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  • Tonghai career editor recruitment 2015 examination questions and answers analysis [copyable version]

    Reduce font 作者:公务员考试信息网 来源:zimauto24.com 发布时间:2019-12-30 09:45:00 Increase Font author: civil service exam Information Network Source: zimauto24.com Published: 2019-12-30 09:45:00
    1: The Nobel Prize winner Elias Kanetti's masterpiece "The Masses and Power" is one of the most influential works analyzing the characteristics of different ethnic groups. The work dissects the image of the masses from different angles. First, it expands by country, geography, and ethnic group, and analyzes the special cultural background of each country. Since the author did not carry out the analysis from the economic level, the scope of the country analysis is limited to Europe, so this article tries (). The most appropriate sentence to fill in the brackets is:
    Single-choice question: Talk about the characteristics of European ethnic groups from the economic level. The enlightenment to China. Talk about the influence of special cultural background on European ethnic groups from the cultural level. On the ethnic characteristics of China and Japan and their inspiration

    2: Pressure: Area Multiple Choice Distance: Speed Yield: Mass Current: Voltage Efficiency: Time

    3: In academic evaluation, subjective and objective factors are often intertwined. Because academic evaluation is often affected by the subject's academic views, emotional orientation, and values, people tend to rely on quantitative data for evaluation. In fact, the evaluation significance contained in this kind of data is reflected by clickers, downloaders, and referees. Over-reliance on such data is to regard the producer of quantitative data as the evaluation subject. This text is intended to illustrate ().
    The single-choice question evaluation system based on quantified indicators is highly controversial. When conducting academic evaluation, you cannot rely too much on quantified data. Correct academic evaluation requires a long historical process. Academic evaluation that can withstand practical tests is reliable

    4: The discussion of public affairs in modern society has become a norm. Unlike ordinary "public intellectuals" and the media, the participation of think tanks in public affairs should be based on scientific analysis and demonstration, not emotional venting and value judgment. Controversy. Think tanks should conduct research based on the materials and objective facts they have obtained, complete the screening and judgment of complex data, and establish a persistent predictive analysis system. The author mainly wants to express () through this text.
    The single-choice think tank is a professional institution that participates in the management of public affairs. The operation of think tanks has quite high requirements. Think tanks should participate scientifically and objectively in the discussion of public affairs. Think tanks discuss public affairs more than ordinary "public intellectuals" and the media. In-depth

    5: Low-carbon travel means low-carbon dioxide emissions, low energy consumption, low pollution, and environmentally friendly travel. Among the following items, those that do not belong to low-carbon travel are ()
    Single-choice question Ride the subway to take a taxi to work

    6: (1) The fuel company found that the amount of charcoal in each box is insufficient. (2) The fuel company believes that the charcoal plant is in breach of contract. (3) The fuel company signs a sales contract with the charcoal plant. (4) The fuel company applies for legal arbitration. (5) The contract stipulates that each box Charcoal in multiple choices of three kilograms

    7: "Red wine" like wine, more vivid and active than wine, from the fat and flexible atrium with one beat and one close beat, shrinking along the blood vessels one by one, like a tide, raging around Whole body, distribute food to all organs, tissues and cells. After collecting the dirt from all over, he got to the lungs, and after washing with oxygen, he returned to the atrium. The main meaning that can most accurately repeat this passage is ().
    Single-choice questions. Blood is more active than wine. Blood circulation is a cycle. Blood circulation is significant. The path of blood circulation is complicated.

    8: (1) conducting commodity market surveys, (2) training investigators, (3) writing survey reports, (4) statistics, and (5) establishing market survey teams.
    Multiple choice

    9: After the 18th century, the ________ response consisting of the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution, and the political revolution gave European capitalism an unstoppable ________. By 1914, the hegemony established by European powers in most parts of the world had a profound impact. The economic life and social structure of colonial and semi-colonial societies. The reason why Europe can achieve this unprecedented ________ is because its modernization process has continued and accelerated. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in order is ()
    Single-choice multiple questions; vitality; development chain; driving force; expansion series; boosting force; continuous expansion; catalyst; expansion

    10: (1) Some people in the Japanese political circles have attempted ________ the history of Japanese invasion of China has aroused strong opposition from the Chinese and Japanese peoples. (2) During the Dragon Boat Festival, folks have the custom of hanging incense purses on their bodies. It is said that this can ________ disease. (3) Seeing this scene, her resentment seemed to ________ all of a sudden. ()
    Single-choice question tampering, extermination, melting tampering, eradication, melting tampering, eradication, dissolving tampering, expelling, dissolving

    11: Liu Zongyuan: Writer ()
    Single-choice question Ma Zhiyuan: Writer Sima Qian: Poet Wu Chengen: Novelist Gong Zizhen: Historian

    12: According to the above text, the following statement is wrong ().
    There is a certain danger in the single-choice desert self-help adventure tourism. During the Golden Week, more than 10 travel safety accidents occurred during the crossing of the Tianshan Cheshi Ancient Road. The main reason for the separation was the sudden change in weather. This emerging form of tourism has been banned

    13: The average salary of the main players of the team is very high, because they represent the essence of this profession and are the best among the thousands of players in this country every year. Their salaries cannot be compared with the average businessman, doctor or lawyer. They must be compared with business giants, the best surgeons and partners of major law firms. The author's point of view is ().
    In the multiple choice questions, the skills required by the main players are the same as those required by high-paying businessmen, doctors, and lawyers. In a market economy, the price payable for any goods or services is determined by the market supply and demand relationship with other high-tech occupations. Compared with that, the salaries of the main players are not excessively high. The main players seeking the maximum compensation have the same economic motivation as the merchants, doctors and lawyers.

