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Hainan Civil Servants Exam "Exam" Customs Clearance Simulation Test and Answer Analysis [2019]: 17

Reduce font 作者:公务员考试信息网 来源:zimauto24.com 发布时间:2020-01-07 21:58:00 Increase Font author: civil service exam Information Network Source: zimauto24.com Published: 2020-01-07 21:58:00
1: The tail of zhu (zhu) is a kind of prop often held by Weijin people when they talk. Until the Tang Dynasty, it was still popular among scholars and doctors. It was gradually lost after the Song Dynasty. People in modern times have never seen the real thing, and as the name implies, they think that the tail of the tail and the dust of the horsetail are a kind of thing; In fact, in the archeological and cultural relics circles, as early as the 1940s when Mr. Fu Yunzi published "The Archeological Record of Zhengcangyuan", the shape of the tail was already clear. However, the literature and cultural relics are sometimes out of touch. "The Cihai · Volume 2" published in 1979), the explanation of the "麈 尾" strip on page 4728 reads: "Wipe the dust. A kind of whisk that is often held by the Wei and Jin people when talking, using the hair of the tail. Into. "The most accurate summary of the main thrust of this text is ().
Multiple choice
A. Introduce the actual function of 麈 tail
B. Briefly describe the historical process of the evolution of Yuanwei from Wei and Jin to Song Dynasty
C. Explain the reason why modern times have a tail shape, but most people misunderstand or do not know
D. Analyze the impact of the disconnection between the literature world and the cultural relic world on people's cognition

2: The Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress will strengthen its supervision in accordance with the law __________, strictly and carefully __________ the power given by the party and the people, for the good and rapid development of the city's economy and society, and for the new Kaifeng work to build a rich, democratic, civilized and harmonious contribution. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal lines in turn is ().
Multiple choice
A. Perform exercise
B. Execution
C. Responsible for implementation
D. Implementation

3: .
Multiple choice
A. 5/16
B. 8/16
C. 6/32
D. 16/32

4: Students' intelligence __________ includes knowledge, __________ includes abilities, especially the ability to think independently and invent creativity. A student __________ has the knowledge, __________ does not have the habit of doing it himself and the spirit of innovation, __________ cannot be a useful talent to adapt to the requirements of the new era. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A, not only, but, as long as, even,
B, though, but also, if, but, then
C, both, and, if, but, also
D, on the one hand, on the one hand, as long as, but, on

5: \ "\"
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

6: "
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

7: Besunyen Changrun Tea is a health food made from green tea, Poria, etc. as the main raw materials. It is a new generation of health products, does not contain laxatives, can remove intestinal stool waste and various toxins, and is suitable for all types of constipation. Nourishing the kidney yin and kidney water, dispersing the internal fire and removing internal heat, and the intestines are more "moistening" the intestines. Which of the following, if true, would most question the authenticity of the above advertisement?
Multiple choice
A. It is reported that the raw material cost of each package of Besunyen is only worth 3 cents.
B. Long-term use of this product will cause dependence and even induce colon cancer
C. Besunyen has been questioned for advertising allegedly illegal and exaggerated
D. One of the main raw materials of Besunyen Changrun Tea is senna, which is a stimulant laxative.

8: Spinach is available all year round, but it is better in spring. Its roots are red and green, fresh and tender, especially delicious. Spinach pods listed in the spring are quite beneficial for detoxification and anti-dryness. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spinach is sweet and cool, and can nourish, stop bleeding, gather yin and moisturize. Spinach contains more dermal acid, which hinders the body's absorption of calcium and iron. Therefore, when eating spinach, it should be softened with boiling water and removed Fried again. If the following judgments are true, which one can best support the above argument? ()
Multiple choice
A. Oxalic acid is easily soluble in boiling water
B. Adding a little white wine when stir-fried spinach can reduce the astringent taste of oxalic acid and increase a sense of fragrance. Consumption of foods containing more oxalic acid will significantly increase the content of oxalic acid in urine, which may increase the risk of urinary stones
C. Spinach in spring is more delicious than spinach in winter
D. Please select

9: Eating preferences and meal patterns have taken shape in human childhood. The food choices and eating habits of childhood will have a significant impact on a person's life. The evidence gathered shows. In the short term, TV advertising will affect the preferences and "requirements" of food and beverages for children aged 2-11, and it will also have a significant impact on their consumption habits. The current composition of food and beverages and the bombardment of children's food ads on television pose great danger to children's long-term health. It can be seen from this text that the author's main point is ().
Multiple choice
A. Children should develop good eating habits
B. Food choices and eating habits in childhood can affect a lifetime
C. TV ads affect children's preferences and purchase "requirements"
D. TV ads for junk food affect children's health

10: This __________ Shanxi folk song expresses the love and divorce of men and women together with the bitterness of life. With a gentle voice, it unveiled a page of __________ in the history of immigration, full of the vicissitudes of the times. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Popularity
B. Great momentum
C. I am happy to hear that
D. I am glad to see the sea

11: Chalk: Blackboard: Powder Multiple Choice
A. Chopsticks: stirring: eggs
B. Apple: Juicing: Juice
C. Spring: Garden: Flowers
D. Coal: Stove: Coal Ash

