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Public servants "common sense judgment" daily practice test (January 7, 2020-1113)

Reduce font 作者:公务员考试信息网 来源:zimauto24.com 发布时间:2020-01-07 21:51:00 Increase Font author: civil service exam Information Network Source: zimauto24.com Published: 2020-01-07 21:51:00
1: Which of the following is not a public health emergency? ()
Multiple choice
A. A large-scale food poisoning occurs when a factory worker eats in the cafeteria
B. Leakage of chemical raw materials in a chemical plant, causing large-scale poisoning of surrounding residents
C. A shoe factory has been using industrial raw materials such as toluene for a long time, causing many employees to suffer from muscular dystrophy
D. Bird flu in Guangdong and other places

2: "The golden pig goes, the jade rat arrives, and the New Year's Eve is sleepless; lift the golden bottle, and dance to Yuzhang, Ruixue is like dancing; family is heaven, people are like immortals, happy to go to the world; all relatives, friends, family members, Lunar New Year ! "This is a blessing message popular in the Spring Festival of 2008, in which" pig "and" rat "match the lunar calendar. This comes from ().
Multiple choice
A. Myths and legends in ancient China
B. Agricultural civilization in ancient China
C. Chinese primitive totem worship
D. Chinese primitive nature worship

3: The so-called punishment system refers to a sequence formed by the state through the provisions of criminal law, with the guiding principles that are conducive to the function of the punishment and the realization of the purpose of punishment. According to China's current Criminal Law, the following are the types of penalties in China: ().
Multiple choice
A. Surveillance
B. Forfeiture of property
C. Reeducation through labor
D. Fines

4: The direct reason that China proposed to take the path of economical development is ().
Multiple choice
A. There are many types of natural resources, with a large total amount and complete types.
B. High resource utilization and relative shortage of resources
C. Increased ecological damage characterized by reduced biodiversity
D. Large population, low utilization of resources, and increasing shortage

5: The following statements about China's strategic emerging industries are wrong ().
Multiple choice
A. The development of strategic emerging industries is an urgent need to build new international competitive advantages and master development initiatives.
B. The central link in cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries is to strengthen independent innovation capabilities
C. Strategic emerging industries include: next-generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end service industry, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles
D. By 2015, the value added of strategic emerging industries to GDP will reach about 8%

6: President Hu Jintao announced at the sixth summit of the Group of Twenty that China is willing to give zero-tariff treatment to 97% of tax products of some countries that have diplomatic relations with China within the framework of South-South cooperation. These countries refer to ().
Multiple choice
A. Transition economies
B. Single Economy Country
C. Emerging economies
D. Least developed countries

7: The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period is a crucial period for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way. It is a period of key challenges and strategic opportunities for deepening reform and opening up and accelerating the transformation of economic development. The following incorrect descriptions of the main goals of economic and social development in the next five years are ().
Multiple choice
A. The average annual GDP growth rate is 7%, the overall price level is basically stable, and the international balance of payments tends to be basically balanced.
B. Breakthroughs have been made in the development of strategic emerging industries, and the value added of the service industry in GDP has increased by 3 percentage points
C. The new rural social endowment insurance system has achieved full coverage, and the number of poor people has decreased significantly.
D. The breadth and depth of opening up have been continuously expanded, and a mutually beneficial and win-win opening-up pattern has been formed.

8: The theme of Expo 2010 Shanghai is "Better City, Better Life". Which World Expo has the theme established for the first time? ()
Multiple choice
A. IWC in London in 1851
B. Paris International Decorative Arts Fair held in Paris, France in 1925
C, Chicago World's Fair held in Chicago, USA in 1933
D. Japan World Expo held in Osaka, Japan in 1970

9: The following statement about phosphorus-containing laundry powder is incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. Phosphorus-containing laundry powder can soften water
B. Phosphorus-containing laundry detergent is one of the culprits causing "red tides" in lakes and other water bodies.
C. Phosphorus-containing laundry powder is easy to absorb water and agglomerate
D. Phosphorus-containing laundry powder has toxic and side effects on the human body