    14: What exactly is an earthquake warning? Experts point out that "earthquake early warning" is to send an alarm before an earthquake has occurred, and before a serious disaster has occurred, thereby shortening the response time and taking emergency measures to reduce casualties and high-speed rail, subway, oil and gas, gas pipelines, Secondary disasters in key projects such as chemical plants and nuclear facilities. The "earthquake forecast" is an advance notice of possible earthquake events that have not yet occurred. "Earthquake prediction is still a difficult problem worldwide, but earthquake early warning is completely feasible. The core of earthquake early warning technology is to use the time difference between seismic waves and radio waves to issue an alert." From the perspective of earthquake knowledge, earthquake warning and The main differences in forecasts are:
    Single-choice questions with different contents, different research difficulties, different techniques used

    15: At the Third Plenary Session of the 17th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, General Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out that it is more philosophical to focus on solving corruption issues in key areas and practically addressing prominent issues that are strongly reflected by the masses.
    Single-choice questions Opposite of unified laws Negative laws of negation Matter determines consciousness Viewpoint of connection and development

    16: Coach: Athlete Multiple Choice Director: Actor Moderator: Guest Speaker: Corporate Agent: Singer

    17: The scientific concept of development is a development concept that adheres to the people-oriented and comprehensively coordinated sustainable development of the economy and society. It is also a people-oriented and integrated development concept. Adhering to people-oriented is the core content of the scientific development concept. Taking people as the fundamental starting point and end point of economic and social development, its connotation lies in ().
    Single-choice questions to meet people's comprehensive needs and promote their comprehensive development. Meet people's needs for survival, development, and enjoyment. Provide sufficient material and cultural products and services to promote the overall economic and social development.

    18: When a legal person's capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct arises:
    Single multiple choice registration approval application established

    19: Judging from the basic attributes of the decision, the decision is ().
    Single-choice questions Activities that do not transfer human will, Activities that transfer human will, a true description of the objective law, a correct reflection of the objective law

    20: At present, China is at a critical stage of industrial restructuring. In the current world economic crisis, the sustainability of our existing foreign trade-led economic model is becoming less and less, and agriculture is a safe haven for economic crisis. Only by increasing the income of farmers and promoting the large-scale development of the rural economy and the large-scale upgrade of the rural market demand can we comprehensively expand domestic demand and promote the smooth transition of China's foreign-oriented economy to an inward-oriented economy. The most accurate summary of the main point of this text is: ().
    Single-choice question The most effective way to expand domestic demand in China is to vigorously develop agriculture. The world economic crisis can become an opportunity for China's economic transformation. The focus of China's industrial structure adjustment is the adjustment of agricultural production structure. Inevitable requirements

    21: The lawsuit of payment refers to a civil lawsuit in which the plaintiff who has the right to claim payment requires the people's court to order the defendant to perform certain payment obligations to himself. Affirmative action refers to a civil lawsuit that the plaintiff asks the court to confirm the existence or non-existence of the legal relationship it claims. The difference between an action of confirmation and an action of payment is that the parties only require the people's court to confirm the existence of the disputed legal relationship between the parties, and do not directly require the people's court to order a certain payment. According to the above definitions, the following are the confirmed actions ().
    The single-choice question Liu repeatedly claimed in multiple public occasions that Zhao's academic papers had been plagiarized. Zhao found Liu's theory and asked him to apologize, but Liu refused. Zhao filed a lawsuit in the People's Court, demanding that Liu stop the infringement and apologize to Ms. Wang for the nephew to go to the nearest school and register the house purchased by her own brother under the name of his brother. When my brother sued for divorce, he listed the house as post-marital property. Ms. Wang filed a lawsuit to the court claiming that she was the owner of the house. Ms. Zhou often quarreled with her husband after marriage, which seriously affected the relationship between the two, and then proposed to divorce her husband. , The husband expressed disagreement. Ms. Zhou filed a lawsuit with the People's Court for the dissolution of the marriage between the two. Dr. Zhang found a seriously ill baby abandoned by the parents in the corridor of the pediatric ward. Dr. Zhang found the parents of the baby, but the parents still refused to raise the baby. Dr. Zhang Parents of baby charged in court for abandonment

    22: Invitation: Reject: Accept Multiple Choice Greetings: Swear: Thanks Apology: Sincere: False Threat: Compromise: Alarm Advice: Oppose: Accept

    23: As shown in the figure, put a balloon into a bottle, tie the mouth of the balloon to the mouth of the bottle, and then blow in strongly. According to the ideal gas state equation pV / T = C (P is the gas pressure, V is the gas volume, T is the gas temperature, and C is a constant), the following statement is correct ().
    Single choice question As long as the vital capacity is enough, the balloon will be blown up. If the bottle is immersed in hot water for this experiment, the balloon can be blown up. To make the balloon blown up, at least two holes must be drilled in the bottle mouth to ensure that the bottle is in the bottle. Once the air can flow through the balloon, the gas pressure in the bottle will increase, so the balloon cannot be blown.

    24: "Emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts" is our party's ().
    Single-choice question, political line, organizational line, ideological line, work style

    25: "Buddha Man, Yellow Crane Tower," the vast nine schools in China, Shen line across the North and South. The smoky rain is wild, the turtle snake locks the river. Where does the yellow crane know? There are tourists. The wine is rushing, and the mood is rising! One of the errors in explaining Mao Zedong's word is ().
    The single-choice question is "nine factions", and the tributaries of the water are called factions. According to legend, the Yangtze River in Hubei and Jiangxi is divided into nine factions. "First line" refers to the railway "酹" running in front of the eyes. "Taking wine to gurgling" means to use the torrential river water as a drink to sacrifice the earth "Turtle and Snake Locking the River", which means that Guishan and Sheshan face each other across the river, restricting the rolling river

    26: Among the following administrative actions, the ones that do not belong to the form of administrative confirmation are ().
    Single-choice question check and recognition certificate registration

    27: The scientific outlook on development is a scientific theory that guides development and is a powerful weapon to deal with crises. It is necessary to use the scientific development concept to find a countermeasure, adhere to the path of scientific development, and overcome difficulties. It is necessary to further deepen learning, deepen the understanding of the spiritual essence and realistic guiding significance of the scientific development concept, and effectively enhance the consciousness and firmness of implementing the scientific development concept. It is necessary to analyze the situation scientifically, strengthen the confidence of winning, transform the pressure brought by the international financial crisis into the driving force for scientific development, and creatively implement the central government's policy of "guaranteeing growth, expanding domestic demand, and adjusting structure" based on actual conditions, and focus on solving The outstanding problems in economic operation have reduced the losses caused by the international financial crisis to a minimum. This paragraph emphasizes ().
    The multiple-choice questions should be further deepened, deepen the understanding of the spiritual essence and realistic guiding significance of the scientific development concept, and be guided by the scientific development concept. To cope with the challenges brought by the international financial crisis to our economy and society, we must strengthen our confidence and bring the international financial crisis The pressure from the past has been transformed into a driving force for scientific development. We must creatively implement the central government's policy of "guaranteeing growth, expanding domestic demand, and adjusting structure" based on actual conditions.

