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  • Yanting career editor recruitment 2015 examination questions and answers analysis [copyable version]

    Reduce font 作者:公务员考试信息网 来源:zimauto24.com 发布时间:2019-12-30 09:45:00 Increase Font author: civil service exam Information Network Source: zimauto24.com Published: 2019-12-30 09:45:00
    1:15, 39, 65, 94, 128, 170, ()
    Multiple choice

    2: The first important document of the Chinese Communists against dogmatism was ().
    Single-choice question "Analysis of Various Classes in Chinese Society"
    "A single spark can start a prairie fire"
    Against Opposition
    "Communist" Issued Words

    3: The development of history is not an indiscriminate, but an organism. Just like a person, from adolescence to old age, there is something consistent in his body, not that everything has to be done from scratch at a stage. For example, basic morals such as respect, honesty, and trustworthiness can exist beyond ideology. I call it a "humanistic gene", and it is not only inherited. To some extent, there will be inheritance. The incorrect understanding of this text is ().
    The development of single-choice history is like an organism. It can transcend ideology and carry out the so-called "human genes." It mainly refers to those basic moral filial piety that can exist beyond ideology. Honesty, trustworthiness and other morals can be inherited and even inherited from history. Development is inseparable from the "human gene"

    4: () is practical, as abstract is ()
    Single-choice multiple questions-Practice-Space theory-Specific principles-Fuzzy theory-Concept

    5: Price competition: Based on market conditions, companies can compete with competitors for market share through measures such as price increases, maintenance, or reductions, or pricing and price adjustment measures based on competitors' conditions. The following are not price competition ().
    Single-choice question During the New Year's Day, a certain brand of clothing offers special sales of old down jackets at counters in major shopping malls. Some manufacturers hire salespersons to distribute promotional leaflets and souvenirs in the downtown area to attract customers to launch a new model of a brand car. Increase in private car users launch one-time purchase of small discount insurance business

    6: There are four numbers, and the sum of each three numbers is 45, 46, 49, 52, then what is the smallest number among these four numbers?
    Multiple choice
    twenty two

    7: Humorous humor, with sadness and joy, the famous American novelist who formed the unique style of "tearful smile" is:
    Multiple choice question Moposan Jack London Turgenev O Henry

    8: On a cold winter day, there is a blind beggar on a busy street in New York. The beggar had a sign on his neck that read, "Blind from childhood." One day, when a poet approached him, he begged the poet. The poet said, "I'm poor, but I'll give you something else." After that, he just wrote a sentence on the beggar's brand. On that day, the beggar got the sympathy and alms of many people. Later, when he met the poet again, he asked strangely, "What did you write for me?" The poet smiled and read the sentence he wrote on the brand saying: "Spring is coming, but I can't See it. "What's best for this headline is:
    Single Choice Question Lucky Beggar Warm Winter Harvest Poetry Magic

    9: Ancient Chinese officials generally read well. This is a long benign tradition. In ancient times. The official reading is a phenomenon of (). Everyone is an official for a lifetime. When he is "to the official" (retirement), he usually "engraved the draft", hoping to leave a little () for future generations. The most appropriate one to fill in the brackets in order is ()
    Extensive single-choice questions, official style of lingering afterglow, persistence of star fire, socialization of snow mud claws, lessons learned

    10: One of the following sentences without speech problems is ().
    The multiple-choice question of his revolutionary spirit always appeared to my eyes.
    In the fierce market competition, what we lack is one of insufficient courage; the other is improper strategy.
    The success of production and disaster relief depends on whether the cadre's work style is deepened.
    Now that you are here, I should go.

    11: Diplomat: College Student Multiple Choice Questions Food: Crop Cannon: Toy Big Wild Goose Pagoda: Glazed Tile Vegetables: Green Plants

    12: Studies show that high-fiber foods are important in preventing heart disease, rectal cancer, and diabetes. However, at present, the content of cellulose is not listed with other nutrients on food bags. Therefore, the state should provide a clear list of cellulose content in food packaging bags, which is of great significance for protecting the health of the people. Which of the following, if true, would most effectively undermine the above conclusion? ()
    Single-choice questions: Food in formal bags currently accounts for less than 35% of total food consumption
    Not only high-fiber foods, but low-fat foods have an important role in preventing heart disease, rectal cancer and diabetes. Consuming more high-fiber foods does not guarantee that they do not suffer from heart disease, rectal cancer and diabetes. Most consumers do not pay attention to packaging when buying food Explanation of nutrition facts on the bag

    13: What has become your taboo? Think deeper, do you need to make yourself so free? People often make themselves restricted by some customs, habits, and taboos, ().
    The multiple choice questions must not be exhausted and exhausted.

    14: Relevant experts said that due to severe physical and mental overdrafts at work, a chronic occupational disease known as burnout is invading urban workers. Burnout is a phenomenon of psychological exhaustion caused by work. It is the feeling of physical and mental fatigue and exhausted energy experienced by professional people under the pressure of work. People who experience job burnout will experience physical and psychological discomfort and behavioral obstacles. If they are not dealt with in time or seek professional treatment, they will have unpredictable consequences. The survey revealed that teachers , police , medical staff, insurance agents, high-tech researchers, journalists, etc. are at high risk for this type of disease. The following most likely to be inferred from the above conditions is ()
    Single-choice questions Modern people are becoming less and less burnt out. Some even start to get tired of work when they are just working. Police may injure people for no reason during interrogation. It may not be just a matter of character and ethics. Teachers, police officers, Journalists and other occupations need plenty of energy and good physical fitness. Burnout will become the most dangerous of chronic occupational diseases that threaten people's health in modern society.