10: In the party's () opening speech, Deng Xiaoping first proposed the scientific proposition of "building socialism with Chinese characteristics", which marked the formal establishment of the idea of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.
Multiple choice
A. Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee
B. Twelfth National Congress
C. Thirteenth National Congress
D. Fourteenth National Congress

11: Exchange rate changes will affect a country ’s foreign economic activities. If a country ’s currency appreciates, the following table is incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. Not conducive to export trade
B. Conducive to outbound tourism for citizens
C. Will lead to hot money inflow
D. Conducive to eliminating trade deficit

12: Recently, a Weibo that "tap water contains contraceptives" stated that "scholars of estrogen interferents in drinking water found 23 water sources, the Yangtze River Delta has the highest." This argument has attracted people's attention. The following statements are incorrect:
Multiple choice
A. The source water contains a small amount of environmental estrogen, which does not cause much harm to the human body.
B. The "male virescence" of some fish in East Lake, Wuhan, China is the consequence of environmental estrogen pollution
C, estrogen in water can be removed by treatment such as ozone
D. Skincare products for women contain some estrogen interferents

13: When analyzing the origin of surnames, the ancients said: "The family name is in the country, then Qilu Qinwu ... The family name is in the word, then Mengsun is a grandson; the family name is in the residence, the east gate is the north gate." From this reason, Wu, Tao The last name should be derived from ().
Multiple choice
A. Title
B. Official name
C, 谥
D. Industry

14: The following statements of daily life are incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. The window glass of the air-conditioned car is designed to be double-layered to prevent heat transfer.
B. When the car is driving at night, the lights are generally not turned on. This is to prevent the passengers in the car from imaging on the windshield in front of the driver and interfere with the driver's correct judgment.
C. When the electric shock occurs, the hand “cannot draw” is because the magnetic field formed by the electric current attracts the electric shock place. So inseparable
D. There are often “H” and “B” marks on the pencil stem. The more “H”, the harder the pen core; the more B, the softer the pen core.

15: Scientific and technological innovation is closely related to people's livelihood issues. The following statement is incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. The emergence of steam locomotives and steam ships. Revolutionized the transportation industry
B. The use of refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners greatly reduces the heavy housework
C. The advent of the Internet marks the transition from the era of closed information to the era of mass communication.
D. "Nanyou 2" hybrid rice breeding. Helps to solve future world hunger

16: China strengthens regional development coordination. Persist in putting () on the overall strategic priority of regional development.
Multiple choice
A. Vigorously promote the rise of the central region
B. Revitalizing old industrial bases such as the Northeast
C. In-depth implementation of the western development strategy
D. Actively support the first development in the eastern region

17: The corresponding error of the following scientists and their scientific achievements is ().
Multiple choice
A. Planck-the quantum hypothesis
B. Wegener-Continental Drift Theory
C. Carrousel-the first artificial nuclear reaction
D. Morgan-the creation of genetic theory

18: The following statement about the "summer solstice" in the 24 solar terms in the northern hemisphere is wrong ().
Multiple choice
A. On June 21 or 22 of each year, the sun reaches 90. Is the "solstice" solar term
B. The "summer solstice" is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere
C. "summer solstice" means summer is coming
D. "Summer Solstice" is the midwinter of the southern hemisphere

19: The main point of the household registration reform is to relax restrictions on foreign population. City G faced a dilemma with regard to the reform of household registration: On the one hand, the city government understood the significance of attracting foreign populations to the urbanization process; on the other hand, it was concerned about the pressure of population explosion. Opinions of "open" and "conservative" were formed in the decision-making team. If the following items are true, they can only support the opinions of one of the above factions, except ().
Multiple choice
A. The household registration system with separated urban and rural hukou does not meet the needs of the current socialist market economy.
There are serious traffic jams and environmental pollution in B and G cities, and the reasonable capacity of their urban population is limited
C and G crime cases have increased in recent years, and the proportion of migrant workers from rural areas has increased
D. In recent years, most of the builders of many projects in city G are migrant workers from rural areas. The schooling of their children has become a problem facing the city's education department.