    28: Zhao, Qian, Sun and Li are the heaviest. It is known that the weight of Zhao and Qian is equal to the weight of Sun and Li. When Qian and Li are swapped, the weight of Zhao and Li is higher than that of Qian and Sun. The weight of money is greater than that of Zhao and Sun. If true, which of the following is true? ()
    The single choice question is the heaviest weight Zhao has the heaviest weight Sun has the heaviest weight Lee has the heaviest weight

    29: Leaders and cadres sweep the streets. From the perspective of officials and agencies, this is of course a good thing. It can shorten the distance with the people and show that leading cadres are diligent in their administration for the people. However, from the perspective of the personal rights of cadres, voluntary labor is not impossible, but it cannot be driven by administrative orders. From the perspective of the sanitation department, if the normalization of cadres is necessary, it may reflect two aspects. The problem is that either the number of sanitation workers is not enough and there is a shortage of manpower; or the sanitation workers do not work well and leave a lot of dead ends. The following list can best summarize the above text content ()
    Single-choice questions Leading cadres take the lead in sweeping the street and participating in voluntary labor is a violation of personal rights Leading cadres taking the lead in sweeping the street can stimulate the work enthusiasm of the staff in the sanitation department Leading cadres taking the lead in sweeping the streets will likely cause misunderstandings among the public and fail to achieve the desired results

    30: The so-called myth is a collective oral creation with artistic meaning, which was imagined by people in ancient times in order to explain and describe the natural and social phenomena they are in contact with. The following items are all mythical: ()
    Single-choice question: The son-in-law fills the sky, Jiang Ziya cuts off the god, the cowherd and the weaver, the pan-opener, praises his father, and fights against the Yellow Emperor.

    31: The ancient philosophers of China proposed that "the soil is mixed with gold, wood, fire, and water, and there are hundreds of things," and "reality creatures", which is ().
    Single-choice multiple-choice view, mechanical materialism view, contradictory metaphysics view, naive materialism view

    32: The ineffective implementation of a good system is nothing but an ineffective implementation. The reason for the ineffective implementation is mainly due to the lack of accountability and open supervision. A good example of strong system implementation is the eight provisions of the Party Central Committee, which have really played a role in containing Chinese waste. Strict implementation of the eight regulations not only boosted the party and social ethos, but also objectively played a positive role in saving resources and curbing waste. If the implementation of the system in the field of ecological civilization is also as strict as the eight regulations, the construction of "beautiful China" will surely achieve more obvious results. The main point of this text is ()
    Single-choice question analysis of the reasons for the poor implementation of the system. Emphasis on the strict implementation of the enforcement system. Promote a model of moderate implementation. Emphasize the key to building a "beautiful China."

    33: Professor Guo believes that (building) a more open green Asia is the only way for sustainable development in Asia. The most appropriate one to replace the parentheses is:
    Single-choice question

    34: The right to determine the establishment of the Special Administrative Region and its system is ().
    Single-choice question National People's Congress NPC Standing Committee NPC and its Standing Committee State Council

    35: Hu Jintao pointed out that the prerequisite for the successful administration of Marxist parties is ()
    Single-choice questions: Scientific governance, democratic governance, governance by law, governance by virtue

    36: (1) Normal business (2) A car crashed into a roadside tree (3) Carrying a huge amount of money into a "taxi" (4) A commercial bank transferred a large amount of cash (5) Two "customers" took it out of their bags Single choice pistol

    37: The formation of the "Four Winds" problem is a long-term process that is repetitive and stubborn. Behind it are the old ideas of ________, "hidden rules" of ________, and ________ 's interests.
    Single-choice questions are deep-rooted and habitually thought to be often intricate and complicated, and complex habits are often confusing and indistinct.

    38: Individuals always live in certain institutional arrangements. Most of the traditional Chinese Confucian institutional arrangements are informal, emphasizing the internalization of behavior rules, not paying attention to external coercive constraints, and have higher flexibility. therefore()
    Single-choice Confucianism system has modernity. Under the Confucianism system, individuals can do whatever they want, and they are not constrained. Under the Confucianism system, individuals can adjust their behavioral rules flexibly with the understanding of self-system rules Individuals can get the most freedom

    39: In recent years, some local governments have introduced the Fortune Global 500 as a priority. In order to win investment from multinational companies, they have paid a high resource price: non-renewable land resources and valuable natural resources have been used cheaply by multinational companies; and Tax losses. Our domestic corporate income tax is 33%, while the maximum foreign corporate income tax is 24%. When we introduce foreign brands, it is difficult to obtain the core technology. The core components cannot be supplied locally, and the development of the industry cannot be a driving force. What we get is labor income during assembly and VAT is extremely low. This can be deduced ().
    Single-choice foreign brands enter orders that cannot bring in the most advanced technology and the most profit. We should avoid the negative impact caused by the excessive introduction of foreign brands and improve the international competitiveness of our industry. We must solve the outstanding problems that hinder the progress of the industry. Core technologies and internationally competitive industries and brands

    40: Zhang, a staff member of a city government agency, was investigated by the relevant department for suspected espionage, and was subsequently taken compulsory measures according to law. which of the following is correct?
    A single-choice item should be filed for investigation by the public security organ. This case should be filed for investigation by the People's Procuratorate. Wang's bail pending trial should be executed by the national security organ. Wang's bail pending trial should be executed by the public security organ.