    15: Even if society strives to provide a system of equal opportunities, people will still form an income gap in the initial distribution. In the market economy, capital also needs to be remunerated, and those who own capital can also obtain remuneration by owning capital, which further widens the income gap in the initial distribution. Therefore, in order to reduce the income distribution gap when the market economy system is adopted, The redistribution process led by the state must be used to narrow the gap formed in the initial distribution. Otherwise, the income distribution gap will be too large, which will lead to the over-differentiation and conflict of social classes, leading to the contradiction of overproduction. This text mainly talks about ().
    Single-choice questions. Income balance is difficult to achieve. The redistribution process is indispensable. The distribution gap stems from the institutional income distribution system that must be reformed.

    16: ① Whenever Pushkin's poems are full of emotions, the image appears in my mind. ② This is his unique state of painting. ③ Painting is an expression of Pushkin. ④ So most of Pushkin's paintings are drawn very quickly, which is a spiritual record of his instant image imagination. ⑤ A large number of his paintings are painted on the manuscripts of his poems. ()
    Multiple choice questions ③⑤①②④

    17: The so-called "urban diseases" refer to various ills caused by the excessive concentration of urban population, industry, and transportation. It brings troubles and inconvenience to people living in the city, and it also has some impact on the operation of the city, so it is known as "urban disease". According to the above definition, which of the following phenomena does not fall into the category of urban disease?
    Single-choice questions increase employment pressures, citizens' accommodation is tight, traffic congestion in large cities, and economic strength declines

    18: The goal of education is not to teach students how to implement the norms that others have set for themselves, but to help them understand how norms should be formed and how they can participate in creating reasonable social norms. In other words, we should not teach them how to be obedient, but teach them how to manage themselves, how to challenge unreasonable social norms, and create new institutions. This paragraph is most likely to be critical ().
    Single-choice questions hinder students from innovating. They blindly require students to follow the rules. They do not provide students with opportunities for social practice. They do not focus on improving students' self-management skills.

    19: According to the provisions of our Constitution, the following statement is correct ().
    Single-choice judges exercise their judicial power independently, without the interference of any administrative agency, group, or individual. The people's courts independently exercise their judicial power, without the interference of any administrative agency, group, or individual. Intervention by organs, groups and individuals The superior people's courts supervise the trial work of lower people's courts, and the people's procuratorates at higher levels lead the work of people's procuratorates at lower levels

    20: ① This year the National Two Conferences will implement the "real-name system" of mineral water and no longer provide tea service. Is this ______ not an innovation? ② As long as we still have life, we must be responsible for it and let life ______ shine. ③We have experienced the pain of disaster, and in the disaster we have built an indomitable spirit, ______ endless power.
    Single-choice questions, is it emitted, condensed, circulated, condensed, radiated, condensed, radiated, condensed

    21: Wutai Mountain: Shanxi ()
    Multiple choice
    Wuzhishan : Hainan
    Wuyi Mountain: Fujian
    Mount Emei : Sichuan
    Jiuhua Mountain: Jiangxi

    22: Blood vessels for () is equivalent to () for urban single-choice blood. National health. Residents cycle. Transport body. Road.

    23: During the synthesis of ammonia, the reaction rate is very slow when no catalyst is added. After adding iron as a catalyst, the reaction rate is accelerated, but the chemical properties of iron have not changed. Based on this, you can determine which of the following options is correct ().
    Single-choice catalyst Iron accelerates the ammonia synthesis process without changing its own chemical properties. Catalysts can accelerate the rate of chemical reactions. In the intermediate process of ammonia synthesis, the properties of iron are not affected. All chemical reactions require catalysts. participate

    24: If the human body lacks iodine, goiter will occur, commonly known as "big neck disease". In the past, China's iodine-deficient population reached more than 700 million. Since 994, China has implemented a policy of adding salt to iodine. After more than ten years of implementation of iodized salt, the incidence of large neck disease has plummeted, but in some areas, thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism and thyroiditis have increased significantly. Some people believe that iodized salt is the cause of increased thyroid disease in some parts of the country. If the following statement is true. Which one can give the strongest support for the above point of view? ()
    Single-choice questions Residents in coastal areas of China often eat marine fish, kelp, laver, etc. These seafood products are rich in patients with thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism and thyroiditis, and they should fasting seafood, iodine-containing drugs and iodized salt. In China, the supply of iodized salt has been stopped in most high-iodine areas. According to a survey, the average annual incidence of hyperthyroidism in towns and villages with iodized salt for 8 years is significantly higher than that in non-iodized villages and towns.

    25: At present, researchers are not sure whether depression or indulgence network first, but one thing is certain, that is a vicious circle between the two. Depression can make adolescents more addicted to the Internet. Teenagers with depressive symptoms have almost no life goals. The virtual rewards obtained from online games are very attractive to them. Although the online world is well-connected, the adolescents who are addicted to it are extremely lonely inside. . This passage supports the view that: ()
    There is a vicious circle between single-choice depression and indulgence in the Internet. The negative impact on adolescents is great. The Internet world is well-connected, but the adolescents who are addicted to it are abnormally lonely. Depression can make teenagers more indulged in the online world. Adolescents with depressive symptoms have almost no life goals, and the virtual rewards obtained in online games are very absorbing for them

    26: (1) conducting commodity market surveys, (2) training investigators, (3) writing survey reports, (4) statistics, and (5) establishing market survey teams.
    Multiple choice

    27: Science is "the revolutionary force in the highest sense", yes ().
    Single-choice pragmatism, scientism, humanism, Marxist philosophy

    28: If your closest friends are senior executives of the company, then the main content you talk about when you are together must be about how to manage and operate; if your closest friends are employees of the company, then you talk about The main topic must be about how to work; if your closest friend is a real estate agent, then the topic you are talking about will be about real estate. This paragraph reflects such a point of view ().
    Single-choice questions can change internal factors when the external factors are strong enough. The circle of friends is the key to determining your lifestyle. People's topics are always closely related to the work of friends. Different friends will create different living environments for you.

