
B. 0.25
C. 0.2
D. 0.1

2: Zero-sum game, also known as zero-sum game, is a concept of game theory, which refers to the parties involved in the game. Under strict competition, the gain of one party necessarily means the loss of the other party, and the gains and losses of the parties to the game. The sum is always zero, and the glory of the winner is often hidden behind the bitterness and bitterness of the loser. According to the above definitions, the following items that do not belong to the zero-sum game are ().
Multiple choice
A. In a chess match, the piece that one side ate is exactly the one that the other side lost.
B. The renter must pay a certain agency fee to rent the house through the agency
C. Two companies in different fields work together to obtain their own satisfactory benefits
D. Energy will neither be generated from nothing nor disappear from nothing. It will only be transformed from one form to another, or transferred from one object to another. constant

3: In order to control the spread of "avian flu", all chickens infected with "avian flu" chicken farms will be concentrated and killed for deep burial purposes ().
Multiple choice
A. Controlling the source of infection
B. Cut off the transmission route
C, improve immunity
D. Protecting vulnerable populations

4: Calculate the value of the formula 1/2 + 1/6 + 1/12 + 1/20 + 1/30 ()
Multiple choice
A. 8/9
B. 7/8
C. 6/7
D. 5/6

5: 2, 10, 30, 68, 130, ()
Multiple choice
A. 222
B. 272
C. 300
D. 390

6: To determine whether a company is growing, it is important that this company's products or services have a market ________. Some companies may have maintained rapid growth for several years, but if the industry space they are working in is limited, high growth is doomed to just ________. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Short-term potential
B. The share of smoke
C. Prospect Sky Tower
D. Demand for passive water

7: Zhang Chao of the Qing Dynasty once said in his "Shadow of the Dream": "Reading different books to Yuanbo friends, reading celebrity poems to Feng Yayou, reading sages to friends who are honest, and reading legends to funny friends. Fiction. "This is really insightful. In life, apart from family and love, friendship is indispensable. because. The most appropriate sentence to fill in the horizontal line is:
Multiple choice
A. Friendship is a breadth. Affection is a kind of depth. And love is a purity
B. Friendship is a purity, and love is a depth. Affection is a breadth
C. Affection is a kind of depth. Love is a purity. Friendship is breadth
D. Love is a kind of depth, and affection is a kind of purity. Friendship is breadth

8: Jews make up only 2% of the American population, but they play a role of __________ in many areas of American society. Compared to other groups of similar numbers, Jews have attracted more attention—the discussion, discourse, and description of Jews __________. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. It is very important
B. Unparalleled commonplace
C. Highly important
D. Unlimited emergence

Multiple choice

10: Consecutive offenses: refers to the situation where the perpetrators have committed several independent criminal acts in succession based on the same or generalized criminal intention, and have committed the same crime. The following acts are continually committed:
Multiple choice
A. A intends to poison B. Divide the poison that is fatal enough into three parts (each of which has not reached the lethal dose). Take B in three portions within a week, resulting in the death of B.
B, C will beat his wife once every day for no reason. Beaten for days
C. Ding infiltrated several households in the same community for theft within a month.
D. National staff of the E Department, within one month, successively committed corruption and bribery

11: Syllogism: Based on the premise of two blunt propositions containing three different terms, the conclusion is derived from one blunt proposition, and every two blunt propositions have a common term inference. According to the above definitions, the following syllogistic reasoning is ().
Multiple choice
A. Either you said it wrong, or I heard it wrong, and I did not hear it wrong to indicate that you said it wrong
B. If the cold wave comes, the temperature will drop. If the temperature does not fall, it means that the cold wave has not come.
C. Mercury is a metal, and metals are conductive objects, so some conductive objects are mercury
D. Lao Zhang is a painter and Lao Li is a musician. They are friends. So painters and musicians can be good friends

12: The shadow puppet theater is widely spread in China. In the long-term process, the style and rhythm of its musical aria have both ____________ the essence of their respective local operas, arts and folk minors, thus forming a number of ___________ schools. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in order is ().
Multiple choice
A. Evolution and convergence
B. Evolution absorbs colorful
C. Inheritance and Reference
D. Different styles of accumulation

13: The essence of culture in a country. It is called "National Clan" and China's three major nationalities are ().
Multiple choice
A. Confucianism, Chinese painting and acupuncture
B. Tea art, Kunqu and martial arts
C, porcelain, calligraphy and Confucianism
D, Chinese painting, Peking opera and Chinese medicine

14: Xiaoming tossed a coin three times in a row, and observed whether the upward face was literal or flower face. Could you please help him figure out all the possible results?
Multiple choice
A. 8
B. 6
C. 4
D. 10

