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Civil servants' "common sense judgement" daily practice exercises (December 30, 2019-2394)

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1: The environment in the three elements of the novel refers to:
Multiple choice
A. Time and place of character activities
B. Social environment and natural environment of people's lives
C. The place where people are active and the surrounding scenery
D. The historical and historical background of the novel

2: Adhere to and improve the system of regional ethnic autonomy, and let the thinking of "three inseparables" firmly root in the hearts of people of all ethnic groups. "Three cannot be separated" means ().
Multiple choice
A. The party, the country and the people cannot be separated from each other
B. The Han nationality cannot be separated from the ethnic minorities, the ethnic minorities cannot be separated from the Han ethnic groups, and the various ethnic minorities cannot be separated from each other.
C, between regions, between urban and rural areas, and between nationalities
D. The ideas of Han nationalism, narrow nationalism, and national unity are inseparable from each other

3: During the Xibaipo period, the Party Central Committee: ① led the land reform movement in the liberated areas; ② held the Seventh Plenary Session of the Party; ③ organized and directed the three major battles of Liaoning, Shenyang, Huaihai, and Pingjin. The sequence of occurrence of the above historical events is ().
Multiple choice
A 、 ①③②
B, ②①③
C 、 ②③①
D, ③①②

4: When a person () crosses the international date change line, the time of the clock is unchanged, but the date should be added by one day.
Multiple choice
A. From west to east
B. From east to west
C. From south to north
D. From North to South

5: The following common technical knowledge is correct ().
Multiple choice
A. Atomic bomb explosion is the reaction process of nuclear fusion
B. Use of building materials with high methanol content for home decoration may easily cause indoor environmental pollution
C. "Titanium" is called "space metal" because of its high temperature resistance and lighter weight than aluminum.
D. The strongest electronic radiation when the mobile phone is just turned on

6: The following statement about literary common sense, the incorrect one is ().
Multiple choice
A. "It is not expected that the family will win or lose. It is a man who is shameful and brave. Jiang Dong's children are so talented that they have never made a comeback." This poem wrote about the relationship between Chu and Han when they were in conflict with Xiang Yu.
B. "Four-stringed autumn maple leaves, touching the earth and moving away from hatred; Liyang is a thousand feet of water, leaving the river on the river and leaving love". The content of this couplet is related to Bai Juyi's "Pipa Line"
C. Balzac is a French Romantic Literature Award in the 19th century. His more than 90 novels, collectively called "Comedy on Earth," are called "encyclopedias" in French society.
D. Hemingway is a well-known modern American writer who has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. His representative works include "The Old Man and the Sea", "The Sun Rises Still", "Farewell, Weapons", etc.

7: From 2011 to 2013, the sun will enter its peak year of activity, and more solar storms will hit the earth. The following statements about solar storms are incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. Flares and coronal mass ejection are important manifestations of solar activity and the source of solar storms
B. In general, solar storms occur every 11 years with the sunspot activity cycle
C. Solar storms affect radio signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS)
D. High-energy particles in solar storms will interfere with radio communications of aircraft, especially routes in the equatorial region

8: Plasma includes various minerals, sugars, lipids, proteins, hormones and vitamins. Among the above-mentioned substances, the blood color is red:
Multiple choice
A, hormones
B, protein
C, sugar
D, vitamins

9: After Company A purchased the products of Company B, it issued a bank acceptance bill to B. The bill was accidentally lost before its expiration. To make the bill void, B must ().
Multiple choice
A. Declaration
B. Apply to the bank to report the loss and stop payment
C. Apply to the court for public notice
D. Apply to court for payment order

10: According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Regional National Autonomy, which of the following organs does not enjoy the right to make autonomous regulations or separate regulations? ()
Multiple choice
A. Autonomous Region People's Congress
B. Autonomous Prefecture People's Congress
C. Autonomous County People's Congress
D. Provincial People's Congresses in autonomous regions and counties

11: On the wall of a farmer in Longzhou Village, Tancheng Township, Yongfeng County, Jiangxi Province, there is a slogan "Unswervingly follow the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics!" From the analysis of content, this slogan was written in the period ().
Multiple choice
A. Land reform
B. Three major transformations
C. Cultural Revolution
D. Reform and opening up