20: APEC has gradually formed its own unique mode of cooperation, namely the "APEC" mode. The content of this cooperation mode is (). ① Recognize diversity ② Emphasize consensus ③ Emphasize mutual benefit ④ Emphasize autonomy ⑤ Emphasize flexibility ⑥ Promote free trade single-choice questions
A 、 ①②③④⑤
B 、 ②③④⑤⑥
C 、 ①②④⑤
D 、 ①③④⑥

21: The scientific development concept must be run through the entire process of building a well-off society and socialist modernization. This is because the scientific development concept is our party ().
multiple choices
A. Deepening understanding of the general laws of economic and social development
B. Concentrated embodiment of the worldview methodology that guides development
C. The scientific development theory proved by practice
D. Guidelines for promoting economic development and all-round social progress

22: The scientific connotation of a harmonious socialist society is (), fairness and justice, good faith and love, full of vitality, stability and order, and a society in which people and nature live in harmony.
Multiple choice
A. Democracy and Legality
B. People's democracy
C. Sound legal system
D. Democracy and Rule of Law

23: Many animals have special habits. One of the following errors is ().
Multiple choice
A, the whale spouts is breathing
B. Fishes sleep with their eyes open? Exam_Exam_Big --- In_Line_Exam_Exam_Center
C. Turtles shed tears
D. Crane rests by standing on one foot

24: The following are abstract administrative actions that cannot be filed for reconsideration: ().
Multiple choice
A. "Notice on Raising the Ex-factory (Market) Price of Table Salt" of a department of the State Council
B. "Implementation Rules of Basic Social Insurance of Rural Social in XX City" of a Municipal Government
C. "Opinions on special rectification activities to increase the sex ratio of births" of a town government
D. Measures of the People's Congress of a Province on the Implementation of the Consumer Protection Law of the People's Republic of China

25: After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, the National Government organized an unprecedented large-scale industrial migration movement. The following statements are correct ().
multiple choices
A. Before the migration, Chinese industries were mainly concentrated in the coastal and northeast regions
B. The specific organization responsible for organizing factory migration is the National Government Resources Committee
C. Most industrial and commercial capitalists oppose migration
D. The government does not subsidize the relocated private factories

26: The recently issued "Administrative Regulations on the Catalogue of Models for the Selection of Official Vehicles for Party and Government Organs" stipulates the engine exhaust volume and price standards for purchases of official vehicles by party and government agencies. This indicates( ).
Multiple choice
A. For the first time, China has formulated a bus procurement system for party and government agencies.
B. The party and government agencies' bus procurement system has been further improved
C. The number and price of buses purchased by party and government agencies depend on the funding
D. Party and government agencies can only purchase domestic low-end cars

27: Although China's current cultural relics regulations lack specific provisions that directly address world cultural heritage, although the concept and connotation of world cultural heritage and China's cultural relics protection units cannot yet be simply linked. But the practice of Chinese heritage protection is fully proved. The basic spirit of the Cultural Relics Law and the party and state cultural relics work guidelines are fully applicable to the field of world cultural heritage. The characteristics of world cultural heritage are the same as those of cultural relics protection units at all levels. The problem discussed in this text is ().
Multiple choice
A. What are the main characteristics of China's current cultural relic regulations?
B. Chinese heritage protection practice and characteristics of world cultural heritage
C. How to treat the practice of Chinese heritage protection
D. Does the Chinese Cultural Relics Law apply to the field of world cultural heritage?