15: China, India, Brazil, South Africa and other developing countries have taken the initiative to reduce emissions and played a positive __________ role in promoting positive results at the Copenhagen conference. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Guiding
B. Strategic
C. Tactical
D. Constructive

16: China's energy structure is dominated by coal, and the average efficiency of coal power generation in China is currently only 35%. If more advanced technologies are used. This efficiency is expected to increase to 50% or even higher. Today, with fossil energy accounting for the majority, improving traditional energy efficiency is just as important as developing renewable energy. To ensure the sustainable supply of energy, in addition to the above two points, there is also the need to accelerate the construction of smart grids, that is, to achieve intelligent management in the entire energy production, transmission and use. What is incorrectly understood about this text is:
Multiple choice
A. China should pay close attention to technology research and development and introduction. Strive to improve energy efficiency
B. China should optimize the energy structure, vigorously reduce the proportion of fossil energy and increase the proportion of renewable energy
C. The construction of smart grid is also an effective way to achieve sustainable energy supply
D. China's energy efficiency is low, and there is a lot of room for improvement

17: Yinxu leads the world in the history of civilization with word-making methods __________, performance content __________, and inheritance of orderly oracle bone inscriptions. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Skillful and diverse
B. Unique and complete
C, mature, rich
D. Proper and comprehensive

18: .
Multiple choice

19: The integration of traditional festivals into national legal festivals reflects respect and return to traditional Chinese culture. Chinese traditional culture is an important part of our spiritual home. However, over the years, some "foreign festivals" have become more and more fashionable, and traditional festivals have tended to be forgotten by people, especially young people. The following is inconsistent: ().
Multiple choice
A. The author supports the practice of incorporating traditional festivals into national legal festivals.
B. Traditional festivals are an important part of Chinese traditional culture
C. Some "foreign festivals" are becoming more and more fashionable, and most young people have forgotten the traditional festivals.
D. Including traditional festivals into national legal festivals can evoke everyone's attention to traditional culture

20: The following common sense of life, the statement is correct ().
Multiple choice
A. You can put white sugar in sweet soy milk, but avoid brown sugar.
B, after eating a lot of acidic foods, people can eat some basic foods such as fish, meat, eggs to neutralize the acidity in the body
C, tomatoes are rich in nutrition, people can eat tomatoes when they are hungry
D. Drinking chicken soup can get more nutrition than eating chicken

21: The biggest contrast with now is the earth when dinosaurs _________ 100 million years ago. At that time, the temperature in high latitudes was 15 ° C higher than now, and the atmospheric C02_________ was at least three times higher than now. There was a phenomenon of oxygen depletion at the bottom of the ocean for millions of years. A large amount of organic matter was found on the ocean floor, and the Middle East was petroleum __________. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A, radon volume burst period
B, epidemic density maturity
C, rampant quality incubation period
D. Prevailing concentration formation period

22: The sum of the age of a family of four is 149 years old, in which the sum of the grandfather's age, mother's age, and the age of the two are squared, and the father's age 7 years ago is exactly 6 times the age of the child. Q: How many years ago was the grandfather's age a multiple of the child's age? ()
Multiple choice
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8

23: The following items are incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. Su Shi's calligraphy work "Huangzhou Cold Food Post" is praised as the first book in the world of calligraphy
B. Li Longji is called "the patriarch of Liyuan" by later generations
C. "Yongle Ceremony" is the largest book in history
D. According to the ancient imperial examination system, when the top three were released, the top one was given the title of "Jinshi and No."

24: Nowadays, computers and mobile phones are popular all over the world, and “keyboard players” and “thumbs” are increasing day by day. Under such circumstances, the phenomenon of "forgetting to write" in the younger generation has become more and more common. Usually I always think that the characters can be typed easily. Why do I have to scratch my ears when I write with a pen? Relevant experts are not surprised by this, and gave a technical term called "Computer Dyslexia". You should go for treatment when you are sick, but it is quite worrying whether this "illness" that has forgotten how to write a few words can really attract enough attention from the whole society, and how many people are willing to be alert Be alert. Will this "fashionable" micro-syndrome be transformed into a "cultural tomopathy"? "Culture tomopathy" in the article refers to: A, "Computer dyslexia" of "forgetting to write a word" B, cracks in the cultural heritage of Chinese characters C, spelling Chinese characters on the keyboard instead of writing with a pen D, the younger generation is no longer Writing multiple choice questions with a pen
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

