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Interview questions [1000 cuts]

Reduce font 作者:公务员考试信息网 来源:zimauto24.com 发布时间:2017-03-05 19:35:00 Increase Font author: civil service exam Information Network Source: zimauto24.com Published: 2017-03-05 19:35:00

    true 题:您是市政府的工作人员,需要调查大学生村官的工作情况,面对基层群众 ( 农民 ) 、基层工作人员分别作一个开场白。 Question: You are a staff member of the municipal government . You need to investigate the work of university students and village officials , and make an opening statement to the grassroots ( farmers ) and grassroots staff.

    【题型分析】情景模拟 [Question Analysis] Scenario Simulation

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]

   1. 面对基层群众 ( 农民 ) :大叔大婶,你们好 ! 我是咱们市政府的小王。 1. Facing the grassroots ( peasants ) : Uncle and uncle, how are you ! I am the little king of our city government. 眼看着一年又快到头了,今年的天儿不错,家里收成还好吧 ?…… 听说咱们这儿来了些大学生,到咱这儿当村官,不知道干的咋样啊 ?…… Seeing that the year is coming to an end, this year's days are good, and the harvest at home is okay ? ... I heard that we have some college students here, and we are village officials here, don't know what to do ?

   2. 面对基层工作人员: XX ,你好 ! 我是市政府的工作人员王 XX( 同时出示工作证 ) ,这次来到这里,主要是想调查一下大学生村官的工作情况,希望得到你们的配合和协助。 2. Facing the grassroots staff: XX , hello ! I am Wang XX, a staff member of the municipal government ( showing my work permit at the same time ) . I came here this time mainly to investigate the work situation of college village officials. Cooperation and assistance. 你们长期在基层工作,比较辛苦,对于大学生们在村里的工作情况也比较了解。 You have been working at the grass-roots level for a long time, and you have been working hard. You also have a better understanding of the work of college students in the village. 知道你工作很忙,所以我会尽量抓紧时间 …… Knowing that you are busy at work, so I will try my best to hurry ...

真题 :金无足赤,人无完人,您有什么缺点和不足 ? 假如您被录用,您将怎么克服您的缺点和不足 ? True question : There is no shortage of gold and no one is perfect. What are your shortcomings and deficiencies ? If you are hired, how will you overcome your shortcomings and deficiencies ?

【题型分析】认识自己 [Question type analysis] Know yourself

【参考答案】每一个人都有自己的缺点和不足,我也一样。 [Reference Answer] Everyone has their own shortcomings and deficiencies, as do I. 我认为我的缺点是有时候有点追求完美,这样一来有可能会拖慢办事的效率,偶尔也会给合作伙伴带来压力。 I think my shortcoming is that I sometimes pursue perfection, which may slow down the efficiency of work and occasionally put pressure on partners. 有缺点和不足并不可怕,重要的是能够改正缺点,弥补不足。 It is not terrible to have shortcomings and shortcomings. It is important to be able to correct the shortcomings and make up for the shortcomings. 我将从以下几个方面加强学习,进行改正。 I will strengthen learning and make corrections from the following aspects.

第一,摆正心态正确认识。 First, set the right mindset and understand correctly. 在遇到每一项工作的时候,我都应该准确地把握工作实质、明确目标,在思想上做好充分准备。 When encountering every job, I should accurately grasp the essence of the work, clarify the goals, and be fully prepared mentally. 不能因为自己的喜好而偏离工作应有的方向和要求。 Do not deviate from the direction and requirements of work because of your preferences.

第二,制定工作计划表。 Second, develop a work plan. 在开始每一项工作的时候,我都要制定好详细的工作进度控制表,将每个阶段的工作目标、内容以及时间详细列好。 At the beginning of each job, I have to make a detailed work schedule control table, and set out the work goals, content and time of each stage in detail. 在开展工作的时候严格按照计划表进行,以免拖慢工作的进程。 When carrying out work, strictly follow the schedule to avoid slowing down the work process. 借此来养成好的工作习惯,以提高办事效率。 Use this to develop good working habits to improve efficiency.

第三,加强与同事合作。 Third, strengthen cooperation with colleagues. 每一项工作都不可能是自己独立一个人能够做好的,都是需要和同事一起合作才能将其做到真正的完美。 Every job cannot be done by one person alone, and it is necessary to work with colleagues to make it truly perfect. 这就要求我要在以后的工作中,多多与同事交流,虚心向同事学习。 This requires me to communicate with colleagues and learn from colleagues with an open mind in future work.

假如有幸我能够通过此次考试,在以后的工作岗位上,我将严格要求自己,加强学习,发扬优点,改正缺点,竭尽所能做好领导交办的每一项任务,做一名合格的公务员 If I am lucky enough to pass this exam, in future jobs, I will strictly ask myself, strengthen learning, carry forward the advantages, correct the shortcomings, and do my best to do every task assigned by the leadership, to be a qualified civil servant .

真题:您作为单位的新进工作人员,领导让您制定一份单位的规章制度,您对单位不熟悉,您将怎么办 ? True question: As a new employee of the unit, the leader asks you to formulate a set of rules and regulations for the unit. If you are not familiar with the unit, what will you do ?

【题型分析】如何做事 [Question type analysis] How to do things

【参考答案】俗话说: 无规矩不成方圆 ,好的规章制度能够在保证单位良好工作秩序方面发挥积极的作用。 [Reference Answer] As the saying goes: " No rules can't make a circle " , good rules and regulations can play an active role in ensuring the unit's good work order. 领导将这项任务交予我完成,我一定会努力做好,我将从以下几个方面入手,开展此项工作。 The leader gave me this task to complete, and I will definitely do my best. I will start from the following aspects to carry out this work.

首先,我要请示领导,明白领导制定此规章制度的宗旨和意图。 First of all, I have to ask the leaders to understand the purpose and intention of the leaders in formulating the rules and regulations. 鉴于我作为新进员工对工作单位还不熟悉,我会向同事进行询问,翻查单位档案,加深对单位的人员环境、工作环境的了解。 As I am new to the company, I am not familiar with the work unit, so I will ask my colleagues to check the unit's files to deepen my understanding of the unit's personnel environment and work environment. 另外,要广泛收集单位同事的意见。 In addition, the opinions of colleagues in the unit should be extensively collected. 我将采取问卷调查的方式进行意见收集,可以使用相关软件来对收回的有效问卷进行信息处理和分析,切实了解员工的意见。 I will take a questionnaire survey to collect opinions. I can use related software to perform information processing and analysis on the effective questionnaires retrieved, and to truly understand the opinions of employees. 此外我还要刻苦学习相关管理学知识,了解国家相关法律法规,为制定一份合理的单位规章制度做好充分的理论准备。 In addition, I have to study hard for relevant management knowledge, understand relevant national laws and regulations, and make full theoretical preparations for the formulation of a reasonable unit rules and regulations.

其次,在书写规章制度时,要遵守国家法律法规的规定,制定出合法有效的规章制度。 Secondly, when writing rules and regulations, we must abide by national laws and regulations, and formulate legal and effective rules and regulations. 与此同时,我还要根据之前所整理的员工意见,兼顾单位的实际情况,制定一份合乎人情的规章制度。 At the same time, I also need to formulate a humane rule based on the opinions of employees I have compiled before, taking into account the actual situation of the unit. 在规章制度雏形完成之后,还要让单位同事对此发表自己的意见,在充分了解意见之后对其进行反复修改。 After the prototype of the rules and regulations was completed, the unit colleagues were also required to express their opinions on it, and to make repeated revisions after fully understanding the opinions. 与此同时,规章制度还要做到简洁凝练,通俗易懂。 At the same time, the rules and regulations must be concise and easy to understand. 在修订好初稿之后交予领导审查,虚心接受领导的意见,对初稿进一步完善。 After the first draft was revised, it was submitted to the leaders for review, and they accepted the opinions of the leaders with an open mind, and further improved the first draft.

最后,在规章制度通过领导审批在单位实行之后,我仍需要向同事进行询问,以了解规章制度的实践状况。 Finally, after the rules and regulations are implemented in the unit through leadership approval, I still need to ask my colleagues to understand the status of the rules and regulations in practice. 通过这件事情,我要进行认真地总结,对自己的长处要继续发扬,不足之处要弥补,为更好地完成下一项工作做好准备。 Through this matter, I must make a serious summary, continue to develop my strengths, and make up for the shortcomings, and prepare for the next job better.

真题:您是市政府的工作人员,需要调查大学生村官的工作情况,面对基层群众 ( 农民 ) 、基层工作人员分别作一个开场白。 Zhenti: You are a staff member of the municipal government. You need to investigate the work situation of college students and village officials , and make an opening statement to the grassroots ( farmers ) and grassroots staff.

【题型分析】情景模拟 [Question Analysis] Scenario Simulation

【参考答案】面对基层群众 ( 农民 ) :大叔大婶,你们好 ! 我是咱们市政府的小王。 [Reference answer] Facing the grassroots ( peasants ) : Uncle and uncle, how are you ! I am the little king of our city government. 眼看着一年又快到头了,今年的天儿不错,家里收成还好吧 ?…… 听说咱们这儿来了些大学生,到咱这儿当村官,不知道干的咋样啊 ?…… Seeing that the year is coming to an end, this year's days are good, and the harvest at home is okay ? ... I heard that we have some college students here, and we are village officials here. I do n’t know what to do ? ...

面对基层工作人员: XX ,你好 ! 我是市政府的工作人员王 XX( 同时出示工作证 ) ,这次来到这里,主要是想调查一下大学生村官的工作情况,希望得到你们的配合和协助。 Facing the grass-roots staff: XX , hello ! I am Wang XX, a staff member of the municipal government ( showing my work permit at the same time ) . I came here this time mainly to investigate the work of university student village officials. assist. 你们长期在基层工作,比较辛苦,对于大学生们在村里的工作情况也比较了解。 You have been working at the grass-roots level for a long time, and you have been working hard. You also have a better understanding of the work of college students in the village. 知道你工作很忙,所以我会尽量抓紧时间 …… Knowing that you are busy at work, so I will try my best to hurry ...





一、谈谈你对“爱一行,干一行”的看法。 First, talk about your views on "love one party, do one party".

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]

1 . 我认为,对这句话应该辩证地看待,从不同的角度应有不同的理解。 I think that we should look at this sentence dialectically and have different understandings from different angles.

2 . 首先,我认为从择业观上来说,这句话就有一定道理的。 First of all, I think this sentence makes sense from the perspective of career selection. 俗话说,兴趣是最好的老师,工作对于我们来说,不仅是谋生的手段,也是发挥自身才能、实现人生价值的平台,是生活的重要组成部分,所以我们在择业的时候,应该尽量选择自己愿意去倾注热情的、适合自身条件的、能最大限度发挥自己才能、实现自己价值工作。 As the saying goes, interest is the best teacher. For us, work is not only a means of earning a living, but also a platform for exerting our talents and realizing the value of life. It is an important part of life, so we should try our best to choose a career. I am willing to pour in passionate, suitable for their own conditions, can maximize their talents, realize their own value work. 譬如对于我来说,我认为目前我所报考的公务员工作,高度符合我上述的择业标准……(简单论述)。 For example, for me, I think that the civil service job I am applying for currently meets my above criteria for job selection ... (a brief discussion).

3 其次,我认为从对待工作的态度来说,我们不能一味地强调“爱一行,干一行”,否则一旦眼前的工作不是完全符合自己的设想,就很容易导致懈怠。 Secondly, I think that from the attitude towards work, we cannot blindly emphasize "love one line, do one line." Otherwise, if the current work is not completely in line with our own vision, it will easily lead to slackness. 在当前,社会分工日趋细化,我们在择业的过程中,有着多样多样的机遇,但同时,职位竞争也日趋激烈,很多时候,我们往往不能从事我们最理想的工作而是选择其他工作,这种时候,我们应该发扬“干一行,爱一行”的职业精神,怀着强烈的工作热情去投入工作,并在工作中培养自己对工作的热爱,继而发自内心地爱岗敬业,使自己成为优秀的人才。 At present, the social division of labor is becoming more and more detailed, and we have a variety of opportunities in the process of choosing a job, but at the same time, the competition for positions is becoming increasingly fierce. In many cases, we often cannot choose our best job and choose other jobs. At this time, we should carry forward the professional spirit of "doing one's work and love one's work", put into work with a strong enthusiasm for work, and cultivate our love for work in the work. Excellent talent.

4 . 综上所述,我们在择业的时候要尽量选择符合自己意愿的工作,在工作的过程中,又要发扬爱岗敬业的精神,把属于自己的工作做到尽善尽美。 In summary, when choosing a job, we must try to choose a job that meets our wishes, and in the process of work, we must carry forward the spirit of love and dedication, and make our own work perfect.

二、单位准备组织员工去基层学习,领导把这件事情交给你去处理,你将如何组织? 2. The unit is preparing to organize employees to study at the grassroots level. The leader will leave this matter to you to handle. How will you organize it?

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]

1 . 领导把工作交办给我是对我的信任,我一定会尽心尽力地作好,保证圆满完成任务。 It is the trust in me that the leader assigned the work to me, and I will do my best to ensure that the task is successfully completed. 对于这项工作,我准备这样开展: For this work, I am prepared to proceed like this:

2 . 首先,在计划阶段,我将这样去着手:进一步明确领导意图,把握活动精神,理解学习的的目的,确定参加学习的人员名单、基层对口单位、学习计划、行程和食宿安排、所需学习材料及其他物资、经费预算等,和对口单位联系,确定可行后,写一份详细的计划,报领导审批,领导审批后,照此执行; First of all, in the planning stage, I will proceed as follows: further clarify leadership intentions, grasp the spirit of activities, understand the purpose of learning, determine the list of participants, grassroots counterparts, learning plans, itinerary and accommodation arrangements, required learning Materials and other materials, budgets, etc., contact the counterparts, determine that it is feasible, write a detailed plan, report to the leader for approval, and follow the leader's approval for implementation;

3 其次,在实施阶段:我会全程参与活动,积极跟基层对口单位沟通联络,保证各项计划落实到位,使活动能够顺利进行,在活动过程中做好监督、服务、宣传工作,及时处理突发事件。 Secondly, in the implementation stage: I will participate in the whole process, and actively communicate with the counterparts at the grassroots level to ensure that the various plans are put in place so that the event can be carried out smoothly. Supervision, service and publicity work should be done during the event to deal with unexpected events event. 学习结束后,要组织考核并公布考核成绩,根据考核成绩确定奖惩。 After the study is over, it is necessary to organize the assessment and announce the assessment results, and determine the rewards and punishments based on the assessment results.

4 . 最后,在总结阶段:我要及时整理活动成果,总结经验和不足,写成书面报告,汇报给领导。 Finally, in the summary stage: I will organize the results of the activities in a timely manner, summarize the experiences and deficiencies, write a written report, and report to the leaders. 并把活动相关材料整理备档。 And organize the relevant materials for the event.