12 :.
Multiple choice
A. 11, 7
B. 13, 5
C. 17, 9
D. 21, 3

13: As shown on the right, a rectangular site should be divided into 4 rectangular areas for zoning activities. The measurements show that the areas of areas A, B, C, and D are 15, 27, and 36 square meters, respectively. The total area of this rectangular site is () square meters.
Multiple choice
A. 84
B. 92
C. 98
D. 100

14: .
Multiple choice
A. 18/11
B. 21/11
C. 23/11
D. 36/23

15: A famous entrepreneur summed up the "ice cream philosophy" from unremitting hard work experience, that is, selling ice cream must start in winter, because fewer customers in winter will force you to reduce costs and improve services. If you can survive in winter, Never again be afraid of summer competition. According to this text, the "ice cream philosophy" mainly emphasizes ().
Multiple choice
A. Adversity is very important to cultivate the competitiveness of enterprises
B. Choose a good time and the business is half successful
C. Enterprises will inevitably encounter many difficulties during the startup stage
D. Enterprises should focus on reducing costs and improving service quality

16: .
Multiple choice
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

17: Dan Lip first laughed: Wang Xifeng single choice question
A 、 Being smart and lofty: Jia Tanchun
B. Two bends look like a stubborn eyebrow: Lin Daiyu
C. The flower hits people and the day is warm: the flower hits people
D. The city is quite deep and can catch people's hearts: Xue Baozhen

18: In the celebration meeting for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the following are not the requests made by Chairman Hu ().
Multiple choice
A. Strengthen the construction of anti-corruption system and provide excellent human resources for scientific development
B. Deepen reform and opening up, and strive to provide institutional guarantee and source of power for promoting scientific development
C. Accelerate the transformation of economic development methods, and strive to explore new ways for promoting scientific development
D. Strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and strive to provide good cultural conditions for promoting scientific development

19: The "Cultivated Land Occupation Tax Regulations" issued by the State Council stipulates: "The implementation methods of these Regulations shall be formulated by the people ’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations in accordance with the actual conditions of the region and reported to the Ministry of Finance for record. Therefore, the behavior of the provincial people's governments in formulating implementation measures belongs to ().
Multiple choice
A. Special authorization legislation
B. Central administrative legislation
C. Supplementary legislation
D. General authorization legislation

20: Examination reliability refers to the objectivity of the examination, and refers to the extent to which an examination reflects the true level of the candidate. According to the above definition, the one that has little effect on test reliability is ().
Multiple choice
A. Teacher Zhang gave 50 points for the same composition, but Teacher Zhao gave only 30 points.
B. Many girls did not answer this question about football games correctly
C. The weather on the day of the exam was particularly sultry, and many students' performance was affected.
D. Before the college entrance examination , the math teacher won two big questions. The students were very happy after the entrance examination.

twenty one: .
Multiple choice
A. 17/33
B. 15/33
C. 17/53
D. 1

22: Subjective and objective factors are often intertwined in academic evaluation. Because academic evaluation is often affected by the subject's academic views, emotional orientation, and values, people tend to rely on quantitative data for evaluation. In fact, the evaluation significance contained in this kind of data is reflected by clickers, downloaders, and referees. Over-reliance on such data is to regard the producer of quantitative data as the evaluation subject. This text is intended to illustrate ().
Multiple choice
A. The evaluation system based on quantitative indicators is controversial
B. Don't rely too much on quantitative data in academic evaluation
C. Correct academic evaluation requires a long historical process
D. Academic evaluation that can stand the test of practice is reliable

23: Definition: ① Self-awareness: refers to a person's understanding and evaluation of himself, including his own mental tendency, personality characteristics and psychological processes. ② Original consciousness: refers to the basic perception suitable for the survival of individual human beings evolved from animals (especially apes groups). ③ Explicit consciousness: refers to the perceived result of an individual being educated in a human group (society). Typical examples: (1) Respecting the old and loving the young is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. (2) Intelligent robots can have basic light, heat and electromagnetic sensations. (3) Students consider themselves excellent. The number of typical examples and definitions that have a corresponding relationship is ().
Multiple choice
A, 0
B, 1
C, 2
D, 3

24: When we talk about "officials", they are generally generalized, and they are all called "officials". In fact, since ancient times, "officials" and "libraries" have been two separate issues between the two mountains. As far as its source is concerned, officials refer to court officials, who need to be obtained through imperial examinations, military merits, or hereditary, but officials are hired by officials, also known as staff members. For the modern international community, officials should be those who need election Officials are civil servants . The source of the official is very clear: the government appointment through the imperial examination-the so-called "court life officer" is also. But the source of the officials is very complicated: Many people who do not have the ability to imperial examinations begin to come from the curtain and form a fixed group. The most famous is the master of Shaoxing , and the master is a senior staff member, and the military staff is low. This text is intended to illustrate ().
Multiple choice
A. The "manager" used today is a misreading of the ancient "manager" and "manager"
B. In ancient times, "guan" and "li" were two completely different concepts.
C. Significant gaps in positions between "officials" and "officials"
D. Correspondence between ancient "officials" and "clerics" and modern posts