25: Quality cost refers to all expenses incurred by the enterprise in order to ensure and improve product quality, and all losses caused by the failure of product quality to meet specified requirements. According to the above definition, the following are the costs of quality ().
Multiple choice
A. The cost of hiring an expert endorsement for a pharmaceutical company to establish a good quality image of the product
B. The cost of a car manufacturer's theme test drive for new products
C. A health care company was fined for allegedly exaggerating the effectiveness of the product
D. A food manufacturing company was fined by the quality supervision department for overdose of artificial pigment content

26: .
Multiple choice
A. 81
D. 9

27: A couplet was embedded in the upper and lower stages respectively with the emperor's year. Its upper sentence was: "Shuntianxin, Kangminwu, Yongheqijing, being healthy and healthy, Jiahuohua group inspection, Daoguang Shao Yu Xia Shang Zhou, Xiange Prosperity ". The dynasty of the emperor involved in this sentence is ().
Multiple choice
A. Han Dynasty
B. Tang Dynasty
C. Ming Dynasty
D. Qing Dynasty

28: Regarding education in China, the following statement is correct ().
Multiple choice
A. From September 1, 2006, China has waived tuition and fees for urban and rural compulsory education.
B. Education in the Tang Dynasty was very prosperous.
C. Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, Dong Zhongshu, etc. during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods were all great educators in ancient China.
D, Rites, Music, Shooting, Royal, Book, Number of Six Arts

29: "Tokyo Dream Hualu" records: "Mid-Autumn Festival night, your family decorates the table, folks contend for the restaurant to play for the moon, the song is heard for thousands of miles, and the playful sits to the dawn." The period most likely depicts people ’s lives Mid-autumn festival scene ().
Multiple choice
A. Han Dynasty
B. Tang Dynasty
C. Song Dynasty
D. Ming Dynasty

30: The left side is the outer surface of the carton. Which of the following can be folded from it? "
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

31: Mathematical methods are extremely important and indispensable in Western science. Rigor and precision are an important part of the scientific spirit, and rigor and precision are largely brought about by mathematical methods. Science requires that concepts be quantified as much as possible and tested with a certain degree of accuracy. The accuracy of laws and theorems is reflected in its mathematical expression. The agreement or closeness of the experimental measured values with the mathematical inferred values of the laws and theorems is the main basis for the establishment of the laws and theorems, and the main reason for the convincing laws and theorems. The concept that has been formed for a long time is: if a discipline cannot be "mathematized", it is not an accurate discipline or it is considered an immature discipline. The most accurate summary of the main point of this text is ().
Multiple choice
A. Mathematics is the standard for measuring scientific research results
B. Mathematical expressions make laws and theorems more accurate
C. Mathematical methods are a means of scientific precision
D. The charm of mathematics lies in rigor and precision

32: () For piloting is equivalent to the rule ()
Multiple choice
A. Flight: Player
B. Navigation mark: foul
C. Navigation: Competition
D. Route: Referee

33: From the four items given. Select the most appropriate question mark. Make it show a certain regularity. \ "\"\ "\"
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

34: After returning from a business trip in July, Lao Zhang turned over 10 office calendars in a row, and the date of these calendars was 265. What time does Lao Zhang go to work ()
Multiple choice
A. 20
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1

35: On a macro scale, learning is like a stack of humans, always growing up on the shoulders of predecessors from generation to generation. Opening original materials and classics to facilitate public inspection is conducive to the active academic atmosphere of a country and the improvement of national quality. These documents should not be closed and conservative. If you hold on and set thresholds, they will become dead books that are moth-eaten. If you open them up for the people to read, they will become living knowledge and promote the renewal of knowledge and the growth of knowledge. This text is intended to emphasize ().
Multiple choice
A. Different attitudes towards the literature will produce different results
B. The improvement of a country's national quality depends on public reading
C. Literature can only exert its value if it is consulted by a wide range of readers
D. The literature of a country focuses on its citizens

36: Problem ________ is not resolved, ________ becomes more serious.
Multiple choice
A, if so
B, because so
C, even
D. Not only

37: The factory needs to process a batch of parts. A single job takes 96 hours to complete, B takes 90 hours, and C takes 80 hours. Now work according to the order of the first day, the second day, the second day, the third day, and the third day, the third day. ()
Multiple choice

38: 菡萏: Lotus multiple choice
A. Candy: Jelly
B, Hibiscus: Water Hibiscus
C. Tomato: Potato
D, 蚍蜉: big ants

39: The future of human civilization depends on how we use science today, but it is often not scientists, but politicians, and the public that determine how science is used. In order to make the right decision, a responsible citizen should have some scientific knowledge. They do not need to be experts, but at least they must understand some of the basic problems facing the world, such as finding new energy and food, environmental change, genetic technology. danger. In this way, they can vote to ensure that the government makes an informed decision and that scientific development is sustainable and beneficial to humanity. And it does not harm the environment. This text is intended to illustrate ().
Multiple choice
A. The future of human civilization depends on public choice
B. The scientific literacy of the public should be improved to ensure future development
C. The solution of world problems depends on the rational use of science
D. The development of science should be based on the premise of not harming the environment