    29: Chinese consumers' understanding and requirements for cars have changed greatly, and their values and changes in their understanding of cars will influence their car purchase intentions. In a survey of multiple car purchase knowledge, we found that everyone no longer emphasizes a single indicator, but safety performance is still the most concerned indicator for consumers when buying a car, and the degree of attention accounts for 8.6% in our survey; It is the handling performance of the car; the third is the quality and durability; then the appearance, comfort, brand reputation, image, power performance, and value of used cars, etc., even the ranking index of the brand has reached 8.1% . The following statements are consistent with the article: ()
    Single-choice questions Consumers ’attention to car safety performance has not changed Chinese consumers’ value perceptions of cars are not very different The composition of sedan mainstream consumer groups has changed significantly Consumers ’attention to car brands has declined

    30: A person has an inclusive mentality, and when he is dealing with others, he will not (), and will not humble himself. He will be calm, refuse flashy, be eclectic, and tolerate everything.
    Single choice topics are empty and domineering, arrogant, arrogant, bullying, bullying

    31: Although electric lamps encountered unprecedented resistance for a period of time after they were invented, most people are on the sidelines and continue to use oil lamps. However, in the middle and late 19th century, electric lamps eventually defeated oil lamps and became the main lighting tool in Europe and the United States. The philosophical basis that electric lamps must replace oil lamps is ().
    Single-choice question: Mutual change of quality; Law of opposition; Unity of negation; Law of negation; Law of interaction between internal and external factors

    32: Non-economic remuneration is the remuneration that employees receive from their own work. It means that employees are praised, promoted, and valued for their hard work, resulting in a sense of job honor, accomplishment, and responsibility, and gain social respect and career development opportunities. The following are not non-economic remuneration: ()
    Single-choice questions Organize some employees to travel abroad before the Spring Festival. Monthly outstanding employees receive an extra annual leave. Units will issue awards to outstanding employees at the end of the year's summary meeting. Post photos of employees with outstanding performance in the honor list.

    33: (1) Illegal buildings (2) Forced demolition (3) Notification of demolition (4) Occupied farmland (5) Single-choice lawsuit

    34: The report of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that the national spirit is the spiritual support for a nation to survive and develop. The great national spirit of the Chinese nation is centered on ().
    Multiple choice, collectivism, hard work, courage, peace-loving, patriotism

    35: With the improvement of comprehensive national strength, China's role and influence in the international community have become increasingly prominent. The following statements are true:
    Single-choice question China's export trade volume ranks second among BRIC countries. China is currently the only Asian developing country in the Group of Twenty. China proposed a quantitative target for carbon emission reduction per unit of GDP at the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Formal diplomatic relations with all neighboring countries

    36: Role confusion refers to the phenomenon that people do not have a clear understanding of the role they want to play and the role specifications, so that the behavior of playing that role is confused with the requirements of other roles. The following are not confusing characters ().
    Single-choice questions. Young children treat their guests with family actions. They do not speak euphemistic politeness. Parents fail to educate their children and cause minor children to violate the law. A researcher at a research institute often discusses research with his family at home. Problems in subordinates in non-working places, respectful to superiors

    37: The following acts constitute a crime:
    Single-choice question Zhao, 30 years old, drunk driving and killed a passerby Liu, 13 years old, stealing RMB 500,000 worth of property Zhang, 20 years old, fought back in a robbery, severely injured the other person, Wang, 30 years old , In order to avoid the pursuit of the enemy, robbed passers-by of motorcycles and ran away

    38: Beer contains alcohol and calming ingredients. Experts point out that people who do not drink beer after exercise are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who drink moderate amounts of beer. At the same time, the beer component has an antioxidant effect, and the muscle soreness caused by exercise is because muscle fibers carry out important oxidative activities during exercise. The following inferences are correct: ()
    Single choice question: Alcohol and sedative ingredients in beer have antioxidant effects. Drinking beer after exercise will not cause cardiovascular disease. Beer is beneficial to health after exercise. The reason is that drinking beer after exercise can reduce muscle soreness.

    39: Enterprise growth refers to the development potential formed by the company's continuous expansion of accumulation through its own production and operation activities. The following are corporate growth ().
    There are two ways to meet the increase in capital requirements caused by the increase in sales of the single-choice question: First, the increase in internal retained earnings; second, when external financing sales increase, companies often need to replenish funds, because the increase in sales usually causes inventory or The increase in assets such as accounts receivable, and the more sales increase, the more funds are required. A company's total asset growth rate is higher, the speed of asset operation scale expansion is accelerated, and the relationship between the quality and quantity of asset scale expansion is better handled. Avoid blindly expanding the net interest rate of assets reflects the ability of an enterprise to use assets to obtain income. It depends on the overall strength of the enterprise. Whether to adopt the policy of "thin profits but more sales" or "thick profits and less sales" depends on policy choices.