28: A salesman of a company recently received a long-term loan of 100,000 yuan from a customer. He thought that no one knew it, and instead of depositing it in the company account, he bought the stock directly. Struggling to persuade, Lee repented. Sell the stock the next day. Give the money back to the company. Li's behavior belongs to ().
Multiple choice
A. Crime suspension
B. Attempted crime
C. Accomplished crime
D. Does not constitute a crime

29: According to the provisions of China's current constitution, the following do not belong to the political rights and freedoms enjoyed by citizens: ().
Multiple choice
A. Right to vote and to be elected
B. Freedom of speech and publication
C. Freedom of the person and inviolability of personal dignity
D. Freedom of assembly, association, and demonstration

30: One of the following writers' dynasties (countries) works and their protagonists are incorrectly matched ().
Multiple choice
A. Zhang Ailing, a modern one, "Half Life" and Gu Manyu
B. Dumas, France, "Queen Margo", Louis XIII
C, Wu Jingzi, Qing Dynasty, "Fan Jin Zhongju", Fan Jin
D. Emily Bronte-UK-"Whistling Mountain"-Hickory

31: Zijuyi wrote when he ascended Lushan: "April in the world is full, and the peach blossoms of the mountain temple begin to bloom." The reason for the scene in the poem is ().
Multiple choice
A. Mountain soil is barren. Peach tree blooms later
B. Due to the high altitude and low temperature, the peach trees bloom late
C. There are many clouds in the mountains.
D. The mountain air is thin and anoxic, and the peach trees bloom later

32: The historical events reflected in the following verses are listed in chronological order: ① The North Division overwhelmed Weihaiwei , signed a treaty in Maguan ② Opium brought national difficulties, and sold them in front of Humen Beach. ③ An armed uprising took up three towns, Wuchang Hanyang And Hankou multiple choice questions
A 、 ①③②
B 、 ②③①
C 、 ①②③
D, ②①③

33: Regarding Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, the following statements are correct ().
Multiple choice
A. All monotheistic religions
B. Both originate from Asia
C. Christianity was born the earliest
D. Buddhism has the largest number of people

34: In order to improve the scientific level of social management, all parts of the country have actively introduced measures to strengthen and innovate social management. Among the following measures, those that do not belong to innovative social management are:
Multiple choice
A. Organize community volunteers to carry out neighborly mutual assistance activities
B. Improve the treatment level of front-line clinical staff
C. Provide government service information to the masses via Weibo
D. Set up awards to encourage citizens to complain about food safety issues

35: The two criminal police rented a taxi while chasing a suspect. The taxi was unfortunately blown up by the suspect, the driver was injured, and the suspect was shot dead by the police. Which of the following is the driver's correct remedy? () A. Interpol who requested to enter the taxi first to pay civil compensation B. The criminal suspect to be given civil compensation C. The public security bureau where the two criminal police officers are located D. The taxi company Single-choice questions on national compensation
A. Requesting the two criminal police for civil compensation
B. Ask the public security bureau where the two criminal police are located to give state compensation
C. Request the public security bureau where the two criminal police are located to give national compensation
D. I think I ’m out of luck, because the behavior of the two criminal police officers is not illegal.

36: The following statements about medical technology and its application principles are incorrect ().
Multiple choice
A. Optical fiber gastroscope is one of the medical applications of optical fiber
B, CT scanning is based on the principle of synthesizing flat images based on X-ray images of different angles
C, B ultrasound diagnosis uses the physical characteristics of ultrasound
D. ECG uses changes in bioelectricity

37: Famous cities in many countries are built along the river. The following combination is correct ().
Multiple choice
A. Egypt-Cairo-Niger
B. Hungary-Budapest-Elbe
C, Germany-Hamburg-Rhine
D. France-Paris-Seine

38: The following statements about PM2.5 are correct ().
multiple choices
A, PM2.5 can be called particulate matter
B, PM2.5 refers to particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less in the atmosphere
C, PM2.5 will seriously affect air quality
D, PM2.5 will disappear quickly when the weather is fine

39: On January 1, 2003, the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China officially entered into force. The so-called government procurement is essentially ().
Multiple choice
A. Government purchases of goods and services directly
B. The government purchases goods and services according to law
C. The government entrusts private enterprises to purchase goods and services for them
D. In the process of purchasing goods and services, the government introduces a competitive bidding mechanism

40: According to legend, the ancient Chinese poet Bai Juyi would read to an unknowing old lady every time she finished the poem. Bai Juyi's purpose for doing this is ().
Multiple choice
A. Check the rhythm of the work
B. Check if the content of the work is easy to understand
C. Check whether the theme of the work is in line with public interest
D. Promote your work among the general public