40: .
Multiple choice
A. 1
B. 5
C. 9
D. 11

41: Xu Wenchang created a method of painting snow bamboo, which is extremely sophisticated. Some people commented: "Mr. Xu Wenchang painted snow bamboo, purely based on the Ming Dynasty's thin pen, broken pen, dry pen and broken pen. It was never bamboo-like; it was then dyed with light ink. The whole is faintly faint. "For Xu Wenchang painting snow bamboo, the one in the following statement that matches the original meaning is ().
Multiple choice
A. When he draws snow bamboo, the material is not limited to one type of bamboo, so he can make people feel the image of the whole bamboo.
B. The snow bamboo he painted has snow everywhere. Looming branches and leaves
C. The bamboo he combined with reality is not like bamboo
D. He can draw extremely fine art treasures with bad pens

42: Public service advertisements refer to advertisements that do not serve the interests of the general public and social customs for the purpose of profit. They are advertisements in which enterprises or social groups clarify their functions and responsibilities to society, and solve social and environmental problems. According to the above definition. The following items are not classified as PSAs ().
Multiple choice
A. Can speak Mandarin. "Sounds" all over the world
B. Time matters, no safety matters; no matter how good the money is, it is better to live
C. Everyone needs a civilized city, and cities need everyone's civilization
D. Hometown of Confucius, Liaocheng Canal, Blue Muping, Welcome to Shandong

43: If a product is sold at a 10% discount, the profit is 2/3 of the original price; if it is sold at a discount of 50 yuan, the profit is 1/4 of the original price. How much is the profit if the product is sold at a 20% discount ()
Multiple choice
A. 240
B. 300
C. 360
D. 480

44: In response to the grim situation of frequent work-related accidents during the construction of the building at that time, the relevant state departments promulgated the “Implementation Rules for Construction Industry Safety Production”. However, two years after the promulgation and implementation of the Detailed Rules, statistics covering the whole country show that the number of casualties in building construction continues to increase every year. This shows that the Rules have not been effectively implemented. Which of the following, if true, would weaken the above argument? () A. In the two years after the promulgation of the Detailed Rules, the number of construction projects under construction has increased significantly. B. B. Strict implementation of the Detailed Rules will inevitably increase the production cost of the construction industry. C. B. In the two years after the promulgation of the Detailed Rules, the number of employees working in the construction industry has increased significantly. B. After the implementation of the “Detailed Rules”, the standards for compensation and pensions for workers injured at work have been raised. When home makers sell large household items, they often give home accessories as free gifts to buyers.
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

45: 2, 3, 7, 34, 50, 175 ()
Multiple choice
A. 211
B. 213
C. 215
D. 217

46: From the four options given, select the most appropriate one to fill in the question mark, so that it shows a certain regularity: \ "\"
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

47: The Chinese have been called "Yanhuang descendants" since ancient times. "Yellow" means ().
Multiple choice
A, yellow people
B, Huanglong
C. Yellow Emperor
D. Yellow River

48: .
Multiple choice
A. 25
B. 30
C. 40
D. 50

49: From the four options given, choose the most suitable one—fill in the question mark so that it shows a certain regularity. () \ "\"
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

50: The following are the constituent elements of the market mechanism are ().
Multiple choice
A. Competition
B. Technology
C. Capital
D. Enterprise

51: Incorporating the handling of mass incidents into the accountability system is not only a need to improve the ability to govern, but also a concrete manifestation of administration according to law. But in a deeper sense, in order to truly reduce or even overcome mass incidents, citizens must be allowed to express their wishes in a legal manner; special procedural laws and regulations must be formulated, requiring state agencies and their staff to fully respect and take them seriously The way the community residents express their opinions in a group, and solve the problems they raise according to law within the framework of the law, ensuring that the entire society is lively and orderly. The most accurate summary of the main point of this text is ().
Multiple choice
A. Analysis of the shortcomings of the accountability system in handling mass incidents
B. Explain the deep meaning of properly handling mass incidents
C. Explore measures to fundamentally resolve mass incidents
D. Propose ideas for solving group problems within the legal framework

52: Four kinds of fruit gift boxes are sold in a supermarket. One gift box has 3 apples and 4 pears, and the price is 20 yuan; the gift box 2 has 4 apples, 3 pears, and the price is 22 yuan; the gift box 3 has 5 apples and 6 pears. The price is 32 yuan; the gift box has 6 apples and 2 pears, and the price is 28 yuan. Xiao Zhang bought 11 apples and 8 pears from it. How much does Xiao Zhang pay when he checks out?
Multiple choice
A. 40 yuan
B. 60 yuan
C. 68 yuan
D. 72 yuan