    40: "Unfair distribution, the gap between the rich and the poor is too large" is one of the hot topics that people are currently paying attention to. The income distribution gap has become a very serious socio-economic problem, and it has become the biggest threat on the road to building a harmonious society and promoting the healthy development of society and economy. To this end, my government must (). ① Increase the input of social security funds and increase the proportion of social security expenditure in the fiscal budget. ② Develop and implement preferential tax policies to encourage re-employment, expand the number of employment and improve the quality of employment. ③ In income distribution, we must adhere to "efficiency priority, Taking into account the principle of fairness "to prevent further widening of the income gap ④ Effectively protect all the legitimate interests of disadvantaged groups ⑤ Continue to increase policy support for" agriculture, rural areas and farmers ", and increase the single-choice question for" agriculture, rural areas and farmers "①④⑤

    41: A thinker or artist is nothing more ________ than writing a work into life. Benjamin is such a man-like thinker, and his words and life carry a melancholy temperament. A person with a melancholy character always hides a force of self-destruction while establishing it, and affirmation by negation is like drawing strength from melancholy. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
    Single-choice questions are thrilling and exciting

    42: In the past, we have always emphasized that rural public utilities are run by farmers and rural collective organizations. The country's public services have not been tilted towards the rural areas. Therefore, the gap between the development of public utilities between urban and rural areas is very large. The outstanding problems are the lack of infrastructure, and the second is that the development of social undertakings such as education, culture, and health is lagging significantly. In recent years, the state has implemented the "Six Primary Schools" in rural areas. The project invested more than 28 billion yuan in 2014, including part of road construction funds. The rural infrastructure has indeed improved to a certain extent. The state's investment in rural education and health is increasing, but the gap is still very large. This text is mainly emphasized ().
    Single-choice question Large gap in development of rural public utilities "Six small projects" improve rural infrastructure National investment focus should be placed on the development of rural social undertakings Rural public utilities still require increased state investment

    43: Fruit: Apple ()
    Single-choice question Pear: Yellow Pear Tree: Tree Branch BMW: Mercedes-Benz Mountain: High Mountain

    44: Similar empirical knowledge of ancient Greece and ancient China has produced similar theoretical insights, such as the understanding of the principle of leverage by Aristotle and the Mo Su. However, the original Greek mechanics theory soon developed into a synthesis of theoretical knowledge, and the Chinese Mohist mechanics tradition ceased after the Warring States Period. Not good at observing and recognizing the movement of objects and forming systematic theories, this is an obvious "weakness" in the ancient Chinese scientific tradition. In contrast, the Chinese's achievements in solving practical problems are more prominent. This text is intended to explain: ().
    Single-choice questions The characteristics of the development of ancient Chinese science The reasons for the interruption of the ancient Chinese scientific tradition The ancient Chinese study of mechanics was not inferior to that of the ancient Greek mechanics theory, which is a weakness of ancient Chinese scientific research

    45: [ Anhui line test true question ] Because chemical fiber is artificially synthesized from petroleum and other raw materials, the production of chemical fiber will produce many pollutants, it will use a lot of energy and water, and the degradation rate of chemical fiber waste in the natural environment is slow, so most people It is considered that wearing cotton fabrics is more environmentally friendly than using chemical fiber fabrics. Which of the following, if true, would constitute the strongest questioning of the above point of view? ()
    Single-choice questions The latest chemical fiber fibers are not significantly different from cotton fabrics in terms of appearance, feel, and moisture absorption. Scientists are studying new methods for recycling, utilization, and disposal of chemical fiber waste. Pure cotton fabrics are more expensive and account for the majority of the working class. Even farmers who want to wear cotton ca n’t afford cotton. It ’s the crop that uses the most pesticides. 25% of the world ’s pesticides are used for cotton cultivation.

    46: Guan Hanqing's masterpiece is ().
    Single-choice question "Peony Pavilion"
    The West Chamber
    Dou E Injustice
    Peach Blossom Fan

    47: Definition: (1) Request for understanding is an expression of apology based on the other party and asking the other party to forgive. (2) Accepting mistakes is to acknowledge your mistakes and faults, and to put responsibility on yourself to reduce the other's dissatisfaction. (3) Responsibility is to take responsibility and pay off your sins by self-punishment. Typical examples: (1) Sorry to leave you alone. (Zheng Zhenhuan's "A Sacred Flame in the Sky") (2) Dong Yan: Ah, Lulu, are you still angry with me? Blame me bad today. (Lao She's "A Year of Marriage") (3) I'm sorry mom! I'm not human. (TV series "The Very Times") Choose the typical example that best meets the definition ()
    Multiple choice

    48: The domestic unified issue number held by official newspapers and periodicals is the exclusive copyright () that the state has given to publishing units. The most appropriate one to fill in the brackets is ().
    Single choice question mark number code symbol

    49: Yin poems. The following correct verses related to Huang Helou and the author are ().
    A single-choice person resigned from the Yellow Crane Tower, and fireworks went to Yangzhou in March. ——Bai Juyi Huang He is gone forever, Baiyun has a long life. ——Li Bai Qingshan is as old as ever, when did the Yellow Crane go back? —— Jade Island played the flute in the Yellow Crane Tower, Jiangcheng plum blossom in May. ——Lu You

    50: The following are not part of the authority: ()
    Single-choice NPC
    National People's Congress of Beijing Municipal People's Congress

    51: When water boils, a large number of water molecules absorb heat and turn into water vapor into the air, and the thermal energy obtained by water from the fire is all used to make water molecules absorb heat into water vapor and enter the air until the water is dried up. The correct inference is ().
    Single-choice question At one atmospheric pressure, 100 degrees pure water begins to boil. Water molecules absorb heat and become water vapor. The temperature of the water remains constant during boiling. The temperature of the water continues to increase until it is dry.

    52: Social dialect refers to the language used in a social group, social class or subcultural group. According to the definition above. The following options are not used in social dialects:
    Single-choice question Old lady likes to find someone "唠嗑" when she's fine
    How the "black horse" looks like depends on the finals tonight. He is also a "playing soy sauce" character. Xiao Li met several "dead parties" in school.