25: 5, 6, 9, 18, 45, ()
Multiple choice
A. 96
B. 106
C. 116
D. 126

26: TCM talents are not connected, and it is closely related to the depression of the hospital. At present, most Chinese hospitals in China are struggling to survive. Due to the low charges of traditional Chinese medicine, which cannot reflect the technical content of traditional Chinese medicine, a large number of Chinese hospitals have to abandon the "Chinese" surname "West", and the diagnosis and treatment are almost the same as those of Western hospitals. Under such a system, many Chinese medicine practitioners have worked hard throughout their lives, but they are surrounded by different disciplines: Western medicine has not only a high social status, but also a considerable income. Facing such a contrast. The younger generation is naturally reluctant to stick to Chinese medicine. The right thing to understand about this text is ().
Multiple choice
A. The lack of talents in Chinese medicine is related to the downturn in Chinese medicine hospitals.
B. In order to survive, Chinese hospitals in China have to abandon the Chinese name "West"
C. Young people look at money
D. Low price means low technical content

27: -30, -4, (), 24, 122, 340
Multiple choice
A. -1
B. -2
C. 6
D. 13

28: The domain controller stores three information of the account, password, and computers belonging to the domain. When a computer connects to the network, the domain controller first needs to identify whether the computer belongs to the domain, whether the login account used by the user exists, and whether the password is correct. Allow login if all three items are correct: If one of the above items is incorrect, the domain controller will refuse this user to log in from this computer. Xiao Zhang's login account is correct, but the domain controller refuses Xiao Zhang's computer login. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn based on the above statement?
Multiple choice
A. The password entered by Xiao Zhang is wrong
B. Xiao Zhang's computer does not belong to this domain
C. If Xiao Zhang's computer belongs to this domain, then the password he entered is wrong
D. Only Xiao Zhang's password is correct, its computer belongs to this domain

29: 3, 5, 8, 11, 16, 19, ()
Multiple choice
A. 20
B. 22
C. 24
D. 26

30: The following statements about scientific common sense are correct ().
Multiple choice
A. "Titanium" is called "space metal" because of its high temperature resistance and lighter weight than aluminum.
B. Lightning is the Yin electricity at the bottom of the storm cloud and its positive charge on the ground is connected by a conductor to produce a bright and dazzling flash.
C. Carbon fiber is an inorganic polymer fiber with a carbon content higher than 99%
D. HIV targets red blood cells in the body

31: In the sprint finals, the top three A, B, and C are the players of the A, B, and C teams. Known: ① The results of team A are better than those of team B. ② The results of team C are worse than B. ③ The results of team C are better than C. According to the above conditions, the following options must be true ().
Multiple choice
A, A, B, and C are players of Team C, Team B, and Team A in turn
Teams B and C are champions, team A is second and team B is third
C, A, B, and C are players of Team C, Team A, and Team B in that order
Players D and A are champions, team B are runners-up and team C are runners-up

32: () For Tieguanyin is equivalent to () For news webcast single choice question
A, coffee, newspaper
B. Tea and TV
C, tea, news
D. Temples, TV

33: Select the most suitable one from the four items to make it appear regular. () \ "\"
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

34: From a sociological perspective, one of the results of repeated games may be that the two sides of the game change from strangers to acquaintances, or even ________, and develop other social relationships beyond the current economic interaction. If the current economic interaction is only one of the many social interactions that take place between the two parties, other social interactions may ________ the parties' strategic choices in the current game.
Multiple choice
A. Partners accelerate
B, partner manipulation
C. Friends influence
D. Peer change

35: Swimming is a sport performed by the human body in a completely strange environment. The habitual motor skills such as walking, running, jumping, and throwing formed by people in daily life on land cannot be directly used in the water due to changes in activities, posture, breathing, power and other factors. Therefore, anyone who is new to swimming does not learn a certain action first, but starts from the familiarity with water to understand the buoyancy, pressure, and resistance of water in person and experience the feeling of water sports skills. Eliminating the fear of water is the key to learning to swim. The following option is inconsistent: ().
Multiple choice
A. Swimming is a sport performed by the human body in a completely strange environment.
B. People's motor skills on land can be directly applied in water
C. Beginners of swimming start with familiarity with water
D. Eliminating the fear of water is the key to learning to swim

36: -2, -2, 0, 4, 10, ()
Multiple choice
A. 18
B. 16
C. 15
D. 12

37: The reason why the West does not believe in Chinese official media reports is because they believe that it is communist political propaganda and has a political purpose. Therefore, if they want to actively approach China and Chinese culture, they should consider from the perspectives of humane care, environment and people's livelihood as much as possible. They should not use preaching language, but be full of humanity and interest. Formally, as far as possible, use non-political means, using folk or commercial forms. Support non-governmental organizations to create media that promotes Chinese civilization to the outside world, and domestic media groups can also create overseas corporate-type media, using their advantages in domestic resources, and strive to occupy a favorable position in overseas promotion. The main point of the above text is ().
Multiple choice
A. Cultural differences cause misunderstandings between different cultures
B. Chinese media need to fully reflect the essence of Chinese culture
C. Cross-cultural communication needs to break national boundaries
D. Minimize the political color of foreign cultural propaganda

38:10, 12, 15, 20, 30, ()
Multiple choice
A. 35
B. 45
C. 60
D. 76

39: The TV station surveyed 100 people about watching TV yesterday. 73 people watched Channel 2, 25 people watched Channel 8, and 23 people watched both channels. Ask how many people have n’t seen both channels ()
Multiple choice
A. 22
B. 23
C. 24
D. 25

Multiple choice

41: Gap for () is equivalent to () for silent multiple choice questions
A. Indifferent and empty
B. Guess loneliness
C. Barrier loneliness
D. Communication Class