12: Water is transparent and colorless, but why is the spray in the sea white? ().
Multiple choice
A, because there are air bubbles in the water splash
B. Because water molecules in water rub against each other
C, because water spray contains sand
D. Because the salt content of seawater is high

13: The State Council issued "Several Opinions on Supporting Fujian Province to Accelerate the Construction of the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Strait".
Multiple choice
A. Pingtan Island
B. Otaki Island
C, Weizhou Island
D. Dongshan Island

14: It is difficult to cook rice on high mountain because of ().
Multiple choice
A. Low air pressure on high mountains and low boiling point of water
B. Low air pressure on high mountains and much heat loss
C. Low temperatures and high heat loss on high mountains
D. The air on the mountain is thin and the water cannot boil

15: Adhere to your own moral convictions, and emphasize the "hidden" and "micro" areas, which one of the moral cultivation methods of the staff of the state organs? ()
Multiple choice
A. Seeing Xiansi Qi
B. Provinces' restraint
C. Shendu
D. Fairness and integrity

16: Any society must rationally allocate limited resources to various fields that society needs in a certain way to achieve the optimal use of resources, which is determined by the resource ().
Multiple choice
A, exclusivity
B. Scarcity
C. Infinity
D. Sociality

17: Every information technology company in the world is studying how to reduce the impact of information processing technology on the environment. Dr Wim van der Povid pointed out that people think about the carbon cost of running information technology. They may know the power consumption of using a computer, but they may not pay attention to the energy consumed when using a web search. Although there are many ways to reduce the energy consumption of data centers, reducing the time required for searching is the focus of researchers. By increasing the search speed, the server consumes less energy in the same amount of work. The text in this paragraph mainly indicates ().
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

18: The purpose and motivation of dumping are diversified. Once substantial damage or threat is caused to the establishment and development of an industry in the importing country, it may lead to punishment by the importing country ().
Multiple choice
A. Raising tariffs
B. Prohibition of imports
C. Levying anti-dumping duties
D. Implementation of import license system

19: Indicators that measure a country's economic aggregate do not include ().
Multiple choice
B. Gross national income
C. Foreign exchange reserves
D. Total currency

20: According to the Constitution and the law, which of the following statements are correct? ()
Multiple choice
A. Citizens deprived of political rights no longer have freedom of scientific research
B. Citizens deprived of political rights no longer have freedom of artistic creation
C. Citizens deprived of their political rights no longer have the freedom to publish works
D. Citizens deprived of political rights no longer have freedom of religious belief

21: When Bai Juyi ascended Lushan, he wrote: "April in the world is full, and the peach blossoms of the mountain temple begin to bloom." The reason for the scene in the poem is ().
Multiple choice
A. Mountain soil is barren, peach trees bloom later
B. Due to the high altitude and low temperature, the peach trees bloom late
C. There are many clouds in the mountains, and the peach trees bloom late
D. Mountain air is thin and anoxic. Peach tree blooms later

22: Regarding the astronomical calendar, the correct one of the following statements is ().
Multiple choice
A. The leap year of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is generally 383, 384, or 385 days.
B. According to the principle of pinhole imaging, there will be a missing spot in the shade when the solar eclipse is partial.
C. The huge gravitational field of a black hole makes any matter, including photons, only escape and cannot enter
D. The spoon handle of the Big Dipper is pointing northward all year round, which can be used to identify the direction at night.

23: According to the "Administrative Punishment Law", the administrative penalty that restricts personal freedom shall be ().
Multiple choice
A. Judicial exercise
B. Exercise by procuratorial organs
C. Exercise by public security organs
D. Exercise by the supervisory authority

24: The following statements about the production of fruit wine, fruit vinegar and bean curd are not reasonable:
Multiple choice
A. The interval between unscrewing the caps in the late stage of fruit wine fermentation can be extended
B. When conditions are right, acetic acid bacteria can break down sugar in grape juice into acetic acid.
C. The density of the fermentation broth will gradually decrease during the fermentation of fruit wine
D. When pickling tofu full of Mucor, pickle the salt at the bottom and near the mouth of the bottle.