三、有些领导就像“武大郎开饭馆”一样,不满意比他强的下属,如果你遇到这样的事情, 你将如何去处理? 3. Some leaders are like "Wu Dalang opened a restaurant" and are not satisfied with a subordinate who is better than him. If you encounter such a thing, how will you handle it?

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]

1 . 我相信在我所报考的单位不会出现这样的现象。 I believe that this phenomenon will not occur in the units I apply for. 如果真遇到这样的情况,我想我会这样做: If this happens, I think I would do this:

2 . 首先,反思自己。 First, reflect on yourself. 确定是否因自己和领导沟通不利,或在平常的工作中不够谦虚谨慎,过分张扬才导致领导的误解和反感。 Determine whether it is because you are not in good communication with the leader, or that you are not humble and cautious in your daily work. Excessive publicity leads to misunderstanding and resentment of the leader. 如果是这样的话,我会找出自己的问题所在,在合适的机会跟领导沟通,真诚地就以往的过失表示诚挚的歉意,并在今后的工作中加强跟领导的沟通,同时更加低调更加谨慎,我想领导一定是具有广阔的胸怀的,必定会消除对我的不良印象; If this is the case, I will find out where my problems lie, communicate with leaders at the right opportunity, and sincerely apologize for past mistakes, and strengthen communication with leaders in future work, while being more low-key and more cautious. I think the leader must have a broad mind and will definitely eliminate the bad impression on me;

3 其次,如果问题确实不在我自己身上,我的工作和人际交往都不存在问题,我也会合理看待这种现象,领导对比他强的下属不满,说明领导具有忧患意识和上进心,这种意识本身是没有错的,只要能够正确引导,会对领导的进步起到积极的促进作用。 Secondly, if the problem does not lie with me, and there is no problem in my work and interpersonal communication, I will also take a reasonable view of this phenomenon. The leader is dissatisfied with his stronger subordinates, indicating that the leader has a sense of anxiety and self-motivation. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as it can be guided correctly, it will play a positive role in promoting the progress of leaders. 这时候,我会在平常的工作中更加积极主动跟领导沟通接触,交流工作技巧,加深彼此感情,并更加虚心地多向领导请教和学习,相信精诚所至,金石为开,领导一定会消除对我的成见,更加愉快地投入工作中。 At this time, in my normal work, I will be more proactive in communicating and contacting leaders, exchanging work skills, deepening each other's feelings, and more openly asking and learning from leaders. I believe that sincerity is the key to success, and leadership will definitely be eliminated. I am more happy with my stereotypes.

4 . 再次,如果领导因我比他强而不满是有其他原因,我也会努力找到症结所在,对症下药,通过积极的方法和诚恳的沟通,及时化解我和领导之间的尴尬,不至于影响领导的心情和工作的开展。 Again, if there are other reasons why the leader is dissatisfied because I am stronger than him, I will also try to find the crux of the problem, apply the right medicine, and resolve the embarrassment between me and the leader in a timely manner through positive methods and sincere communication, so as not to affect the leadership. Mood and work.

5 . 总之我相信,人都是感情动物,只要真诚地交流,没有化解不了的隔阂,一时的狭隘一定能够在真诚中消散。 In short, I believe that human beings are emotional animals. As long as they communicate in good faith, there is no irresolvable barrier, and the narrowness of the moment must be dissipated in good faith.

四、基层性工作和研究性工作,你愿意从事哪项工作? Fourth, basic work and research work, what kind of work are you willing to do?

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]

1 . 对于我来说,我必须首先界定我的眼前目标和长远目标,这样才能有的放矢,更好地确立工作方向。 For me, I must first define my immediate goals and long-term goals, so that I can be targeted and better set the direction of work.

2 . 从我的专业理想和职业生涯规划来说,我觉得我比较愿意、也比较适合从事研究性的工作。 From my professional ideal and career planning, I feel that I am more willing and suitable for research work. 因为……(谈自己的专业和自己的职业生涯规划,以及自己为什么适合研究性工作)。 Because ... (talk about your profession and your career plan, and why you are suitable for research work).

3 但是,凡事都不能一蹴而就,美好的愿景并不代表我现在能够一步登天。 However, everything can't be done overnight, and a good vision does not mean that I can reach the sky now. 我觉得就我目前的情况而言,是不能够直接胜任研究性的工作的。 I feel that as far as I am concerned, I am not directly qualified for research work. 我是个应届大学毕业生,虽然具备扎实的理论知识,但是我的工作经验、社会阅历都不够丰富,实际操作能力还有所欠缺,这对于我来说是目前最需要提高的,也是做好一切工作的根本。 I am a recent college graduate. Although I have solid theoretical knowledge, my work experience and social experience are not rich enough, and my practical skills are still lacking. This is what I need to improve at the moment and do everything well. The root of work. 所以,我现在迫切需要从基层工作做起,在基层性工作中锤炼自己各方面的综合素质,以便能够适应今后更加复杂、更加专业的研究性工作。 Therefore, I urgently need to start at the grassroots level and exercise my comprehensive qualities in grassroots work in order to be able to adapt to more complex and professional research work in the future.

4 . 综上,我认为,研究性工作是我的工作方向,而基层性工作是我现在必须要经历的基础阶段,对目前的我来说,是最重要的,也是我最愿意从事的。 In summary, I think that research work is my work direction, and grass-roots work is the basic stage that I must go through now. For me at present, it is the most important and I am most willing to engage.

五、如果你拟定了一个方案,你的处长不满意,但是你的副局长却非常满意,你将如何办? 5. If you have formulated a plan, your director is not satisfied, but your deputy director is very satisfied. What will you do?

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]

1 . 对于这个问题,我认识我的两位领导出发点都是好的,都是为了让工作更好地开展,是不存在根本分歧的。 As for this issue, I know that my two leaders have a good starting point, both are to make the work better, and there are no fundamental differences. 我会立足工作,尽力地处理好这件事。 I will work hard and try my best to handle this matter.

2 . 首先,我会重新审视自己的方案,结合处长的意见,全面慎重地重新修正。 First of all, I will re-examine my plan and, with the advice of the Commissioner, amend it carefully and comprehensively. 两位领导都是工作经验丰富,处长既然不满意,很可能就是我的方案中还存在漏洞,这种情况下,我会跟处长进行沟通,请他给予指导,带着他的指导意见去重新修正自己的方案。 Both leaders are rich in work experience. Since the director is not satisfied, it is likely that there are still loopholes in my plan. In this case, I will communicate with the director and ask him to give guidance and bring his guidance. Go and revise your plan. 我相信,经过了经验丰富的处长的指导和有针对性的改进,我的方案一定会更完善,处长和副局长都会非常满意。 I believe that after the guidance of the experienced director and targeted improvements, my plan will be more complete, and the director and deputy director will be very satisfied.

3 其次,如果我的方案本身没有什么明显的漏洞,处长和副局长却对我的方案存在比较明显的分歧,我会找一个合适的机会,请处长和副局长都到场,从工作大局出发,开诚布公地就我的方案进行讨论,我相信,两位工作经验丰富的领导一定能够找出分歧所在并和我一起拿出最佳的方案来。 Secondly, if there are no obvious loopholes in my plan, but the Director and the Deputy Director have obvious differences on my plan, I will find a suitable opportunity to invite both the Director and the Deputy Director to the scene and proceed from the overall situation To discuss my plan frankly and honestly, I believe that two experienced leaders will be able to find the differences and come up with the best plan with me.

4 . 我相信,只要我们能够从工作大局出发,本着求同存异的原则去讨论方案,最终一定能够得到一个圆满的结果。 I believe that as long as we can proceed from the overall situation and discuss the plan based on the principle of seeking common ground while shelving differences, we will certainly be able to achieve a satisfactory result in the end.









、你的领导不重视你,你怎么办 ? 1. Your leader doesn't value you, what do you do ?

【测评要素】人际关系处理能力。 [Evaluation elements] Interpersonal relationship processing ability. 表面上是考察对领导的态度,其实是考察考生是否以自我为中心,是否有积极的工作态度。 On the surface, it looks at the attitude towards leadership. In fact, it examines whether candidates are self-centered and have a positive working attitude.

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

领导应该重视的是他的工作,同样,我们应该重视的也是自己的工作。 Leaders should pay attention to his work. Similarly, we should pay attention to our own work. 所以,领导不需要重视我。 Therefore, leaders do not need to value me. 领导只需要履行他自己的职责,监督我们下属的工作即可。 The leader only needs to perform his own duties and supervise the work of our subordinates.

第一,从心理学和社会学的角度上看,我们内心深处都有被重视的的渴望。 First, from a psychological and sociological point of view, we all have the desire to be valued deep inside. 在生活上我们渴望更多的呵护,在工作上我们渴望优秀、渴望被别人承认。 In our life we yearn for more care, in our work we yearn for excellence and for recognition.

第二, 想要被别人重视,自己首先要重视自己。 Second, to be valued by others, you must first value yourself. 如果渴望领导的重视,首先要想一下自己是否合格地完成了工作,是否高质量地完成了工作。 If you desire leadership attention, you must first think about whether you have completed the work qualifiedly and whether you have completed the work with high quality. 如果自己的业绩平平,还渴求领导的重视,无异于缘木求鱼。 If your own performance is mediocre, and you still want the attention of leaders, it is tantamount to fools. 如果自己业绩尚可,受到部分同事或群众认可,但认为领导不重视,则大半是心态问题。 If your performance is acceptable and accepted by some colleagues or the masses, but you think that the leadership does not pay attention, it is mostly a mentality issue. 一个轻易对自己的工作质量或工作态度满意的人,不会是一个高标准、严要求、尽职尽责的人。 A person who is easily satisfied with the quality or attitude of his work will not be a person with high standards, strict requirements and due diligence. 如果领导对自己不重视,要么是自己的工作质量不够好,要么是领导对自己有着更高的要求。 If leaders do not value themselves, either the quality of their work is not good enough, or the leaders have higher requirements for themselves. 无论是哪种原因,都要求我们脚踏实地、务实勤恳。 Whatever the reason, we need to be down-to-earth, pragmatic and diligent.

第三,年轻人,在工作中,不缺乏干劲,不缺乏热情,但缺乏的是坚韧不拔的态度和虚怀若谷的沉稳。 Third, young people do not lack motivation and enthusiasm in their work, but what they lack is a tenacious attitude and a calm heart. 常常想着领导不重视我,是浮躁的表现,是急功近利的表现。 Often thinking that the leader does not pay attention to me is a sign of impatience, a sign of quick success. 用这样的心态去工作,很难保证工作不流于表面、流于浮夸,造成一些“形象工程”和“面子工程”。 To work with this mentality, it is difficult to ensure that the work does not flow on the surface and exaggerate, causing some "image projects" and "face projects". 应该想的是怎么能让工作完成得更好,怎么能让来办事的同事和群众满意度更高。 What should be thought of is how to make the work better, and how to make the colleagues and people who come to work more satisfied. 重视了别人,重视了工作,才能得到别人的重视和认同。 Only when you attach importance to others and work, can you get the attention and recognition of others.

   、单位要你组织 5 人进行为期三天的考察学习,你认为应该注重哪些方面 ? 2. The unit wants you to organize five people for a three-day study tour. What do you think should be focused on ?

【测评要素】组织协调能力 [Evaluation Elements] Organizational Coordination Ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

要组织好这次考察学习活动,我认为应该注重以下几个方面: To organize this study tour, I think we should pay attention to the following aspects:

第一,要对这 5 个人进行合理组织和分工。 First, it is necessary to organize and divide these five people reasonably.

在确定考察小组后,我应该把五个人召集起来,确定我们在考察中每个人需要把握的重点内容。 After identifying the inspection team, I should convene five people to determine the key content that each of us needs to grasp during the inspection. 比如, 擅长管理的,应侧重考察流程管理 ; 技术人员应侧重了解、研究兄弟单位的技术优势 ; 文秘行政工作人员,应该看看对方有什么好的经验和方法值得吸收借鉴。 For example, those who are good at management should focus on examining process management ; technical personnel should focus on understanding and studying the technical advantages of brother units ; secretarial administrative staff should see what good experiences and methods each other has to learn from them. 做到有的放矢、有备而行。 Be targeted and prepared. 心中装着问题、眼中才能看到问题、行动中才能解决问题。 There are problems in the heart, problems can be seen in the eyes, and problems can be solved in the actions.

第二,要注重事前的准备和方案汇报。 Second, we must pay attention to the preparation and report of the plan beforehand.

事前的准备是指在确定考察活动中,大家共同进行准备工作,学习需要事前了解的文件,探讨需要注意的事项,查漏补缺。 Beforehand preparation means that during the determination of the inspection activities, everyone makes joint preparations, learns the documents that need to be understood beforehand, discusses the matters needing attention, and checks for omissions. 在基本方案出台后,交由领导审批,让领导给予指导,借此完善方案。 After the basic plan is issued, it is submitted to the leadership for approval, and the leadership is given guidance to improve the plan.

第三,要注重日程的制定与对接。 Third, we must pay attention to the formulation and docking of the agenda. 时间有限,只有三天,为了争取更高效率地开展考察学习,我们应该制定周密细致的时间表。 Time is limited, only three days. In order to strive for more efficient study and study, we should develop a detailed and detailed schedule. 在时间表草案制定出来后,与所要前去的考察学习单位进行对接,按对方的意见调整时间和流程安排,以方便对方接待工作的开展。 After the draft timetable is formulated, it will be docked with the study and study units to go to, and adjust the time and process arrangements according to the opinions of the other party to facilitate the reception of the other party. 对涉及到的人员预先进行联络,确保信息渠道的畅通。 Contact the personnel involved in advance to ensure the smooth flow of information channels. 把自己单位方面的情况及时通知对方,便于对方开展工作。 Notify the other party's situation in time to facilitate the other party's work. 时间安排上,注意参观与调研相结合、走访与座谈相结合。 In terms of timing, pay attention to the combination of visits and investigations, and visits and discussions.

第四,在考察活动中要认真、细心。 Fourth, we must be careful and careful in our inspection activities.

细心是指在工作方面,要具备良好的专业素养,看问题要看到本质,提问题要切中要害,想问题要想到关键。 Carefulness means that in terms of work, you must have a good professional quality, look at the problem to see the essence, ask the key to the key, and think of the key to the problem. 诚心是指要搞清考察学习的本质,要虚心地向对方学习,要诚心地感谢对方的指教。 Sincerity means to understand the nature of study and study, to learn humbly from each other, and to sincerely thank each other for their advice.

第五,要注重经验的总结与运用。 Fifth, we must pay attention to the summary and application of experience.