42: Combine the following serialized sentences into a semantically coherent paragraph and fill in the horizontal lines. The most appropriate group is (). What kind of beauty does Olympia's ruins belong to? ①As a result, the fragmented wall of the ruins can be easily obtained through imagination. ②Perhaps the ruins and the ruins are beautiful in themselves. This beauty is related to the left-right symmetry of the entire building structure. When we infer that what it has lost, it is not based on real sense. It is based on this imagination. ④ We are moved to see the incomplete beauty. ⑤ The joy of this imagination is not the so-called fantasy poetry, but the intoxicated single choice question of perception.
A 、 ②①③④⑤
B 、 ②①③⑤④
C 、 ①②③⑤④ ┠Examination ^ o ^ Online ^ * ^ Examination Center┨
D 、 ④①②③⑤

43: During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, we must persist in solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers as the top priority of the Party's work, coordinate urban and rural development, adhere to the policy, increase the strength of agriculture and benefit agriculture, and consolidate the foundation for agricultural and rural development.
Multiple choice
A. Rural land contracting operations remain unchanged
B. Industry nurturing agriculture, cities supporting rural areas, and giving more to live
C. Urbanization
D. Consolidate the basic position of agriculture, adjust the industrial structure and accelerate infrastructure construction

44: The only asset of an intermediary is credibility. If the intermediary does not speak of credibility, they cannot provide real information. In order to make the intermediary institutions credible, the intermediary cannot become a statutory monopoly organization, nor should it be a subsidiary of the government. At present, the more authoritative third-party certification bodies in the world, such as Moody's Standard & Poor's (S & P) and Fitch, are private in nature and do not belong to the government. The reason is that the authenticity and effectiveness of information disclosure by third-party certification bodies It's far better than the government. This text tells us ().
Multiple choice
A. Credit issues in the information industry have become increasingly prominent and have become an important topic for people.
B. The authenticity and validity of information represent a new value orientation in the information field
C. Intermediaries must grasp the "credibility" magic weapon if they want to win a place in the competition.
D. In order to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, intermediaries should stay away from monopoly and government intervention

45: At present, China uses the triangle symbol as a plastic recycling symbol, which is generally marked on the bottom of plastic bottles. The number inside the triangle mark indicates whether the plastic bottle can be recycled. When the number is greater than or equal to (), the plastic bottle can be recycled.
Multiple choice
A, 5
B, 4
C, 3
D, 2

46: .
Multiple choice
A. 120 yuan, 200 yuan
B. 150 yuan, 170 yuan
C. 180 yuan, 140 yuan
D. 210 yuan, 110 yuan

47: Humans, like other creatures, are the result of evolution in nature. Other creatures enjoy the same _______ as humans when they enjoy the resources given by nature. At the end of the book "The Origin of Species", Darwin wrote a _______ utterance: The earth orbits the sun according to the law of gravity, and from such a simple origin, has evolved countless most beautiful and mysterious things. This view of life is solemn, noble, and magnificent.
Multiple choice
A. Benefits explained in simple terms
B. Mysterious status
C. Provoking rights
D. Intriguing advantages

48: The cost of a certain commodity in the mall has increased by 20%, the selling price has only increased by 10%, and the gross profit margin (profit / purchase price) has decreased by 10% compared to the previous one. What was the original gross profit margin?
Multiple choice
A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 30%
D. 40%

49: About "Lewis Turning Point" and "Demographic Dividend". The following statement is wrong:
Multiple choice
A. The "Lewis Turning Point" in economics refers to the turning point of the surplus of labor to the shortage of society in the process of industrialization
B. If the population of school-age children in a country rises. It can be said that the country has a "demographic dividend"
C. Generally speaking. A society at the "Lewis turning point" should pay attention to reducing the size of its labor-intensive industries
D. Countries with “demographic dividends”. The economy of the entire country is showing high savings , high investment, and high growth.

50: Some people now think that oiling poems are easy to write, so I opened my mouth with no twists, no burdens, straightforward water, __________, but at best it was just smooth talk, and it must not be called "oiling poems". The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

51: Administrative Avoidance: Refers to the civil servants of administrative agencies who have an interest in the legal affairs they deal with in the course of exercising their powers. In order to ensure the fairness of the results of the entity's processing and the progress of the procedures, the execution of their duties is terminated in accordance with the law and is represented by others. A procedural legal system. According to the above definition, which of the following situations violates the rule of administrative avoidance?
Multiple choice
A. The husband is the direct executive leader of the wife
B. Teachers promote their students
C. Police officers working abroad go home to handle cases
D. The judge tries his friend's son

52: Please choose the most suitable one from the four options given to fill in the question mark, so that it shows a certain regularity:
Multiple choice
A. Please select
B. Please select
C. Please select
D. Please select

53: .
Multiple choice

54: The space station is a manned spacecraft that operates in low-Earth orbit for a long time and can be visited by many astronauts, working and living for a long time. The following statements about the space station are incorrect:
Multiple choice
A. The "Salute" is the world's first space station. It was launched into the sky by the former Soviet Union in April 1971.
B. The world's largest aerospace project-"City in Space", built in 1998, with the joint participation of 16 countries
C. China is the second country in the world to fully master space rendezvous and docking technology
D. China will be built on a large scale around 2020. National Space Lab with long involvement