    41: Porcelain: blue and white porcelain ().
    Multiple choice antique: Guanyao Peking opera: Hualian calligraphy: Falling tea set: Longjing tea

    42: True historical facts and the basis of historical materials are the basic elements of historical narrative. The task of history is not only to examine historical facts. The appearance of historical figures, historical events and historical processes should also be completely restored. To this end, historical researchers need to combine and combine various historical facts, and scholars who advocate postmodernist historical theory believe that historical researchers can make different connections and combinations of historical facts without violating discipline norms . And these different connections and combinations will form the historical appearance of different characters, events or processes. According to the scholar's point of view of postmodernist history theory, historical description ().
    Multiple choice questions are not the same as facts that can have fictitious components and different versions. The facts are uncertain.

    43: I remember a poet who said such a thing. A poet should make a poem as if a plant is going to bloom, because it is necessary to open it.
    Multiple choice questions if, even if, but so, even if, and

    44: Soft Science: It is a comprehensive application of theories and methods of natural sciences, social sciences, and philosophy to predict and plan complex social issues (policy issues and social issues that interact between people, nature, socioeconomics, science and technology). , Management and evaluation, seeking the optimal solution and decision as a whole. The following belong to soft science: ()
    Multiple Choice Psychology, Logic, Linguistics, Management

    45: Experience transfer: It refers to finding the commonality or similarity between two types of things through analogy, and then applying the method of solving this type of problem to solving another type of problem. The following are experience transfers ()
    Single-choice peaks are very experienced in handling family disputes. When there is a family dispute in the community, people always ask him to mediate Zhou Li's professional knowledge when he was at school. After graduating from this profession, he started to work quickly. I can think of many ways to solve a problem. Ji Wei memorizes phone numbers using the homophonic memory method, and also uses this method when memorizing articles.

    46: Lee went to the photo studio to take a picture, and the effect was very good. A month later, Li found a photo of the food company's product's packaging. Upon inquiry, it was learned that the owner of the photo studio, Chen, sold the photo of Li to the food company for 30,000 yuan. How to characterize ()
    The multiple choice question does not infringe Li's portrait right, infringes Lee's portrait right, infringes Lee's reputation right, and infringes Lee's honor right.

    47: ① The cashier received one less book price ② went to the bookstore to buy a book ③ returned home and found that he paid less for the book ④ got praise from the bookstore ⑤ paid the book money to the bookstore ()
    Multiple choice questions ①②③⑤④

    48: The dotted words in the following words, the pronunciation of each pair is exactly the same ()
    Single-choice questions, pull, husband, spotless, come to Japan, pull seedlings to help revenge, will, pen, lose soul, can be comforted, strong ridicule, bet, see, find another way, same name, name Virtual film, off, volume, set aside, Xing Weiwei, self-blame

    49: Policies and institutions carry people's subjective will to a certain extent, or they are the result of people's will. Therefore, in the process of macroeconomic management, whether the administrative adjustment method is used reasonably and scientifically depends mainly on whether people's subjective understanding of objective things is correct, and people's understanding and mastery of objective laws and complex economic activities. The main point of this text is ().
    Limitations of single-choice administrative adjustment methods in macroeconomic management. Policies and systems are unscientific in the formulation process. Economic and legal other adjustment methods should be used instead of administrative adjustment methods. The correctness of policies and systems depends on the person who formulated them. Subjective factors

    50: Advocating helping others and thinking more about others is the basis for building relationships with neighbors and building a harmonious society. In the following options, the punctuation of "for" in a sentence is correct:
    All multiple choice questions are read the previous one, the next one the previous one, and the next one

    51: Looking back on the entire industry chain, the plight of China's milk powder industry is the plight of the upstream smallholder economy. China is at the peak of its birth. There is a huge gap between the amount of milk powder required and production. High-quality milk sources are scarce products. Especially in the pasture degradation and dairy farmers' self-support, today, the traditional livestock model has become China The biggest obstacle to the development of milk powder. China's milk sources cannot meet the soaring market demand. If we want to guarantee quality milk sources, we need to transform the current small-scale free-range farming model into an industrial pasture-style farming model, which requires land transfer, agricultural population diversion, and original capital. Many fundamental reforms, such as large investment, are more difficult than restoring milk powder credit. This text is intended to explain the Chinese milk powder industry ().
    There is a congenital shortcoming in the industrial chain layout of the single-choice question. It is difficult to change from the production model. It is difficult to get rid of import dependence in a short period of time and restore the credit of the industry.

    52: Li Zhaoxing said at the Diaoyutai State Guest House that he welcomed participants in the Beijing Six-Party Talks on the North Korean Nuclear Issue. Diaoyutai was a gift given to his teacher by a young emperor of the Qing Dynasty in China. It is a kind and good luck to those here. The place. This garden has witnessed many major diplomatic events. Here, the iceberg can be melted through dialogue, hostility can be resolved, and trust can be cultivated. The best enlightenment of Diaoyutai's history is that peace is the most valuable, and dialogue is the most valuable to win and maintain peace. An ancient Chinese poem says, "Let the storm rise and sit firmly on the Diaoyutai." I hope and believe that colleagues will seek a win-win situation with their vision, wisdom, courage and sincerity for the cause of peace. The artistic feature of this toast is ().
    The multiple-choice question has a long-lasting meaning, and the literary style is full of words that are full of the essence of the traditional Chinese culture. It is open-minded and deep-seated. The expectation of the progress of the talks is also a good wish for the results of the talks

    53: China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine will continue to strengthen the supervision and management of enterprises, and require enterprises to further improve their quality and safety self-control systems to ensure the quality and safety of products exported to Japan; at the same time, they will continue to strengthen their cooperation with the Japanese side ________, ________ as soon as possible The inspection orders of the products of 37 enterprises ensure the smooth progress of food trade to Japan. ()
    Single choice question negotiation, ask for consultation, urge consultation, urge negotiation, solicit

    54: Article 25, paragraph 1 of China's Criminal Law stipulates that joint crime refers to a common intentional crime committed by two or more people. According to the above definitions, the following are common crimes:
    Single choice question A and B conspired to give C a little lesson. On the way to C's house, B returned home because of an emergency at home. A still went into the room and beat C.
    When Jia wanted to kill B, he deliberately gave C with the bulleted gun, and lied to C to say that it was an empty gun, and asked C to target B to intimidate B. As a result, B shot and died.
    After two cars collided, they rushed to the side of the road and crushed pedestrians.
    A and B conspired to rob C's tape recorder. A first injured C, and B took the opportunity to shoot the tape recorder away.