    53: Since extracts from certain tree roots have the potential to cure cancer, the government should provide sufficient funding to support research testing this possibility. The above statement assumes which of the following ()
    Single-choice questions Extracts from certain tree roots may cure cancer The possibility of finding a cure is a reason to support such research The government is the only source of funding for the above research The government has sufficient funding to support this research

    54: Mountain Range: Mountain Single-choice Book: Book Working Class: Worker Forest: Tree Chrysanthemum: Flower

    55: The emergency plan refers to emergency management, command, rescue plan, etc. in the face of emergencies such as natural disasters, major accidents, environmental hazards and man-made damage. It should generally be based on a comprehensive disaster prevention plan. Emergency public events referred to in emergency plans refer to emergencies that cause or may cause major deaths, property damage, ecological and environmental damage, and serious social hazards. event. Based on the above definitions, the following successful applications of emergency plans are:
    After the single-choice mega flash flood erupted, City A immediately formulated a rescue plan to rescue the trapped people from a typhoon in Province B. Due to the accurate forecast of the meteorological department, the people prepared for protection in advance, and the overall loss was small. During the hijacking, more than 50 teachers and children were trapped. Rescue workers were in dire straits. With the help of collective wisdom, this crisis was successfully resolved. The sudden leakage of toxic chemicals in large chemical factories in Dingding City was immediately followed by the government's plan to conduct public Grooming and rescue

    56: (1) Registration of confidential secretary (2) Leadership instructions (3) Implementation by the undertaking department (4) Receiving superior documents (5) Document filing
    Multiple choice

    57: The most basic item of the balance of payments is ().
    Single-choice questions Current account capital account errors and omissions in reserve assets

    58: Population density is the number of people living on a unit of land. It is an indicator of the density of population around the world. But the population density only reflects the general quantitative relationship between the population and the land area. It cannot reflect the composition of the population on a unit area of land, nor can it reflect the relationship between the population and the land area that actually feeds him. In order to make up for these shortcomings, some new complementary density indicators have appeared, such as physiological density and agricultural density. The population density calculated by area is called the mathematical density of the population. This text is intended to explain: ()
    Single-choice question The reason for the evolution of the meaning of population density The generation process of supplementary density indicators Specific expressions of population density Relationship between land area and population composition

    59: Justice: Injustice ()
    Multiple choice rational number: irrational number Morning: tonight plant: animal forgiveness: resentment

    60: Abacus: Computer single-choice horse-drawn carriage: Railroad train: Ship Mingyue: Electric light Po fan: Air conditioner

