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Civil servants' `` Speech Understanding '' daily practice exercises (December 30, 2019-4723)

Reduce font 作者:公务员考试信息网 来源:zimauto24.com 发布时间:2019-12-30 09:39:00 Increase Font author: civil service exam Information Network Source: zimauto24.com Published: 2019-12-30 09:39:00
1: The imbalance between the development levels of the countries in the world, ___________ is manifested as an economic gap and a technological gap, but also a knowledge gap and an education gap, and __________ is gradually showing a causal relationship between each other . To narrow and eliminate economic and technological gaps, ___________ needs to look at the economy itself, and ___________ needs a long-term vision to eliminate the gap between knowledge and education. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A, both and not only more
B. Because it is not only more
C, both if then
D, because so if then

2: If two friends have known each other for many years, the relationship between them must be very ____: sometimes intimate, sometimes the same. The tide rises and falls, sweet and bitter. How we calmly deal with these ups and downs has a direct impact on friendship ______. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is:
Multiple choice
A. Deep development
B. Complex progress
C, delicate maintenance
D. Diverse continuation

3: Our ancestors lived in a world where it was difficult to get calories. Therefore, natural selection has allowed us human survivors to form an effective way to save calories in fat after eating and drinking-in order to fight against the inevitable Famine. Unfortunately, natural selection does not predict that after the agricultural revolution, humans will have abundant and relatively stable food. Obviously, our bodies and minds are not prepared for the temptations that refrigerators provide. This passage is intended to show ().
Multiple choice
A. Physiological functions that are beneficial to ancestors have become unfavorable factors leading to obesity in modern people
B. Human physiological structure has not evolved accordingly with changes in living conditions
C. The heat is stored in the body in the form of fat, which is the result of natural selection.
D. The occurrence of the agricultural revolution has greatly changed the living conditions of human beings.

4: ①The 2012 "Star of Hope" selection event is about to begin. Please check the relevant websites for details. ② For an article of about 500 words, it is better to keep it simple. _________, it will distract and dilute the subject. ③ After many years, we will still remember the good times of the four years of university, _________ we will eventually be separated. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in order is ().
Multiple choice
A, landing to add even more
B. Although the extracurricular branches are logged in
C, login to add even more
D. Landing section exogenous branches though

5: Concise, clear, complete, structured idioms are tampered with by misuse of homophony; all kinds of fashionable languages created randomly can make people scratch their heads; typos and typos are often found in books, newspapers and televisions ... This situation is _______. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Horror
B. Ran
C. Ran
D, Ran

6: 1980's "Tea House" was released in Europe, the famous British master director Peter. Brooke looked at it and said, "China has such performing arts in the late 1950s, it is really amazing." Such an excellent artistic tradition, China cannot be broken: when the world needs China to appear, we cannot, be unkempt, and not well prepared. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in order is:
Multiple choice
A, brilliant stretched
B. Unprepared for surprise
C. Exquisite care
D. Bright body without long objects

7: Wage growth must be synchronized with the growth rate of labor production. If the mechanism of the factor market and the product market is perfect, the growth of wages will automatically increase in synchronization with labor productivity through the market mechanism. The logic is that workers can negotiate with the employers on an equal basis and realize their own remuneration through bargaining as the total output increases. Due to systemic and historical reasons, labor is in a weak position relative to management, and it is difficult for individual workers to fight for their due benefits. According to this text, the following statement is correct ().
Multiple choice
A. The premise of wage growth is the improvement of the factor market and the product market mechanism.
B. The improvement of the market mechanism will drive the increase in wages of workers
C. Workers' own compensation naturally increases with the increase of total output
D. The weak position of labor often makes it impossible for the wage level to increase simultaneously with the growth rate of labor production

8: "The state has good people, the country has a good governance; the good people have a small number, but the country has a weak governance." How to identify, select, and use talents, especially leaders, is a major issue that affects the rise and fall of the country. problem. At the seventh plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Comrade Jiang Zemin emphasized in particular that it is necessary to make good use of candidates, cadres' pros and cons, and merits and demerits. The masses can see the most clearly and have the right to speak. Regarding the question of how to know and employ people, he quoted a paragraph from Mencius: "Left and right are all virtuous, not okay; Noble doctors are all virtuous, not okay; all people are virtuous, and then widow: see Xianyu, then Use it. "This material emphasizes () on how to recognize and use people.
Multiple choice
A. The selection of talents, especially leaders, must be very careful
B. We must work hard to innovate the talent selection mechanism, select talents, make good use of them, and serve the country
C. Take the mass line and investigate and understand people from the opinions of the majority
D. Talent is the foundation of the nation. Talent must be respected.