在考察学习后,要抓紧时间把心得整理出来,向上级领导汇报。 After studying and studying, we must take the time to sort out our experience and report to our superiors. 在运用推广建议方面,要注重联系本单位的实际,具体问题具体分析,不生搬硬套才能取得最好的效果。 In the application of promotion suggestions, we must pay attention to the actual situation of contacting the unit, analyze the specific problems, and obtain the best results without moving the hard way.

  、“反腐败,反腐败,越反越腐败”,你如何看 ? 3. "Anti-corruption, anti-corruption, the more anti-corruption", what do you think ?

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

腐败问题自古就存在,预防和惩治腐败是我们党长期以来坚定不移的治党方针,对于题目中的话,本身就是错误的,是片面的。 The problem of corruption has existed since ancient times. Preventing and punishing corruption has been our party's unswerving policy of governing the party for a long time. The words in the title are wrong and one-sided.

第一,随着反腐工作不断深入,反腐力度不断加大,反腐措施更加得力,一批贪官相继“落马”,而且还“拔出萝卜带出泥”,与之相关联的腐败分子也都被依法惩办,群众对此拍手称快。 First, as anti-corruption work continues to intensify, anti-corruption measures continue to increase, and anti-corruption measures become more effective. A group of corrupt officials have "fallen off" and "pulled out the radish to bring out the mud." Corrupt elements associated with it have also been removed. According to law, the masses applauded. 从结果看,反腐斗争战果累累,数量上是有不少,但这并不意味着腐败现象在增加,腐败官员在增多。 Judging from the results, the anti-corruption struggle has been fruitful and there are many in number, but this does not mean that corruption is increasing and corrupt officials are increasing.

第二,腐败“越反越多”也有一种存在的可能,那就是反腐如果只是“雷声大,雨点小,调子高,成效低”,那么风声过后,腐败分子就会有虚惊一场之感,就会觉得腐败有惊无险。 Second, there is also a possibility of "more and more anti-corruption", that is, if anti-corruption is only "large thunder, small raindrops, high tones, and low results", then after the wind, corrupt elements will have a false alarm. Sense, you will feel that corruption is in danger.

第三,随着反腐政策落实到位,党员干部的思想觉悟在不断地提升。 Third, with the implementation of the anti-corruption policy in place, the ideological awareness of party members and cadres is constantly improving. 随着反腐败机制创新、手段创新、力度加大,越来越多自以为隐藏得深、安全感强的腐败分子纷纷落马,全社会、全方位的权力监督机制和事后严惩措施正在不断完善,贪官的数量大大减少。 With the innovation of anti-corruption mechanisms, innovations and efforts, more and more corrupt elements who think they are hidden and have a strong sense of security are being dismissed. The number of corrupt officials has been greatly reduced.

因此,“越反越腐”的说法,于理不通,于情不符,是不正确的。 Therefore, the argument of "more anti-corruption" is incorrect and unreasonable.

某省事业单位公开招聘的 200 多个岗位中, 70% 的岗位都要求硕士以上学历。 1. Of the more than 200 positions publicly recruited by public institutions in a province , 70% require a master's degree or higher. 对此谈谈你的看法。 Tell us what you think about this.

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

某事业单位的本意是追求人员的高素质,这点是企业发展的根本,但是在吸收人才的过程中单纯的以学历作为评判,不免会让很多素质较高能力出众但是不具备硕士学位的人才流失。 The original intention of a certain institution is to pursue the high quality of personnel, which is the foundation of enterprise development. However, in the process of absorbing talents, simply using academic qualifications as a judgement will inevitably make many high-quality talents who do not have a master's degree. Churn. 所以我认为企业追求人才的高素质是必然的,但是适当的“不拘一格降人才”也是需要的。 Therefore, I think it is inevitable for enterprises to pursue high-quality talents, but appropriate "eclectic talent reduction" is also needed.

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

第一,“企业即人”是西方企业管理界的一句名言。 First, "the enterprise is the person" is a famous saying in the western business management community. 邓小平同志也曾说过:“企业以'质'为本,'质'以人为本,企业的竞争归根到底是人的竞争”。 Comrade Deng Xiaoping also said: "Enterprises are based on 'quality' and 'quality' is based on people. Enterprise competition is, in the final analysis, human competition." 某事业单位招聘 70% 的岗位都要求硕士以上学历,体现了对人才的渴望和认可。 70% of the positions recruited by a public institution require a master's degree or higher, which reflects the desire and recognition of talents. 说明这个事业单位意识到人才是企业发展的根本。 This shows that this institution realizes that talent is the foundation of enterprise development. 追求学历只是该事业单位追求员工素质、选拔人才的一种方式。 The pursuit of education is only a way for the institution to pursue the quality of employees and select talents.

第二,高素质人才代表着高生产力。 Second, high-quality talent represents high productivity. 在现代企业发展过程中,人的智力因素、文化水平对企业发展的作用日益突出,高素质人才是企业发展的动力,在企业发展中的作用变得愈加重要。 In the development process of modern enterprises, the role of human intelligence and cultural level in the development of enterprises has become increasingly prominent. High-quality talents are the driving force for enterprise development, and their role in enterprise development has become increasingly important. 但是在选拔人才的过程中应注重德才兼备的标准,高学历仅是标准之一。 However, in the process of selecting talents, we should pay attention to the standards of both morals and talents, and high education is only one of the standards.

第三,高学历不一定意味着高素质,企业应该适当的给那些没有高学历但是有真本领,高素质的人才以机会。 Third, high education does not necessarily mean high quality. Enterprises should appropriately provide opportunities for those who do not have high education but have real skills and high quality. 因为高学历只代表一种教育经历,并不等于就是高素质,高能力。 Because a high education degree represents only one kind of educational experience, it does not mean high quality and high ability. 企业要发展需要的不是那一张纸,而是真正的人才。 What companies need to develop is not that piece of paper, but real talent.

因此我认为,在企业吸收人才的过程中,以学历为门槛无可厚非,但是适当的“不拘一格降人才”也是企业发展所必需的。 Therefore, in my opinion, in the process of absorbing talents, it is understandable to take the academic qualification as the threshold, but the appropriate "eclectic talent reduction" is also necessary for enterprise development.

  关于沟通,人们的等级不对等,怎样交流 ? 你在生活中是怎么与人交流的 ? 2. Regarding communication, people's ranks are not equal. How do you communicate ? How do you communicate with people in life ?

【测评要素】人际关系处理能力 [Evaluation Elements] Interpersonal Relationship Processing Ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

第一,人与人之间最宝贵的就是真诚和尊重。 First, the most precious thing between people is sincerity and respect. 人与人之间不管地位有多悬殊,财富差异有多大,从人格和尊严上讲,人与人是平等的。 Regardless of the disparity in status and the difference in wealth between people, in terms of personality and dignity, people are equal. 所以在沟通过程中,最宝贵的就是真诚,尊重。 So in the communication process, the most precious thing is sincerity and respect. 胡锦涛主席怀抱地震灾区的孩子,这表达的就是真诚和尊重。 President Hu Jintao embraced the children in the earthquake-stricken area, which expressed sincerity and respect. 人与人之间会因为地位、财富、工作、知识等等的不同而形成不对等,但是真诚和尊重是最起码的做人准则。 There will be inequality between people due to differences in status, wealth, work, knowledge, etc., but sincerity and respect are the minimum rules for living. 所以在沟通的过程中,不管怎样的谈话方式和谈话策略,哪怕是工作上的谈判,生活中的解决纠纷,真诚和尊重是必不可少的。 Therefore, in the process of communication, no matter what kind of talking method and talking strategy, even if it is work negotiation, dispute resolution in life, sincerity and respect are essential. 所以人与人之间沟通,等级不是最主要的,最主要的是彼此真诚和尊重。 Therefore, the level of communication between people is not the most important thing, the most important thing is sincere and respect each other.

第二,我在生活中,不管是和上级领导沟通,还是和同事沟通,最起码的原则就是真诚和尊重。 Second, in my life, whether I communicate with superior leaders or colleagues, the basic principle is sincerity and respect. 我尊重上级领导的决定,在沟通的过程中即使有异议的地方我也会在尊重领导的前提下说出我自己的看法,和上级领导协商。 I respect the decisions of the superiors. Even if there are disagreements in the communication process, I will express my own views on the premise of respecting the leaders and negotiate with the superiors. 如果领导认为是正确的,我会更加努力,如果领导认为我是错的,我会尊重领导的决定,积极改正,踏实工作。 If the leader thinks that it is correct, I will work harder. If the leader thinks that I am wrong, I will respect the decision of the leader, actively correct it, and work steadily. 在和同事沟通的过程中,我尊重同事,拿出我的真诚。 In the process of communicating with colleagues, I respect my colleagues and show my sincerity.

第三,我相信人与人是交心的,只要你真诚的付出,就会有真诚的对待。 Third, I believe that people are committed to each other. As long as you give in sincerity, you will be treated in good faith. 所以只有在最基本的沟通原则下,才能谈到更好的沟通方式问题。 Therefore, only under the most basic communication principles can we talk about better communication methods. 生活中的沟通是时时刻刻发生着的行为,人与人不管是肢体语言还是动作的表达,都是沟通的一部分。 Communication in life is an action that takes place all the time. Whether it is body language or expression of movement, it is part of communication. 所以只要你学会尊重对方,学会用你的真诚去沟通,配以良好的方式,你的沟通结果会是美好的,是成功的。 So as long as you learn to respect each other, learn to communicate with your sincerity, and cooperate with good ways, your communication results will be beautiful and successful.

   有人说,世界上有三种人。 3. Some people say that there are three kinds of people in the world. 第一种,先知先觉,能够创造机会 ; 第二种,善于抓住机会 ; 第三种,既不能创造机会也不能把握机会。 The first type, prophecy, can create opportunities ; the second type, is good at seizing opportunities ; the third type, can neither create nor grasp opportunities. 请问你是哪种人 ? What kind of person are you ?

【测评要素】求职动机与拟任职位的匹配性 [Evaluation Elements] Matching Motivation and Proposed Position

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

第一,培根曾说过“善于识别与把握时机是极为重要的。在一切大事上,人在开始做事前要象千眼神那样察知时机,而在进行时要象千手神那样抓住时机。” First, Bacon once said, "It is extremely important to be good at identifying and grasping the timing. In all major matters, one must know the timing like a thousand eyes before starting to do things, and grasp the timing like a thousand hands in the process. "

第二,我是一个普通的人,我不能每件事都去创造机会,但是在生活和工作中我会去寻找机会,为每一件事的成功做好铺垫。 Second, I am an ordinary person. I cannot create opportunities in everything, but in life and work, I will look for opportunities to pave the way for the success of everything. 当机会来临的时候,我会主动抓住机会。 When the opportunity comes, I will take the initiative to seize it. 西蒙说“机会对于不能利用它的人又有什么用呢 ? 正如风只对于能利用它的人才是动力。”所以机会永远是给有准备的人。 Simon said, "What's the use of opportunity for those who can't use it ? Just as the wind only motivates those who can use it." So opportunity is always for those who are prepared. 如果你没有准备,当机会来临的时候,你还没有反应,当机会消逝的时候你才发现原来机会曾经来过。 If you are not prepared, when the opportunity comes, you have not responded. When the opportunity is gone, you will realize that the original opportunity has come. 生活中,工作中,我随时做好准备,做一个能够捕捉机会,能够抓住机会的人。 In life and work, I am always ready to be a person who can capture and seize opportunities.

第三我是一个平凡的人,不属于每件事都先知先觉的人,也不属于让机会溜走的人。 Third, I am an ordinary person, not a person who knows everything in advance, nor a person who allows opportunities to slip away. 我相信机会永远只给有准备的人。 I believe that opportunities will always be given to those who are prepared. 有些事没有机会我会创造机会,当机会来临的时候我会紧紧地抓住机会。 There are things that I don't have the opportunity to create. When the opportunity comes, I will seize it tightly. 因为我牢记:机会永远是给有准备的人的。 Because I keep in mind: opportunities are always for the prepared.




















  现在公务员报考很热,有人说这是一种社会的退步,你怎么看 ? 1. Now civil service registration is very hot. Some people say that this is a social regression. What do you think ?

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

随着我国社会经济进入转型期 , 在严峻的就业形势下 , 不高的考试成本和相对公正的录用程序使很多人将国家公务员考试作为职业规划的备选 , 而长期以来国家公务员队伍建设成效和明显的比较优势 , 也成为人们报考国家公务员的主要考虑因素。 As China's social economy enters a transition period , under the severe employment situation , the low cost of examinations and relatively fair employment procedures have led many people to use the national civil service examination as an alternative to career planning. Obvious comparative advantage has also become a major consideration for people applying for the national civil service.

第一,公务员录用考试制度实施以来 , 应该说取得了很大成绩 , 公开、平等、竞争、择优的原则得到了较好贯彻 , 较为全面地向社会开放公共职位 , 吸纳了大量的社会人才进入公共部门工作 , 公务员队伍的能力和效率得到了较为全面的提升 , 也正是这一改革成果使得公务员职位成为众多应届毕业生和社会人才最为关心的职业选择。 First, since the implementation of the civil service recruitment examination system , it should be said that great results have been achieved . The principles of openness, equality, competition, and selection have been better implemented . Public positions have been opened to the public in a more comprehensive manner , and a large number of social talents have entered the public. Departmental work , the ability and efficiency of the civil servants have been relatively comprehensively improved , and it is precisely the results of this reform that have made civil servant posts the career choice most concerned by many fresh graduates and social talents.

第二,近年来 , 由于就业压力的增大 , 公务员报考热进一步升温。 Second, in recent years , due to the increase in employment pressure , the civil service registration fever has further increased. 特别是中央国家机关以及省市机关公务员职位更深得求职者青睐 , 这主要与这些地区或部门在户籍制度、生活条件、工作条件、薪酬水平、自我实现等方面所具有的比较优势有关。 In particular, civil servant positions in central state agencies and provincial and municipal agencies are more favored by job seekers , which is mainly related to the comparative advantages of these regions or departments in the household registration system, living conditions, working conditions, salary levels, and self-realization.

第三,公务员这个社会岗位吸引了众多的人才,但是由于报考公务的人大多数都是应届毕业生,缺乏实际工作经验和对基层工作了解不多,往往在工作过程当中会出现工作效率低下,工作执行不到位的现象。 Third, the civil service attracts a large number of talents, but since most of the people applying for civil service are fresh graduates, they lack practical work experience and do not know much about grass-roots work. They often have low working efficiency and work during the work process. Not implemented properly. 在扩大公务员队伍招收的情况下,国家在考试过程当中应当加大对人才的甄别力度,选出更加适合做公务员的人才。 In the case of expanding the recruitment of civil servants, the state should increase the screening of talents during the examination process and select talents more suitable for civil servants.

