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2016 National Civil Service Examination "Exercise Test" Zhenti [Prefecture-level]

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2016 National Employment Examination Civil Service Examination "Professional Vocational Ability Test" Zhenti (prefecture-level)

The first part of common sense judgment

According to the requirements of the question, choose one of the four most appropriate answers.

1. "Four comprehensives" is the strategic layout of the new party's collective leadership to govern the country. The following statements related to the "four comprehensives" are correct ()

A. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has passed the Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Several Important Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform

B. The Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the People's Republic of China passed the Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Several Important Issues Concerning the Comprehensive Promotion of Governing the Country by Law

C. The Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the People's Republic of China proposed the strategic goal of "building a well-off society in an all-round way"

D. General Secretary Xi Jinping raised the level of "rule the party strictly" to the level of "comprehensive strictness" for the first time during the investigation

2. "Administrative organs must not establish powers outside the law, and no legal decision can be made to detract from the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons, and other organizations or increase their obligations."

A. Functional science B. Law-abiding integrity

C. D. strict law enforcement Statutory rights

3. Regarding China's agricultural conditions, the following statement is wrong ()

A. The five major pastoral areas are abbreviated as Xin, Tibetan, Qing, Mongolia and Long

B. The main sugar crops in the north and south are sugar cane and sugar beet.

C. "Hukou is ripe, the world is full", Jianghan Plain is the largest commercial grain production area

D. Red soil is a sticky acid soil mainly distributed in low mountain and hilly areas south of the Yangtze River

4. The following proverbs describe the corresponding errors in economic terms: ()

A. Overwhelming Water-Opportunity Cost

B. There is no room for two tigers-complete monopoly

C. Entering Zhilan's Room, and not smelling it for a long time-diminishing marginal utility

D. City gate fire, sturgeon and pond fish-negative external effects

5. The following historical figures correspond to their areas of expertise: ()

A. Military: Bai Qi, Li Jing B. Economy: Sang Hongyang, Dao Yuan

C. Astronomy: Zhang Heng and Guo Shoujing D. Art: Wu Daozi, Gu Kaizhi

6. The following historical figures are wrong with their famous remarks: ()

A. Mencius-the poor is alone, the world is good

B. Lin Zexu-Gou Li's life and death

C. Liang Qichao——Who is the owner of the country? That the people of a country are also

D. Zeng Guofan-the sky is not enough, the ancestors are not enough, the people are not enough

7. "Let the world be happy, worry about the world, but not the king, there is also the Wei" and belongs to the same school of thought ()

A. Don't avoid the minister after punishment, reward the good husband

B. The Tao of Heaven has more damage than enough to make up for it; the human way is not.

C. The people of the country do not protect the borders, the country is not protected by the danger of mountains and rivers, and the world is not benefited by the revolution.

D. Its use is also a victory. For a long time, the blunt soldiers are defeated, the siege is defeated, and for a long time, the division is insufficient.

8. The following works are related to the Second World War ()

A. The Schindler List B. The Quiet Don River

C. B. Outsmarting Tiger Mountain D. "War and Peace"

9. The air quality of a certain city is poor. The test results show that among the major pollutants, the PM particle concentration is seriously exceeded, and the PM particle concentration and harmful gas concentration are still in the normal range. If you are a city decision maker, which of the following measures can be taken to most effectively improve air quality with the least impact ()

① Rectification of suburban cement plants ② Rectification of suburban paper mills

③ Limit number of vehicles in urban areas ④ Improve the vegetation environment in the suburbs

A. ①② B. ①④

C. ③④ D. ②③

10. According to the reasonable urban planning, ① in the picture is the most suitable for construction ()


A. Chemical plant B. Steel Plant

C. Paper mill D. Waterworks

11. Beijing-Shanghai Railway has not passed which of the following provinces ()

A. B. Ancient Kiln Folk Expo Area in Jingdezhen B. Penglai Pavilion Scenic Area

C. B. Chengde Mountain Resort D. Huangshan Scenic Area

12. Which of the following situations may occur ()

A. Greeks watch World Cup football at stadium during Xinhai Revolution

B. During the May 4th Movement, Chinese college students used semiconductor radios to listen to the radio

C. During the Cold War, color films were shown in a movie theater somewhere in the Soviet Union

D. Americans used computer to access internet at home during Vietnam war

13. The following statements about dinosaurs are correct ()

A. Mainly active in the Mesozoic period

B. Tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus are both carnivorous animals

C. Mammalia

D. Dinosaurs can be cloned from a DNA fragment

14. In the figure, A represents the three elements with the highest content of oxygen, silicon, and aluminum in the crust, and B represents the three elements with the most content in the human body. Regarding the element represented by the shaded part, the following statement is wrong ()


A. Widely used in metallurgical industry

B. Its simple substance can burn

C. Is an essential element of alkalis

D. Is an important element in the atmosphere

15. Regarding the conductor and its conductive principle, the following statement is wrong ()

A. Metal is conductive because there are freely moving electrons in the metal

B. The body conducts electricity because it contains a lot of water and minerals

C. Graphite is conductive because graphite contains carbon

D. The acid-base solution conducts electricity because the solution contains free ions

16. According to the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the implementation of the constitutional oath system, those who take the constitutional oath are excluded

A. National staff appointed by people's governments at all levels

B. National staff appointed by people's courts and people's procuratorates at all levels

C. Staff of party organs, CPPCC organs, democratic parties, and the Federation of Industry and Commerce

D. National staff elected or decided to be appointed by the Standing Committee of People's Congress at or above the county level

17. The following statements are inconsistent with Chinese law ()

A. Jia nephew goes out to play. In case of earthquake, Jia does not need to bear responsibility for the damage to his nephew in the earthquake.

B. A beats B with a fist, B pushes A down and holds him with a knife, B is not responsible for A's death

C. A and B have a quarrel, and A deliberately falls to the ground during the scolding process. A does not need to bear responsibility for the damage caused by A's fall to the ground.

D. A and B are beaten together because of dissonance. After C hits, C takes the opportunity to beat A who is always at odds with him. B is not liable for the damage caused by C

18. The following statements that deal with problems are inconsistent with China's relevant laws and regulations ()

A. The director of a public security bureau was dissatisfied with his decision to be fired, and brought an administrative lawsuit to the court on the same day.

B. A member of a certain industry and commerce bureau refused to support his parents.

C. In the second year after the director of a provincial commerce department retired, he took a position in a commerce company under the commerce department.

D. The chief of a certain tax bureau considered that the director's decision was wrong when he performed his official duties, and proposed corrections to the director

19. In the following cases, the perpetrator is not responsible for criminal responsibility ()

A. Fourteen-year-old Zhang sells 0.2 grams of methamphetamine

B. Fifteen-year-old Li was disabled due to negligence

C. Twenty-year-old Zhou, seriously injured by beating others after being drunk

D. Song, a deaf-mute 35-year-old, stole 5,000 yuan in cash at home

20. The following practices related to a food factory do not meet the requirements of the Food Safety Law ()

A. The plant does not pay for food safety risk assessments

B. Retired workers at the plant have the right to report food safety violations

C. The factory is equipped with part-time food safety professionals

D. Food safety risk monitoring staff does not pay to collect samples at the plant

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