25: In the following statements about fiscal policy, what is incorrect is ().
Multiple choice
A. Increasing government tax revenue can curb aggregate demand and reduce national income.
B. There are two forms of government expenditure: one is government purchase, and the other is government transfer payment.
C. The monetary effect of fiscal policy is mainly reflected in public debt, and the monetary effect of public debt policy depends on the object and source of funds
D. When the level of total social demand is lower than the level of total supply, the government should adopt austerity fiscal policy

26: Government information disclosure does not include the use of ().
Multiple choice
A. Government Gazette
B. Internal documents
C. Government Website
D. Press conference

27: According to relevant regulations, for a revocable civil act, the party enjoying the right of revocation has not exercised the right of revocation within the legal period, and the act is binding on the party. The legal period during which the parties can exercise the right of revocation is ().
Multiple choice
A, 6 months
B, 1 year
C, 2 years
D, 20 years

28: Among the following solar system planets. The closest to the sun is ().
Multiple choice
A. Mercury
B. Earth
C, Mars
D. Saturn

29: Zhang bought a new car and was injured due to a brake failure on the way home. The following statements are incorrect:
Multiple choice
A. Zhang can ask the merchant to bear the liability for compensation
B. Zhang may ask the manufacturer to bear the liability for compensation
C. After the merchant pays Zhang, he can recover from the manufacturer
D. When Zhang asks the manufacturer to bear liability for compensation, he can ask the merchant to bear liability for compensation

30: In recent years, China ’s law enforcement agencies have established “open” systems, such as the Sunshine Law Enforcement Project of public security agencies, the tax disclosure system of the tax department, the prosecution disclosure system of the procuratorial organs, and the trial disclosure system of the court system. These "open" systems ().
multiple choices
A. Conducive to the exercise of the right of supervision by the people
B. Conducive to protecting the right of the people to be the masters of the country
C. Conducive to the exercise of the power of the people
D. Conducive to the further improvement of socialist democracy

31: The following statement is incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A, Http protocol is a transmission protocol used to transfer hypertext from www server to local browser
B. The theme of the 4th China-US Internet Forum is "For a More Useful and Reliable Internet"
C. The construction of the Antarctic scientific research station only has a construction period of 3 months per year
D. Cloud computing is a computing method of the computer itself

32: The correct set of time sequence of the following historical events is ().
Multiple choice
A. The Reform Movement of 1898-Maguan Treaty-May 4th Movement
B. Zheng He goes to the West-Qi Jiguang fights the pirates-Zheng Chenggong regains Taiwan
C. Zhang Heng invented the ground-moving instrument-Zhu Geliang wrote "Training Table"-Zhang Ye's mission
D. Humen sells cigarettes-Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War-First Opium War

33: The most important contradiction in modern Chinese society is ().
Multiple choice
A. Contradictions between the working class and the bourgeoisie
B. The contradiction between feudalism and the people
C. The contradiction between imperialism and the Chinese nation
D. Contradictions between the peasant class and the landlord class

34: The following statement is incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. The three hundred years of the Wei, Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties were important periods for the great integration of our nation.
B. Du Fu's poems record the transition from prosperity to decline in the Tang Dynasty
C. Wu Sangui “redged the crown and became angry”, leading the soldiers to the Qing Dynasty and overthrowing the Ming
D. Mr. Sun Yat-sen 's revolutionary thoughts have undergone changes from learning the West to the United Russia and the Communist Party

35: The main body of China's macroeconomic regulation is ().
Multiple choice
A. Enterprise
B. Market
C. Bank
D. Government

36: In our country's socialist construction, we must adhere to the principles of independence, self-reliance, and openness to the outside world, which embodies the materialist dialectics ().
Multiple choice
A. The principle of the dialectical relationship between the universality and particularity of contradictions
B. The principle of the dialectical relationship between internal and external causes
C. The principle of the dialectical relationship between matter and consciousness
D. Principles of the dialectical relationship between major and minor contradictions