53: The following statements about literary common sense are incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. Zaju has a prominent position in the literature of the Yuan Dynasty, with representative works on Han Qing ’s Dou E Yuan, Wang Shifu ’s The West Chamber, Kong Shangren ’s Peach Blossom Fan, and Ma Zhiyuan ’s Han Palace Autumn.
B. "Midnight" by Mao Dun, "Home" by Ba Jin, "Camel Xiangzi" by Lao She, and "Ni Huanzhi" by Ye Shengtao are well-known novels in China in the 1920s and 1930s.
C. Gorky created a lot of life, including novels, novels, scripts, prose and so on. His novels "Childhood", "On Earth", and "My University" are his autobiographical trilogy
D. Mark Twain and O. Henry are good at writing satirical novels. Readers like Mark Twain's "Running for Governor", "Millions of Pounds" and O Henry's " Police and Hymns"

54: 3, 7, 13, 21, 31, ()
Multiple choice
A. 38
B. 41
C. 43
D. 49

55: Leaders and cadres sweep the streets. From the perspective of officials and agencies, this is of course a good thing. It can shorten the distance with the people and show that leading cadres are diligent in governing for the people. However, from the perspective of the personal rights of cadres, voluntary labor is not impossible, but it cannot be driven by administrative orders. From the perspective of the sanitation department, if the normalization of cadres is necessary, it may reflect two aspects. The problem is that either the number of sanitation workers is not enough and there is a shortage of manpower; or the sanitation workers do not work well and leave a lot of dead ends. The following table summarizes the content of the above text ().
Multiple choice
A. Leading cadres take the lead in sweeping the streets and participating in voluntary labor as a violation of personal rights.
B. Leading cadres taking the lead in sweeping the street can stimulate the work enthusiasm of the staff of the sanitation department
C. Leading cadres taking the lead in sweeping the street can shorten the distance with the people and promote harmonious relations between cadres and the masses.
D. Leading cadres take the lead in sweeping the streets, which may cause misunderstandings among the people and fail to achieve the desired results.

56: .
Multiple choice
A. 81
D. 9

57: .
Multiple choice
A. 14/15
B. 15/14
C. 1
D. 35/14

58: The following statement about "summer solstice" in the 24 solar terms in the northern hemisphere is wrong ().
Multiple choice
A. On the 21st or 22nd of June of each year, the sun reaches 90 ° of the Longitude of the Yellow River, which is the "solstice" solar term.
B. The "summer solstice" is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere
C. "summer solstice" means summer is coming
D. "Summer Solstice" is the midwinter of the southern hemisphere

59: A cruise ship sails at a constant speed at sea, and its heading remains unchanged. At 8 am there is a lighthouse 30 nautical miles east of the cruise ship. At 10:30 am, the lighthouse is located 40 nautical miles south of the cruise ship. During this period, the shortest time between the cruise ship and the lighthouse is ()
Multiple choice
A. 8:45
B. 8:54
C. 9:15
D. 9:18

60: The incorrect expression in the following common sense of life is ().
Multiple choice
A. Freshly cooked eggs are easier to peel when put in cold water for a short time
B. When the temperature drops in winter, pouring boiling water into a cold glass can easily cause the glass to break.
C. A large number of water drops appear on the outer wall of the water pipe in summer, which is often a sign of rain.
D. When cooking vegetables with water, increase the firepower after boiling the water and raise the water temperature to cook the vegetables as soon as possible. Save fuel