总之,现在很多人都在参加公务员的考试,但是要给自身一个准确的定位,不能盲目的跟风,需要对自己的未来有一个很好的规划,树立一个符合自己的职业理想。 In short, many people are now taking the civil service exams, but to give themselves an accurate position, they cannot follow the trend blindly, they need to have a good plan for their future, and establish a career ideal that meets their own.


  基层单位政务不公开,领导让你去调查,你怎么开展工作。 2. The government affairs of the grassroots units are not made public. The leader asks you to investigate how you carry out your work.

【测评要素】计划组织协调能力 [Evaluation elements] Planning organization coordination ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

政务公开是政府工作的重中之重,是人民群众监督政府工作的重要途径,也是建设服务型政府的具体体现。 Making government affairs public is the top priority of government work, an important way for the people to supervise government work, and a concrete manifestation of building a service-oriented government. 增加政府工作透明度,使政府工作人员置于人民群众的监督之下,有利于依法行政,高效率,高质量的履行职责。 Increasing the transparency of government work, and putting government staff under the supervision of the people, is conducive to the administration according to law, and to perform their duties efficiently and with high quality. 防止和杜绝各种不良行为的发生,深入开展反腐倡廉工作都有着非常重要的现实意义。 It is of great practical significance to prevent and eradicate all kinds of bad behaviors and carry out in-depth anti-corruption work.

第一,要详细向人民群众了解那些政务没有向人民公开,这中间是不是存在什么误会,如果存在误会就积极地向人民群众解释。 First, it is necessary to understand in detail the people's affairs that those government affairs have not been disclosed to the people. Are there any misunderstandings in the process? If there are misunderstandings, explain them to the people.

第二,如果确实存在这样的现象,那么要深入调查。 Second, if such a phenomenon does exist, then we need to investigate further. 通过走访向人民群众了解基层政务公开的落实情况以及存在的问题等,包括什么政务应该公开,什么政务没有公开,该办什么,怎么办,收费多少,并做好记录工作。 Through the visits, the people were informed about the implementation and problems of grassroots government affairs, including what government affairs should be made public, what government affairs should not be made public, what should be done, what should be done, how much should be charged, and records should be made.

第三,对于相关部门也要了解相关工作,对于没有及时公开政务的原因要进行调查,包括对于政务应该公开的时间、相关信息、相关内容、相关责任人等。 Third, relevant departments must also understand related work, and investigate the reasons for not making government affairs public in a timely manner, including the time when government affairs should be made public, related information, related content, and responsible persons.

第四,对于调查的结果要及时形成报告,及时公开相关信息,及时让人民群众了解相关政府工作情况,及时让我们的政府工作人员接受人民的监督。 Fourth, we must form a report on the results of the investigation in a timely manner, disclose relevant information in a timely manner, keep the people informed of relevant government work, and let our government staff accept the supervision of the people in a timely manner. 在调查的过程中不仅要全面考察存在的问题还要态度严谨认真,这样才能减少工作过程中的问题或者差错。 In the process of investigation, we must not only comprehensively examine the existing problems, but also be rigorous and serious, so as to reduce problems or errors in the work process.


、上班中午休息时,小董在午睡,但同事却在打牌,吵到了小董,小董碍于他们的面子,没有说明,如果你是小董,你会怎么做 ? 3. At the noon break at work, Xiao Dong was taking a nap, but his colleagues were playing cards and quarreled with Xiao Dong. Because of their face, Xiao Dong did not explain. If you were Xiao Dong, what would you do ?

【测评要素】人际关系处理能力、压力应变能力 [Evaluation factors] Interpersonal relationship processing ability, stress response ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

正常的午休,可以缓解疲劳,提高工作效率。 A normal lunch break can relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency. 办公室的同事在休息的时间玩电脑这也是无可厚非的,也可以通过游戏来缓解工作压力。 It is understandable that colleagues in the office play computers during the break, and games can also be used to relieve work stress. 但是,利用游戏放松的方式不符合公务员的要求,午休是用来放松的,面对电脑上的游戏可能会造成一些压力,精神过度紧张和兴奋都是不利于休息的,也会影响接下来的工作,并且长期面对电脑对视力和身体都是不利的。 However, the use of games to relax does not meet the requirements of civil servants. The lunch break is used to relax. Faced with games on the computer may cause some stress. Excessive mental stress and excitement are not conducive to rest, and will affect the next Working and facing a computer for a long time are bad for your eyesight and body.

第一,我会很好的利用休息的时间来和大家聊天或者给大家泡茶,在午休的时候告诉大家一些工作过程当中减轻压力的方法,正所谓身体是革命的本钱。 First, I will make good use of the rest time to chat with you or make tea for everyone. During the lunch break, I will tell you some ways to reduce stress during work. The so-called body is the capital of revolution. 建议大家在休息的时候可以做一些有益身体的锻炼活动,如室内保健操,眼保健操,听一些舒缓的音乐等。 It is recommended that you can do some physical exercises during the rest, such as indoor exercises, eye exercises, listening to some soothing music. 让精神和身体都放松下来,以便能更好的投入到工作当中去。 Let your mind and body relax, so you can get better at work.

第二,要采取正当的放松方式,更有效的利用休息时间,使自己能保持好的体力和精力,更好地完成工作。 Second, we must adopt a proper way of relaxation, make more effective use of the rest time, so that we can maintain good physical strength and energy, and complete the work better.



制度限制自由你怎么看待 ? 1. What do you think of the restrictions on freedom in the system ?

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

这个问题我们要辩证的来看。 We need to look at this issue dialectically.

第一,自由的背后是自律,除了自律外,自由还要接受他律,他律就是外在的道德和法律规则的约束。 First, self-discipline lies behind freedom. In addition to self-discipline, freedom must accept other laws, which are the constraints of external morals and legal rules. 因此为所欲为的权利只是自由的一部分,很多人一谈到自由就误解成为所欲为,那就以偏概全了 ; 自律和他律是自由的另一部分,两者合在一起才是完整的自由。 Therefore, the right to do whatever you want is only a part of freedom. Many people misunderstand what they want to do when they talk about freedom, so they are partial ; self-discipline and other laws are another part of freedom, and the combination of the two is complete freedom.

第二,自由并不意味着自己想做什么就可以做什么,自由也约束着人的行为,也就是自由具有社会性。 Second, freedom does not mean that you can do what you want. Freedom also restricts human behavior, that is, freedom is social. 自由需要制度,而制度对自由也是有所保障的,只是由于制度所面对的是最广大的群体,因而必然也保障的是群体而不是个体。 Freedom requires a system, and it also guarantees freedom, but because the system faces the broadest group, it must also protect groups rather than individuals.

所以说制度限制的只是自律,只是外在的道德和法律规则的约束。 So what the system restricts is only self-discipline, and it is only a constraint of external moral and legal rules. 只要是人们在道德和法律规则的范畴内活动,就是自由的。 People are free as long as they operate within the bounds of morality and legal rules.


  、现在有的工作人员上班玩游戏,你有什么措施可以避免 ? 2. Some staff members now work and play games. What measures can you avoid ?

【测评要素】工作态度 [Evaluation Elements] Work Attitude

【测评要素】 [Evaluation Elements]

上班时间玩游戏属于工作作风不踏实,没有真正树立起全心全意为人民服务的理念。 Playing games during work hours is not work-oriented, and does not really establish the concept of serving the people wholeheartedly. 没有把自己的精力投入到为人民服务的工作上去。 Did not devote their energy to work for the people. 我们可以通过以下措施来避免。 We can avoid it through the following measures.

第一,加强教育,使工作人员自觉树立起为人民服务的意识。 First, strengthen education and make staff consciously build a sense of serving the people. 让他们学会自律,远离和服务宗旨无关的任何事情。 Let them learn to discipline themselves and stay away from anything that has nothing to do with the purpose of the service.

第二,出台相关的规定,禁止在工作时间做与工作无关的任何事情。 Second, promulgation of relevant regulations prohibiting doing anything unrelated to work during working hours. 还要建立专门的纪律检查小组。 A special disciplinary inspection team should also be established. 可以定期与不定期的方式来进行检查。 Inspections can be performed on a regular and irregular basis.

第三,对在工作期间玩游戏的人,一旦发现,就要给予警告处分。 Third, those who play games during work must be given a warning if they are found. 通过这样的监督手段,使其不敢在上班时间玩游戏。 Through such monitoring methods, they are afraid to play games during working hours.

通过内外因的相互作用,使得工作人员在自己的工作岗位上更加尽职尽责,更好的履行为人民服务的宗旨和要求。 Through the interaction of internal and external factors, staff members are more responsible and fulfill their duties and fulfill the purpose and requirements of serving the people.


  、看到浩瀚的大海你想到什么 ? 3.What do you think of when you see the vast sea ?

【测评要素】发散思维能力、综合分析能力 [Evaluation elements] Divergent thinking ability, comprehensive analysis ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

大海是生命之源,有很多资源等待着我们去开发,当然环境保护也是必不可少的。 The sea is the source of life. There are many resources waiting for us to develop. Of course, environmental protection is also essential. 4 月,墨西哥湾“深水地平线”钻井平台爆炸引起大量的石油泄漏,美国将面临史上最严重的环境灾难。 In April 2016, the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico caused a large amount of oil leakage, and the United States will face the worst environmental disaster in history. 墨西哥漏油事件会对当地的渔业造成巨大损失,鱼类、鸟类等生物大量死亡。 Mexico ’s oil spill will cause huge losses to local fisheries and kill large numbers of fish and birds. 甚至会伤害到濒临物种。 It can even harm endangered species. 油气散发到大气中,影响人类身体健康。 The release of oil and gas into the atmosphere affects human health. 时间长后,会排放大量有毒气体,加剧大气污染。 After a long time, a large amount of toxic gases will be emitted, which will aggravate air pollution. 墨西哥湾漏油事件,牵动了全世界人民的视线。 The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has caught the eyes of people all over the world.

墨西哥湾漏油事件对我国的启示有以下四点: The enlightenment of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to our country has the following four points:

首先,应该加大海洋石油开发的主管部门以及毗邻的当地政府对石油开采公司的监督力度,确保各项安全生产措施能够严格落实到位,消除能够诱发突发污染灾害事件的隐患。 First of all, it is necessary to increase the supervision of offshore oil development authorities and neighboring local governments on oil production companies to ensure that various safety production measures can be strictly implemented and eliminate hidden dangers that can cause sudden pollution disasters. 做好污染事故的应急预案,并开展全面演练。 Prepare emergency plans for pollution accidents and conduct comprehensive drills. 一旦安全事故发生,各单位、各部门必须密切配合、及时应对,采取一切必要措施,严防石油泄漏污染区域扩大,消除污染海域的石油污染,将突发石油泄漏污染事件对海洋环境的破坏降到最低。 Once a safety accident occurs, all units and departments must cooperate closely and respond in a timely manner, take all necessary measures to strictly prevent the expansion of the oil spill pollution area, eliminate oil pollution in the polluted sea areas, and reduce the damage to the marine environment caused by the sudden oil spill pollution incident. lowest.

其次,石油开采公司应大力加强安全生产措施的落实,通过自检、自查,减少正常生产造成的石油泄漏,排除安全隐患,严防突发石油泄漏污染事故的发生。 Second, oil extraction companies should vigorously strengthen the implementation of safety production measures, through self-inspection and self-inspection, reduce oil leakage caused by normal production, eliminate potential safety hazards, and strictly prevent the occurrence of oil spill pollution accidents.

再次,考虑开采活动对海洋生物、海洋水体、大气、地质等各方面因素的影响,完善海上油气开发工程环境影响评价制度,切实加强污染事故或自然灾害造成的生态环境风险评价。 Thirdly, consider the impact of mining activities on various factors such as marine life, marine water bodies, atmosphere, geology, etc., improve the environmental impact assessment system for offshore oil and gas development projects, and effectively strengthen the assessment of ecological environmental risks caused by pollution accidents or natural disasters.

最后,企业在日常工作中,应该全面、深入地考虑各生产环节,切实将安全生产理念和措施落实到生产中,将环境安全作为安全生产的重要组成部分,减少环境突发事件的发生。 Finally, in daily work, the enterprise should comprehensively and deeply consider all production links, practically implement the concept and measures of production safety into production, take environmental safety as an important part of production safety, and reduce the occurrence of environmental emergencies. 大海是我们大家共同享有的,对于大海保护的责任是重大的,它关系到子孙后代,要求每个人都应保护大海,保护环境。 The sea is shared by all of us, and the responsibility for the protection of the sea is important. It is related to future generations and requires everyone to protect the sea and the environment. 让我们携起手来与一切影响大海,影响环保的人和事作斗争。 Let us join hands to fight against all people and things that affect the sea and the environment.


如何理解“让人民活得更有尊严”。 1. How to understand "make people live more dignified".

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

人的尊严,既指物质层面的,比如学有所教、劳有所得、病有所医、老有所养、住有所居等。 Human dignity refers to both material aspects, such as learning and teaching, gaining from labor, getting medical treatment from illness, supporting from old age, and living from home. 随着经济的发展人民的生活水平也得到了提高,人民的幸福指数也随之提高,但是在很大程度上, GDP 高速增长的同时,人民的幸福指数却是下降的,人民群众还是依然为生活的很多方面担忧,比如说住房问题,教育资源分配问题,农民工待遇、福利问题等,有很多问题等待着政府帮助人民去解决,在这个过程中政府的工作还是任重道远的。 With the development of the economy, the people's living standards have also improved, and the people's happiness index has also increased. However, to a large extent, while the GDP has been growing at a high speed, the people's happiness index has declined, and the people still Many aspects of life are worrying, such as housing issues, education resource allocation issues, migrant worker treatment, welfare issues, etc. There are many issues waiting for the government to help the people to solve. The government's work is still a long way to go in this process.

尊严也包括精神层面的,比如有序参与政府重大决策,可以对政府和官员提出批评和建议,可以充分行使自己的“选举权”而不是“被代表”等。 Dignity also includes spiritual aspects, such as orderly participation in major government decisions, criticism and suggestions to governments and officials, and full exercise of their "voting rights" rather than "represented." 要想在物质满足的同时让人民活的更有尊严,也需要政府在工作过程中保障人权,法律面前人人平等,真正的做到维护社会的公平和正义。 In order to make the people live more dignified while satisfying the material, it is also necessary for the government to protect human rights in the work process, all people are equal before the law, and true social justice and justice can be maintained.