37: The " Nanjing Treaty" forced the opening of trade ports (). ① GuangzhouTianjinXiamenFuzhou ⑤ Nanjing ⑥ Dinghai ⑦ NingboShanghai
Multiple choice
A 、 ①②③④⑤
B 、 ③④⑤⑦⑧
C 、 ④⑤⑥⑦⑧
D 、 ①③④⑦⑧

38: The Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Party clearly stated that it is necessary to gradually improve the basic public service system that is in line with national conditions, is relatively complete, covers urban and rural areas, and is sustainable. The following statements about improving the public service system are wrong ().
Multiple choice
A. Implement more active employment policies and vigorously develop labor-intensive industries, service industries and small and micro enterprises
B. Improve the social security system covering urban and rural residents
C. Relax family planning policy and actively respond to population aging
D. Improve the basic medical security system covering urban and rural residents, and gradually increase the standard of security

39: Regarding tea culture, what is incorrect is ().
Multiple choice
A. India is the first country in the world to collect and drink tea.
B. Lu Yu is famous for the Tea Monograph, the world's first tea monograph, known as the Tea Saint
C. Tea flourishes in Tang and flourishes in Song
D. Scented tea is a scented tea made from tea leaves and fragrant tea to make the tea absorb the floral aroma.

40: BCG is given to newborns to prevent:
Multiple choice
A. Smallpox
B. Tuberculosis
C. Diphtheria
D. Measles

1: Answer B
2: Answer B
Analyzing the unification of the motherland is the highest interest of the people of all ethnic groups, and national unity is an important guarantee for the unification of the motherland. Today, the ideology of "the Han nationality cannot be separated from the minority nationality, the minority nationality cannot be separated from the Han nationality, and the national minorities are also inseparable from each other", and the cause of national unity and progress has achieved great achievements.
3: Answer A
Analysis from July 12 to September 13, 1947, the Central Working Committee held the National Land Conference of the Communist Party of China in Xibaipo, promulgated the Outline of the Chinese Land Law, and led the land movement in the liberated areas; September 1948 to 1949 In March, Chairman Mao of the CPC Central Committee commanded three major battles in China and foreign countries in Xibaipo, which greatly accelerated the victory of the liberation war. From March 5th to 13th, 1949, the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with historical significance was Xibaipo was held. So the answer is item A.
4: Answer B
Analysis of the international date change line is a line from north to south. To cross the line from west to east, the date should be subtracted by one day; to cross the line from east to west, the date should be added by one day. So choose B.
5: Answer D
Analysis: The huge power of the atomic bomb in item A is the huge energy generated by nuclear fission. Form B should be formaldehyde. In item C, titanium is heavier than aluminum, so it is wrong.
6: Answer C
Analysis of Balzac is a great French 19th century critical realist writer, the founder and outstanding representative of European critical realist literature, one of the highest achievements in French realist literature. His "Comedy on Earth" created a total of 91 novels and wrote more than 2,400 characters, fully showing the French social life in the first half of the 19th century. It is a rare literary monument in the history of human literature and is known as the "encyclopedia" of French society. . The C-item "romantic writer" is incorrect. The correct answer to this question is C.
7: Answer D
Analysis of high-energy particles in solar storms can interfere with aircraft radio communications, especially routes at high latitudes. So the answer is option D.
8: Answer B
Analyze this question to examine medical common sense. What makes the blood color red is protein.
9: Answer C
Analysis [Analysis] According to Article 193 of the Civil Procedure Law, holders of notes that can be endorsed for transfer in accordance with the regulations may apply to the grassroots people's court in the place where the notes are paid for public notice due to theft, loss or loss of the notes.