    55: Humans have known the defensive effects of the city walls for a long time. From ancient times to now, how many offensive and defensive battles have been staged. When the Mongols began to fight the world, the nomadic cavalry regiments who were good at the field were helpless against the siege, but the Mongols were good at learning He quickly mastered the siege tactics and integrated the siege weapons from various places to achieve a good result. Many sturdy towns were destroyed. The thinner walls of Europe at that time could not resist the attacks of Mongolians, especially the Mongolians began to use a variety of powerful firearms, which is more destructive. Since then, due to the improvement of the artillery fire, the role of the wall has gradually disappeared from human history. This text is intended to explain: ()
    Single-choice question How the Mongolian Corps conquered Europe's walls How the exit from the historical stage The firearms played a role in the siege war How the Mongolian nomadic regiment adjusted its tactics

    56: Fish: Carp: Catfish Single Choice Question Nutrition: Greens: Radish Plants: Litchi: Citrus Landline: Mobile Phone: PHS Carpenter: Electrician: Engineer

    57: Appreciate your colleagues, you and your colleagues will cooperate more harmoniously; Appreciate your subordinates, subordinates will work harder; Appreciate your lover, love will be more sweet; Appreciate your students, students will be more lovely. _________. The most appropriate to fill in the horizontal line is ()
    With multiple choice questions, look around with appreciation, and you will feel the world becomes more harmonious. With others, you will feel that others are friendly to you. The world is not lacking in beauty, just see if you find a good vision of yourself. Good mood, the world is beautiful

    58: Open village affairs: Rural grassroots self-governing organizations shall take appropriate measures to publicize the village's public affairs information to the villagers in accordance with the law and accept mass supervision. The following acts that are not open to village affairs are: ()
    Single-choice question Before the Spring Festival, the director of the village committee will inform the government that the disaster relief funds and materials have arrived through the village radio. The village bulletin board will announce the use of the village committee office entertainment on a quarterly basis. The village committee documents were solicited from the party members to call the migrant workers one by one to inform them of the progress of the village-run kindergarten project funded by them

    59: The development of modern Western science is largely based on the analysis of objective objects and the continuous updating of cognitive methods. The traditional Chinese way of thinking focuses on intuitive judgment and synthesis, and emphasizes the overall understanding of the objective world. In terms of detailed study and in-depth analysis of specific objects, the traditional Chinese way of thinking does not have the advantages of the western way of thinking since modern times, thus limiting the emergence and development of modern science and technology in China. This text mainly explains ().
    Single-choice question The main reason for the development of modern science in the West. The main characteristics of traditional Chinese thinking mode.

    60: A, B, C, D, and E are on duty. From Monday to Friday, each person is on duty for one day. Requirement: B should be ranked before D and E, C should not be ranked on Tuesday, and A and D are separated by exactly one day. Q What day is the second person's duty on the second day of the week? ()
    Multiple choice questions Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