9: Now some articles about the backwardness of China's science and technology, often take the late Qing Dynasty conservatives as an example of "strange skills and profanity" in Western science and technology to illustrate China's feudal society ______ science and technology. This is just a ______ statement. Actually, China does not traditionally exclude science and technology. Early Chinese scholars paid great attention to the major inventions and innovations that have affected productivity changes and social changes, and gave them no description or affirmation of any mystery. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in order is ().
Multiple choice
A. Rejection
B. Resistance to break out of context
C, scorn the letter
D, despise the whole

10: In the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, a group of Westerners ran to the mountainous areas of southwestern China for scientific investigations or poaching activities. Some of them found a smaller tailed bear in the mountain area. Because the locals called it "mountain bear" or "cat bear", they called it "cat bear" in the article. Why was "cat bear" later called Has it become a "Panda"? After the Republic of China, some books and periodicals changed from the traditional vertical to horizontal. Some people read "Panda" as "Panda" due to the difference in left and right writing. However, the root cause is because the zoology community has not clearly classified it. This text is mainly ().
Multiple choice
A. Discuss how pandas enter the field of research
B. Introducing the origin of the word "Panda"
C. Demonstrate scientific classification of pandas
D. Explain the long-standing misrepresentation of "Panda"

11: In the following sentences, the appropriate one to use idioms is ().
Multiple choice
A. These Fuwa images are cute and lifelike. They are the most popular Olympic souvenirs.
B. Under the impetus of the "five-one project", the enthusiasm of the grass-roots people for literary and artistic creation has risen.
C. The frog croaked like waves in the night, one after another.
D. The exquisite interior decoration and classic furniture in the Louvre are really lingering.

12: Novelists should try to write the characters' dialogue fluently, naturally and lively. __________ cannot speak exactly like the actual. __________ Tell a story or make a report, __________ must not be as fragmented as everyday talking, __________ do not write a manuscript, and __________ should be like an article. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A, though, but, even,
B, although, but, and, though, but
C, though, contrary, yes, even, also
D, though, yet, though, but

13: Despite the "noble mooncakes" of the people, it is regrettable that the excessive packaging of mooncakes did not stop there. On the contrary, in the worst cases, there is a tendency to dominate the world. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in order is:
Multiple choice
A, put it down
B. Love and hate are getting worse
C. Sickness is extremely popular
D. Disdainful look at Longshu

14: With the rise of blogs and microblogs, to a certain extent, China today has entered an "self-media" era. In this context, the reason why the media is still valued is that its professionalism and professionalism can maintain __________ while excitement, discover the truth in __________, and care for conscience in multiple values. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Calm down
B, objective intertwined
C. Neutrality
D. Rational chaos

15: The group of modernist writers he loves just happens to _______ his actual needs, and his experience is, to a certain extent, a realistic reflection of the works of Camus, Kafka, Kundera and other works. Ah Yi, struggling to find a way to understand the world, sees _______ peeping at it in these novels. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in turn is ().
Multiple choice
A. Hit Hope
B. Resolution tools
C, fit the gap
D. Satisfaction

16: The following four single sentences have the same grammatical structure as the example sentence (). Example: Everyone here knows he won't do this.
Multiple choice
A. I asked him which method was better.
B. She lowered her head and thought about the past.
C. Leaders hope that all employees can take the factory as their home.
D. Everyone chooses him as the representative.

17: Swimming is a sport performed by the human body in a completely strange environment. People's habitual motor skills such as walking, running, jumping, and throwing in the life of H on the land cannot be directly used in water due to changes in activities, posture, breathing, power and other factors. Therefore, anyone who is new to swimming does not learn a certain action first, but starts from the familiarity with water to understand the buoyancy, pressure, and resistance of water in person and experience the feeling of water sports skills. Eliminating the fear of water is the key to learning to swim. One of the following options that does not make sense is ().
Multiple choice
A. Swimming is a sport performed by the human body in a completely strange environment.
B. People's motor skills on land can be directly applied in water
C. Beginners of swimming start with familiarity with water
D. Eliminating the fear of water is the key to learning to swim

18: There are two parallel main lines of history and culture: one is written history and the other is architecture from ancient times to today. They complement each other, fighting in time and space, eloquent and clear. Thus, abstract text and intuitive architecture constitute a "history of civilization" that can be thought and imagined and touched directly. However, the Chinese attach great importance to the history of writing, and each dynasty must establish history for the previous dynasty, but they are indifferent to the buildings that also record history and even become victims. This text is intended to emphasize ().
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

19: The first round of voting for the Mao Dun Literature Awards is again the prospective officials __________, and the chairman and vice-chairmen of the Association for Major Works __________ all the momentum. __________ is certainly not an obstacle to literary creation, but if the winners have official titles, there may be a problem with literary standards. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in turn is ().
Multiple choice
A. Dominate
B. Falling away from identity
C. Take the lead
D 、 Falling Sun Shan