10: Answer D
Analyze that the people's congresses of ethnic autonomous areas have the right to formulate autonomous regulations and separate regulations in accordance with the political, economic, and cultural characteristics of local ethnic groups, but provinces with autonomous prefectures and autonomous counties in their jurisdictions do not belong to ethnic autonomous areas. Item D was elected. Further reading: The Law of the People's Republic of China on Regional National Autonomy stipulates: Article 2 Regional autonomy is practiced in areas where minority nationalities live in compact communities. Ethnic autonomous areas are divided into autonomous regions, autonomous prefectures, and autonomous counties. All ethnic autonomous areas are an inseparable part of the People's Republic of China. Article 3. Autonomous organs are established in ethnic autonomous areas, which are the first-level organs of state power in the country. The organs of self-government in ethnic autonomous areas implement the principle of democratic centralism. Article 19 The people's congresses in ethnic autonomous areas have the right to formulate autonomous regulations and separate regulations in accordance with the political, economic, and cultural characteristics of local ethnic groups. The autonomous regulations and separate regulations of the autonomous region shall come into effect upon approval by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. The autonomous regulations and separate regulations of autonomous prefectures and autonomous counties shall be effective after being approved by the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the province, autonomous region, and municipality, and reported to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the State Council for the record.
11: Answer D
Analyze the Communist Party of China based on the principle of combining the universal truth of Marxism advocated by Mao Zedong with the specific reality of China, summarize the experience accumulated through long-term exploration, especially the practice since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, and deeply understand the law of building Chinese socialism At the 12th National Congress of the CPC, he put forward the scientific judgment of "going our own way. Building socialism with Chinese characteristics." Therefore, this slogan should be written after reform and opening up.
12: Answer A
The analytical spray is mainly composed of foam and some small water droplets. The surface of the foam is a water film. Small water droplets are like small prisms. When light shines on the foam and water droplets, reflection and refraction occur on their surfaces. The light refracted into the foam and water droplets will hit the surface of the surrounding foam and water droplets when they are emitted, and will reflect and refract again ... Finally, the light will be reflected from different directions after multiple refractions and reflections. . And because the surface of the foam and water droplets are almost equal in the light reflection opportunities of various colors, not selective reflection, so the spray is white in daylight.
13: Answer A
Analysis On May 14, 2009, the State Council formally issued "Several Opinions on Supporting Fujian Province to Accelerate the Construction of the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Strait" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), marking the rise of Haixi Construction from a regional strategy to a national strategy. According to the "Opinions" of the State Council, "Based on the existing policies of special customs supervision areas, further explore the establishment of special customs supervision areas for cross-strait cooperation on conditional islands along the coast of Fujian, and implement more preferential policies." According to this spirit, Fujian On the basis of in-depth research, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government formally made a decision to establish the Fuzhou (Pingtan) Comprehensive Experimental Zone at the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighth Provincial Party Committee held at the end of July, and proposed to actively explore cross-strait regional cooperation and establish cross-strait cooperation. A regional platform for closer cooperation and exchange, and strive to build Pingtan into a model area for exploring new models of cross-strait cooperation and a leading area for the scientific development of the economic zone on the west side of the Straits.
14: Answer A
Analysis of the boiling point of water is related to air pressure. The lower the air pressure, the lower the boiling point, and the higher the air pressure, the higher the boiling point. Due to the high altitude on the mountain, the air pressure is relatively low, so the boiling point of water is low. When the altitude is near sea level, the atmospheric pressure is about 101.3 kPa. At this time, the boiling point of water is 100 ° C. However, if you reach the high mountains, the atmospheric pressure will gradually decrease as the altitude rises, and the boiling point of water will also decrease. This means that in high mountains, water starts to boil at less than 100 ° C, so food is difficult to cook. So choose A.
15: Answer C