    1: Answer D. Detailed problem description: This is a sentence to fill in the blanks. Filling in the blanks of a sentence follows a principle, which is to take care of the context of the paragraph. From "because" and "therefore", we can know that the sentence to be filled in the horizontal line must have a causal relationship with the previous sentence. The foregoing “due to” led to two aspects-the analysis was not carried out from the economic level, and the scope of the country analysis was limited to Europe. Based on this reasoning, the author's article should be a supplement to the "mass and power", so In the first two aspects, the horizontal line must also reflect two aspects of information-from the economic level of analysis, the country cannot be Europe, and the D item "talk about the ethnic characteristics of China and Japan from the economic level and its inspiration" , And the previous connection is the closest. Therefore, the answer to this question is D.
    2: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: the object is unchanged, the larger the area is, the smaller the pressure is, inversely proportional. Under the same work. The longer the time, the lower the efficiency, which is also inversely proportional. The other three items are directly proportional.
    3: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the question: This question is an intentional judgment question. The whole paragraph is mainly about academic evaluation interweaving various complex factors. The implication is that academic evaluation should not rely too much on quantitative data. Therefore, the answer to this question is option B.
    4: Answer C. Explain the problem in detail: This is an intention judgment question. There are two sentences in the full text. The first sentence says what the think tank is, and the second sentence says what the think tank is going to do. So the second sentence is obviously the key point, so choose C.
    5: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the topic: A, B, and D all meet the conditions of "low carbon dioxide emissions, low energy consumption, low pollution, and environmental friendliness", which belong to low-carbon travel
    6: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the problem: This problem examines the logical sequence of the problem and describes an event of contract breach. This question should be in logical order: First, the fuel company and the charcoal factory signed a sales contract, which stipulated the content (each box of charcoal was packed in three kilograms). Later, it was found that the amount of charcoal was insufficient, and the fuel company believed that the other party had breached the contract and applied for arbitration. Therefore, the answer to this question is option C.
    7: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the question: This question belongs to the general summary question type, which mainly examines the general category. The corresponding solution of this question is to identify the generalization in the trap type. Options C and D are out of nothing, so items C and D can be excluded. From the passage "" Red wine "like wine ... from ... delivered along ... to the lungs, collected dirt from all over, passed ... and back to the atrium ..." This passage mainly explains that blood circulation is a cyclical process. Therefore, choose answer B for this question.
    8: Answer D. Detailed problem explanation: <No>
    9: Answer B. Detailed description of the problem: chain: one link, one link, like a chain, described as continuous. chain reaction. Common match. So choose the B option.
    10: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: In the sentence (1), "tampering" refers to alteration (idioms, documents, ancient books, etc.); "tampering" refers to altering or misinterpreting (classic, theory, policy, etc.) used as a counterfeit means. Depending on the context, "tampering" should be selected. (2) In the sentence, "to drive out" means to drive away and get rid of (mosquitoes, evils, etc.); "to get rid of" means to get rid of (disease, doubt, etc.). Therefore, the second blank should be filled in "eliminate". (3) In the sentence, "melting" means melting; "dissolving" means that one substance is uniformly dispersed in another substance. According to the meaning of the word, the third blank should be filled in "Melting". In summary, the correct answer to this question should be item B.
    11: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the topic: The first step: determine the logical relationship between the stem words and the stem words are the corresponding relationship. "Liu Zongyuan" is a "literati", which is the correspondence between characters and historical status. Step 2: Determine that the logical relationship between option words is the same as the logical relationship between the questions and stems. "Wu Chengen" is a "novelist". "Ma Zhiyuan" in A is a dramatist, not a "literati" and does not constitute a counterpart; "Sima Qian" in B is a historian, writer, not a "poet", and does not constitute a counterpart; "Gong Zizhen" in D is a poet, not " Historian "does not constitute a correspondence. So the correct answer is C.
    12: Answer D. Detailed explanation: This is a detailed judgment question. According to the last sentence of the paragraph, "People can't help but have a variety of questions about this emerging way of travel, and even some people have asked to stop this project." It can be seen that self-help adventure travel is not prohibited, and the D term is incorrectly stated. According to the accident in "Desert Self-Adventure Tourism", it is known that there is a certain danger, and item A is correct. According to the original "National Day Holiday Office's" May 1st Golden Week No. 8 Tourist Information Bulletin "shows that during the Golden Week, there were 11 travel-related safety accidents across the country. It can be seen that item B is correct. According to the original text, "43 people from Korla crossed the Tianshan Cheshi Ancient Road and encountered weather changes on the way, which led to the departure of the team." So the correct answer is D.
    13: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the problem: As mentioned in the title, the main players of the team are the best of the national players, so they can get higher salaries, which is in line with the best surgeons, business giants and partners of major law firms The ratio should be basically the same, so the correct answer is item C.
    14: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the problem: "Earthquake early warning" is an alert made after the "earthquake has occurred", and "earthquake forecast" is to provide advance notice of possible earthquake events that have not yet occurred. Time is different, so choose A.
    15: Answer A. Analysis: Key words such as “emphasis” and “prominence” in “We must focus on solving corruption problems in key areas, and effectively address outstanding issues that are strongly reflected by the masses,” embody the focus on finding major contradictions, and finding the key and key to solving complex problems Or the center to make overall plans and make appropriate arrangements. The relationship between the major contradiction and the minor contradiction is interrelated, affects each other, and transforms each other under certain conditions. The law of unity of opposites is the fundamental law of materialist dialectics, and the identity and struggle of contradictions are interconnected. Identity is the identity of the two sides of the opposite, which is based on the difference and opposition between the opposites. The fighting nature of contradiction lies in the identity of contradiction. Struggle is a struggle within the unity. In the mutual struggle of opposites, there is mutual interdependence and mutual penetration. The results of the struggle led to mutual transformation and transition between the two sides. It can be seen that the philosophical thought embodied in the question stems from the unity of the laws of unity of opposites, so item A is selected.
    16: Answer [Analysis] A. The coach instructs the athletes and the director directs the actors.
    17: Answer The core of the scientific development concept is people-oriented. Putting people first means meeting the overall needs of people and promoting their all-round development as the fundamental starting point and end point of economic and social development. So choose A.
    18: Answer D
    19: Answer B. Analysis: The basic attributes of decision-making are foresight, selectivity and subjectivity. Items A and B are mutually exclusive. In this case, generally speaking, one of them is the correct answer. Items C and D are irrelevant to the question, and they have similar meanings and are interference items. The subjectivity of decision-making indicates that the decision-making is an activity whose human will is the transfer.
    20: Answer [Answer] D. Detailed explanation of the question: This question belongs to the main summary question type, which mainly looks at the general category. The corresponding solution of this question is to identify the inappropriate generalization in the trap type. The policy of strengthening peasants and benefiting peasants is an inevitable requirement for the current transformation of the economic development mode of our country in line with the main sentence. Therefore, the answer to this question is option D.