55: The area of a rhombus land is For square kilometers, the minimum angle of a rhombus is 60 degrees. If you want to expand this rhombus land into a square land, what is the minimum length of a square land? ()
Multiple choice
A. 6
B. 5

56: Hangzhou bravely embraced the "beautiful mother" of the girl who fell from the building, which aroused admiration and moved by countless people. This admiration and affection is actually a kind of __________ that contemporary people care about and respect for each other. It is a kind of beauty and nobility of truth, kindness, beauty, and humanity. It is a kind of better and more humanity to society. The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line is ().
Multiple choice
A. Eager to pursue
B. Pursue desire
C. Hope to pursue desire
D. Hope to pursue

57: Things are grouped together, and people are grouped. What kind of friends heralds what kind of future. If you mingle with a depressed person, you will not be able to make progress. If you are often accompanied by people who are boastful, you will not be practical. If you often associate with people with the word "money", you will be reduced to those who are profit-seeking. If your friend is a positive person, you may become a positive person. If you want to live better, your friends must be better than you, because only they can provide you with successful experiences. The above paragraph tells us ().
Multiple choice
A. Friends decide one's future
B. Be cautious and make serious friends.
C. In interpersonal communication, be good at brightening eyes and making rational judgments
D. Things are grouped together, people are grouped

58: Paint: Oil Painting Multiple Choice Question
A. Fishing lures: fishing
B. Shoelaces: leather shoes
C. Ink: writing brush
D. Clay: Ceramic

59: If the loss of literati in the late Qing Dynasty caused them to advocate innovation and pursue "modern", then the struggle in the "traditional" ideology of Chinese literati has always been suppressed and released. Obviously, no matter how to inherit or transform Chinese music education, we must find support in traditional culture; they also realize that only by relying on "tradition" can their own "modernity" be orthodox and affirmed by China's inherent values. Their acceptance of the "modern" from the West is psychologically contradictory. When they suddenly find themselves in a crisis of identity, it seems that the "traditional" texture of the self is the most direct and effective means. This text is intended to illustrate ().
Multiple choice
A. "Tradition" plays an original role in "modern" development
B. Chinese literati's attitude towards "traditional" is contradictory. They both want to fight and have to inherit.
C. Reform and development are inseparable from "tradition"
D. Chinese literati's acceptance of Western civilization is contradictory

60: In 2010, the proportion of financial appropriations in expenditures for business services and other affairs was higher () percentage points than in this case of housing security expenditures.
Multiple choice
A, 6
B, 10
C, 15
D, 18