20: A small advertising light box can kill about 350,000 insects a year. Bright nights can also seriously affect the life cycle of insects, especially adults. Insects are an important link in the food chain in nature. Many small animals, birds and bats use insects as their main food. Many plants rely on insects for pollination. If the types and numbers of insects change, it will definitely affect the ecological environment. The pressure of excessive lighting on energy waste and environmental pollution is self-evident. This text is intended to emphasize ().
Multiple choice
A. The important role of insects in nature
B. The main effects of light on the growth of plants and animals
C. Light pollution's interference with natural ecological balance
D. Close correlation between species in nature

21: A special short article, which is intended to be published in the corner of your magazine. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Righting
B, axe
C. Correction
D. Positive

22: The biggest feature and highlight of the 2012 Lhasa Shenton Festival is to focus on culture and happiness as the highlight, and to use the "cultural Xueton" __________ millennium Xueton's true meaning and __________ national cultural connotation to show the charm of happy Lhasa, Combining Tibet's long history, splendid culture, rich world cultural heritage, economic and trade negotiations, tourism and leisure activities, __________ great development and prosperity of Tibetan culture. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in turn is ().
Multiple choice
A. Annotation mining enhancement
B. Annotation mining promotion
C. Explain and promote
D. Clarify the discovery

23: The city is like a huge sponge. The labor force is like flowing water between urban and rural areas. When the economy is in an upward period, the economic expansion will absorb more labor; when the economy is in a downward period, the economic recession will squeeze these labor forces back into the countryside. . It is the sponge effect caused by the dual structure of urban and rural areas in China that has played a role as an employment buffer in this financial crisis. But this sponge effect is unsustainable, because one of China's basic national conditions is that agricultural surplus labor must be transferred to cities. This text is intended to illustrate ().
Multiple choice
A. Economic recession has affected China's urbanization process
B. The dual structure of urban and rural areas weakens the impact of the economic recession
C. Don't rely too much on the employment buffer effect of the sponge effect
D. Rural labor should not be victimized by economic recession

24: Fighting for pets is a typical courtier mentality. The purpose is nothing more than to please the nobles, so that they can also climb into the position of nobles, at least to get a share. And once our writers and scholars are keen to fight for pets instead of arguing, will they still have independent personality and free thinking? Will they still have the ability to create and write novel works and creative treatises? ? In China today, the tediousness of literature and the mediocrity of scholarship are probably inevitable. According to this text, the author believes that the root cause of the tediousness and academic mediocrity of Chinese literature today is ().
Multiple choice
A. Writers and scholars lack independent personality and free thinking
B. Writers and scholars do not have the ability to create
C. Writers and scholars are keen on fighting
D. Writers and scholars' flattering and submissive power

25: I got the preface, __________ in my heart, and I didn't believe my eyes. How dare I accept that Mr. __________ is so high? Thinking of the fact that Mr. always cares for the younger generation, I take this preface as Mr. Encouraging, encouraging and supervising gave me a goal of struggle. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A, flattered and expected
B, sincere fear, praise
C, restlessness, evaluation
D, restless and appreciated

26: Today's students take the college entrance examination as the most important goal in life, and schools and parents are rushing to this. Because the college entrance examination does not test the practical ability, naturally courses that are not related to the college entrance examination are considered as sub-subjects. As a result, many Chinese students have high scores, low energy, and poor practical ability. This may seem like a small problem, but in fact it has an important connection with the structure of Chinese talent training, and even affects China's future to some extent. This text is mainly emphasized ().
Multiple choice
A. The college entrance examination is the most important life goal of today's students
B. The college entrance examination is the direct cause of high scores and low energy for Chinese students
C. Students' high scores and low energy have an important relationship with the structure of talent training
D. In addition to learning knowledge, students should also develop skills in their lives.

27: The Tang Dynasty was a period of silk production, and its output, quality, and variety reached unprecedented levels. The production organization of silk is divided into palace handicraft industry, rural sideline industry and independent handicraft industry, which has greatly expanded compared with the previous generation. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Heyday scale
B. Important areas
C. Prosperity
D, mature areas,

28: Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, people's material, spiritual and cultural needs are increasing. Small-scale, low-level science popularization activities are far from adapting to the development of the times. The "science" of "understanding science" has become a major issue that urgently needs the attention of the whole society. With the in-depth development of science and technology, science and technology have gradually formed their own concepts and logical systems, and they have gradually moved away from the public's sight and common sense. It is difficult for people to rely on previous knowledge structure and experience to accurately understand science and the various changes it causes, and it is difficult to judge its social value and significance. This has made some science and technology become the knowledge barriers that traverse human development. This text is intended to illustrate ().
Multiple choice
A. Difficulties in improving the level of science popularization
B. Modern science and technology may become barriers to knowledge
C. Necessity of raising the level of science popularization in the new situation
D. There is a gap between the scientific literacy of citizens and the rapid development of science

29: In the following sentences, there is a language problem ().
Multiple choice
A. Deeply carry out activities to learn and practice the scientific development concept. It is a major move to arm the entire party with a theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
B. Those employees who have strong technical skills should try their best to retain even if the enterprise faces difficulties.
C. At present, about 20 provinces across the country have implemented a unified registration system for urban and rural household registration, eliminating the distinction between rural and urban hukou.
D. Seizing the opportunity to launch reform measures that are conducive to maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, and restructuring is the best way to boost market confidence.