When analyzing item A, "seeing the wisdom and thinking" is to align with the morally noble people and learn their valuable conduct. As a member of state organs, first of all, they should strengthen their theoretical knowledge, consciously study and understand the relevant documents of the Party during the period of socialist construction, and at the same time improve their theoretical literacy, as well as their own ideological and moral standards, and Learn from everyone around you and the strengths of others. In item B, the province's restraint refers to the fact that every staff member of the state organs must "self in three provinces" every day, with their own good moral cultivation, to promote the improvement of the social atmosphere. In item C, being cautious means that when no one sees or supervises, not only can't you relax, but you must also be alert and insist on your own moral convictions. Emphasis on "hidden" and "micro" efforts. "Carefulness alone" is a moral consciousness that is present everywhere and everywhere, and is a method of moral cultivation at a higher level. It can best show a person's moral soul. Item D means that the staff of the state organs must be selfless in politics, act impartially, act in accordance with the law, be indifferent, act innocently, and act cleanly. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is C.
16: Answer B
In any society, human needs are endless as a desire, but the economic resources used to meet people's needs are limited. Therefore, resources are scarce. The scarcity of resources determines that any society must pass certain The rational allocation of limited resources to various fields required by society in order to achieve the optimal use of resources. So choose B.
17: Answer C
Analyze the summary topic. First of all, look at the major premise. The paragraph discusses the issue of reducing the impact of information processing technology on the environment. First, it points out the way of thinking of ordinary people, and then turns around. The point the author wants to make clear. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is to choose item C.
18: Answer C
Analyze the measures taken by importing countries for dumping.
19: Answer D
Parsing money itself has no value. The function of money is the means of circulation, value measures, means of payment, and means of storage. Therefore, money is only a manifestation of the economy, and the total amount of money is only a manifestation of the total amount of the economy, not an indicator of the total economic volume of a country.
20: Answer C
Analyze that scientific research, artistic creation, and religious beliefs do not belong to political rights. Publishing works belong to political rights. Citizens who have been deprived of political rights no longer enjoy the freedom to publish works, so they choose item C.
21: Answer B
Analysis of the Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi's poem "Peach Blossom in Dalin Temple": "April in the world is full, peach blossoms in the mountain temple begin to bloom. Chang hatred spring and found nowhere, I do not know where to turn in." This vividly reflects the temperature as the altitude increases Diminishing, vertical differences in mountain phenology. Generally, the temperature decreases by 0.6 ° C every 100 meters above sea level. The altitude of Lushan Dalin Temple is between 1100 and 1200 meters, which is lower than that of "Human Earth" (flat ground in Jiujiang City, with an average altitude of 32 meters and a temperature lower than about 6 ° C). Therefore, the opening time of peach blossoms is 20 to 30 days behind. The phenology is delayed by about a month compared to the phenology under the mountain. The answer is B.
22: Answer B
Analyze Chinese old calendar lunar calendar year, a year with a leap month is called a leap year, the general year is 12 months, 354 or 355 days; the leap year is 13 months, 384 or 385 days, item A is wrong, exclude; in item C, Photons cannot escape from the black hole and are excluded. In item D, the position of the Big Dipper relative to the North Star is basically unchanged, but the rotation of the earth will make people feel that the Big Dipper rotates around the North Star (in fact, it rotates around the earth's axis). The two stars on its spoon are called Pointing to the polar star, pointing to the North Star, can help us identify the direction at night and rule it out. So choose B.
23: Answer C
Analysis of Article 16 of the "Administrative Punishment Law" stipulates that the State Council or the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities authorized by the State Council can decide an administrative agency to exercise the administrative penalty power of the relevant administrative agency, but the administrative penalty power that restricts personal freedom can only be imposed by public security Organ exercise. Choose C
24: Answer D
It is analyzed that in the later stage of fruit wine fermentation, the amount of C02 produced per unit time is reduced due to the reduction of nutrients in the bottle. Therefore, the interval between unscrewing the bottle cap can be extended, and A's statement is correct; under the condition of sufficient sugar source and oxygen, acetic acid bacteria can break down the sugar in grape juice into acetic acid. The statement B is correct; during the fermentation of fruit wine, nutrients are consumed, and water is generated, and the density will gradually decrease. The statement C is correct: When pickling tofu covered with Mucor, the salt near the bottle mouth should be spread. It is thicker, but the bottom layer does not need a lot of salt. D is wrong. In line with the question.
25: Answer D