1: Answer C
Analyzed the text in the introduction, then pointed out the modern misunderstanding or ignorance of the tail, and then used the two transitional words "actually" and "but" to point out that the modern archeology and cultural relics have shaped the tail Of course, but the misunderstanding caused by the disconnection between the literature world and the cultural relic world. According to the key points after the transition, it can be seen that the paragraph focuses on explaining the reason, and item C is correct. The correct answer to this question is C.
2: Answer A
Analysis of "fulfilling duties and exercising power" is a common form of collocation in written style. "Taking responsibility" is usually paired with responsibilities, duties, etc. "Execute" is usually paired with tasks, commands, and so on. So choose A.
3: Answer A
Parse A.
4: Answer C
The analysis of this question examines the distinction and application of juxtaposition, progression, and transition. Combining context and semantics, "knowledge" and "knife" in the title are juxtaposed, so "both ..." is used; according to the meaning of the sentence, the transition should be shown later, so the third use "but". This shows that the correct answer to this question is C.
5: Answer D
Analyze the pattern rule given in this question: add the first figure to the second figure, and clear the line segments in the intersection to get the third figure. Only the D item meets the requirements. So choose D.
6: Answer C
Each graph in each group contains the same constituent elements. The number of shaded figures in the first group of figures is 1, 2, 3; the number of shaded figures in the second group of figures is 3, 2, (1).
7: Answer D
The analytical question is that the Besunyen Changrun Tea does not contain laxatives, which can remove intestinal stool waste and various toxins. The cost of item A has nothing to do with the authenticity of the advertisement; item 8 said that it was a side effect, and the topic was not involved; item C was only questioned, and the degree of weakening was limited: item D directly stated that its advertisement "laxative-free" was false. Can question the authenticity of advertising. So the answer is D.
8: Answer A
To support the argument in the analysis, it is necessary to prove that boiling with boiling water can avoid the damage of oxalic acid after being removed and fried. Obviously item A is a necessary condition for the argument to be established.
9: Answer D
The main sentence for analyzing this text is the last sentence, "The current composition of food and beverages and advertisements for children's food on TV are a great danger to children's long-term health." The pavement of this view. The correct answer is D.
10: Answer A
Analyze "I like to hear, refer to like to listen, willing to watch. It is mostly used as a predicate. And the first blank needs to fill in an attributive that modifies" Shanxi folk songs ". Therefore, the first blank to fill in" Xiangwenjian "is not grammatical, excluding C, D." "The metaphor is majestic or huge." Majestic "describes grand and magnificent. Majestic and magnificent looks are mostly used to describe the scenery. Therefore, the second space to modify" History of Immigration "should be filled with" Brilliant. "The correct answer is A.
11: Answer D
Analytical chalk is written on the blackboard to become powder, and coal is burned in a stove to become coal ash (this analysis is provided by Wang Xueqin)
12: Answer B
Parse B. This is a 16-grid question. The horizontal and vertical sums are 148. Therefore, the answer to this question is option B.
13: Answer C
Parse C. A: B = D: C. The area of D is 20, so the total area can be obtained. Note that 98 is quickly obtained by using the mantissa method.
14: Answer A
15: Answer A
Analyze the "ice cream philosophy" and emphasize that the sale of ice cream must begin in winter, because winter is a difficult and adversity period for selling ice cream. If you can survive in adversity, you will not be afraid of summer competition. It can be seen that it mainly emphasizes adversity on the cultivation of corporate competition. The importance of force. So choose A.
16: Answer C
Parse C. Substituting x = 1 into the original equation, we get a = 5.
17: Answer B
Analytical questions are the description of Wang Xifeng's appearance in Dream of the Red Mansion, and item B is the description of Lin Daiyu's appearance. Item A is about the verdict of Tanchun; item C is the source of the name Huarenren; item D is a generalization of Xue Baozhen's personality characteristics.
18: Answer A
Analysis of Hu Jintao's five requirements for special economic zones in his speech: continue to accelerate the transformation of economic development methods, strive to explore new paths for scientific development: continue to deepen reform and opening up, and strive to provide institutional guarantees and sources of power for scientific development; continue to strengthen socialism Construction of spiritual civilization, and strive to provide good cultural conditions for promoting scientific development; continue to promote social harmony, and strive to create a good social environment for scientific development: continue to promote party building, and strive to provide strong guarantees for scientific development and social harmony. Therefore, the answer to this question is A.
19: Answer C
Analysis of special authorization legislation refers to the act of formulating normative legal documents based on the authorization of specific laws and regulations or the entrustment of a special resolution passed by a state authority or a higher-level state administrative agency. Central administrative legislation refers to the activities of the central administrative organ, that is, the State Council and its departments, to formulate administrative regulations and departmental rules. Supplementary administrative legislation refers to the activity of formulating normative documents to supplement the content of laws and regulations that have been issued. The activities of state administrative organs in formulating administrative regulations and administrative rules directly in accordance with the functions and powers stipulated in the Constitution and relevant organizational laws are generally authorized legislation.
20: Answer B
Analysis According to the definition of test reliability in the question, the factors that belong to the teacher in item A will affect the candidate's level; the sultry weather in item C will also affect the true level of the candidate; The subject of the B football game objectively reflects the true level of girls, so it does not affect the reliability of the test.
21: Answer A
22: Answer B
This question is an intentional judgment question. The whole paragraph is mainly about academic evaluation interweaving various complex factors. The implication is that academic evaluation should not rely too much on quantitative data. Therefore, the answer to this question is option B.
23: Answer C
According to the definition of the problem, (1) respect for the elderly and child-friendly meet the definition of explicit consciousness; (2) robots do not belong to any kind of consciousness; (3) are students' recognition and evaluation of themselves, which meets the definition of self-consciousness. So the answer is C.
24: Answer B
After the analysis of the keyword "actually," the key sentence is followed, and after that, it is stated in detail that "'guan' and 'li' are two things that divide the two mountains against each other". Therefore, the answer to this question is B.
25: Answer D
26: Answer A
The analysis of item B is partial and comprehensive. The original text related to item B is "a large number of Chinese hospitals", and the option is "Chinese hospitals in China", which has expanded the scope. Excluded; C, D two out of nothing. Therefore, the correct answer to this question is A.
27: Answer B
28: Answer C
Analyze and examine the reasoning rules of polyphonic propositions. It can be known from the question that login is allowed if and only if all three items of information are correct. That is, the account is correct, the password is correct, and the computer belongs to this domain is a necessary and sufficient condition to allow login. Xiao Zhang's computer was refused to log in, negating the latter would negate the former, that is, at least one of the information was wrong. Because Xiao Zhang's login account is correct, it can be concluded that Xiao Zhang's password is wrong or the computer does not belong to this domain. Therefore, if Xiao Zhang's computer belongs to this domain, then the password he entered is wrong and item C is correct.
29: Answer C
Parse C. Prime number correction series. 2 + 1,3 + 2,5 + 3,7 + 4,11 + 5,13 + 6,17 + 7 choose C.
30: Answer B
Analysis of titanium is heavier than aluminum, and item A is wrong; carbon fiber is an inorganic polymer fiber with a carbon content greater than 90%, and item c is wrong; HIV targets lymphocytes in the human body and item D is wrong. So choose B.
31: Answer C
Analytical analysis: Analyze reasoning topics. Using the ranking method, ① can be transformed into: A> B; ②③ can be transformed into: C <C <B, C <B can be introduced; therefore, B is a player of team A, and C is a player of team B; and it follows that A is C Team players and B <C <A. Comparing options, item C is correct. So the answer is C.
32: Answer C
Analysis of species relationship, Tieguanyin belongs to a kind of tea, and news simulcast belongs to news programs
33: Answer A
Analyze and examine element directivity. In the problem graph, each graph points to the right, up, left, and down, and points to rotate counterclockwise. Therefore, the graph to be selected should point to the right, so choose A.
34: Answer C
Analysis of the word "even" in front of the second blank can determine that a word deeper than "acquaintance" should be filled here. The "partner" and "colleague" in the two B and D are not suitable, so it is excluded first. Secondly, the item “Acceleration” in item A is not suitable, and it can only be an option of “influence”. Therefore, choose C for this question.
35: Answer B