30: In 1983, Warren and Marshall discovered that Helicobacter pylori (HP) was found in the stomach of humans, and they were successfully isolated and cultured. They made epoch-making contributions to common causes and diagnosis of gastric diseases. About one-third of the world's population is infected with HP, and the infection rate is high in China, with more than 50% of children and more than 70% of adults. HP is mainly transmitted through the mouth. It can also cause infection by contaminating the hands or food of others through intermediaries such as tableware, dental appliances, or patient excreta. Preventing children from getting HP is of great significance in preventing adolescent stomach problems, healthy growth of children, and social public health. Based on the above discussion, one of the following that does not effectively prevent children from getting HP is ().
Multiple choice
A. Change the habits of large children chewing food and feeding young children
B, pay attention to vitamin supplements
C, adults and children sleep in separate beds
D. Promote food sharing or use public chopsticks

31: The economic crisis of 1929 triggered a political revolution. At that time, Roosevelt believed that the foundation of freedom was not ________ of government power. If so, it would "give people their hands to big companies to be enslaved." Only the expansion and extension of power can be restrained. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Constraints
B. Restrictions
C. Laissez-faire (* ^ __ ^ *) Examination ... online ★ Examination Center
D. Informal

32: The following statement is incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. Galileo invented the thermometer. The liquid in the glass tube was initially water.
B. The "ghost fire" considered in superstition is actually the result of spontaneous combustion of sulfur
C. The "black box" installed on civil aviation aircraft is an electronic recording device dedicated to aircraft
D. The original meaning of "Baroque" in Baroque art is "irregular and bizarre pearls"

33: The concept of "modernization" that we have previously understood is limited to the material level and limited to the modernization of surface economies. This is also a long-standing universal problem in late-developing countries: the desire to change at the material level is strong, and On the level and concept level, it is cultural conservatism. The impact of this situation on the actual process of modernization needless to say, its impact on academics leads to the popularization of knowledge. Constantly changing new words, repeating the old ideas under the decoration of new words, the result is that words and slogans are constantly changed without any substantial change in social spirit. The main meaning of this text is ().
Multiple choice
A. Modernization should include three levels: material, institutional, and conceptual.
B. One-sided understanding of modernization is a long-standing universal problem in developing countries
C. The backward status quo at the material level is an important factor for one-sided understanding of modernization in late-developed countries
D. One-sided understanding of modernization will lead to the vulgarization of knowledge

34: When public opinion is not equal to the status of power, public opinion cannot gain respect for power. Self-protection in the face of power is not yet available, let alone let power be obedient. Therefore, to make public opinion really work, there is no other way than to give public opinion power. Power especially needs to understand that public opinion is the premise and basis for the operation of power, and respect for public opinion does not mean that everything is done in accordance with public opinion-when limited to certain conditions and unable to act in accordance with public opinion, be honest with the public about why The public understands that this is the only way to achieve a win-win situation for power and public opinion. Through this text, the main point that the author wants to express is ().
Multiple choice
A. Only the power to respect public opinion is a legitimate power
B. Power should be subject to public opinion, and frankness and humility should be maintained when it is not obeyed
C. The root cause of the failure of public opinion to gain respect for power is the weak power of public opinion
D. The key to a win-win situation for power and public opinion lies in the public's knowledge and understanding

35: A healthy human body must maintain a slightly alkaline state, and a pH value of about 7.3 is appropriate. If human blood is acidic, blood viscosity and cholesterol are relatively high, people will easily fatigue, and the body's resistance will decrease. And amaranth is almost all acidic foods (except milk and blood products), which are rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc. In the holiday diet, you must eat only big fish and meat, and you must have alkaline food to accompany them. Body acid-base balance. The highest alkali content is kelp, followed by green vegetables, lettuce, lettuce, celery, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, b and so on. The following description is in line with the meaning ().
Multiple choice
A. Eating kelp can eliminate human fatigue
B, the body is tired due to acidic blood
C. Human health is closely related to pH
D. Human body pH is strongly alkaline

36: Although the emerging drama is a small drama of __________, its strong folk and artistic personality has been warmly welcomed by the local people. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A, little known
B, weak single force
C. Being in a corner
D. Poor potential

37: A fact that may be surprising is that not only is the growth rate of world food production faster than the growth rate of population, but also the rate of growth of food is faster than that of the world's per capita income, and even other Commodity prices are not growing at the same rate as food. Despite this, many people around the world today do not have sufficient food. It is estimated that between 340 million and 730 million people face starvation due to food shortages, and they are particularly concentrated in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The problem that this text wants to explain is ().
Multiple choice
A. The growth rate of world food production exceeds the population growth rate
B. Despite sufficient food production in the world, many people still do not have sufficient food
C. The growth rate of prices of other products cannot match the growth rate of food
D. As many as 340 million to 730 million people face hunger due to food shortages