    21: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: The first step: the lawsuit confirmed by seizing the keywords in the definition is a “request for civil action”, emphasizing that “the plaintiff only requires the court to confirm the existence of the legal relationship it claims”, and “does not directly require a court order Some kind of payment. " The second step: one by one to judge "B claiming to be the owner of the house" in Option B is to confirm that he has the ownership relationship to the house, which is in line with the definition of the confirmation action, and B is correct. "Ask Liu to stop the infringement and apologize for the injustice" in A is "a request to the people's court to order a certain payment", which is a lawsuit of payment. A is wrong. The "request to dissolve the marriage relationship between the two" in C is "request to change the legal relationship" instead of "confirm the legal relationship", and C is wrong. The prosecution of "abandonment" in D is a "criminal request", and D is wrong. So the correct answer is B.
    22: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: After giving the invitation, the other party has two kinds of responses: rejection and acceptance. After giving advice, the other party also had two results: opposition and acceptance. So choose D.
    23: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: When the balloon inside the bottle is blown a bit larger, the ball and the mouth of the bottle squeeze, so that the gas between the bottle and the outside of the bottle cannot overflow. At this time, for this part of the gas, as the volume of the balloon further increases, this part of the volume rapidly decreases. According to the ideal gas state equation PV / T = C, when the temperature is constant, the pressure is inversely proportional to the volume, the volume becomes smaller, and the pressure becomes larger This will make it difficult for the balloon to continue to grow larger, so D is correct.
    24: Answer C. Emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts is our party's ideological line, the living soul of Marxism, and our ideological weapon to recognize new things, adapt to new situations, and complete new tasks.
    25: Answer [Answer] C. Detailed explanation of the topic: "Buddha Man: Yellow Crane Tower" was created in 1927, at the time of China's troubled events, and the Great Revolution was at its low tide. The word's unique mind and spirit express the author's somber ambition and eager expectation for his time. Item C, 酹: Sprinkle wine on the ground to express commemoration or oath. To spit wine is to sprinkle wine on the ground to sacrifice the torrential river water, not to use the river water as wine to sacrifice the earth. C is wrong, so the correct answer for this question is C
    26: Answer A [Analysis] The main forms of administrative confirmation are: confirmation, recognition, certification, registration, approval, etc.
    27: Answer [Answer] B. Detailed explanation of the question: This question belongs to the main summary question type, which mainly examines the general category. The corresponding solution of this question is to identify the inappropriate generalization in the trap type. The options A, C, and D are partial generalizations. aspect. After reading the original information, you can find that the first sentence of the material is the main sentence, and put forward "the scientific development concept is a scientific theory to guide development and a powerful weapon to cope with the crisis." It points out the science from two aspects: spiritual significance and practical significance. The importance of the concept of development is the development of this view. Therefore, choose answer B for this question.
    28: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: Zhao + Qian = Sun + Li, and Zhao + Li> Sun + Money, you can introduce Li> Qian. Also Qian> Zhao, Qian> Sun, so Li> Zhao, Li> Sun, so Li is the most important.
    29: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the topic: The paragraph focuses on the content of "but", that is to say, it is difficult to unify the public's views on the incident of "leaders and leading cadres sweeping the streets" described in the first half of the sentence, and it is likely to fail to achieve the desired effect. . Items A, B, and C are part of the description of the segment information. What can best summarize the meaning of the text is the item D, which is also in line with the central idea of the segment.
    30: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: In item B, the cowherd and the weaver explained the operation law of the cowherd and the weaver, and Pangu explained the cause of the natural phenomenon of heaven and earth.
    31: Answers Generally, candidates understand the characteristics of ancient Chinese simple materialism using "gold, wood, water, fire, and earth" to explain the origin of the world, but they are embodied in "earth and gold, wood, fire, and water" "Miscellaneous, hundreds of things", some candidates are difficult to understand, the easiest to judge as "pluralist viewpoint", and therefore choose A by mistake. In fact this is the view of naive materialism. So choose D.
    32: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: The first sentence of the text said that the implementation of a good system is weak, and the following two examples emphasize the importance of strong system implementation from the two examples of ecological regulations and ecological civilization, so the answer is B.
    33: Answer [Answer] C. Detailed explanation of the title: "Construction" has exactly the same meaning as "Construction" of C, and it is most appropriate to replace it. So, the correct option is C.
    34: Answer A
    35: Answer A [Analysis] This was pointed out by Hu Jintao during the 32nd collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in July 2006. Hu Jintao emphasized that scientific governance is a prerequisite for the successful administration of Marxist parties. Scientific governance is to adhere to the scientific theory of Marxism as the guide, constantly explore and follow the laws governing the Communist Party, the laws of socialist construction, and the laws of human social development. Socialism with Chinese characteristics.
    36: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the problem: first determine the order of (2) (3) (5), two "customers" took out a pistol from a leather bag, grabbed a large amount of cash, carried a huge amount of money into the taxi, and then the taxi hit the roadside tree , Exclude A, B. The "customer" should only enter after the bank is operating normally, so the answer is C.
    37: Answer [Answer] A. Detailed explanation of the question: Discrimination and analysis of the three empty examination idioms in this question. This question briefly describes the status of the "four winds" problem. It has the characteristics of long-term process formation, "repetitiveness" and "stubbornness", which shows that it is a "stale concept" that penetrates into the bone marrow. It has been going on for a long time, and the foundation is solid and unbreakable. "Ingrained" emphasizes a solid foundation; it is not easy to shake. "Intertwined" emphasizes the complexity of things. "Ingrained" is more appropriate, so exclude the B and C options. By the same token, it should be noted that the second space should also be filled with words that emphasize the existence, so it is more appropriate to "get used to it". Exclude the C option. The third space is used to modify the "entanglement of interests." Since it is entangled, it means that its interest relationship is complex and difficult to sort out. "Misunderstanding" emphasizes that it is not easy to see the truth. It is more correct to use "intricate" for "interest entanglement". Further verify that item A is correct. So the correct answer is A.
    38: Answer [Analysis] C. The two generalizations of B and D are biased; while A is too general, so C is chosen.
    39: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the problem: Option A is too absolute, and the article does not conclude that foreign brands entering orders that cannot bring the most advanced technology and the highest profit; neither the "national competitiveness" in C nor the "core technology" in D The point of view directly supported by the passage, the point of view directly supported by the passage is that we should avoid the negative impact caused by excessive introduction of foreign brands, so choose B.
    40: Answers and explanations: C Article 4 of the Criminal Procedure Law states: "National security agencies handle criminal cases that endanger national security and exercise the same functions and powers as public security agencies." Therefore, the crime of espionage shall be the responsibility of the state. Investigation by security agencies. AB items are excluded. Article 2 of the "Provisions of the Supreme People's Court and the Ministry of Public Security of the Supreme People's Procuratorate on Several Issues Relating to Bail pending Awaiting Trial" stipulates: "If a criminal suspect or defendant is awaiting Bail pending trial, the public security organ, national security organ, people's procuratorate, and people's court Decisions are made in accordance with the specific circumstances of the case. Public security organs, people's procuratorates, and people's courts decide to obtain bail pending trial, and are executed by public security organs. National security organs decide to obtain bail pending trial, and people's procuratorates and people's courts handle criminal cases transferred by national security organs If a decision is made to obtain a guarantee pending trial, it shall be implemented by the national security organ.