从某种意义上来说,“尊严”是人们幸福指数的一个重要内容,在“丰衣足食”之后,人们更渴望体面地、有尊严的生活着。 In a sense, "dignity" is an important content of people's happiness index. After "rich clothing", people are more eager to live in dignity and dignity. 在确保公民的生存权,让公民享受更加舒适的衣食住行、更小的城乡差别、更多的教育和就业机会,提高生活质量和幸福指数之后还要确保个人的发展权,为每个人的发展提供广阔空间和充足的条件。 After ensuring citizens' right to live, let citizens enjoy more comfortable clothing, food, shelter, smaller urban-rural differences, more education and employment opportunities, and improve the quality of life and happiness index, we must also ensure the right to personal development and provide everyone with development Vast space and ample conditions. 相信我们的政府能够做到温家宝总理在两会期间所说的:“让人民活得更有尊严 ”。 I believe our government can do what Premier Wen Jiabao said during the two sessions: "Let the people live a more dignified life ."


组织一场调查专项资金的活动 ? 2. Organize an activity to investigate special funds ?

【测评要素】计划组织协调能力 [Evaluation elements] Planning organization coordination ability

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]

调查专项资金首先明确调查目的,准确了解专项资金的用处,我一定会认真的调查以保证专项资金能够专款专用,没有被挤占、挪用,切实保证调查数据的准确性和真实性。 First of all, investigating the special funds clearly defines the purpose of the investigation and accurately understands the use of the special funds. I will definitely conduct a serious investigation to ensure that the special funds can be used exclusively for the purpose, without being embezzled or misappropriated, and ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the survey data.

第一,在计划阶段,我会根据调查目的制定详实的前期计划,内容包括调查时间、调查地点、调查方式、调查人员、调查对象以及所需经费等,调查方式主要采取问卷调查、座谈会和访谈相结合的方法,调查对象包括下发资金部门、申请资金部门、落实资金相关的一些部门以及相关人员等。 First, at the planning stage, I will formulate a detailed and preliminary plan based on the purpose of the survey, including the survey time, survey location, survey method, survey staff, survey objects, and required funding. The survey methods mainly include questionnaire surveys, forums and The combination of interviews, the survey targets include the issuing fund department, the fund application department, some departments related to the implementation of funds, and related personnel. 在计划制定完成后,我会及时报领导审批,并根据领导的指示进一步完善。 After the plan is formulated, I will report to the leadership for approval in time, and further improve according to the leadership's instructions.

第二,在活动的准备阶段,我会与单位的财政部门联系,尽快落实行动资金,并联系专家制定合理的调查问卷,务必使问卷能够真实反映专项资金的现状 ; 成立调查工作小组,对调查小组人员进行培训,培训内容包括调查流程、调查方法等,把此次活动的具体活动方案和小组各成员达成一致共识,确保在调查活动过程中做到行动统一、安排统一、内容统一、方式统一,避免在工作中出现不必要的差错。 Second, in the preparation stage of the event, I will contact the financial department of the unit to implement the action funds as soon as possible, and contact the experts to formulate a reasonable questionnaire to ensure that the questionnaire can truly reflect the status of the special funds ; set up an investigation working group, The team members are trained. The training content includes the investigation process, investigation methods, etc. The specific activity plan of this activity and the members of the group have reached a consensus to ensure that the investigation activities are unified in action, arrangement, content and methods. To avoid unnecessary errors in the work.

第三,在具体的实施阶段,首先我会采用问卷调查的方式,对于落实专项资金运用的人员以及部门发放事先设计的科学的问卷,以保证问卷的质量反映真实的情况。 Third, in the specific implementation stage, I will first use a questionnaire survey to issue scientifically designed questionnaires to those who implement the use of special funds and departments to ensure that the quality of the questionnaire reflects the real situation. 其次我会采用座谈会的方式,调查一下专项资金运用情况。 Secondly, I will use a forum to investigate the use of special funds. 再次我会采用暗访的方式在单位的员工以及群众那里听取意见,掌握第一手资料。 Once again, I will use unannounced interviews to listen to the opinions of the employees and the masses of the unit and grasp the first-hand information. 最后我会采用明查的方式直接到专项资金申请以及落实的单位进行考察,了解一下情况是否和暗访的结果有 In the end, I will use the method of direct investigation to go directly to the special fund application and implementation unit to investigate, to find out whether the situation and the results of the unannounced visits have

出入。 Out.

总之,在回收调查问卷阶段,我会对调查数据进行审核整理,并根据本单位的具体情况,采用数据统计分析工具进行分析,以保证数据的科学性和准确性。 In short, at the stage of recycling the survey questionnaire, I will review and sort out the survey data, and use data statistical analysis tools to analyze according to the specific situation of the unit to ensure the scientificity and accuracy of the data. 并总结专项资金的运用落实情况以及在这个过程中存在的问题和问题产生的原因,提出相应的对策,解决自己职权范围内能够解决的问题。 And summarize the implementation of the special funds and the problems existing in this process and the reasons for the problems, and put forward corresponding countermeasures to solve the problems that can be solved within their own scope of authority.

最后,我会撰写出书面报告,向领导汇报后听取意见,整理归档。 Finally, I will write a written report, report to the leaders, listen to opinions, and arrange for filing.


  你和小秦是同学,在你升职之后他把你当陌生人对待,你怎么处理 ? 3. You and Xiao Qin are classmates. After you were promoted, he treated you as a stranger. What do you do ?

【测评要素】人际关系处理能力 [Evaluation Elements] Interpersonal Relationship Processing Ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

在我们的工作和生活中,同学之间的感情是极为真挚和诚恳的,同学是我们生活方式的监督者、工作进步的推动者、知识学习的促进者、事业成功的分享者,因此,我不能因为自己升职了就和同学之间的感情有所不同,反而更应该认真处理好和同学的关系,我相信,正是有他们的支持,才会使我更有动力把本职工作开展更好。 In our work and life, the feelings between classmates are extremely sincere and sincere. Classmates are the monitors of our lifestyle, the promoters of work progress, the promoters of knowledge learning, and the sharers of career success. Therefore, I I ca n’t have different feelings with my classmates just because I have been promoted. Instead, I should deal with the relationship with my classmates seriously. I believe that it is their support that will make me more motivated to carry out my work. it is good.

第一,我得到了升职说明单位对我成绩的认可,这要求我在新的岗位上担负起更重的责任。 First, I was recognized by the promotion description unit for my performance, which required me to assume greater responsibilities in my new position. 我要进一步提升自己的业务水平,充实自己,但是与周围人处理好关系也是至关重要的。 I want to further improve my business level and enrich myself, but it is also important to manage the relationship with the people around me. 我升职了,同学小秦却把我当成陌生人,我很伤心,我会先反思一下为什么会出现这种情况。 I was promoted, but my classmate Xiao Qin regarded me as a stranger. I am very sad. I will first reflect on why this happens. 有可能是因为我升职了,为了能更好的开展工作而忽略了与同学小秦的沟通,使小秦认为我升职了就不在意同学之间的情谊了 ; 有可能是因为我升职后在言谈举止有些地方表现的很不谦虚,或者是我办事的方式方法上较以前有一定的差距,而让小秦感觉到一些压力,误解是我升职的缘故 ; 也有可能是因为小秦自己心里上的一种曲解,他认为我升职了就不再会像以前一样和他相处了。 It may be because I was promoted, and I neglected the communication with my classmate Xiao Qin in order to better work, so that Xiao Qin thought that when I was promoted, I did not care about the friendship between the classmates. After work, I was not very humble in talking and behavior in some places, or there was a certain gap in the way I handled things, and it made Xiao Qin feel some pressure. The misunderstanding was because of my promotion. Qin himself has a misconception. He thinks that when I get promoted, I will no longer get along with him as before.

第二,针对以上情况,我首先会找到同学小秦出来吃个饭,推心置腹的聊聊天,了解一下小秦把我当陌生人的真正原因。 Secondly, in response to the above situation, I will first find my classmate Xiao Qin to come out for a meal, talk heartily, and understand the real reason why Xiao Qin treats me as a stranger. 如果是因为小秦内心认为我升职了不会再象以前一样和他相处,我就耐心真诚的告诉同学小秦我会一如既往的和他做好朋友 ; 如果是因为我升职后和小秦沟通少而造成的误解,我会向他解释工作忙,并请他继续支持我的工作并像以前一样多给我提宝贵意见 ; 如果是因为我的一些语言或是表情伤害到了小秦的感情,我会当即向小秦道歉,请求小秦的原谅,并希望他能够一如既往地对我的错误进行批评和指正。 If it was because Xiao Qin thought that I would not get along with him as before, I would patiently and sincerely tell my classmate Xiao Qin that I would be good friends with him as always ; if it was because I was with Xiao Qin after being promoted Misunderstanding caused by little communication, I will explain to him that he is busy with work, and ask him to continue to support my work and give me as much valuable advice as before ; if it is because of some of my language or expression that hurt Xiao Qin's feelings I will immediately apologize to Xiao Qin, ask Xiao Qin's forgiveness, and hope that he can criticize and correct my mistakes as always.

第三,同学是我生活中的镜子,他会在我犯错误时进行提醒和鞭策 ; 同时同学也是我开展好工作的动力。 Third, my classmate is a mirror in my life. He will remind and spur me when I make mistakes . At the same time, my classmate is also the motivation for me to do a good job. 因此,我一定会在认真开展工作的同时,更加得体地和同学相处,我相信,通过自己的努力和同学的理解和支持,我的工作一定可以开展的更好。 Therefore, I will surely get along with my classmates while carrying out my work seriously. I believe that with my own efforts and the understanding and support of my classmates, my work will definitely be better.

据调查,有 1000 高考状元,在以后的发展过程中都没有在从商、从政、教育科研方面成为顶级人才,你是怎么看的 ? 1. According to the survey, there are 1,000 top -ranked college entrance examination candidates who have not become top talents in business, politics, education and scientific research in the future development process. What do you think ?

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

中国高考状元现象成为每年高考最吸引人的新闻,很多家长、学生心系高考状元、名校,陷入了踌躇满志和求而不得的焦虑当中,似乎成为高考状元,就能获得更好的人生。 The phenomenon of China's college entrance examination champions has become the most attractive news of the college entrance examination every year. Many parents and students are concerned about the college entrance examination champions and famous schools. 殊不知,高考只是人生书本的序言,很多状元大学生在以后的发展过程中渐渐失去优势,在学习工作中趋向于平庸。 As everyone knows, the college entrance examination is only the preface of life books. Many top-ranked college students gradually lose their advantages in the future development process and tend to be mediocre in their work. 究其原因,我认为主要体现在以下几个方面: The reason is that I think it is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

第一,兴趣是最好的老师。 First, interest is the best teacher. 很多高考状元在选大学时过多关注牌子而忽视考虑大学的发展前景,同时缺少良好的职业规划,挑专业时扎堆热门专业,结果进入高校之后,对所学专业没有足够的兴趣,导致学无所长。 Many college entrance examination winners pay too much attention to the brand when they choose a university and ignore the prospects for the development of the university. At the same time, they lack a good career plan. They pick up popular majors when they choose a major. Director.

第二,高校现行教学体制和管理制度滞后,从招生工作到课程设置再到教师考核管理,已经不能适应经济发展、社会发展的需要。 Secondly, the current teaching system and management system of colleges and universities are lagging behind. From enrollment work to curriculum setting to teacher assessment management, it can no longer meet the needs of economic development and social development. 高等教育中职业能力教育的缺位,也是导致高考状元能力下降的主要因素 The absence of vocational competence education in higher education is also the main factor leading to the decline in the ability of the college entrance examination

之一。 one.

第三,应试教育制度片面强调智力因素而忽视多种能力的培养,是很多高考状元沦为高分低能的制度性因素。 Third, the test-oriented education system unilaterally emphasizes intellectual factors and neglects the cultivation of multiple abilities, which is the institutional factor that many college entrance examination champions have become high scores and low abilities. 所谓的高考“状元”,仅仅是按照应试教育唯分数论的尺度排列出来的优胜者。 The so-called "No. 1" in the college entrance examination is only the winners ranked according to the scale of the exam-oriented education only theory.

针对以上的原因,我觉得要想真正成才,首先,要正确认识自我,了解自我,从自身兴趣、爱好等特征出发,选择适合自己的成才之道,做好自我的人生规划,并一步一步脚踏实地的迈进。 In view of the above reasons, I think that in order to truly become a talent, first of all, we must properly understand ourselves, understand ourselves, start from our characteristics of interests, hobbies, etc., choose the way of becoming talents that suits us, make our own life plan, and step by step. Stride forward. 其次,高校不应单纯的追求状元效应而忽略了学生的个性化教育,而是应当加大教学体制改革,调整课程设置,真正的提升学生各方面的能力,并发挥其特长,做到因材施教,人尽其才。 Secondly, colleges and universities should not simply pursue the top-notch effect and neglect the individualized education of students. Instead, they should strengthen the reform of the teaching system, adjust the curriculum, and truly improve the students' ability in all aspects. People do their best. 最后,国家应该加大素质教育进程,注重多元化人才的培养,更好的适应我国各方面发展的要求。 Finally, the country should increase the quality education process, focus on the training of diverse talents, and better adapt to the development requirements of China in all aspects.

高考是步入大学的通道,高考状元只是考场的状元,并不代表是商界状元,政界状元,科研状元。 The college entrance examination is the way to enter the university. The champion in the college entrance examination is only the champion in the examination room, and it does not mean that the business champion, the political champion, or the scientific research champion. 所以,无论是在学习还是工作中,我们都要脚踏实地,勇于拼搏,不能被一时的虚名所迷惑,做到有所擅长有所建树,这样,我们的人生才会更精彩。 Therefore, whether we are studying or working, we must be down-to-earth, brave and hard-working, we cannot be fooled by the temporary vanity, and be good at something and make achievements, so that our lives will be more exciting.

【名师点拨】 [Master teacher dial]

本题是就这几年流行的“高考状元热”引申出来的一道子题,高考状元们光环褪去后的发展又是什么样的呢 ? 一项调查结果让我们看到了其中很多的问题。 This question is an extension of the popular "College Entrance Examination Hot" in recent years. What is the development of the alumni of the College Entrance Examination after the aura fades ? A survey results let us see many of them. 面对这个问题,考生必须坚持客观全面的分析,可以采用主体分析法,分析有关各个主体方面的原因,并能提出相应的解决措施。 In the face of this problem, candidates must adhere to an objective and comprehensive analysis. The subject analysis method can be used to analyze the causes of each subject and propose corresponding solutions.


  请你谈一个和别人合作遇到挫折的事。 2. Please talk about a setback when working with others.