38: ① The only way for them to preserve history is to tell history as a legend, and the storyteller describes the historical facts as legends from generation to generation. ② However, no one can record what they did at the time. ③ These legends are very useful because they can tell us how people have moved in the past. ④ We can read from the books what happened in the Near East 5,000 years ago, and the people there first learned to write. ⑤ But until now, there are still places in the world where people cannot write. Arrange the above 5 sentences. The correct word order is ().
Multiple choice
A 、 ①③②④⑤
B 、 ④①③②⑤
C 、 ④⑤①③②
D 、 ②③①④⑤

39: In an age of developed media, many people think that pictures are the king of communication. In the era of high speed, there should be high speed communication. The production and circulation of texts are naturally as simple as possible, because no one wants to read long essays. Is it really something to be celebrated for the retreat of words? It is not necessarily correct in terms of the dissemination of knowledge. Because we put the text on newspapers, magazines, books, and the Internet, not just to convey the message, at least in a subtle way. They also have the function of discerning and judging justice, imparting knowledge, and promoting the spirit. These are undoubtedly all This requires the active participation of the text. As can be seen from the text of this paragraph, which of the following views does the author support? ()
Multiple choice
A. The text of the long story is no longer in line with the development trend of the times
B. Text and pictures should be developed side by side to meet the reading habits of different people
C. The power of words is more needed in the era of picture reading
D. Text is more suitable for spreading knowledge than pictures

40: Mr. Zhang, who works outside, did not find his employer. He bought a return ticket and had 1 yuan left. He bought crayons and four cigarette-wrapped cardboard boxes, cut the cardboard boxes into 24 cards, and held a "rental pick-up card (2 yuan)" sign at the exit of the station. As a result, many people rented his pick-up card, and soon he made 40 yuan. One month later, he made 40 adjustable "welcome cards" made of galvanized sheet, and earned 200 yuan a day. Three months later, he rented a house and got a helper. Later, with the 30,000 yuan earned from renting the "welcome card", he opened a flower shop and contracted for the wholesale flower business. In this way, he turned 1 yuan into 1 million yuan in one year. This text mainly tells us ().
Multiple choice
A. Creating wealth is a science and an art
B. Opportunities always favor those who are intelligent and intelligent.
C. Whoever's brain turns fast and is used flexibly quickly, who will be favored by "gold"
D. As long as you are good at using knowledge and wisdom and work hard, small money will become big money