    1: Answer C.
    2: Answers Mao Zedong's "Against Book Doctrine" is the first Chinese Communist Party member to oppose dogmatism.
    3: Answer [Answer] A. Detailed explanation of the topic: From "the basic morals such as respect, honesty, and trustworthiness can exist beyond ideology, I call it a" human factor "", and it can be concluded that item B is correct; from "it has not only inheritance , To a certain extent, there will be some inheritance "can be introduced C items are correct; from the article as a whole can be introduced D items are correct. "What can exist beyond ideology" is "basic morality", not "historical development", so the answer to this question is A.
    4: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: relative relationship, relative theory and practical, abstract relative to concrete. So choose B.
    5: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: Step 1: Grasp the keywords in the definition. Keywords include "through price increase, maintenance or reduction, etc.", "take measures such as pricing, price adjustment and other measures against competitors" Step 2: Determine the options one by one "Concessionary sales of counters" in item A, "substantially lower prices of old cars of the same series" in item C, and "small discount insurance business" in item D all involve price changes that meet the definition and belong to price competition. There was no price change in B at all, and he was elected. So the correct answer is B.
    6: Answer B. Adding all four sums is equivalent to adding each number three times. Therefore, the sum of the four numbers is equal to (45 + 46 + 49 + 52) ÷ 3 = 64. Subtract the maximum of the sum of the three numbers from the total to get the smallest of the four numbers, which is 64-52 = 12.
    7: Answer D
    8: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the topic: The passage mainly tells the story of a beggar getting more help with the help of a poet. The key point is that the poem written by the poet aroused deeper feelings and sympathy. So this shows that poetry plays a magical role. Item D best fits the main meaning expressed in the paragraph and fits the theme. The three items A, B, and C have nothing to do with the passage. Therefore, choose D for this question.
    9: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the problem: This problem belongs to idioms and real words. Snow mud claws: metaphor the traces left by the past. Aftermath of the flowing wind: the style left by the previous generation. The fire of the star metaphor is that the chaos can develop into a year of great calamity, and that the new things that appear small at the beginning have strong vitality and broad prospects for development. Context means to carve a book. Keep what you do. So choose the C option.
    10: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: A is not matched properly, "spirit" cannot be seen. B negates improper, should be removed "inadequate" and "inappropriate." C faced two sides and should be changed to whether the production and disaster relief work can be done depends on whether the cadre's work style is deep.
    11: Answer A [Analysis] University graduates may or may not be diplomats after graduating; crops may be treated as food or they may not be treated as food (for example, cotton cannot be used as food).
    12: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: Item D indicates that the measures that clearly listed the cellulose content on the packaging bag cannot achieve the purpose of protecting the health of the people.
    13: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the question: The question to be selected should be a word that can be inherited from the previous meaning. The meaning of this passage should be that people are restricted by some customs, habits, and taboos, which leads to their thoughts being imprisoned, and they are in a state of "no retreat".
    14: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the problem: The problem information provided a psychological explanation for the unexplained beatings during the police interrogation. The employment requirements in item C only emphasized the physiological requirements, but did not make a statement on the psychological quality requirements. A and D cannot be derived from material information. Choose B
    15: Answer [Answer] B. Detailed explanation of the question: This question belongs to the general summary question type, which mainly examines the general category. The corresponding solution of this question is the inappropriate generalization in the original identification trap type. The first sentence of the paragraph uses the concession complex sentence to propose that there is an income gap; The reason for the income gap is to use the concluding word "So" to lead the main sentence of the article, "So when the market economy system is adopted, in order to reduce the income distribution gap, it is necessary to adopt state-led redistribution. Process to close the gap formed in the first distribution of police "to emphasize how to solve the problem sentence of the income gap. This article is therefore emphasizing "the redistribution process is essential." That is, the adjustment of the "redistribution process" obviously solves the problem. The sentence B is the synonymous replacement of the original topic sentence. And A, C, D are just one embodiment of the distribution process. Therefore, the answer to this question is option B.
    16: Answer [Answer] A. Detailed explanation of the topic: The text mainly describes the reason why Pushkin's painting was fast. ①②④This is the reason. ③Compared with ⑤, ③is an opening sentence and should be placed before ⑤. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is A.
    17: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the topic: The definition of "urban disease" includes "all kinds of ills caused by excessive concentration of urban population, industry, and transportation" and "inconvenience to people and impact on urban operation". The decline in item D's economic strength is not necessarily caused by the excessive concentration of population, industry, and transportation. It is for the economic development of the entire city. It has no direct connection with the convenience of people's lives and urban operations, and does not meet the definition of urban disease. Therefore, choose D for this question.
    18: Answer [Answer] B. Detailed explanation of the topic: The main purpose of this passage is that the goal of education should not allow students to implement only the norms set by the teacher, but to teach them to formulate the norms that suit them. So what is critical is to ask students to follow the rules. The answer is B.
    19: Answer D. Analysis: Article 126 of the Constitution states: "The people's courts independently exercise their judicial power in accordance with the law and are not subject to interference by administrative agencies, social groups and individuals." Note that this is "unaffected by administrative agencies, society "Interference from groups and individuals" is not "unaffected by any administrative organ, social group or individual." A, B, and C are all wrong. Article 127 of this law states: "The Supreme People's Court is the highest judicial organ. The Supreme People's Court supervises the trials of local people's courts at various levels and specialized people's courts, and the people's courts at a higher level supervise the trials at people's courts at a lower level." Article 132 of the Law states: "The Supreme People's Procuratorate is the highest procuratorate. The Supreme People's Procuratorate leads the work of local people's procuratorates at various levels and specialized people's procuratorates, and the people's procuratorates at higher levels lead the work of people's procuratorates at lower levels." Item D is correct.
    20: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the problem: D items can be excluded through the first blank. He Zeng: Use the rhetorical tone to express never. What to say: Use rhetorical tone to indicate never or not. Is it: adverbs, strengthen the tone of rhetorical questions. Two items can be excluded by the second blank. To distribute: distribute; distribute. Glow: radiant; cheer up. Coacervation: Condensation; concentration. Condensation: an object changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state or from a liquid state to a solid state; aggregates. Therefore, the answer to this question is option C.
    21: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the problem: Shanxi Wutai Mountain is one of the four major Buddhist holy places. Mount Emei in Sichuan is also one of the four major Buddhist shrines. In addition, there are Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui and Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang . So choose C.
    22: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the question: This question also belongs to the four-word analogy, and examines the composition relationship. Blood vessels are part of the body, and roads are part of the city; it reflects the relationship between the whole and the parts. The substitution method can be used. Choose option D for this question.
    23: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the problem: Proper catalysts can speed up chemical reactions. Not all catalysts can accelerate the rate of chemical reactions, and not all chemical reactions require the participation of catalysts. B and D are wrong. What is said in the question is that the chemical properties of iron have not changed. A reflects what was said in the question.