The analysis of this question is a detailed question, the solution is to return to the original one by one to find the corresponding relationship. According to the original text, "habitual sports skills such as walking, running, jumping, and throwing formed by people on their daily life on land cannot be directly used in water due to changes in activities, posture, breathing, power, etc." , Item B says that "people's motor skills on land can be used directly in water" is confusing right and wrong.
36: Answer A
37: Answer D
Analyze this is a subject matter. The first sentence of the paragraph introduces the reason that the West does not believe in Chinese official media reports because it is thought to be mixed with political purposes. The next step is to elaborate solutions. In the final analysis, the solution is to reduce the political color in foreign cultural propaganda. Only by correcting this misconception in the West can China have a favorable position in overseas propaganda. So choose D.
38: Answer C
39: Answer D
Parse D. According to the question, (73-23) +23+ (25-23) + x = 100, then x = 25.
40: Answer A
Parse A.
41: Answer C
An analytical barrier exists between people and is a subjective cognition; a barrier exists in an objective environment. Similarly, loneliness is a word that describes a person's feelings; silence is a word that describes an objective environment. The correct answer to this question is C (this analysis is provided by Wang Xueqin)
42: Answer B
Analysis from the content of the sentence, ①, ③, ⑤ sentences should be connected together, because the three sentences are talking about "imagination". Then, in these three sentences, "this imagination" and "this imagination" appear in ③ and ⑤, respectively. From this, we can see that "imagination" has appeared before ③ and ⑤, so ① is the first of the three Sentences, and ④sentences are more suitable as summary sentences. ① The sentence mentioned "the composition of the missing part of the remnant wall" is obviously following the ② sentence, so ② is the first sentence. Therefore, the answer to this question is B.
43: Answer B
Analysis of the simultaneous advancement of agricultural modernization during the in-depth development of industrialization and urbanization is a major task during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period. We must persist in solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers as the top priority of the party's work and make overall plans for urban and rural areas Development, adhere to the policy of industrial nurturing agriculture, urban support to the countryside and more and less livelihood, increase the strength of agriculture and benefit agriculture, consolidate the foundation of agricultural and rural development, improve the level of agricultural modernization and farmers 'living standards, and build a beautiful home for farmers' happy lives.
44: Answer D
The analytic paragraph first puts forward the importance of credibility to the intermediary, and then points out the way that the intermediary maintains the credibility-it cannot become a statutory monopoly organization, it should not be affiliated with the government, and it is further demonstrated by facts. This shows that the answer to this question is D.
45: Answer A
Analysis At present, China uses a triangle symbol as a plastic recycling mark, which is generally marked on the bottom of the bottle. There are seven numbers 1-7 in the triangle, each number represents a different material. If the product is made of several different materials, the main material is marked. Only plastic bottles marked 5-7 can be reused.
46: Answer C
47: Answer C
Analysis of C "treatment" is generally matched with "enjoyment", first exclude item A. The meaning of the paragraph is that human beings and other creatures are the result of evolution in nature, so other creatures should also have the same rights as human beings to enjoy the resources given by nature. According to common sense, it can be inferred that the different levels of organisms will necessarily have different degrees of utilization of natural resources. Therefore, it is unreasonable for other organisms to have the same "status" and "advantages" as humans, so items B and D are excluded. Therefore, choose C for this question.
48: Answer B
Parse B.
49: Answer B
Analysis of "demographic dividend" refers to a country with a large proportion of working-age population in the total population and a relatively low dependency ratio, which has created favorable demographic conditions for economic development. The economy of the entire country is showing high savings, high investment, and high growth. Therefore, item D is correct. In countries with a “demographic dividend”, the child dependency ratio is rapidly falling, and the working-age population ratio is rising. Before the proportion of the elderly population reaches a high level, a situation of relatively rich labor resources, light dependency burden, and very favorable economic development will be formed. Therefore, the expression of item B should be changed to "the proportion of the labor force of a country in the total population has increased". A Lewis turning point, that is, the turning point of labor surplus to shortage. Refers to the process of industrialization. With the gradual transfer of rural surplus labor to non-agricultural industries, rural surplus labor gradually decreases. Eventually dried up. This is proposed by Nobel Laureate in Economics in the model of population mobility. Item C is correct because the shortage of rural surplus labor means that it is no longer appropriate to vigorously develop labor-intensive industries. Attention should be paid to the upgrading of the industrial structure.
50: Answer D
Analyze "Xing Wei Suo Ran" means that there is no interest in something, and the question stems from the expression "oiling poem" itself is not interesting, so exclude A. The meanings of "simply tasteless" and "unsophisticated" can modify the "poetry poem", but the connection with "straight free water" is not as strong as the metaphor of "taste and chew wax". The answer to this question is D.
51: Answer A
Analysis According to the definition, the situation of administrative avoidance must be satisfied: ① civil servants of administrative organs; ② have a stake in the affairs they deal with. Item A complies with ①, and the affairs handled by the husband and wife are of interest and need to be avoided, which violates the rules of administrative avoidance. Both B and D are not in line with ①, and do not belong to the scope of administrative avoidance; C is not in line with ②, and there is no need to avoid. So the answer is A.
52: Answer B
The analysis of this question is to find the same element change. The same elements in the first group of graphs are circles, and the numbers are 3, 2, and 1, in that order. The same elements in the second group of graphs are triangles, and the numbers are 3, 2, and 1, in that order. Therefore, option B conforms to "with only one triangle".
53: Answer A
54: Answer C
Analysis On June 24, 2012, China's manned spaceflight project achieved a new breakthrough. The Shenzhou-9 astronaut successfully piloted the spacecraft to dock with the Tiangong-1 target aircraft, which marked that China became the third in the world to fully master space rendezvous and docking technology. country. Therefore, the answer to this question is C.
55: Answer G
Parse G. The area with rhombus is √3, and an internal angle is 60 °. It is easy to solve the two diagonal lines with lengths of √2 and √6. To expand into a square, extend the shorter diagonal line to a longer diagonal line. Just a corner line. Therefore, the two diagonal lines are both √6, the square area is 3, and the side length is √3. Therefore, the answer is to choose the G option.
56: Answer A
The analysis of "pursuit" is often paired with "truth, goodness, beauty," and "beauty and nobility," thus excluding B and D. "Hope" means hope, and "eagerness" means eager hope, like drinking water when you are very thirsty. In contrast, the degree of "craving" is deeper. The corresponding sentence indicates that "better to society and more human" is only a hope, and "caring for each other and respecting life" is a deep and urgent hope. Therefore, the first blank is filled with "desire" and the third blank is filled with "hope". Answer A.
57: Answer B
Analysis This is an inference problem. By comparing the different results of making friends with different people, the text tells us how important a friend is to a person. Therefore, make friends carefully. Item B is the right choice. Item A is wrong. Friends are important to one's future, but they do not "determine" one's future. The text mainly talks about making friends, while item C says "interpersonal communication", changing the theme and excluding. The author's intention is not to tell us that "things are grouped by groups, people are grouped by groups", and the D term is excluded. The correct answer to this question is B.
58: Answer D
Analytical pigments are the raw materials for drawing oil paintings, and clay is the raw material for making ceramics. Item A fishing is not a kind of item, item B is the relationship between the whole and the part, and the writing brush of item C needs ink to work. Both are different from the stem.
59: Answer C
The first sentence of the parsed paragraph pointed out that the Chinese literati wanted to fight in the bones, the second sentence pointed out that inheritance or change cannot be separated from the "traditional", and the third sentence from the Chinese literati accepted the "modern" in the West. They resolve the identity crisis. Taken together, they are talking about the important role of "tradition" in reform and development. Therefore, choose C for this question. The three items A, B, and D only pointed out a part of the content of the text, which was not comprehensive enough.
60: Answer A
Analysis uses estimation methods. The proportion of housing security expenditure from fiscal appropriation is: 318.00 ÷ 486,00 × 100% ≈ 65.4%; the proportion of expenditure from financial services in business services and other affairs is: 15277.31 ÷ 21391.67 × 100% ≈5 ÷ 7 × 100% ≈71.4%. A is the correct option.