1: Answer A
2: Answer C
The analysis of item A is a typical zero-sum game. If one party eats the opponent's pieces, it means that the opponent loses one piece. For item B, compared to the renter, the intermediary is the winner of the game, and the intermediary fee paid by the renter is obtained by the intermediary. Item C is not a zero-sum game, but a "win-win" state achieved through cooperation. The D term is the content of the law of conservation of energy, and also belongs to a zero-sum game. Therefore, choose C for this question.
3: Answer A
The analysis of this practice is mainly to control the source of infection.
4: Answer D
Parse D.
5: Answer A
Parse A. This is a third-level difference sequence. After completing the difference twice, there are 12,18,24, ... and so on. So, go back and do two consecutive additions, and the answer is 222. Therefore, the answer to this question is A. Options.
6: Answer A
Analyze and read the question, you can know that "some companies may have maintained rapid growth for several years, but if the industry they are working in has limited space," it may soon disappear. This meaning is consistent with "a flash of light", which shows that the second box should be filled with "A flash of light" in item A. In this way, the three items B, C, and D can be directly excluded.
7: Answer C
From the words of Zhang Chao of the Qing Dynasty and "friendship is indispensable", we can see that the main emphasis of the text is friendship, so the last point of the sentence in the vacancy should be friendship. Exclude items A and B. It can be determined from "in addition to affection and love" that the order of the last sentence should also be affection first and then love, and "pure love" is also a habitual match. The answer to this question is C.
8: Answer C
The analytic sentence says that although the Jews make up a small proportion of the US population, they play a very important role. "Unparalleled" and "unique" both have meanings that can not be compared with it, the degree is too heavy, and the items B and D can be excluded. From the second sky, we can see that "attracted more attention". The sentence talks a lot about Jewish topics. "Very arrogant" refers to a certain type of speech that is very arrogant and contains derogatory meanings. The emotional color does not match the passage, and A is excluded. Select C for this question.
9: Answer A
Parse A.
10: Answer C
The main points of analyzing the definition of continuous offense are: ① successively committing several independent criminal acts; ② committing the same crime. Neither A or B meets ①; D does not meet ②.
11: Answer C
The main points of analytic syllogism definition are: ① the premise and conclusion are blunt propositions; ② the premise is two blunt propositions containing three different terms; ③ every two blunt propositions have a common term. Item A or "or ... or ..." is an optional proposition that does not meet ①; item B "if ... then ..." is a sufficient condition hypothesis that does not meet ①; item C meets the definition of syllogism; D The premise contains three propositions, which does not meet ②. So the answer is C.
12: Answer B
Analysis of "convergence" refers to integration and integration. "Absorption" refers to the absorption of external substances into the body, metaphorically taking in beneficial ingredients. "Learning" refers to taking other people or things as a mirror and comparing yourself in order to learn lessons or experiences. "Learning" means to draw water from a well, and to learn from experience and lessons. Comparing the meanings of the four words, we can see that "absorption" is more in line with the context of the passage.
13: Answer D
Analyze Chinese Peking Opera, Chinese painting, and Chinese medicine that are well-known both at home and abroad. These three national quintessences have distinct national characteristics, showing the unique artistic origin and technical development trajectory of the Chinese nation.
14: Answer A
Parse A. There are 2 possibilities for each throw, then the total situation is .
15: Answer D
Analysis This question belongs to the category of real word discrimination. "Guidance" usually has a mandatory meaning; "strategy" originally intended to guide the overall plan and strategy of war, and later used to refer to the planning and strategy for completing a certain task; "tactics" originally refers to the principles that guide combat And methods; "constructive" means having the meaning of advancing and promoting the implementation of the project, and it is more in line with the context in terms of constructiveness. So choose D.
16: Answer B
The analysis of item B is wrong in “Strongly reducing the proportion of fossil energy”. Firstly, it is not reflected in the text. Secondly, from the analysis of national conditions, China ’s energy structure is mainly coal, which is difficult in the short term. Changed, so while developing renewable energy. More important and more practical is to improve the utilization efficiency of traditional fossil energy. This is what the text emphasizes. Therefore, the answer to this question is B.
17: Answer C
Analytical dexterity: proficient, often used to explain the improvement of skills after training, generally used for people. The sentence describes the word-making method of Oracle, using "skillful" inappropriately, excluding A. Proper: Appropriate. The wording method does not exist properly. Exclude D. Integrity: Having or maintaining all the parts it should be without damage or incompleteness. Rich: many kinds or large quantities. The content of nail bone inscriptions here should be "rich". The correct answer to this question is C.
18: Answer C
Parsing .
19: Answer C
Analysis of item A can be seen from "respect and return" that the author supports the practice of incorporating traditional festivals into national statutory holidays. From the first sentence, we can see that traditional festivals are an important part of Chinese traditional culture, so item B is correct. The segment said that "the traditional festivals have a tendency to be forgotten by people, especially young people." It is a trend, not "have forgotten," so C is wrong; item D can be "returned" and "forgotten". These words are refined.