1: Answer C
Analyze Article 3, paragraph 1, of the Emergency Response Law: "Emergency events referred to in this law refer to natural disasters and accidents that occur suddenly, cause or may cause serious social hazards, and require emergency response measures to deal with them. Disasters, public health incidents, and social security incidents. "The incident in which many employees in item C suffered from muscular dystrophy was caused by the long-term use of industrial raw materials such as toluene. It is the result of long-term accumulation and is not sudden. selected.
2: Answer B
Analysis of the zodiac sign is a product of both the nomadic and farming cultures of the Chinese nation. Pigs are the main livestock in farming culture, and rats are the symbol of people's pursuit of wisdom. So choose B.
3: Answer B
Analyze Article 34 (1) of China's Criminal Law stipulates that "the types of additional punishment are as follows: (1) fines; (2) deprivation of political rights; (3) confiscation of property." Therefore, confiscation of property is one of the types of punishment in China. Item B is correct. Surveillance of residence refers to a type in which people's courts, people's procuratorates, and public security organs restrict criminal suspects and defendants from leaving their residences or designated residences within a specified period of time, and monitor their behaviors and limit their personal freedom. Criminal coercive measures. Item A is wrong. Reeducation through labor is not a criminal punishment, but an administrative measure of compulsory education and reform for minors who commit crimes in order to maintain social order, prevent and reduce crimes. Item C is wrong. A fine is one of the types of administrative punishment, and item D is not a type of penalty. Therefore, the answer to this question is B.
4: Answer D
Analysis of the huge population and low resource utilization are the main reasons that restrict China's sustainable development. So choose D.
5: Answer C
Analysis Based on the characteristics of strategic emerging industries, based on China's national conditions, science and technology, and industrial foundation, the current focus is on cultivating and developing energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, and new energy vehicles. industry. The high-end service industry is not among the seven major industries, so item C is wrong.
6: Answer D
At the sixth summit of the Group of Twenty, President Hu Jintao announced that in order to further help the development of the least developed countries, China is willing to give zero to 97% of the tax products of the least developed countries that have diplomatic relations with China within the framework of South-South cooperation. Tariff treatment. So choose D.
7: Answer B
The analysis of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" outlines that breakthroughs have been made in the development of strategic emerging industries, and that the added value of the service industry as a percentage of GDP has increased by 4 percentage points. Therefore, item B was elected, and items A, C, and D all belonged to the main goals of economic and social development in the next five years in the "12th Five-Year Plan".
8: Answer C
Analysis of the 1851 International Industry Fair is the world's first world exposition, held in Hyde Park, the capital of the United Kingdom. After nearly a century of interpretation of the World Expo, the United States hosted the World Expo in Chicago in 1933 with the theme "A Century of Progress." This is the first time a themed World Expo requires exhibitors to design and create their own exhibits around a common theme. Most of the exhibits at the conference are the achievements of a century of science and technology, which has made people see great progress in science and technology over a century and is greatly encouraged. Since then, each World Expo has identified a topic of great significance. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is C.
9: Answer C
Analysis of phosphorus-containing laundry powder has the effect of absorbing moisture and preventing the detergent powder from agglomerating, keeping synthetic detergent products always dry and granular. C is wrong and should be selected.