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1: Some experts said that since the modern industrial revolution, the specialization of the production process has made the disciplines of science and technology more and more detailed, which is conducive to deeper exploration of the mysteries of the nature of things. However, there has also been a misunderstanding that art depends on image thinking, emotional and talent understanding; scientific research depends on logical thinking, rationality and hard work. In fact, scientific research is also inseparable from the observation and conception of the shape and the image thinking of sound recognition; the conceptual arrangement and display of artistic creation (such as the harmony of music and the perspective of painting) also requires rational logical thinking. It is possible and necessary. The main point of view supported by the author of this text is ().
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2: The seal book only has straight lines and arcs, but in the drawing of circles, it strictly emphasizes symmetry and uniformity. Although it has a balanced beauty, it is difficult to draw after all, and it seriously constrains the writer's personality and creative desire. "Book of Jin · Wei Heng Biography" says: "Qin uses 篆, there are many Qin things, and the 篆 characters are difficult to make. That is, the clerical person will support the book and the Japanese character; It is easy to write, and after processing, it is designated as the national style. Lishu changed the round strokes of the seal script to square folds. Because it is no longer drawn according to arcs, but basically written in straight lines and dot hooks, the writing speed is significantly accelerated. The above text mainly explains ().
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B. Competition: Efficiency
C. Purchasing: domestic demand
D. Occupation: Market

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1: The statement about physical properties and toxic effects is correct ().
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A. The larger the poison / lipid / water partition coefficient, the lower the toxicity.
B. The greater the solubility of the poison in the body fluid, the less the toxicity
C, the higher the non-ionic ratio, the greater the toxicity
The larger D and 1, the lower the risk of chronic poisoning
E, the smaller the poison dispersion, the greater the toxicity

2: It is a multiple choice question to use drugs that pay attention to the severe bitter cold and easy to hurt the stomach, the poor appetite and the weak and weak
A. Qin Wei
B. Papaya
C. Protect yourself
D. North Wujiapi
E, mulberry parasite

3: "Kidney is the root of Qi" refers to the single-choice question of which function of the kidney
A. Kidney yin is the root of yin
B. Kidney Yang is the root of yang
C, the essence of the kidney is the root of the five internal organs
D. Kidney-maintaining Qi
E. Kidney main gasification

4: The medicinal part of ephedra is a multiple choice question
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