【测评要素】自我认知、人际关系处理能力 [Evaluation Elements] Self-awareness, interpersonal relationship processing ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

在我的人生经历当中,我遇到过这样的事情。 I have encountered such things in my life experience. 当时我和我的两个大学同学一块勤工俭学,我们共同集资从某批发市场进了一些学习和生活用品。 At that time, I was working hard and studying together with my two university classmates. We jointly raised funds to buy some study and daily necessities from a wholesale market. 我们需要到学校的各个宿舍楼去推销产品,在推销过程中我们遇到了很多挫折。 We need to go to the various dormitory buildings of the school to sell products, and we encountered many setbacks during the sales process. 原因有以下几点: The reasons are as follows:

第一,学校的部分学生对上门推销人员和推销的产品不信任,甚至很反感,对我们有着本能的排斥。 First, some students at the school do not trust or even dislike the salespeople and products they sell. They have an instinctive rejection of us. 其实我们和他们一样,都是同一个学校的学生,我们只是利用课下的时间勤工俭学。 ) 这在一定程度上影响了我们的销售收入。 ( Actually, like them, we are all students from the same school. We just use the time off class to work and study. ) This has affected our sales revenue to some extent. 人与人之间这种信任度太低了。 This level of trust between people is too low.

第二,我们自身的勇气还不够足,碰到被拒绝的情况不能很好的继续进行营销。 Secondly, our own courage is not enough, and we cannot continue to conduct marketing in the face of rejection. 沟通和表达能力不是很好,被拒绝后很快就退出来了,没有足够的能力去说服他们购买我们的产品。 The communication and expression skills are not very good. After being rejected, they quit quickly and did not have enough ability to persuade them to buy our products.

第三,我们推销的产品本身也存在一定的问题,不是品牌产品,不能赢得同学们的信任和好感。 Third, the products we sell also have certain problems. They are not branded products and cannot win the trust and favor of students.

总之,挫折是我们一生当中不可避免的,躲开它不如主动迎接它。 In short, setbacks are inevitable in our lives, and it's better to greet them than to avoid them. 人在逆境和挫折中学到的东西会更多更宝贵。 What people learn in adversity and frustration will be more and more valuable. 我们要以积极乐观的态度对待生活中和工作中的各项挑战。 We must deal with challenges in life and work with a positive attitude.


有些公务员行政不作为、乱作为,请你谈谈你的看法 ? 3.Some civil servants do not act in an administrative way or do anything in random. Would you please share your views ?

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答题要点】 [Key points for answering questions]

执行力是目标与结果直接的纽带。 Execution is the direct link between goals and results. 管理大师德鲁克说过:“管理是一种实践,其本质不在于知,而在于行。”政府履行社会管理职责,执行力是不可或缺的要素。 The management guru Drucker said: "Management is a practice, and its essence is not knowledge, but action." Government performance is an indispensable element in fulfilling social management responsibilities. 在激烈的国际竞争中,政府的执行力更成为决定民族兴衰的重要因素。 In the fierce international competition, the executive power of the government has become an important factor that determines the rise and fall of a nation.

公务员作为治国理政的主体,其行政能力制约并决定着政府的管理水平,进而影响着政府的形象和公信力。 As the main body of governing the country, civil servants' administrative ability restricts and determines the level of government management, which in turn affects the image and credibility of the government. 但是我们发现,最近出现了很多公务员不作为甚至乱作为现象,公务员上班时间“偷菜”、聊天、看电影 ; 一些地方社会治安混乱, 公安司法部门却以“破大案,立大功”为由,小事不愿做,大事做不了等等,这些现象都严重的破坏了政府形象,也导致了政府行政效率低下,群众对政府执政力的不信任。 However, we have found that many civil servants have been inactive or even chaotic recently. Civil servants "steal vegetables", chat, and watch movies during work hours ; in some local communities, public security is chaotic, but the public security and justice departments have used "breaking big cases and making great achievements" Unwilling to do small things, unable to do big things, etc. These phenomena have severely damaged the image of the government, and also caused the government's administrative efficiency to be low, and the masses' distrust of the government's governing power. 公务员不作为,乱作为的的现象屡禁不止,究其原应主要有以下几个方面: Civil servants' inaction and disorderly behavior are repeatedly banned. The main reasons are as follows:

第一,一些公务员责任意识、服务意识不强。 First, some civil servants have a weak sense of responsibility and service. 对于上级指示和群众关心的问题被动执行或者变通执行。 Responsibly implement or adapt to the instructions of the superiors and the concerns of the masses. 把自己当作“主子”,把群众当作“仆人”等。 Think of yourself as the "master" and the masses as "servants."

第二,相关法律不健全。 Second, the relevant laws are not complete. 我国大量的法律、法规未对行政行为的方式、时效等作出明确规定,加之我国《国家赔偿法》未明确规定行政不作为和乱作为带来的损害要承担赔偿责任,使得一些行政机关随意不作为甚至乱作为。 A large number of laws and regulations in our country do not clearly stipulate the method and time limit of administrative actions. In addition, our National Compensation Law does not clearly stipulate that the damage caused by administrative inaction and disorderly acts shall be liable for compensation, which makes some administrative agencies not Doing even chaos.

第三,相关监督不到位。 Third, relevant supervision is not in place. 在行政权不断扩张的趋势下,缺少相应的监督措施,对行政机关及其工作人员难以实施有效的管理,致使与公民、法人和其他组织合法权益联系最密切的行政权也成为最缺乏监督和制约的特权。 With the continuous expansion of administrative power, the lack of corresponding supervision measures makes it difficult to implement effective management of administrative organs and their staff. As a result, the administrative power that is most closely related to the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations has also become the most lack of supervision and control. Restricted privilege.

针对以上原因,要想从根本上提高公务员的执行力,我认为应该从以下几个方面来加强提高: In view of the above reasons, in order to fundamentally improve the executive power of civil servants, I believe that the following aspects should be strengthened:

第一,努力提高行政执法人员的素质。 First, strive to improve the quality of administrative law enforcement personnel. 要进一步深化干部人事制度改革,完善公务员制度,强化对行政执法人员的法制教育和职业道德教育,强化其积极履行行政职责的意识,使法制观念和职业道德内化为行政执法人员的行为准则,切实提高依法行政水平。 It is necessary to further deepen the reform of the personnel system of cadres, improve the civil service system, strengthen legal education and professional ethics education for administrative law enforcement personnel, strengthen their awareness of actively performing administrative duties, and internalize legal concepts and professional ethics into the code of conduct for administrative law enforcement personnel Effectively improve the level of administration according to law.

第二,完善相关的法律法规建设,并坚持做到有法必依,执法必严,违法必究。 Second, improve relevant laws and regulations, and insist on having laws that must be followed, law enforcement must be strict, and violations of the law must be investigated. 制定统一的行政程序法。 Develop a uniform administrative procedure law. 加强对行政不作为和乱作为的惩治力度。 Strengthen the punishment of administrative inaction and disorderly actions. 修改国家赔偿法,明确规定行政不作为与乱作为损害应承担赔偿责任等。 Amend the State Compensation Law to make it clear that administrative omissions and arbitrary acts should be held liable for damage.

第三,完善行政监督机制,加强行政执法监督。 Third, improve the administrative supervision mechanism and strengthen administrative law enforcement supervision. 完善的监督机制应是全方位、多元化、立体化的,应当包括立法监督、司法监督、行政监督、群众监督、舆论监督等,构成疏而不漏的监督网络,努力从监督机制上预防行政不作为与乱作为行为的发生,提高监督的整体效能。 The perfect supervision mechanism should be comprehensive, diversified and three-dimensional. It should include legislative supervision, judicial supervision, administrative supervision, mass supervision, public opinion supervision, etc., and constitute an inexhaustible supervision network. Efforts should be made to prevent administration from the supervision mechanism. The occurrence of inaction and disorder acts improves the overall effectiveness of supervision.

公务员执行力是把经济社会发展目标变成现实的实施能力,是行政施政的生命力,是促进发展的推动力,是实现可持续发展的源动力。 Civil servant execution is the ability to implement economic and social development goals into reality, the vitality of administrative governance, the driving force for development, and the source of power for achieving sustainable development. 只有切实提高机关工作人员的执行力,形成“议有决、决有行、行必果”的工作作风,才能切实提高政府办事效率,提升政府公信力,真正做到全心全意为人民服务。 Only by effectively improving the executive power of the staff of the government and forming a work style of "decision, determination, action, and action must be achieved" can we effectively improve the efficiency of government affairs, enhance the credibility of the government, and truly serve the people wholeheartedly.






  你的同事在你身后总是说你的坏话,你是宽容还是仇恨,请谈谈你的看法。 1. Your colleague always speaks bad words behind you, whether you are tolerant or hateful, please talk about your views.

【测评要素】人际关系处理能力、综合分析能力 [Evaluation elements] Interpersonal relationship processing ability, comprehensive analysis ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

第一,同事对我的批评,不能简单的理解为是说我的坏话,我会反思自己在与同事工作中的不当之处,无论是工作中的分歧还是沟通方式上的不当,我都会首先从自身寻找原因。 First, my colleagues' criticism of me cannot be simply understood as saying bad things about me. I will reflect on my inappropriateness in working with my colleagues. Whether it is differences in work or inappropriate communication methods, I will first Find the cause from yourself.

第二,作为一名年轻的工作人员,在与领导和同事工作的过程中,我会积极主动的与同事沟通,消除误会,改善关系。 Secondly, as a young staff member, in the process of working with leaders and colleagues, I will actively communicate with colleagues to eliminate misunderstandings and improve relationships. 并以适当的方式告知该同事,希望他能够当面指出我的问题,我会认真听取他的批评指正,并了解他对我的工作要求,以便更好的与同事合作,使单位的工作能够更加顺利的进行。 And inform the colleague in an appropriate way, hoping that he can point out my problems in person, I will listen to his criticisms and corrections, and understand his job requirements for me, in order to better cooperate with colleagues, so that the work of the unit can be more Smoothly.

第三,我会和领导进行汇报,防止因此事而影响到单位的团结。 Third, I will report with the leaders to prevent the unity of the unit from being affected by this incident. 同时在领导的帮助之下,认真提高 自己的工作能力,尤其是与同事合作的团队工作能力。 At the same time, with the help of leaders, earnestly improve their ability to work, especially the ability to work in teams with colleagues.


、奈李生产区,产量大于销量,到处是奈李,这事由你去处理,你该怎么做。 2 , Nai Li production area, the output is greater than the sales volume, there are Nai Li everywhere, this matter is up to you, how do you do it.

【测评要素】组织协调能力、综合分析能力 [Evaluation elements] Organizational coordination ability, comprehensive analysis ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

首先,要到产区实地调查,了解情况。 First of all, we must go to the production area to investigate and understand the situation. 可以听取产区农民的意见和想法,了解当前卖李难的状况。 You can listen to the opinions and ideas of the farmers in the production area and understand the current situation of difficult selling of plums. 特别是要到村干部中去了解情况,调查往年的产量和销量的统计数据,与今年的情况做一对比,正确认识当前问题的困难程度,以便更好的采取措施。 In particular, it is necessary to go to the village cadres to understand the situation, investigate the output and sales statistics of previous years, and compare it with the situation this year to correctly understand the difficulty of the current problem in order to take better measures. 对于来往的商贩,也不能忽略,到底是什么原因致使奈李滞销,收购的客商更有发言权。 For the merchants who come and go, we cannot ignore what exactly caused Nai Li to be slow-selling, and the acquired merchants have more say. 初步了解情况后,我会整理调查的数据,简单分析后拿出下一步的行动计划,请领导批示。 After initial understanding of the situation, I will sort out the survey data, and after a brief analysis, come up with the next action plan, please ask the leader for instructions.

其次,对于销量不足的问题,最重要的是做好宣传工作。 Secondly, for the problem of insufficient sales, the most important thing is to do a good job of propaganda. 我会向农业专家请教,了解奈李的营养特点和食用价值,在互联网上进行宣传,尤其是阿里巴巴等电子商务网站,消除渠道商的疑虑。 I will consult with agricultural experts to understand the nutritional characteristics and edible value of Nai Li, and carry out publicity on the Internet, especially e-commerce sites such as Alibaba, to eliminate the doubts of channel dealers. 对于来电咨询的客商要认真答复,邀请他们来当地现场考察。 Clients who call for consultation should seriously answer and invite them to visit the local site. 有收购意向和能力的可以推荐给产区的农户。 Those who have the intention and ability to acquire can be recommended to farmers in the production area. 对于往年的收购商家,我们也会尽量创造更好的环境,方便他们的收购简化行政手续的审批,加快商品流通的效率。 For previous purchasers, we will also try to create a better environment to facilitate their acquisitions, simplify administrative approvals, and speed up the efficiency of commodity circulation.

对于种植大户,除了帮助他们联系客商收购外,还可以请专家对于奈李的保鲜进行指导,延长奈李的销售期,避免变质造成损失。 For large planters, in addition to helping them contact merchants to purchase, they can also ask experts to provide guidance on the preservation of Nai Li, extend the sales period of Nai Li, and avoid losses caused by deterioration.

最后,在所有工作暂时告一段落后要将相关的商户和农户的情况做一个汇总,便于建立长期合作的关系。 Finally, after all the work is temporarily behind, a summary of the relevant merchants and farmers is needed to facilitate the establishment of long-term cooperative relationships. 对于本地区的其他农产品的生产和销售,也可以借鉴本次工作的内容,总结经验吸取教训,使农业和农村能够更好的得到发展。 For the production and sales of other agricultural products in the region, you can also learn from the content of this work, sum up experience and learn lessons, so that agriculture and rural areas can be better developed.


  、农民工返乡引起社会治安案例上升,谈谈你对此事的看法。 3. The return of rural migrant workers to social security cases has risen. Tell us what you think about this.

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

第一,由于金融危机的影响,外需减少,在我国一些地区,特别在沿海发达地区,过去主要从事外贸的企业遇到了一些生产上的困境,相当一部分农民工失去了就业岗位,提前返乡的现象使得整个社会经济的运行受到了一定的冲击,沿海的企业出现了用人难的现象。 First, due to the impact of the financial crisis, external demand has decreased. In some areas of China, especially in coastal developed areas, companies that were mainly engaged in foreign trade in the past encountered some production difficulties. A considerable number of migrant workers lost their jobs and returned home early. This phenomenon has caused a certain impact on the operation of the entire society and economy, and it has been difficult for coastal enterprises to employ people. 大批农民工返乡后带来的治安问题也不是十分乐观。 The security problems caused by the return of a large number of migrant workers are not very optimistic.

第二,农民工返乡后使得农村的富余劳动力进一步增加,经济上的活力增强。 Second, the return of rural migrant workers to rural areas has increased the surplus labor force in the rural areas and increased economic vitality. 带来的明显表现就是乡镇配套设施不足的问题被进一步的放大。 The obvious manifestation is that the problem of insufficient supporting facilities in townships has been further amplified. 返乡的农民工带回的是观念上的冲击,技术上的进步和资金上的补充。 The returning migrant workers brought back conceptual shocks, technological advances, and financial supplements. 他们在寻找工作机会,甚至自己创业,在这一过程中他们传统的观念和行政管理体制有着广泛的联系,但又有很多的不同之处。 They are looking for job opportunities and even starting their own businesses. In the process, their traditional ideas have extensive connections with the administrative system, but there are many differences. 由此产生的一系列的摩擦与冲突表现出来的就是治安案例的上升。 The resulting series of frictions and conflicts shows the rise of law and order cases.