1: Answer A
Analyze the previous sentence as two parallel clauses. The first space should be filled with "both", and it should be paired with "also" in the next sentence. B, D. exclude. The relationship between the clauses of the latter sentence is progressive. From the question, you can know that only item A is the most suitable.
2: Answer B
Analyze from the comparison between "intimacy" and "identical strangers", the feelings here should be "complex", so the "deep" and "delicate" are excluded first, and the "diversity" emphasizes "kind", which does not meet Abstract state, so choose B.
3: Answer A
The analytic paragraph first proposed that in order to resist hunger, humans have evolved a mechanism to use fat to save calories, but after the agricultural revolution, hunger is no longer a threat to humans, but the mechanism of using calories to save calories has not evolved with it, leading to modern obesity . The expression of item A is consistent with the meaning of the title. In item B, the extension of the "human physiological structure" is much larger than the extension of the "mechanism for storing heat in fat", so it is excluded. Both C and D are part of the content of the text, and are excluded in general. So choose A.
4: Answer B
Analytical landing: ① narrowly refers to reaching a certain place (mostly refers to land); ② crossing the ocean or river to land on the land; ③ metaphorical goods and so on enter a certain market. Login: ① register; ② register; ③ enter the computer network. From this we can see that "①" should be filled in the sentence, excluding A and D. It can be seen from the sentence ② that the text should be concise, and the second space should be filled with an opposite word. Adding extra strength to the picture, metaphorically doing unnecessary things, is actually harmful. In vain. There are branches outside the section, and metaphors have branched out into new problems in addition to the original problems. Corresponding to the "scattering" of the sentence ②, "extra knots are more appropriate". The answer to this question is B.
5: Answer D
Analyze Horror: Scared Look. Suddenly: Frustrated, worried and confused, overwhelmed. Suddenly: Resentment looks angry. Suddenly: Describe surprise. According to the meaning and context, the answer is D.
6: Answer A
The breakthrough point in analyzing this question is in the second place. "Raising the elbows" describes the tattered clothes, but also metaphors to miss one another and be poor in coping; "to be caught off guard" refers to an accident that cannot be dealt with temporarily; It is connected with the “stainless face” with irregular appearance on the following pages. Here, the “stretching” of the torn clothes is the most appropriate. The first brilliant "brilliant" sentence also fits Brook's "amazing" attitude. The answer to this question is A.
7: Answer D
The premise of analyzing the synchronization of wage growth and labor productivity is that the factor market and the product market mechanism are perfect, so item A is wrong. The increase in labor productivity is the basis for wage growth, and the market mechanism is a condition for the wages of laborers to increase simultaneously with labor productivity, rather than the driving force for wage growth, so item B is wrong. Workers need to realize their own remuneration through bargaining with the increase of total output, so item C is wrong. The correct answer to this question is D.
8: Answer C
The first sentence of the analysis paragraph explains the importance of talents; the second and third sentences tell how to recognize and use people. The text in this paragraph, whether emphasized by Jiang Zemin or quoted by Mencius, is to emphasize the importance of relying on the masses in understanding and employing people, and to examine and understand people from the opinions of the masses, so it is most appropriate to choose C; A, B, and D are all certain. The truth, but not the emphasis of this paragraph.
9: Answer B
Analysis from the following "Actual Chinese traditionally does not exclude science and technology" can be seen, the first empty should be filled with words similar to "exclusion", exclude C, D; "with a point and face" does not fit the second empty context. So choose B.
10: Answer B
The analytic passage mainly introduces the origin of the word "panda", and item B matches. The first sentence of the paragraph said that a group of Westerners had discovered scientific animals or poaching activities, and thus found an animal such as "cat and bear". The following paragraph did not discuss how the panda entered the field of research. The expression of item A was incorrect. Item C, the scientific classification of pandas. The text is not mentioned. The last sentence of the paragraph is just a passage that reads "cat and bear" as "panda" because the pandas are not clearly classified. Item D is not the main content of the paragraph, and the term "misunderstanding" is inadequate. The paragraph aims to explain the origin of the word "panda" plainly, not to say that "panda" is a misnomer for "cat and bear". Therefore, choose B for the answer to this question.
11: Answer A
Analyze "lifelike" to describe the image as vivid and lifelike, as the living one is used to describe Fuwa as appropriate, so item A is correct. "Water rises" means that the foundation has improved, and the things that rely on it have also improved. It is used to modify the "creative enthusiasm" is inappropriate, and B is wrong. "Continuous flow" describes frequent traffic between horses and pedestrians, and is used to modify the "frog frog" is inappropriate, and the C term is wrong. "Forgetting to linger" refers to being attracted by beautiful scenery and not willing to leave. In item D, it is "interior decoration and classic furniture". The term "forgetting to linger" is inappropriate. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is A.
12: Answer A
The analysis starts from the last two empty hands. This sentence follows the concession hypothetical relationship in the table above. Only "even ..." is appropriate, excluding B and D. Both "and" and "opposite" can be used to indicate a turning point. "Opposite" generally refers to two opposite aspects of the same thing. The correct answer is A.
13: Answer C
The quotation marks of "noble moon cakes" and the words "regret" reveal that the attitude of the people to "noble moon cakes" in the title is negative. This can exclude A and B. From "There is no" ..., but ..., at its worst ... "It can be seen that the excessive packaging of moon cakes is not enough. Instead, it continues to spread. The metaphor of" Delongwangshu "is insatiable and does not match the meaning expressed in the sentence. Exclude D. Answer to this question Is C.
14: Answer D
In the analysis of the first sky, as opposed to "compassionate excitement", professional media should be emotionally restrained and unemotional. The options that are consistent with this are "calmness" and "rational", excluding items B and C. In the second sky, the word "all mouths and gold" means that the words can be confused with right and wrong. It describes that the power of public opinion is strong and that even metals can be melted; chaos is described as a messy situation. According to the meaning of the word, item A can be excluded. Therefore the answer to this question is D.