Analysis of the government can adjust the size of fiscal expenditures to achieve the adjustment of total social demand. When the level of total social demand is lower than the level of total supply, the government can stimulate the increase of total demand by expanding fiscal expenditures and reducing fiscal revenue relatively. This is the expansionary fiscal policy; austerity fiscal policy is when the total social demand is excessive. Under the terms adopted, the government adopted reducing fiscal expenditures and increasing fiscal revenues relatively, so as to achieve the effect of restraining the total demand of society. The D term is wrong. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is D.
26: Answer B
Analysis of Article 15 of the "Regulations on the Disclosure of Government Information of the People's Republic of China" states that: "Administrative organs should disclose government information that is proactively disclosed through government bulletins, government websites, press conferences, newspapers, radio, and television in a way that is easy for the public to know. "
27: Answer B
Analysis [Analysis] The relevant judicial interpretations of the Supreme People's Court stipulate that if the parties only request a change or revocation if more than one year has passed since their establishment, the people's court will not protect them.
28: Answer A
Analyze the planets in the solar system in the order of near to far from the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
29: Answer D
Analyze Article 43 of the "Product Quality Law" stipulates: "In the case of damage to the person or property caused by a defect in the product, the victim may claim compensation from the manufacturer of the product or from the seller of the product. If the liability of the producer is compensated by the seller of the product, the seller of the product has the right to recover it from the producer of the product. If the liability of the seller of the product is compensated by the producer of the product, the producer of the product has the right to sell the product "This clause stipulates that the merchant and the manufacturer shall be jointly and severally liable, that is, the consumer may choose the merchant or the manufacturer to claim compensation. However, they cannot claim compensation for both at the same time, so choose D.
30: Answers A, B, D
The analysis of the "open" system is the open government affairs system, which increases the transparency of administrative activities, and is conducive to strengthening the restriction and supervision of power. The people's supervision power is fully exercised, which is beneficial to protecting the people's right to be the master of the country, and it is beneficial to follow Prevent and manage corruption at the source and build a clean government. In general, the "open" system is conducive to the further improvement of socialist democracy. Select ABD for this question.
31: Answer D
Analytical cloud computing is a super-computing model based on the Internet. In remote data centers, thousands of computers and servers are connected to form a computer cloud. Therefore, cloud computing is not the computer's own calculation method, and the D term is wrong.
32: Answer B
Analysis of the Reform Movement of 1898, 1898; Maguan Treaty, 1895; May Fourth Movement, 1919. A wrong. Zheng He went to the west, starting in 1405; Qi Jiguang fought against the pirates, around 1560; Zheng Chenggong regained Taiwan, early 1662. B right. Zhang Heng invented the earth-moving instrument, 132 AD; Zhu Geliang wrote "List of Teachers", five years of Lite-On, spring 227; Zhang Huan envoyed to the Western Regions, 138 BC. C is wrong. Humen sold cigarettes, 1839; Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895; the first Opium War, 1840-1842. D is wrong.
33: Answer C
The main contradictions in modern Chinese society are the contradictions between imperialism and the Chinese nation, feudalism and the people. Among them, the contradiction between imperialism and the Chinese nation is the most important contradiction. So choose C.
34: Answer C
Analyze after the overthrow of the Ming Dynasty by Li Zicheng, Li Zicheng was afraid of the Qing soldiers entering the customs, and decided to "destroy Wu Baoguan" to discuss Wu Sangui, Wu Sangui put the Qing army into the customs, defeated Li Zicheng, and the Qing army invaded Beijing .
35: Answer D
Analyze that we have established a socialist market economy system with Chinese characteristics. Among them, the market economy plays a fundamental role. Its main body is the enterprise, and the main body of macroeconomic regulation is the state, that is, the government. So choose D.
36: Answer B
The analysis of independence and self-reliance reflects the internal cause principle of the development of things, and opening to the outside world reflects the external cause principle of the development of things.
37: Answer D
Analysis of the "Nanjing Treaty" opened five trade ports, namely Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, and Shanghai.
38: Answer C
Analyze the report of the Fifteen Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee of the Party. We must adhere to the basic national policy on family planning, gradually improve the policy, and promote long-term balanced development of the population. So item C is wrong.
39: Answer A
Analysis of China is the first country in the world to collect and drink tea.
40: Answer B
Analysis of BCG vaccine is a kind of artificial attenuated live tuberculosis vaccine, this kind of live vaccine can make the human body develop a specific resistance to tuberculosis bacteria. BCG is given to newborns to prevent tuberculosis.