20: Answer A
There are a variety of organic acids in brown sugar. They will be combined with proteases in soy milk, so that the nutrients in soy milk will not be easily absorbed by humans. White sugar will not have this phenomenon. Item A is correct. Meat, fish, eggs, and so on are all acidic foods, and item B is wrong. Tomatoes contain soluble astringents and other ingredients. They react with gastric acid and coagulate into insoluble masses, which can easily cause discomfort such as gastrointestinal fullness and pain. Therefore, tomatoes should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Item C is wrong. Most of the nutrients in chicken cannot be dissolved in the chicken broth during the stewing process. Therefore, drinking chicken broth can not get more nutrients than eating the chicken, which is wrong. The correct answer to this question is A.
21: Answer D
22: Answer D
Parse D.
23: Answer A
Analysis of Su Shi's "Huangzhou Cold Food Post" is known as the third line of the world, and "Lanting Collection Preface" is the first line of the world.
24: Answer B
Analyze word comprehension questions. "Culture tomopathy" appears in the last sentence. The original sentence was "Will this" fashionable "micromania be transformed into a" cultural tomopathy "?" It can be seen that "cultural tomopathy" should be It is a more serious cultural problem than the "computer dyslexia" introduced in the text. Of the four options, only the B option can reflect its connotation. The three options A, C, and D are the literal meaning of the article, and the understanding is too simple.
25: Answer D
From the analysis of the problem, it can be known that all the costs that the company spends to ensure and improve product quality and all losses caused by the product quality not meeting the requirements are quality costs. Analyze the four options. The cost of the two options A and B is only to establish a corporate image and does not meet the definition of quality cost. In the option C, the company was penalized for fictitiously exaggerating the efficacy of the product, not because the quality did not meet the requirements. It also does not meet the essence of quality cost; the D option company was fined because the artificial color content of the product exceeded the standard, that is, because the product quality did not meet the requirements, it was fined, which meets the essence of quality cost. So choose D.
26: Answer D
Parsing .
27: Answer D
The analysis of this question belongs to human common sense. The Emperor in the couplet shows that the dynasty was the Qing Dynasty. So choose D.
28: Answer D
Analyze that from September 1, 2008, China's urban and rural compulsory education has been waived from tuition and miscellaneous tuition. The Tang Dynasty set up a Guozijian, which has a dual nature. It is both a university and an educational administrative institution (Ministry of Education and University). School, Four Schools, Book Science, Mathematics, Law, etc. In addition to Hongwen Museum, Chongwen Museum, etc .; Dong Zhongshu, Han Dynasty educator.
29: Answer C
The analytic citation is from "Tokyo Dream Hualu". After the Northern Song Dynasty was established, Kaifeng was renamed Tokyo as the capital city. It can be seen that the question materials reflect the bustling and moon-watching customs of the Tokyo Mid-Autumn Festival night in the Northern Song Dynasty. So choose C.
30: Answer B
When the three faces of "-", "×" and "\" appear in the analysis options, the face where "-" and "×" are located should be parallel, excluding A and C: After the left figure is folded up, the observation has a diagonal A vertex of the line will intersect at the end point of the intersection of the "+" and "-" faces. Based on this, the D: B term can be folded from the figure on the left.
31: Answer C
The analytic paragraph is a general discourse form. The first sentence is a topic sentence, the following is an expanded discussion, and the last sentence is a synonymous statement of the subject. The C term is the synonymous expression of the last sentence, so choose C for this question. The scientific research results in item A are too specific and have little relationship with the original text. Item B is just one aspect of the original theme. It is not comprehensive enough as a summary of the theme. Item D is not the subject of the original text, but also just one aspect of it.
32: Answer D
Analytical routes are the standards to be followed by pilots, and rules are the standards to be followed by referees. So choose D.
33: Answer A
The number of closed spaces of the first column of graphics is 9, 8, and 7, the number of closed spaces of the second column of graphics is 6, 5, and 4, and the number of closed spaces of the two charts given in the third column are 3, 1, and Therefore, "?" Should be a figure with 2 enclosed spaces. The answer to this question is A.
34: Answer D
Parse D. The sum of the dates in the calendar is 265, which is the sum of 10 consecutive natural numbers, and the median is 26.5, so the middle two numbers should be 26 and 27. It can be seen that the last date that Zhang turned over was July 31st, so Zhang went to work on August 1st. Therefore, the answer to this question is to choose option D.
35: Answer D
The analysis author emphasizes the positive effects of open source materials and classics, but the closed and conservative attitude to the literature is not the focus of the paragraph, excluding A; the focus of the entire paragraph is to open the literature of his country, excluding B . Comparing C and D, item C is just a summary of the last sentence, and the idea of item D runs through the entire paragraph, and the expression is more accurate. Therefore, D is selected for this question.
36: Answer D