15: Answer C
Analyze from the following article "A and B struggling to find a way to understand the world, seeing peeping at them in these novels ..." It can be seen that the content reflected in the novel cannot completely solve or meet the actual needs, but should be with him The reality needs to coincide, the first word of items B and D is not suitable for the first empty, so exclude items B and D. From the word "peep", we can see that the second gap is the most appropriate choice. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is C.
16: Answer C
The first example is a typical subject-predicate object structure. The subject is "everyone here", and the object is a subject-predicate structure "he won't do it." Item A is a double object sentence. Item B is a conjunction predicate. Item D is a typical adjunct sentence. The first verb "select" is a verb of the order: "he" is both the object of the first verb "select". It is also the subject of the second verb "当". Candidates should be careful to distinguish adverbial sentences from subject-predicate phrases as object sentences. The item C is consistent with the original sentence structure, so the answer to this question is C.
17: Answer B
The analysis of this question is a detailed question, the solution is to return to the original one by one to find the corresponding relationship. According to the original text, "habitual sports skills such as walking, running, jumping, and throwing formed by people on their daily life on land cannot be directly used in water due to changes in activities, posture, breathing, power, etc." , Item B says that "people's motor skills on land can be used directly in water" is confusing right and wrong.
18: Answer D
The analytic passage mainly states that Chinese people should pay attention to and protect ancient buildings. Item A, stealing the concept, Chinese people should pay more attention to ancient buildings, not architectural history; item B, the text does not emphasize the history of text; item C does not involve key content. Item D meets the meaning of the question and is the correct option.
19: Answer C
Analyzes first: get the first place in the competition, or dominate the competition. Dominate: metaphors take the first or first place. Failed: Describe failure to the point of being out of control. Sun Sun: It means that the test or selection was not accepted. According to the following "but if the winners have official titles, there may be a problem with the literary standards", it can be seen that the prospective officials in the voting for the literary award have a large number of votes, and it is impossible to "lost the ground" or "fell Sun Sun". , Item D. Comparing items A and C, we can see from the text behind the third space that after the transition, the official title and literary standards are discussed in the paragraph. The official title represents an identity, so the third space should be filled with "identity". Item C is correct.
20: Answer C
The analysis of this question belongs to the inferential style. It can be seen from reading that the stems belong to a side-by-side structure. Understanding the materials of this side-by-side structure requires candidates not to ignore every part that is juxtaposed together. Specifically, the topic mentioned two points. First, the negative effects of excessive lighting on animals and plants, and then the pressure of excessive lighting on waste of energy and environmental pollution. To sum it up, "excessive lighting has caused a bad impact on the environment" (implied: light pollution interferes with natural ecological balance).
21: Answer B
Analyze Fuzheng: In the old days, referring to my wife's status as Fuzheng was called Fuzheng. Axe Zheng: Regards, used to ask people to change the article. Amendment: Correction to make corrections; Righteousness: Retribution, give your work to others for criticism and correction. Items A and C are obviously wrong, so exclude them; item D being "normal" generally refers to juniors asking for advice from seniors. Here, "axe" is used.
22: Answer B
Analyze the first empty space. "Annotations" generally refer to explanatory words, "clarification" generally refers to clear and clear meaning of a certain reason; "explanation" usually refers to explain the meaning, reason, reason, etc. of something. According to semantic meaning, none of them can match with "True", so "Interpretation" is chosen. The second is empty, both "excavation" and "excavation" are OK. Third, the general combination of "promotion" is "promote understanding", "promote friendship", "promote feelings", etc., and cannot be matched with "development". The conventional saying is "promote development" and "promote prosperity", so choose B.
23: Answer C
The analytic paragraph first introduces the sponge effect and its positive effects, then points out that the "sponge effect is unsustainable" and explains the reason. From this we can see that the topic discussed in the passage is the "sponge effect". From the transition word "dan", it can be seen that the paragraph emphasizes the unsustainability of the "sponge effect". Because it is “unsustainable,” the use of the “sponge effect” should be modest. Only the C item in the option reflects both the attitude towards the “sponge effect” and “ca n’t be overly dependent”, while taking into account the theme element of the “sponge effect”.
24: Answer D
Analysis of the three items A, B, and C are the reasons for the tediousness and mediocrity of Chinese literature, but the D item is the root cause. It is because of the flattery and obedience of authors and scholars that they are enthusiastic about competing for favor, which causes them to lose their independent personality and free thinking, and lacks the ability to create. Paper. Therefore, choose D for this question.
25: Answer B
The analysis shows that the meaning of "I" is not to emphasize the instability or worry of "I", but to emphasize that "I" is surprised, excited, and ashamed of being praised by his husband, so C and D are excluded. Looking at the second space again, the sentence says that Mr. gave me a high evaluation and strong praise in the preface, and "commendation" accorded with the meaning of the sentence. Answer B to this question.
26: Answer D
The analysis of the two items A and B is too superficial and is not the main purpose of the topic, which is excluded. The main purpose of the topic is to cultivate hands-on skills in talent training, not just to learn knowledge, and item D is correct; item C is correct, but not The main purpose of the question, exclude. So choose D.
27: Answer A
It can be seen from the analysis that "irrespective of output, quality and variety, the silk production reached its peak during the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, it is appropriate to fill in the" empty "or" prosperity ". In the second sky, the "type" is generally matched with "increase" and improperly matched with "enlargement". So the answer is A.
28: Answer C