第三,这就要求我们基层政府在今后的工作中进一步提高效率,给返乡工作的农民工提供一个良好的环境。 Third, this requires our grass-roots government to further improve efficiency in future work and provide a good environment for migrant workers returning home. 同时加强对于年轻一代农民工的关注和了解,以适应不断发展变化的社会形势。 At the same time, we should pay more attention to and understand the younger generation of migrant workers to adapt to the constantly changing social situation. 在行政管理的制度和程序上,要不断创新,不断完善,不断发展。 In the management system and procedures, we must continue to innovate, improve and develop. 给地方经济的发展提供制度上的保障和法律上的规范。 Provide institutional guarantee and legal norms for the development of local economy. 这样才能够变危机为机遇,实现经济与社会的全面发展,实现城市与乡村的协调发展。 Only in this way can we turn crisis into opportunity, realize the comprehensive development of economy and society, and realize the coordinated development of urban and rural areas.



  对于“少白头,老不愁”,请结合实际谈谈你的看法。 1. Regarding "less white-headed, old and worry-free", please talk about your views based on the actual situation.

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

对于“少白头,老不愁”,我认为其意思是年少的时候努力了,通过自己的拼搏,使自己有了足够的积蓄,年老的时候就不用发愁了。 Regarding "less white-headed, old and worry-free", I think it means that when you were young, you worked hard, so that you had enough savings through your hard work, so you do n’t have to worry about it when you are old. 这就是在教育我们这些年轻人趁着现在有精力有体力的时候要上进,要勤奋,多想一些,多做一些,多积累一些,为自己的将来打好基础。 This is to educate us young people to take advantage of the energy and physical strength now, to be diligent, think hard, do more, accumulate more, and lay a solid foundation for our future.

这句话还让我想起了另一句话,叫做“少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲”,说的是年少时不努力,年老了只能空悲伤,从反面证明了同一个道理。 This sentence also reminded me of another sentence, called "Young and hard not working hard, the old man is sad", that is, when you are young, you do n’t work hard, but you can only feel sad when you are old. 俗话说,一年之计在于春,一日之计在于晨,一生之计在于勤,什么事都要从一开始就打好基础:房屋建筑就要有一个好地基,否则就要倒塌 ; 人才教育就要从娃娃抓起,否则就难以成才。 As the saying goes, the plan of the year lies in the spring, the plan of the day lies in the morning, and the plan of the whole life lies in diligence. You must lay the foundation for everything from the beginning: the building must have a good foundation, otherwise it will collapse ; talent Education must start with the baby, otherwise it will be difficult to become talented. 我们的人生也是如此,只有从一开始就辛勤的耕耘,我们才能在人生的尽头得到收获。 This is also true of our lives. Only by working hard from the beginning can we gain at the end of life.

在我国五千年的历史长河中,流淌着无数这样的故事。 In our country's 5,000 years of history, countless such stories flow. 闻鸡起舞,祖逖每日鸡鸣必起,练武习文,使他成了一名文武双全的旷世名将 ; 书法二王,王献之从小练字,用尽了 18 口大缸的水,他的成绩甚至赶超其父亲王羲之,成为不朽佳话 ; 孔融让梨,小孔融严格要求自己,四岁就知道把大梨让给别人,使他成为一代圣贤。 When the chickens dance, the ancestors will rise every day, and they will practice martial arts, making him a master of both culture and martial arts ; the second king of calligraphy, Wang Xianzhi practiced characters since childhood, exhausted 18 large tanks of water, and his performance was even Catching up with his father, Wang Xizhi, became an immortal story ; Kong Rong gave Pear, and Xiao Kong Rong demanded himself. When he was four years old, he knew he had given up the Big Pear to others, making him a generation of sages. 这些古时候的圣人们用自己的经历告诫着我们要珍惜现在的时光,只有从小就开始努力、从现在就开始奋斗,才会使自己有一个美好的明天。 These saints in ancient times used their own experiences to warn us to cherish the present time. Only by working hard from a young age and struggling from now on can we have a better tomorrow.

总之,珍惜今天就是成就明天,希望天下每一个人都能够从今天做起、从现在做起,努力,奋斗 ! 共创我们更加美好的明天。 In short, cherish today is the achievement of tomorrow, and hope that everyone in the world can start from today, start from now, work hard, and work hard ! Create a better tomorrow for us.

老和尚携小和尚游方,途遇一条河:见一女子正想过河,却又不敢过。 The old monk and the young monk traveled to Fang and encountered a river on the way: seeing a woman who was about to cross the river but did not dare to cross it. 老和尚便主动背该女子趟过了河,然后放下女子,与小和尚继续赶路。 The old monk voluntarily carried the woman across the river, then dropped the woman, and continued to hurry with the young monk. 小和尚不禁一路嘀咕:师父怎么了 ? 竟敢背一女子过河 ? 一路走,一路想,最后终于忍不住了,说:“师父,你犯戒了 ? 怎么背了女人 ? ”老和尚叹道:“我早已放下,你却还放不下 ! ”对于这个问题你是怎么看的 ? The young monk couldn't help whispering all the way: What happened to Master ? How dare to carry a woman across the river ? Thinking all the way, finally I couldn't help it, and said, "Master, have you broken the law ? Why did you carry the woman ? " The old monk sighed "I've put it down, but you can't put it down ! " What do you think of this problem ?

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

题目中,老和尚背了一个女子过河,小和尚说他“犯戒”了,老和尚却说“我已放下,而你却没有”。 In the title, the old monk carried a woman across the river, and the young monk said that he had "broken the ring", but the old monk said "I have let down, but you haven't." 我认为在这个故事中老和尚是对的,因为,在别人有难时出手相助,这是“大义”,所谓的清规戒律只是“小节”。 I think the old monk is right in this story, because it is "righteous" to help others when they are in trouble. The so-called clear rules are only "small sections." 重“大义”而轻“小节”,这一点使我很有感触,这是“放下”的精神——“放得下,才能拿得起”,“心中'无'物,才能有'佛'”。 I am deeply touched by emphasizing "righteousness" and despising "small sections". This is the spirit of "putting down"-"you can only afford it if you put it down", "there is nothing in your heart and you can have a Buddha" ".

有一个典故“酒肉穿肠过,佛祖心中留”,说的是明朝张献忠攻打渝城时,在城外庙里驻扎,强迫庙里的和尚吃肉,众僧无人从命,这时有一个叫破山的和尚说,只要你答应进城后不屠城,我就吃肉。 There is an allusion "the wine and the meat passed through the intestines, the Buddha stayed in the heart", saying that during the Ming Dynasty Zhang Xianzhong attacked Yucheng, he was stationed in a temple outside the city, forcing the monks in the temple to eat meat, and the monks were unavailable. The monk who broke the mountain said, as long as you promised not to slaughter the city after entering the city, I would eat meat. 结果张献忠答应了他,攻下城后果然没有屠城,破山也履行了承诺,边吃边说 “酒肉穿肠过,佛祖心中留”。 As a result, Zhang Xianzhong promised him that the city would not be slaughtered after he captured the city, and Poshan also fulfilled his promise, eating and saying, "The wine and meat passed through the intestines, and the Buddha stayed in his heart." 他是为了一城的百姓才破的戒,他是为了成千上万人的性命才破的戒,这就是善,这就是“佛心”。 He broke the ring for the people of a city. He broke the ring for the lives of thousands of people. This is good, and this is the "Buddha heart." 我们说酒和肉都是佛家的禁忌之物,虽然僧人吃了,但这都是虚幻,只要心中有佛——有佛心、有善心,有修行者的境界,那么,一切的“虚幻”就都不重要了。 We say that wine and meat are taboo things of the Buddhists. Although the monks ate them, they were all illusory, as long as there was a Buddha in their hearts—the Buddha ’s heart, the kind heart, and the state of the practitioner. "It doesn't matter.

在人的一生中,会犯很多很多的错误,有不得已为之,也有无心之过,但这些都不重要,这些都是“酒”和“肉”,我们要注意的不是这些,不要把自己有限的生命浪费在无边无际的计较和悔恨之中,而是去寻找我们心灵的方向,那就是“善”——“大善”,就是我们能够帮助的人,就是“城中无辜的百姓”和“不敢过河的女子”。 In human life, many and many mistakes will be made. There are no choice but to do it, but these are not important. These are "wine" and "meat". We should pay attention to these things. Do n’t treat yourself Limited life is wasted in endless calculations and remorse, but to find the direction of our soul, that is, "good"-"great good", who we can help, "innocent people in the city" and " Women who dare not cross the river. "


  你和单位一同事竞争一个领导职务,有次你安排一项任务,但是该同事不配合,你会怎么处理 ? 3. You compete with a colleague in a leadership position, and once you arrange a task, but the colleague does not cooperate, what will you do ?

【测评要素】人际关系处理能力 [Evaluation Elements] Interpersonal Relationship Processing Ability

【答题要点】 [Key points for answering questions]

同事之间有一个和谐的氛围是非常重要的,它是我们顺利开展工作的基础,如果同事在工作上有困难,我们应该主动的帮助同事,同样的,如果我的工作有了困难,我相信我的同事也一定会来帮我。 It is very important to have a harmonious atmosphere among colleagues. It is the basis for our smooth work. If colleagues have difficulties in work, we should actively help them. Similarly, if my work is difficult, I believe My colleagues will certainly come to help me.

如题目中,一个能竞争领导岗位的同事,我相信,他的工作能力一定很强,并且也一定会对工作负有很强的责任心,不会对工作上的事推脱。 For example, in the title, a colleague who can compete for leadership positions, I believe that his work ability must be very strong, and he must also have a strong sense of responsibility for the work, and will not shirk from work. 至于“不配合任务”一说,我觉得一定是同事有别的工作,比较急或很重要,现在没有精力和时间配合我。 As for "not cooperating with the task", I think that my colleagues must have other work, which is urgent or very important. I don't have the energy and time to cooperate with me now. 大家都是同事,我们应该互相体谅,我会和同事作进一步的交流,一方面,自己先多承担一些工作,并暂时避开必须有同事参与的部分。 Everyone is a colleague. We should be considerate of each other. I will make further exchanges with my colleagues. On the one hand, I will take on more work first, and temporarily avoid the part that requires colleagues to participate. 另一方面,和同事约定时间,待同事忙完现在手里的工作后,我们俩一起完成同事应该担负的部分。 On the other hand, make an appointment with a colleague. After the colleague is busy with the work he is doing, we will complete the part that the colleague should take on. 总之,我相信,通过我和同事共同努力一定能按时按量的完成工作任务。 In short, I believe that through the joint efforts of my colleagues and I will be able to complete the task on time and on volume.

在今后的工作中,我也应该多和同事们学习,不断地提升自己的工作能力,使自己能够更好地完成工作任务,并且在同事们有困难的时候,有更大的力量帮助大家。 In future work, I should also learn more from my colleagues, constantly improve my working ability, so that I can better complete work tasks, and have greater strength to help everyone when colleagues are in trouble.


组织一次地震逃生培训和应急演习,你会怎么做 ? 4. What would you do to organize an earthquake escape training and emergency drill ?

【测评要素】计划组织协调能力 [Evaluation elements] Planning organization coordination ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

为应对近期频繁发生的地震灾害,切实做好我们单位的安全防范工作,提高全体干部、职工的地震逃生意识,使大家能够掌握地震中逃生和求生的基本技能,我一定会认真组织好这次培训和演习活动。 In order to cope with the recent frequent earthquake disasters, do a good job of our unit's safety precautions, raise the awareness of all cadres and employees in earthquake escape, so that everyone can master the basic skills of escape and survival in an earthquake, I will definitely organize Training and exercises.

准备阶段: Preparation Phase:

   调查同事的基本情况,以便根据实际进行科学合理的时间安排和培训演习内容安排,尽量安排大家最关心的地震逃生知识。 (1) Investigate the basic situation of colleagues, in order to carry out scientific and reasonable time schedule and training exercise content arrangements according to the actual situation, and try to arrange the earthquake escape knowledge that everyone cares about as much as possible.

   就培训和演习的时间、地点、培训专家、印发资料和相应物资的采买等作好计划,并报经领导同意后实施。 (2) Make a plan for the time and place of training and exercises, training experts, print materials and purchase of corresponding materials, etc., and report to the leadership for implementation.

   下发培训通知,组织好参训人员,根据计划联系地震局的专家,并根据老师的意见准备学习资料,《地震中逃生、急救、自救常识手册》。 (3) Issue training notices, organize trainees, contact experts from the Seismological Bureau according to the plan, and prepare study materials based on the teacher's advice, "Escaping, First Aid, Self-Rescue Manual for Earthquakes"

   联系场地、交通,做好后勤保障工作。 (4) Contact the site and transportation, and do a good job in logistics support.

实施: Implementation:

   安排车辆接送老师,做好老师的接待工作。 (1) Arrange the vehicle to pick up the teacher and do a good job of receiving the teacher.

   请老师介绍整个培训的学习安排等,包括知识介绍和实际操作演习。 (2) Ask the teacher to introduce the learning arrangements for the entire training, including knowledge introduction and practical exercises. 发放培训手册。 Distribution of training manuals. 除了老师的现场讲解,采取现场提问的形式使大家关于地震的问题和困惑都能够得以解决。 In addition to the teacher's on-site explanations, taking questions on the spot to make everyone's questions and confusion about the earthquake can be resolved. 安排下一步演习工作安排。 Make arrangements for the next exercise.

   理论结束后安排模拟的地震逃生演习,大家按照之前老师的指导和安排安全转移,或者寻找就近的安全地点躲避。 (3) Arrange a simulated earthquake escape exercise after the theory is over. Everyone should follow the instructions of the teacher and arrange a safe transfer, or find a safe place nearby to avoid.

   作好培训过程中的联系和沟通,及时听取同事和专家老师的意见和反馈。 (4) Make contact and communication in the training process, and listen to the opinions and feedback of colleagues and experts and teachers in a timely manner. 重大问题向领导汇报。 Report major issues to leaders.

总结: to sum up:

做好善后工作,如清点物资、结算经费,作好总结,向领导汇报,吸取其中的经验教训,为下次组织类似培训提供参考。 Do a good job of aftercare, such as inventory of materials, settlement of funds, make a summary, report to leaders, learn lessons from them, and provide a reference for the next organization of similar training.


湖北省教育厅发通知:在学校中要大力开展书法教育,对此你怎么看 ? 1. The Hubei Provincial Department of Education issued a notice: We must vigorously develop calligraphy education in schools. What do you think of this ?