10: Answer B
Parsing slightly
11: Answer D
Analysis of currency appreciation will increase domestic production costs, which is unfavorable for exports. Item A is correct. The appreciation of the currency enables domestic currencies of the same amount to be exchanged for more foreign currencies and to purchase more foreign goods. Therefore, it is conducive to outbound tourism. Item B is correct. By the same token, the appreciation of the currency is good for imports and not good for exports, so it will promote the growth of the trade deficit, and the D term is wrong. Currency appreciation will increase speculative capital investment in the currency, so there will be hot money inflows, item C is correct.
12: Answer C
Analysis of a large number of environmental estrogens entering the human body, will cause human body's endocrine system disorder, dysfunction; the source of water containing environmental estrogen is normal. The presence in trace amounts is not harmful to the body. Most of the estrogen components in water can be removed by ozone treatment. But some are not easily degraded.
13: Answer D
According to the meaning of the analysis, Qi Lu, Qin Wu and Wu Qin used the country name as their surname, Meng Sun and Sun as their surnames, and Dongmen Beiguo as their surnames. It is easy to judge that witches and pottery originated from the divination industry and ceramics industry, Item is correct.
14: Answer C
Analyze that the "cannot draw" during an electric shock is due to the stimulation of the current, and the hand will go from spasm to paralysis, so it is inseparable. So item C is wrong.
15: Answer C
Analysis of the emergence of the Internet has made information exchange more convenient and fast, but it cannot be said that this was an era of closed information because there were traditional media such as radio, television, newspapers and periodicals.
16: Answer C
Analysis of the 2011 Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that it is necessary to coordinate the development and utilization of land and space, enhance the coordination of regional development, adhere to the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy as a priority for the overall regional development strategy, comprehensively revitalize the old industrial bases such as the Northeast, and vigorously promote The rise of the central region has actively supported the first development of the eastern region, and increased support for the old revolutionary regions, ethnic regions, border regions, and poverty-stricken areas.
17: Answer C
Analysis In 1900, German physicist Max Planck first proposed quantum theory (quantum hypothesis) in order to solve the black body radiation spectrum. A is correct. The continental drift theory is a tectonic hypothesis proposed by Wegener. B is correct. In 1919, Rutherford of Britain bombarded nitrogen with a particle of natural radioactive material, and realized artificial nuclear reaction for the first time. C error. Morgan and his students used fruit flies to do a lot of intensive research. In 1926, his great book, The Gene Theory, was published, which established the famous genetic doctrine. D is correct. Therefore, choose C for this question.
18: Answer C
Analysis of Lixia refers to the coming of summer. So choose C.
19: Answer D
Analysis In this question, A, B, and C only support the opinions of one faction. And item D concludes that in recent years, most of the builders of many projects in city G are migrant workers from rural areas. This determination supports "openness". Item D also concludes that the schooling of children of migrant workers has become a problem faced by the municipal education department, and this decision supports “conservative”. Therefore, item D is the correct answer.
20: Answer A
Analysis Jiang Zemin pointed out that the operation mode of APEC has its own basic characteristics, which is: fully respect the diversity of members, recognize the differences in development levels and stages between members and the different benefits and needs brought by them; emphasize flexibility Nature, gradualness and openness; follow the principles of equality, mutual benefit, consensus, seeking common ground while shelving differences, and being voluntary; implement unilateral and collective action.
21: Answers A, B, D
The analysis of the scientific concept of development is the inheritance and development of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, and the important thinking of the "Three Represents" on the development thinking; it is to accurately grasp the world's development trends, carefully summarize China's development experience, and analyze China's development stage It is put forward on the basis of sexual characteristics; it is a deepening of the understanding of the general laws of economic and social development, a concentrated reflection of Marxist world outlook and methodology on development; and it is a guideline for promoting China's economic development and comprehensive social progress.
22: Answer D
Parsing slightly.
23: Answer C
Analysis of animals that have been accompanied by seawater for a long time will have this seemingly "tearing" salt drainage phenomenon. Just like a turtle, its tears are actually draining salt. Studies have shown that behind the turtle's eye socket, there is a gland that drains salt, called a "salt gland". The salt glands can slowly excrete excess salt that enters the turtle's body through the edge of the eye, and it looks like the turtle is "tearing." So the answer is C.
24: Answer B