The analytic text is mainly discussed in two aspects: on the one hand, the small-scale and low-level science popularization activities are far from adapting to the development of the times; on the other hand, people need, but it is difficult to accurately understand science and the various changes caused by it. . The conclusion is that it is necessary to improve the level of science popularization. That is, C is the correct answer.
29: Answer B
The analysis of item B should be preceded by the words "for" before "those skilled workers".
30: Answer B
The analysis of the problem stem introduces several ways of children's HP infection: one is from mouth to mouth, and the other is the infection of other people's hands or food through mediators such as tableware, dental appliances or patient excreta. Item A is to prevent the spread of the first way, and items C and D are to prevent the spread of the second way. Item B is not mentioned in the material. So choose B.
31: Answer B
Analysis of "laissez-faire" means unconstrained, and "free" means no restriction. According to "the power of large corporations can only be restrained through the expansion and extension of government power", we know that Roosevelt meant that the power of the government needs to be expanded rather than restricted, so items C and D are excluded. "Restriction" means not to exceed the limit and be limited to a certain range; "Restriction" means that the existence and change of nail things are conditional on the existence and change of thing B, then thing A is restricted by thing B, emphasizing the change of one thing to A change in another thing is a prerequisite. In this sentence, there is no such restrictive relationship between freedom and government power, so item B is correct.
32: Answer B
The earliest analysis of the thermometer was invented by the Italian scientist Galileo in 1593. The principle is that as the temperature changes, the water surface in the glass tube will move up and down. According to the amount of movement, the temperature change and temperature can be judged. A is correct; Ghost fire is "phosphorus fire". The reason is that human bones contain phosphorus. Phosphine is generated when phosphorus interacts with water or alkali. It can spontaneously ignite. B is wrong. The "black box" is one of aircraft's special electronic recording equipment. Aviation flight recorder, which contains flight data recorder and cabin sound recorder. All mechanical parts and electronic instruments of the aircraft are equipped with sensors connected to it, C is correct; the term Baroque originally meant irregular and weird pearls, At that time, it was derogatory. At that time, people thought that the gorgeous and flaunting style of Baroque art was a degradation of the Renaissance style. But now, people have recognized Baroque as a great art style in Europe. Therefore, choose B for this question.
33: Answer A
The analytic paragraph mainly talks about the concept of modernization not only at the material level, but also at the system and concept level. A one-sided understanding of the concept of modernization as material will affect the process of modernization and lead to conservative concepts. It is easy to select item D by mistake. Item D is more one-sided. It only talks about one-sided understanding of the impact of modernization on academics, without really explaining the deep connotation of the concept of "modernization." In comparison. Item A is more in line with what the passage wants to convey to the reader.
34: Answer D
Analyze the sentence at the end of the paragraph, "Frankly explain the reasons to the public, and seek public understanding. This is the only way to achieve a win-win situation between power and public opinion." So the answer is D. The text does not mention "legitimate power", excluding A. Item C is only a statement of the status quo, not the main point of the author's wish to express, exclude. Item B is more confusing, but compared with item D, "win-win between power and public opinion" is the foothold of the passage, and "public knowledge and understanding" is more in line with current hotspots. Therefore, item D is more in line with the main point of view that the author wants to express.
35: Answer C
The analytic text mentions that "healthy humans must maintain a slightly alkaline state." Scientifically, pH is used to indicate the pH. Therefore, item C is in line with the meaning. The text only mentions that if human blood is acidic, it is prone to fatigue, but it is not stated that eating kelp with a high alkali content can drive away fatigue, so A is incorrect; the text says "if ... people are prone to fatigue", The term B is absolute; what is said in the text is "Healthy humans must maintain a slightly alkaline state, and it is advisable to have a pH of about 7.3." So D is incorrect. So choose C.
36: Answer C
Analysis: "Little known" means that few people know it, which is inconsistent with "the warm welcome of the local people", excluding A. Both "single and weak" and "poor and weak" emphasize the weak strength, while "deprivation" emphasizes the narrow range. From the meaning of the sentence, the emerging drama is extremely popular in the "local" range. of. Therefore, "partial residence" fits the context better. The correct answer is C.
37: Answer B
The questioning method of analyzing this question is "the question that this text wants to explain is". Candidates need to be clear that this is a typical inference question. The passage first tells a surprising fact that world food production is growing faster than population and other commodity prices. Then we introduce the theme. Despite this, many people around the world today do not have sufficient food. The severity of the problem was revealed through a strong contrast.
38: Answer C
Parsing statement ordering questions. According to ④⑤ both mentioned writing (writing) and "dan" of ⑤, we can see that ④⑤ can form a transition complex sentence, ④ should be excluded before ⑤. The passage is mainly about the fact that because people don't write, history often passes down legendary stories. ④⑤ It is the pavement for the passage. By mentioning that people can't write, the history needs to be described by the narrator from generation to generation. So ④ should be the first sentence, excluding A and D. So choose C.
39: Answer C
At the beginning of the parsed paragraph, many people think that pictures are the king of dissemination, and then use a rhetorical question "Is the text retreating to the second place, is it really worth celebrating?" Explain that he does not support the view that pictures are the king. It also discusses the importance of words in the process of knowledge dissemination. Therefore, choose C for this question. Items A and B are not the views supported by the author. In item D, the text does not reflect that text is more suitable for disseminating knowledge than pictures, but only shows that in some functions, text has an irreplaceable role, so there is no "more" Fit "question, exclude item D.
40: Answer D
The analysis of the problem materials mainly tells the story of Mr. Zhang turning 1 yuan into 1 million yuan in 1 year, which illustrates the reason that in the market economy, he is good at using knowledge and wisdom and working hard to get rich. So choose D.

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