    24: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the topic: The point of view is that "salt and iodine is the cause of increased thyroid pain in some areas in China." Item D provides arguments by comparison. This shows that salt and iodine are very likely to be one of the reasons for the significantly increased incidence of hyperthyroidism, which strengthens the point of view. Items A and C are irrelevant items; foods fasted by patients with thyroid disease are not necessarily the cause of the disease, and item B does not strengthen the point of view.
    25: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the question: This question has a feature. The four options are extracted from the original text. In essence, this question is examining the main sentence, and the most general and accurate statement in the original text is the answer. In the original text, "But there is a certainty, that is, a vicious circle between the two" is the main sentence. The author is also discussing this view, so the correct answer is A
    26: Answer D. Detailed problem explanation: <No>
    27: Answer Science and technology is a powerful means by which humans drive natural forces to serve themselves, and is a huge lever to promote economic and social development. Countless historical facts tell us that every major scientific discovery makes a leap in human understanding of the objective world; every technological revolution improves the ability of humans to transform the objective world. Similarly, every advance in science and technology in history has caused changes in weapons and equipment, strategic tactics, and improved combat effectiveness. With the development of science and technology, the relationship between science and technology and combat effectiveness is getting closer. As a fighting force, science and technology are increasingly showing a huge role. So choose D.
    28: Answer [Answer] D. Detailed explanation of the question: According to the question, this question is an implicit theme. The title lists the content of conversations with friends of three different identities. The extension can be drawn that with friends of different identities, the topics are different, so thinking and pursuit of life will change. , The created living environment is naturally different, the D term is correct. Option A is subjective, and the text does not reflect the change of external factors to internal factors; the influence of the circle of friends on the lifestyle can be seen through the materials, but it cannot be expressed as "critical"; the point of view C is too superficial and not deep enough. So the correct answer is D.
    29: Answer A. Detailed explanation: This is a detailed judgment question. The difference between consumers ’value of cars in item B is not specifically presented in the text; the mainstream consumer groups of cars in item C are not mentioned in the text; consumers’ attention to car brands in item D It is only one of the indicators that affect consumers ’intention to buy a car, and it does not show whether it is in a downward trend; item A can be derived from the sentence“ but safety performance is still the index that consumers are most concerned about when buying a car ”. So choose the A option.
    30: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: Analyze the meaning of the sentence. The words filled in the vacancies should be opposite to the meaning of "being bowed and knees down". And "being bowed and kneeling" means to be flattering and flattering in a low voice. Item B is domineering: Describe arrogance and aggressiveness. Just right.
    31: Answer C. Analysis: This question examines the philosophical basis that new things must defeat old things. The law of negation is the philosophical basis that new things must defeat old things. As a new thing, electric lamps must defeat the old thing of oil lamps, so its philosophical basis is also negated.
    32: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the problem: According to the definition, non-economic compensation is a good feeling generated by employees. The non-material rewards such as respect and development opportunities must be met. The premise that must be met is obtained by hard employees. That is, A only mentions some employees and does not have this premise.
    33: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the subject: File a lawsuit and notify the dismantling after the court's judgment. The forced dismantling must be notified after the dismantling. Choose C
    34: Answer D
    35: Answer [Answer] C. Analysis: China ’s export trade ranks first among the “BRIC” countries, and item A is wrong. The G20 is comprised of the G8 (United States, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Russia) and eleven important emerging industrial countries (China, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, and Turkey) and the European Union. Among them, China, India, and Indonesia are all Asian developing countries. So item B is wrong. Bhutan is the only neighboring country that does not have formal diplomatic relations with China, so item D is wrong. The correct answer to this question is C.
    36: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: Step 1: Grasp the keywords in the definition. The keywords include "unclear norms" and "confusion". Step 2: Judging the children in Option A one by one with family members to treat the guests. This confuses the roles between family members and the society, so it is a role confusion. In B, the parents have not fulfilled their responsibility to educate their children. That is, the responsibilities and obligations of parents to their children are not fully recognized, which leads to underage children ’s crimes and crimes. It is a role failure and does not match the keywords. Therefore, it is not a role confusion. Talking about problems in scientific research confuses family relationships and colleague relationships, so it is a role confusion; in D, in non-working situations, the relationship between superiors and subordinates has evolved into equal social member relationships, so it is a role confusion. In summary, the correct answer is B. Note: It is easy to choose D option by mistake. Especially in our country, many people think that in a certain sense, even in non-working situations, the superior is still the leader of the subordinate. As long as there are no job changes or adjustments, such leadership and leadership relationships exist, so Always respect your superiors. But the relationship between superiors and subordinates is a specific title in the workplace, and this kind of constraint or guidance relationship no longer exists in life. Therefore, item D confuses work and life roles.
    37: Answer [Answer] A. Analysis: Item A, Zhao was drunk while driving. Article 18, paragraph 4, of the Criminal Law of China stipulates that a drunk person shall bear criminal responsibility for committing a crime. This clearly stipulates that drunken crimes shall bear full criminal responsibility. So item A is correct. In item B, Liu steals property. According to China's criminal law, persons under the age of 14 are completely incapable of criminal responsibility. Their criminal behavior is not criminally responsible, and item B is wrong. In item C, Zhang responded with a robbery and met the requirements of "justifiable defense" stipulated in China's criminal law. Zhang did not need to bear criminal responsibility for the damage caused to the perpetrator in the legitimate defense. Item C was wrong. In item D, in order to avoid hunting and robbing other people's property, Wang meets the "emergency risk" requirements stipulated in the Criminal Law, that is, to protect the country, the public interest, the person, property, and other rights of others or other rights Dangerous, emergency avoidance actions taken as a last resort, causing damage, no criminal liability, mistake D.
    38: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: "The reason for muscle soreness caused by exercise is that muscle fibers carry out important oxidative activities during exercise", and "beer ingredients have antioxidant effects", then drinking an appropriate amount of beer after exercise will reduce muscle soreness, you can judge D is correct. It can also be determined that C is incorrect. "Beer has alcohol and calming ingredients", "At the same time, beer has more antioxidant effects", but it cannot be said that alcohol and sedatives have antioxidant effects. So A is incorrect. The expression B is too absolute and incorrect.
    39: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the topic: Step 1: Grasp the definition of the key words in the definition and emphasize "through their own production and operation activities", "expanding accumulation" and so on. Step 2: One by one, judge that the financing in option A is not through its own business activities; item B only mentions the demand for funds and does not reflect the accumulation of funds; item D does not mention the expansion of accumulation, so none of them meet the definition. The expansion of business scale in item C conforms to "through its own production and operation activities", and the high growth rate of total assets reflects "expanded accumulation", and therefore all meet the definition. So the correct answer is C.
    40: Answer C
    41: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the topic: "People" is the active usage, and "Thrilling" is the active usage. Therefore, "People" cannot be followed by "Emotional", and item B is excluded first. The vacancies should reflect the attractiveness and shock of the work. The “shocking” description of the serious scene is shocking and can not describe the work; “thrilling” cannot properly express the attraction of the work to people, only “thrilling” can vividly Shows people's recognition and emphasis on the work. The answer to this question is A.