The parsing of the sentence obviously needs to fill in the related words of the progressive relationship, so the correct answer is D.
37: Answer C
Parse C.
38: Answer D
Analytical lotus is another name for lotus. 蚍蜉 (pífú): a large ant. That is, cricket is another name for big ant.
39: Answer B
40: Answer D
Parse D. With special numerical methods, you can easily see that the natural number 11 meets the conditions, and 11 is divided by 12 and the remainder is 11.
41: Answer B
The analytic material is about Xu Wenchang's unique method of painting snow bamboo. The meaning of item A, "not bamboo", is not "not limited to one type of bamboo" but is not like bamboo. "The whole of bamboo" does not refer to "the whole bamboo" but refers to the whole picture of bamboo. The painting problem mentioned in the original sentence. Xu Wenchang painted snow bamboo instead of whole bamboo, and the branches and leaves were also faintly visible. Instead, he mainly painted snow, covered snow with snow, and bamboo lined with snow. The combination of reality and reality, but the bamboo he painted was not like, but "god-like" , So item C is wrong. "Thin pens and broken pens ..." are some of Xu Wenchang's methods of painting Xuezhu, not "bad pens", and the D term is wrong. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is B.
42: Answer D
The main points of analyzing the definition of PSAs are: not for profit. Item D does not meet this point, and the other three items meet the definition. So the answer is D.
43: Answer C
Parse C.
44: Answer C
Analytical questions indicate that the number of casualties among construction workers continues to increase each year because the Detailed Rules have not been effectively implemented. Therefore, to weaken this argument, it is only necessary to explain that there are other reasons for the increase in the number of casualties. The three items A, B, and D do not meet the requirements. Only the large increase in the number of employees in item C may be another main reason for the increase in the number of casualties. Therefore, it can weaken the argument.
45: Answer A
Parse A. The difference is a power order column, which is 1 to the power of 3, 2 to the power of 2, 3 to the power of 3, 4 to the power of 2, and 5 to the power of ???
46: Answer B
The number of lines in the analytic stem figure is 9, so the item B with the number of lines 9 is selected.
47: Answer C
Analyze that the descendants of Yan and Huang are Chinese. "Yan" refers to Emperor Yan, born on the shore of Jiangshui (now in Baoji City). "Huang" means Huangdi. Ji Jushui (now Shaanxi Wugong Qishui River). Therefore, the answer to this question is C.
48: Answer D
Parse D. Divide each pair into equal difference series. Therefore, the answer to this question is option D.
49: Answer D
Analysis This question belongs to the relationship between the number of figures. Reflected in the number of closed areas in each horizontal line. In the first line, the first figure contains 2 closed areas and the second figure contains 1 closed area, so the third figure contains 2 + 1 = 3 closed areas. In the second line, the first figure contains 0 closed areas and the second figure contains 4 closed areas, so the third figure contains 0 + 4 = 4 closed areas. In the third line, the first graphic contains 0 closed areas and the second graphic contains 6 closed areas. The third graphic should contain 0 + 6 = 6 closed areas. The D option that meets this requirement is D. . So choose D.
50: Answer A
The analytical market mechanism refers to a market mechanism that exists and functions in any market, and mainly includes supply and demand mechanism, price mechanism, competition mechanism and risk mechanism.
51: Answer C
Analyze this text from the manpower of "incorporating the handling of mass incidents into the accountability system" and further elaborate some of the measures that must be taken to overcome mass incidents. Item A “Insufficient Accountability System” is not covered and excluded. The "deep meaning" of item B in the original text refers to the perspective of thinking, not the value of dealing with mass incidents, and exclusion. The expression of “resolved within the legal framework” of item D is correct, but it is not comprehensive enough, and the paragraph also mentions that “citizens must be allowed to express their wishes in a legal manner”. The correct answer to this question is C.
52: Answer B
Parse B. [Analysis] The relationship between the number of apples, pears, and selling price in different gift boxes is: Xiao Zhang got 11 apples and 8 pears, indicating that Xiao Zhang bought at least two gift boxes. According to the table above, only the gift box 3 and gift box 4 that match the combination of 11 apples and 8 pears can be purchased at the same time. Therefore, Xiao Zhang should The amount paid is 32 + 28 = 60 yuan. Choose B.
53: Answer A
Analysis of Kong Shangren's "Peach Blossom Fan" in item A does not belong to the Yuan Zaju, but should be a legendary drama in the Qing Dynasty.
54: Answer C
55: Answer D
Analysis [Analysis] This is an inductive summary problem. After the main purpose of the paragraph is "but", item D comprehensively summarizes the purpose of the paragraph. Items A and C are one-sided; they are not mentioned in section B, they are out of nothing.
56: Answer D
Parsing .
57: Answer C
58: Answer C
Analysis of Lixia refers to the coming of summer. So choose C.
59: Answer B
Parsing .
60: Answer D
Analyze that cooking food is not faster and faster. Because the temperature does not change after the water is boiled, even if the firepower is increased, the water temperature cannot be increased. As a result, the water vaporization can only be accelerated, the water in the pot is evaporated to dryness, and fuel is wasted. The correct method is to boil the water in the pot with a high fire, and keep the water boiling with a low fire. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is D.

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