Analysis of Article 7 of the "Administrative Reconsideration Law" stipulates that applications for reconsideration cannot be made in administrative regulations, decisions and orders of the State Council, departmental regulations and local government regulations. Item B is a local government regulation, and is an abstract administrative act that cannot be filed for reconsideration.
25: Answers A and B
Analysis after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, in order to ensure that many companies do not fall into the enemy, in order to be able to produce more war supplies and support the Anti-Japanese War, with the support of many patriotic entrepreneurs, the National Government started an unprecedented industrial and commercial enterprise that will soon become an occupied area Great migration. At that time, most of the country's industries were distributed in the eastern coastal areas and the northeastern region. Shanghai concentrated more than one third of the country's industries. Industrial destruction along the coast will bring a devastating blow to China's industries. On July 21, 1937, a meeting was held in Nanjing to study the issue of industrial relocation. The Ministry of Resources convened various ministries to organize the relocation. The cost of relocating the factory was subsidized by the National Government. Therefore, the answer to this question is AB.
26: Answer B
Analyze the "Details of the Catalogue Management Model for the Selection of Official Vehicles for Party and Government Organs" to clearly define the engine exhaust volume and price standard of official vehicles, which shows that the party and government agencies' public bus procurement system is constantly improving, so B is selected.
27: Answer D
Analytical passages mainly discuss the relationship between Chinese cultural relics law and protection of world cultural heritage. The author's point of view is that "the basic spirit of the Cultural Relics Law and the party and state's guidelines for cultural relics work are completely applicable to the field of world cultural heritage."
28: Answer C
Analysis of completed crime is a basic form of crime, and there are disputes in academic circles about the standard of completed crime. Judicially, the principle of statutory crimes and penalties should be adhered to, and the "completion of essential elements of a crime" should be used as the criterion for determining the completion of a crime. In legislation, it should be based on the facts of the crime and the criminal policy to achieve the criminal policy with the purpose of "crime. Say "as the standard for establishing a completed form of crime. (This analysis is provided by Ambarella)
29: Answer C
The analysis of political rights, also known as the right to participate in politics, refers to the general term for all the rights and freedoms of citizens to participate in the political life of the country in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and laws. The political rights and freedoms of our citizens, including the right to vote and be elected, as well as the freedom to speak, publish, assemble, associate, march, and demonstrate. The freedom of the person and personal dignity are not violated. So choose c.
30: Answer B
Analyze "Queen Margo" depicting court battles during the Valois dynasty. Louis XIII was not yet born. So choose B.
31: Answer B
Analysis of the Tang Dynasty's poem "Dalin Temple Peach Blossom": "April in the world, the peach blossoms of the mountain temple begin to bloom. Chang hatred spring and found nowhere, I do not know where to go here." It vividly reflects that the temperature increases with altitude. And diminishing, vertical differences in mountain phenology. Generally, the temperature decreases by 0.6 ℃ for every 100 meters above sea level. The altitude of Lushan Dalin Temple is between 1100 and 1200 meters, which is about 6 ° C lower than that of "Human" (flat ground in Jiujiang City, with an average altitude of 32 meters). Therefore, the opening time of peach blossoms is 20-30 days behind. The phenology of the mountain is delayed by about a month compared to the phenology of the mountain. The answer is B.
32: Answer D
33: Answer B
Analytical Buddhism is the earliest and atheistic, so A and C are wrong; Christians have the most believers, so D is wrong. So choose B.
34: Answer B
The first analysis is to further strengthen and improve the social management structure, effectively strengthen the party's leadership, strengthen the government's social management functions, strengthen the social management and service responsibilities of various enterprises and institutions , and guide various social organizations to strengthen their own construction and enhance their ability to serve the society. Support people's organizations to participate in social management and public services, and give play to the basic role of mass participation in social management. Second, further strengthen and improve the party and government-led mechanism for protecting the rights and interests of the masses, and form a scientific and effective interest coordination mechanism, appeal expression mechanism, contradiction mediation mechanism, and rights protection mechanism; Properly handle contradictions among the people, resolutely correct unhealthy practices that damage the interests of the masses, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses. Third, further strengthen and improve the management and services of the floating population and special populations, establish a national population basic information database covering the entire population, establish and improve a real population dynamic management mechanism, and improve the management and service policies for special populations. Fourth, to further strengthen and improve the grass-roots social management and service system, invest more human, financial