    41: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the topic: Blue and white porcelain belongs to porcelain, and the official kiln refers to the ancient tribute and belongs to antiques.
    42: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the question: This question belongs to the viewpoint and attitude type. It mainly examines the persuasion and persuasion in the inferred category. The corresponding solution of this question is to have a clear guide word from the third sentence of the paragraph. That is the point of view. That is, "without violating the discipline norms, different connections and combinations of historical facts ... will form the historical appearance of different people, events or processes." It is not difficult to understand their views: The first is to comply with the discipline norms, that is, to follow the true historical facts and historical data bases mentioned in the first sentence of the paragraph; the second is that different combinations can be formed to form different historical features, in other words, different versions. Therefore, it is in line with the original point of view. One item is item C. The three expressions of A, B, and D are inappropriate, and the premise of expression in the text is ignored, that is, "does not violate the discipline norms". Therefore, the historical description must be true, certain, and not fictional. Therefore, choose C for this question answer.
    43: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the problem: Look at the second space first, and match it with "Ye". The most appropriate is "Even" to exclude BD. Looking at the first space again, the analysis shows that although there is "because" in front, this clause and the following sentences together constitute a hypothetical relationship, not a causal relationship. Choose A.
    44: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the topic: A key element in the definition of soft science is "to search for optimal solutions and decisions from the whole." It is stated that soft science is for the purpose of decision-making and schemes. This is the case in management science in option D. Comprehensive use of various scientific theories and methods Prediction, planning, management, and evaluation of social issues are based on the scientific areas of Option ABC.
    45: Answer D. Detailed title: As long as you grasp the key information "two types of things", you can get the right options.
    46: Answer B
    47: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the problem: The first step: first determine the sequence of events with the most obvious logical relationship. This problem describes the event that the bookstore bought a book and found that there was a problem with the payment. Obviously "buying books at the bookstore" is the beginning of the whole event and should be at the top. Step 2: Compare the options one by one and determine the correct answer. Of the four options, B, C, and D satisfy this order. Looking at other incidents, only after "returning home and finding that I paid less for the book" will I "pay the book to the bookstore". Incident ③ should be ranked before Incident ⑤, and only item B meets. Substituting events to verify B logic is in line with common sense. So the correct answer is B.
    48: Answer B. Detailed problem explanation: <No>
    49: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the topic: The main purpose of the stem section is to reveal the limitations of the administrative adjustment method, that is, subjective will affect the application of the administrative adjustment method. The expression of item B is too superficial. It is not the purpose of the article. The item C is subjective and unfounded. The item D also stays on the surface of the paragraph and fails to reveal the purpose of the article. So choose A.
    50: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the topic: the first "for" reading, the second reading. So choose C.
    51: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: The first two sentences of the text stated that "the traditional animal husbandry model restricts the development of China's milk powder industry." The following article immediately puts forward the need to transform the current small-scale free-range farming model into an industrial pasture-style farming model, and this change faces various difficulties. Therefore, the paragraph is intended to show that the current transformation of the production model is difficult. The three items A, C, and D are not in line with the topic of the paragraph and are excluded. Therefore, the answer to this question is option B.
    52: Answer A. Detailed explanation of the topic: This toast emphasizes the importance of peace by introducing the origin of Diaoyutai and the historical role of Diaoyutai in the subsequent historical process. It contains profound meaning, and finally quotes an ancient poem, adding a few more words to this paragraph In terms of merits, item A accurately represents the artistic characteristics of this text. The confusing term is D. Note that the question asks "artistic characteristics of toast" and not others.
    53: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the question: This question examines the discrimination and contextual collocation of different emphases of near-meaning words. "Negotiations" means that the two parties have carefully discussed and studied and exchanged views. "Urgent" means to urge or remind with sincerity or urgency, and it is often used in formal manuscripts, so option C is the most suitable for the space. According to the material, the topic involves communication and trade between countries. It is a formal occasion. "Negotiation" cannot be used in formal occasions, so option B is wrong. Normal trade friction between countries cannot "require" each other, so option A is not. Right; nations are equal in status, so "please" cannot be used, and option D is incorrect. So the correct answer is C.
    54: Answer D. Detailed explanation of the problem: in item A, A has committed a crime, and B is an attempt, which does not constitute a joint crime; in item B, A is intentional, and B is negligent, does not have a common crime, and excludes B; in item C, the driver is crushed to death after colliding with two cars Pedestrians have no subjective fault, and the cause of the damage is an accident; item D and B have common intentions and have jointly committed criminal acts, so D is the correct answer.
    55: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the title: This is a summary topic. Mainly examine the application of the subject exclusion method. The passage discusses the defense of the "city wall" in history and how to withdraw from the historical stage, that is, the subject of the discussion is the "city wall". The subject of Option A is the "Mongolian Corps"; the subject of Option C is the "Firearm"; the subject of Option D is the "Mongolian Nomadic Corps". It can be seen that the three subjects of option ACD are inconsistent with the text, so they are quickly eliminated. Therefore, the answer to this question is B.
    56: Answer B. Detailed explanation of the topic: carp and catfish are fish, litchi and citrus are plants.
    57: Answer [Answer] A. Detailed description of the problem: spike skills: C, D are both out of nothing, B is too one-sided, so choose A. Analysis: As a whole, these sentences mainly talk about "appreciating the people around you" so that the relationship between the people around them and themselves will become harmonious. Item B is too one-sided. The sentence does not only emphasize the friendliness of others, but also includes harmony in all aspects. The two items C and D are out of nothing. The emphasis of the question is to treat others with appreciation rather than discovering beauty or "being in a good mood." So item A is appropriate.
    58: Answer C. Detailed problem explanation: <No>
    59: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the topic: The first sentence of the paragraph first proposed the thinking mode on which western modern scientific development relied, and then stated the differences between the traditional Chinese thinking mode and the West. In the end, it is precisely because of this difference that the conclusion of the sentence is concluded, that "the traditional Chinese way of thinking does not have the advantages of the western way of thinking since modern times, thus limiting the generation and development of modern science and technology in China." From this, we can see that the expression "item of thinking in China's scientific and technological backwardness" is the synonymous expression of the core point.
    60: Answer C. Detailed explanation of the question: This question examines the analytical reasoning in formal reasoning. The special information of this question is that B is ranked before Ding and Wu, indicating that it is impossible for B to be ranked on Thursday and Friday, and option D is excluded. When B is ranked on Wednesday, combined with other information, in fact, metformin The order is fixed, there are two possibilities: ① Tuesday A, Thursday D, Friday ② Friday D, Wednesday A, but repeated with Wednesday B, excluded; therefore there is only one ①: (Monday C), Tuesday A, Wednesday B On Thursday, Thursday and Friday, the order of the five people is fixed. Therefore, the answer to this question is option C.

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