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Chapter 2 Anhui Civil Servant Examination "Examination Test" customs clearance simulation test and answer analysis [2019]: 43

1: A freighter from Guangzhou to Dalian stops at Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin in turn. When you set off, put on 240 containers full of containers. Each time you dock, you only load the containers of the city you are docked in. You unload the containers of other cities. Each common sense container unloads the same amount at each port along the way. The freighter remained fully loaded when leaving the port. When the freighter arrives in Dalian, there are ______ Tianjin containers on board.
Multiple choice

2: Comrade Hu Jintao stated in the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China: "Serving the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental purpose of the party, and all the party's struggles and work are for the benefit of the people. We must always achieve, maintain and develop the broadest The fundamental interests of the people are the starting point and end point of all the work of the party and the state, respect for the people's subjective status, give full play to the people's initiative, protect the rights and interests of the people, take the road of common prosperity, and promote the all-round development of the people. Rely on the people, the development results are shared by the people. "The most appropriate one to summarize this text is ().
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Chapter 3: Daily Practice of Customs Clearance Questions for "Speech Understanding" of Civil Servants (December 30, 2019-4796)

1: Taboo is a very prominent cultural matter in ancient China. There are strict __________. In the Modern Chinese Dictionary, "taboo" is interpreted as: "to maintain the dignity of the hierarchy in the feudal era, you cannot speak or write the name of a monarch or an elder relative when speaking or writing an article. Social customs, psychology, and consciousness are manifested in many aspects, such as being far and near expensive, being honest, and respecting the ancient and the present, etc. With the change of history, these customs still exist and have penetrated into the national in. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in order is ().
Multiple choice
A, regular character
B. Required character
C. Rule character
D, required character

2: The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines is (). ① Buildings that have been newly built in recent years __________ make the city more prosperous. ② At the art party, they can play their performances __________. ③ Although there are many people applying to the talent market, __________, it is not easy for employers to find people who are truly competent. [View full text]

Chapter 4 Daily Practice Exercises for Civil Servant "Quantity Relations" (December 30, 2019-8893)

1: 2, 6, 15, 30, 45, ()
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2: 2,4,0, -16, -50, ()
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3: If a regular triangle and a regular hexagon have the same perimeter, the area of the regular hexagon is a regular triangle ()
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B. 1.5 times
D. 2 times

4 :.
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5: The value of 2011 × 201 + 201100-201.1 × 2910 is ()
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Chapter 5 Daily Exercises of Customs Examination Questions for "Judgement and Reasoning" (December 30, 2019-1703)

1: () for instruments is equivalent to () for channel multiple choice questions
A. Watches and Weibo
B. Mechanical communication
C, the instrument is unblocked
D. Government Factory

2: () for furniture is equivalent to granite ()
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A. Desk: plaster
B. Appliances: Rock
C, wood: sculpture
D. Room: Stone Mine

3: "
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A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
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4: Anti-implicit effect refers to the effect of exaggerating or exaggerating the indirect method of influencing the behavior of others under the condition of a certain psychological confrontation, producing the opposite result. Usually through irony or exaggeration, the purpose is to induce others to achieve the desired result or the desired event. According to the above definition, the following is not an anti-implicit effect ().
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A. After losing the street pavilion, Zhuge Liang is in danger and will stage an empty city plan [View Details]

Chapter 6 Sichuan Civil Servant Examination "Examination" Simulated customs clearance questions and answers [2019]: 88

1: All the _________ of the virtual economy will ultimately be attributed to the real economy, and the _________ of the real economy will ultimately be attributed to the economic policies of a country, and the __________ of economic policies will be attributed to the political game. This is the logic of China's political economy. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Study recovery operations
B, symptoms continue to grow
C. Critical Development
D. Adjustment of problem trend

2: All policies and policies conducive to the development of productive forces are in the fundamental interests of the people. Reform and opening up are conducive to the development of productive forces, so reform and opening up are in the fundamental interests of the people. Which of the following inference methods is most similar to the above paragraph? ()
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A. Listening to all actions is a disciplined guarantee that a team will be invincible. Therefore, for an enterprise and a region to develop, it must promote the prohibition and obedience of the overall situation.
B. After a follow-up survey of the fitness equipment sold in the past six months, no return or repair was found due to quality problems. Therefore, it can be said that these fitness machines [View Full Text]

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