and material resources at the grass-roots level, and strive to consolidate grass-roots organizations, strengthen grass-roots strength, integrate grass-roots resources, strengthen basic work, and strengthen urban and rural community autonomy and service functions. , Improve the new community management and service system. Fifth, further strengthen and improve the public safety system, improve the food and drug safety supervision mechanism, establish and improve the safety production supervision system, improve the social security prevention and control system, and improve the emergency management system. Sixth, further strengthen and improve the management of non-public economic organizations and social organizations, clarify the social responsibility of non-public economic organizations in managing and serving employees, and promote the healthy and orderly development of social organizations. Seventh, further strengthen and improve the management of the information network, improve the management level of the virtual society, and improve the online public opinion guidance mechanism. Eighth, to further strengthen and improve ideological and moral construction, to persistently strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, to strengthen the construction of socialist core value systems, to strengthen the awareness of the legal system of the whole society, to carry out in-depth spiritual civilization creation activities, and to enhance social integrity.
35: Answer C
Analysis of the legal exercise of powers of the two criminal police, renting a taxi, bombing a taxi, and being injured by a driver are related to the behavior of the two criminal police. There is a certain causal relationship, so the state should bear a certain compensation responsibility. The C option is correct.
36: Answer B
Analytical fiber optic gastroscope is a hose composed of thousands of glass fibers. It has the ability to transmit light and conduct images. It has the advantages of softness, flexibility, and flexibility to bend. It can be inserted into the stomach through the esophagus. The optical fiber transmits the image in the stomach, the doctor can see the situation in the stomach, and then diagnose and treat according to the situation, so item A is correct. Computer tomography (CT scan) commonly used in medicine is based on the principle of synthesizing three-dimensional images based on X-ray images at different angles, so item B is wrong. The hearing range of the human ear is limited, and it can only sense the sound of 20-20000 Hz, and the sound above 20,000 Hz cannot be heard. This sound is called ultrasound. Like ordinary sound, ultrasound can propagate in a certain direction and can penetrate objects. If it encounters obstacles, it will generate echoes. Different obstacles will generate different echoes. People collect this echo through instruments. And displayed on the screen, you can use it to understand the internal structure of the object. This principle is medically used for B-ultrasound diagnosis, so the C term is correct. The electrocardiogram refers to the heart in each cardiac cycle, the pacing point, the atrium, the ventricle are excited in succession, accompanied by the changes in the electrocardiogram bioelectricity, through the electrocardiograph to draw out various forms of potential changes from the body surface (referred to as ECG), so item D is correct. Therefore, the answer to this question is B.
37: Answer D
Analysis of the Egyptian capital Cairo spans the Nile River, with its grandeur and spectacular style, it is the political, economic and commercial center of the entire Middle East. Hungary's capital, Budapest, has a population of approximately 2.11 million and a city area of 525 square kilometers. The Danube divides the city into two. The west bank of the river is called Buda and the east bank is called Pest. Hamburg is a large city and port in northern Germany, at the confluence of the Elbe, Alster and Biller rivers. The French capital, Paris, is the largest city on the European continent and one of the most prosperous cities in the world. It is located in northern France, on the west bank of the Seine River, 375 kilometers from the river 13 (English Channel). The Seine meanders through the city, forming two river islands (Ste and Saint Louis). The correct answer to this question is D.
38: Answers A, B, C
Analysis PM2.5 refers to particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less in the atmosphere, also known as particulate matter that can enter the lungs. PM2.5 contains a large amount of toxic and harmful substances, has a long residence time in the atmosphere, and has a long transportation distance, so it has a great impact on human health and the quality of the atmospheric environment. PM2.5 particles are extremely fine and highly diffusive, so they are greatly affected by weather. Generally, the concentration of PM2.5 is higher when the weather is fine, but lower when it is windy or rainy. Therefore, ABC is chosen for this question.
39: Answer D
Analysis of the government procurement system is a system that restrains government agencies and public institutions and uses market competition mechanisms to purchase goods, projects and services to achieve public functions. The purpose and function of the Government Procurement Law is to introduce market competition for the procurement of state agencies and public agencies by law. Market competition is the soul and inner spirit of the government procurement system.
40: Answer B
Analyze [Analyze] I read it to an illiterate old lady to check whether the content of the work is easy to understand, so choose B.

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