    42: Answer [Answer] D. Detailed explanation of the topic: "In the past ... the country's public services have not been tilted to the countryside ... the gap between the development of public services between urban and rural areas is very large", "in recent years, the country has implemented the" six small "project in rural areas ... but the gap is still very large" This shows that the rural public utilities still need the state to invest more, but after that, what the author wants to emphasize. The text does not specifically introduce the gap in the development of rural public utilities. Therefore, A should be excluded. Item B is just an information point of the paragraph, not the author's emphasis. According to the information given in the text, the point in item C cannot be derived. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is D.
    43: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the topic: This question examines everyone: including the species relationship inside. Apple is a kind of fruit. The options belong to the objection relationship in the side-by-side relationship and do not match at one time. B. B. The two belong to the constituent relationship in the contained relationship, and the branch is an integral part of the tree. Both BMW and Mercedes belong to cars, so the two are opposed to each other in parallel and do not meet the definition. D. Mountains can be divided into high mountains and low mountains if they are divided according to height. Therefore, the relationship between mountains and high mountains belongs to the species relationship. So the answer is: D
    44: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the question: This question belongs to the type of allegorical apocalypse. It mainly examines the persuasion and persuasion in the inference category. The corresponding solution of this question is to identify the generalization in the trap type. B, C, D are all incomplete. Just a summary of some of the content in the passage. From the point of view of the full text, the author is in an objective attitude, speaking on both sides of the characteristics of the development of ancient Chinese science. Therefore, answer A of this question.
    45: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the question: [Keywords] [Title] The test point of this question is to weaken the main sentence, find the main sentence of the question, and you can easily solve the problem. [Analyze] Integrated question: clause: production of chemical fiber produces pollutants; main sentence : Most people think that wearing cotton fabrics is more environmentally friendly than chemical fiber fabrics. Asking questions: Refute that "cotton fabrics are more environmentally friendly." Option D, "Cotton is the most used agricultural crop and is no more environmentally friendly than chemical fiber." Directly refute that "cotton fabrics are more environmentally friendly." The answer is D. Options A and C have nothing to do with environmental protection and cannot refute the main clause. Option B, "Research on new methods for processing chemical fiber," did not state that chemical fiber is more environmentally friendly than pure cotton, which is excluded. So, choose D.
    46: Answer C [Analysis] "Peony Pavilion" is the work of Tang Xianzu, "The West Chamber" is the work of Wang Shifu, and "Peach Blossom Fan" is the work of Kong Shangren.
    47: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the problem: Examples (1) belong to asking for forgiveness; (2) belong to committing errors; (3) do not meet any of the above definitions.
    48: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the problem: After refining the trunk of the sentence, the sentence becomes "Journal No. ()". Obviously, "Number" and "Code" do not match, so BC is excluded. "Sign" means to indicate a certain characteristic, and "symbol" means to express special meaning with specific things. According to the context, the issue number should be a "indicative feature" rather than a "special meaning". Exclude D. So the correct option for this question is A
    49: Answer C
    50: Answer D
    51: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the topic: Water molecules have energy together, and are divided into two types: molecular kinetic energy and molecular potential energy (determined by the distance between molecules). The average molecular kinetic energy determines the temperature. When the water boils, the average molecular kinetic energy of the water molecules has not changed. From liquid to gaseous, the distance between the molecules must also increase, so that the molecular potential energy will increase. According to the conservation of energy, it is necessary to continue to absorb heat energy to increase the molecular potential energy, but the average molecular kinetic energy is constant, and the temperature is constant. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is C.
    52: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the topic: In the definition, the social dialect is the language used in a certain social group, social class, subcultural group, and the "唠嗑" in option A is a local dialect, which does not belong to the social dialect, and BCD conforms to the social dialect Definition. Therefore, the answer to this question is to choose option A.
    53: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the problem: Hypothetical question type. The assumptions on which reasoning is based are equivalent to the necessary conditions for reasoning. Without this condition, no corresponding conclusions can be drawn. Item B is an assumption necessary for reasoning. Otherwise, if the possibility of finding a therapy is not a reason to support such research, then even if the extract from a certain tree root may cure cancer, the government may not provide it. Sufficient funding is available to support research testing this possibility. Even if the government is not the only source of research funding, it cannot be said that the government should not provide funding to support research, so item C is not necessarily assumed. It is not necessary to assume item D, because whether the government has sufficient funds to support this research is not the same as whether it should or should not be supported.
    54: Answer BC. Detailed explanation of the problem: This question examines the containment relationship in the set relationship. In the title, mountains are mountains, so mountains and mountains are the relationship between whole and part. The working class and the workers, the forest and the trees, are all relations between the whole and the parts, which correspond to the logical relationship between the questions. Therefore, the answer to this question is the B and C options.
    55: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the question: The question asked is for the successful application of the emergency plan, and its requirements refer to a sudden event. In Option A, after the torrential flash flood erupted, City A immediately formulated a rescue plan. Obviously, there was no emergency plan before, so it was ruled out. In Option B, Typhoon B suffered a typhoon. Because the weather forecast was accurate, the typhoon did not happen suddenly Yes, it does not meet the requirements, so it is ruled out; Option C relies on the rescue personnel being in danger, and by virtue of collective wisdom, there is no mention of the application of emergency plans, so it is ruled out; In Option D, the leakage is an emergency, and the government Guide and rescue immediately according to the predetermined plan, in line with the definition. Therefore, the answer to this question is option D.
    56: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: receiving superior documents-confidential secretary registration-leadership instructions-undertaking department execution-document filing. So the correct answer is D.
    57: Answer A
    58: Answer A. Detailed problem description: This is a typical inference problem. From "population density" to "mathematical density of the population" is actually the evolution of the concept of "population density" from coarse division to fine division. The meaning of item B is to take the original sentence out of context, so it is excluded first. The “specific expression” mentioned in item C was not mentioned at all in the original text, and the item was excluded. The concept of item D stealth is a misinterpretation of the author's intention. So choose the A option. Note: Some users think that this question should be selected as B, but it is not. As can be seen from the last sentence of the text, "The population density calculated by area is called the mathematical density of the population." It can be seen that the meaning of population density has changed, and the new supplementary density index has become the meaning of the new population density.
    59: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the topic: Examination of the contradiction between concepts. Real numbers are divided into two types: irrational and rational. The extensions of the two are mutually exclusive and constitute a set of contradictory concepts. Note that the concept of item C cannot exhaust the extension of the genus concept of living things. It is not a contradiction relationship, but an opposition relationship.
    60: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: "Abacus" and "Computer" belong to the relationship between the traditional computing tools and the modern computing tools. Only option D is consistent. And the calculation function of the abacus was replaced by a more advanced computer, and the function of the fan was replaced by an air conditioner.

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