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答题要点】 [Key points for answering questions]

对于湖北省教育厅下发的这个通知我是持肯定态度的。 I am positive about this notice issued by the Education Department of Hubei Province. 书法是我国古代文化传承的重要载体,它不仅是汉字无穷魅力的展示,也是对我国悠久历史文化的传承,还是对个人秉性素质的培养和陶冶。 Calligraphy is an important carrier of Chinese ancient culture inheritance. It is not only a display of the infinite charm of Chinese characters, but also an inheritance of China's long history and culture, as well as the cultivation and cultivation of personal qualities. 因此,在学校中大力开展书法教育,是很有益的。 Therefore, vigorously developing calligraphy education in schools is very beneficial.

首先,书法是一门实用的技术,在学校里大力开展书法教育,能够提高学生的书法水平。 First of all, calligraphy is a practical technology, and vigorously developing calligraphy education in schools can improve students' calligraphy level. 写字首要的目的是为了记事和交流感情,起码要把字写得规范、整洁、清楚,使人看了乐于接受,如果把字写得杂乱无章,潦草不堪,那根本无从辨认。 The primary purpose of writing is to memorize and exchange feelings. At least the words must be written in a standardized, neat and clear manner, so that people will read and accept them. 随着电脑的普及,许多学生觉得写字也不是那么重要了,写字水平也有所降低,在这个时候大力开展书法教育,是很有必要的。 With the popularization of computers, many students feel that writing is not so important, and the level of writing has also decreased. It is necessary to vigorously develop calligraphy education at this time.

其次,书法是一门特殊的艺术,是文化的载体。 Secondly, calligraphy is a special art and a carrier of culture. 汉字书法被誉为无言的诗,无行的舞,无图的画,无声的乐。 Chinese character calligraphy is known as silent poetry, dancing without lines, painting without pictures, and silent music. 让学生更多的接触这种美的艺术能够陶冶学生的情操,同时,古往今来,有许多著名的书法家,他们的故事生平,如“书圣”王羲之的“墨池”、“草圣”怀素和尚的“笔塚”,以及“颜筋柳骨”等,既能拓展学生的知识面,又能帮助学生培养勤奋刻苦、乐观向上的精神。 Making students more exposed to this beautiful art can cultivate the sentiments of students. At the same time, there are many famous calligraphers from ancient times to the present. The monk's "Bizuka" and "Yanjin Liugu" can not only expand the students' knowledge, but also help students cultivate a hard-working, optimistic spirit.

最后,由于电脑的普及,现在很多人很少用笔了,长此以往,作为具有悠久历史传统的汉字书法很可能会遗失,“天质自然,丰神盖代”将不复存在,因而,在学校中大力开展书法教育,从更高的意义上来说,是对我国传统文化的保护。 Finally, due to the popularity of computers, many people now rarely use pens. In the long run, Chinese calligraphy with a long historical tradition is likely to be lost, and "natural nature, Fengshen Gaidai" will no longer exist. Therefore, in schools The vigorous development of calligraphy education in China is, in a higher sense, the protection of China's traditional culture.

当然,湖北省教育厅的这个通知也只能起到暂时的倡导作用,要想使书法教育真正达到其应该达到的目的,就需要学校的老师们将书法教育融入到平时的教学中去,在教学中培养学生的兴趣,使得学生能够领会到其中的乐趣。 Of course, this notice from the Education Department of Hubei Province can only serve as a temporary advocacy function. To make calligraphy education truly achieve its intended purpose, teachers in schools need to integrate calligraphy education into their usual teaching. Cultivate students' interest in teaching, so that students can appreciate the fun.


有公务员在接待群众对群众大声咆哮,被称为 2. There are civil servants roaring at the crowd during the reception, known as “咆哮哥”,你做了公务员后如何接待来访群众 ? "Snarling Brother", how do you receive visiting people after you become a civil servant ?

【测评要素】 工作态度、综合分析能力 [Evaluation elements] Work attitude, comprehensive analysis ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

“咆哮哥”事件是指广州法制办彭某与前来办事的市民大声争吵,态度傲慢,这是部分公务人员粗暴无礼的代表,是旧式衙门作风的影子。 The "snarling brother" incident refers to Peng Mou, the legal office in Guangzhou , arguing loudly with arrogant citizens. This is a representative of the rudeness of some civil servants, and is the shadow of the old-fashioned knocking style. “咆哮哥”式的作风并非只存在于个别人身上,“门难进、脸难看、事难办”现象在某些政府机关依然严重。 The "snarling brother" style does not only exist in individual people. The phenomenon of "difficult to enter the door, ugly face, difficult to do" is still serious in some government agencies. 作为一名合格的公务员,必须以“咆哮哥”事件为鉴,切实加强自身作风建设,强化服务意识,改进工作作风。 As a qualified civil servant, we must learn from the "Browling Brother" incident, strengthen our style of work, strengthen our sense of service, and improve our work style.

“群众利益无小事”,接待群众来访是公务员知民之所需、解民之所忧的重要方式,必须引起我们的高度重视。 "There is no trivial matter for the interests of the masses." Receiving a mass visit is an important way for civil servants to understand the people and relieve their worries. It must attract our great attention. 如果是我负责接待群众来访,我会从以下几点认真做好这项工作: If I was responsible for receiving people's visits, I would do this work carefully from the following points:

第一,热情接待。 First, warm reception. 对于来访者要热情欢迎,以礼相待。 Welcome the visitors warmly and treat each other with courtesy. 群众一进门,应主动起身迎接,热情问候。 As soon as the masses came in, they should take the initiative to meet and greet them warmly. 称呼上要有礼貌,然后要请对方坐下谈话。 Be polite and ask the person to sit down and talk. 当群众离开时,应起身相送,握手作别。 When the masses leave, they should stand up and shake hands to say goodbye.

第二,真心帮助。 Second, I really help. 国家工作人员是人民的公仆,当人民群众上门相求时,要真心实意的帮助来访者,不讲任何价钱,不允许把来访者推来推去,更不允许像“咆哮哥”无视群众诉求、伤害群众感情。 State workers are the public servants of the people. When the people come to ask for help, they must help the visitors sincerely. They don't talk about any price, they are not allowed to push the visitors around, and they are not allowed to ignore the demands of the crowd like "Roar Brother" Harm the feelings of the masses.

第三,认真处理。 Third, deal with it carefully. 要耐心细致地询问来访群众的有关情况,查看来访人的证件,倾听来访人反映情况,阅读、复印来访人所带材料,并对接谈的重要内容做详细记录,事后归类整理,及时上报领导审查或交相关部门负责处理 ; Patients must be patiently and meticulously inquired about the visitor's information, check the visitor's documents, listen to the visitor's report, read and copy the materials brought by the visitor, and make detailed records of the important content of the interview, classify them afterwards, and promptly report to the leader Review or refer to the relevant department for handling ;

第四,重视反馈和监督。 Fourth, attach importance to feedback and supervision. 一方面要注重解决群众困难,及时将处理进度和结果等信息向群众反映,重视收集群众的反馈意见 ; 另一方面要积极接受群众的监督,重视群众对工作效果和效率的评价,不断改进工作方式方法和作风。 On the one hand, we must pay attention to solving the difficulties of the masses, timely reflect the progress and results and other information to the masses, and attach importance to collecting feedback from the masses ; on the other hand, we must actively accept the supervision of the masses, attach importance to the masses' evaluation of work effectiveness and efficiency, and continuously improve our work. Ways and styles.

做好群众来访接待工作是建设服务型政府、切实转变工作作风的一个重要方面。 Doing a good job of receiving people's visits is an important aspect of building a service-oriented government and effectively changing the style of work. 这对于每个公务员来说,就必须深入实际,发现问题,解决问题。 For each civil servant, it is necessary to go deep into the actual situation, find problems, and solve problems. 密切联系群众,关心群众疾苦,倾听群众呼声,为群众排忧解难,和广大人民群众一道知难而进,开拓进取,艰苦奋斗,共克时艰。 Keep close contact with the masses, care about their sufferings, listen to the voices of the masses, solve their problems, and work with the broad masses of the people to forge ahead, forge ahead, work hard, and overcome the difficulties together.


当前离婚率居高不下,有人说是社会经济发展的正常现象,有人说是道德败坏的结果,对此你怎么看 ? 3. The current divorce rate remains high. Some people say that it is a normal phenomenon of social and economic development, and some people say it is the result of moral corruption. What do you think about this ?

【测评要素】综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答题思路】 [Question ideas]

离婚率居高不下在世界范围内都是一个普遍现象,我认为其出现有一定的合理性和必然性,是社会经济发展的影响之一,不能完全用“道德败坏”一以贯之。 The high divorce rate is a universal phenomenon worldwide. I think its appearance has a certain degree of rationality and inevitability. It is one of the effects of social and economic development, and it cannot be consistently used with "moral corruption".

随着社会经济的发展,人们的婚姻观念和生活方式都发生了巨大的变化。 With the development of society and economy, people's concept of marriage and lifestyle have undergone tremendous changes. 我认为可能有以下几方面的原因导致离婚率居高不下。 I think there may be several reasons for the high divorce rate.

第一,物质需求满足之后,人们开始越来越追求精神上的幸福感,由于个体的性格、成长环境、家庭背景等差异很大,很多婚姻不能很好的融合,离婚就成了最有效地解决方式。 First, after material needs are met, people are increasingly pursuing spiritual well-being. Due to the large differences in personality, growth environment, family background, etc., many marriages cannot be well integrated, and divorce has become the most effective Solution.

第二,我们国家坚持婚姻自由的政策,在法律和道德层面上对婚姻的约束更加宽松,这也是导致离婚率增加的重要因素。 Second, our country adheres to the policy of freedom of marriage, and restricts marriage in a legal and moral level. This is also an important factor that leads to an increase in the divorce rate. 在西方国家,离婚不会受到来自家庭和社会的指责或约束 ; 而一些发展中国家近年受西方价值观的影响,社会对婚姻的态度也更加宽容。 In western countries, divorce is not subject to criticism or restraint from the family and society ; in recent years, some developing countries have been influenced by western values, and society's attitude towards marriage has become more tolerant.

第三,根据有些媒体报道,世界经济动荡和经济转型带来夫妻双方心理不平衡,草率结婚后因经济纠纷离婚也是原因之一。 Third, according to some media reports, the world economic turmoil and economic transformation have brought about psychological imbalance between husband and wife, and divorce due to economic disputes after a hasty marriage is also one of the reasons.

一位法国电影导演曾说,离婚是一种自由和独立精神觉醒的表现,我很赞同,但在具体对待婚姻时,人们需要更多的理性和慎重。 A French film director once said that divorce is a manifestation of free and independent spiritual awakening, and I agree with it, but people need more rationality and prudence when treating marriage specifically. 因为在现实的社会环境中,婚姻不只是两个人的事情,离婚还涉及到情感、家庭、孩子等诸多问题,因为孩子的抚养权和财产分割问题导致夫妻双方对簿公堂的事件也数见不鲜,家庭的分裂对孩子的成长有极坏的影响。 Because in a real social environment, marriage is not just a matter of two people. Divorce also involves many issues such as emotions, family, and children. Because of child custody and the division of property, it is not uncommon for husbands and wives to file divorce incidents. The division of the family has a very bad impact on the growth of the child. 当然,我们也应该相信,随着社会经济的发展进步,人们也会用更多的理性和智慧来对待婚姻,从而使社会更和谐。 Of course, we should also believe that as social and economic development progresses, people will also treat marriage with more reason and wisdom, so as to make society more harmonious.


对于“公务员要树立良好的职业道德、社会公德、家庭美德”,谈谈你的理解。 1. Talk about your understanding of "civil servants must establish good professional ethics, social morality, and family virtues."

【测评要素】 综合分析能力 [Evaluation Elements] Comprehensive Analysis Capability

【答题思路】 [Question ideas]

职业道德、社会公德、家庭美德是构建我国社会主义道德体系的重要基础。 Professional ethics, social morality, and family virtues are important foundations for building our socialist moral system.

职业道德的建立意味着我们必须坚持以正确的道德观念对待自己的工作,社会公德的确立使我们能够带着足够的责任心生活在这个社会中,家庭美德则是我们建立一个幸福美满家庭的前提条件。 The establishment of professional ethics means that we must insist on treating our work with correct moral concepts. The establishment of social morality enables us to live in this society with sufficient responsibility. Family virtue is the prerequisite for us to build a happy and happy family. condition.

三种道德观念对于现实工作生活都具有重要的指导价值,如果我能有幸走上公职岗位,我将努力将三种道德观念贯彻到日常工作生活中来,很好地平衡家庭与事业,做人与做事、原则与冲突等各种各样的矛盾,力争做一名优秀的公务员。 The three moral concepts have important guiding values for real work and life. If I am fortunate enough to take up a public post, I will work hard to implement the three moral concepts into my daily work and life, and balance family and career well. Various contradictions such as work, principles and conflicts, and strive to be an excellent civil servant.


领导脾气不好,老是批评你,你怎么办 ? 2. The leader has a bad temper and always criticizes you. What do you do ?

【测评要素】人际关系处理能力 [Evaluation Elements] Interpersonal Relationship Processing Ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

第一,我会抱着平常心去面对领导的批评,不去抱怨领导脾气不好,不能对领导有任何成见。 First, I will face the criticisms of leaders with my usual heart. I will not complain about the bad temper of the leaders and I will not have any prejudice against the leaders.

第二,我要对自己进行反思,去寻找问题产生的根源。 Second, I need to reflect on myself to find the source of the problem. 如果是自己工作能力存在问题,我会努力提高工作能力,以达到领导的要求。 If there is a problem with my ability to work, I will work hard to improve my ability to meet the requirements of the leadership. 如果是工作态度上存在问题,我会积极改进,提高认识,以饱满的热情去面对工作。 If there is a problem with work attitude, I will actively improve, raise awareness, and face work with full enthusiasm. 如果是人际关系方面存在问题,我要尽力去和同事沟通,及时化解矛盾,创造一个良好的工作氛围。 If there are problems in interpersonal relationships, I will try my best to communicate with colleagues, resolve conflicts in time, and create a good working atmosphere.

第三,根据上述分析得出的结论,我会努力与各方沟通,通过了解彼此的想法来解决问题。 Third, based on the conclusions of the above analysis, I will try to communicate with all parties and solve the problem by understanding each other's ideas.

总之,要反思自己在处理问题时暴露出的不足和收获,以扬弃的心态认真总结。 In short, we must reflect on the deficiencies and gains we have exposed in dealing with problems, and conscientiously summarize them with the attitude of sublation.


领导让你组织开展本单位的低碳办公活动,你怎么做 ? 3. The leader asked you to organize the low-carbon office activities of your unit. What do you do ?

【测评要素】计划组织协调能力 [Evaluation elements] Planning organization coordination ability

【答案要点】 [Key points of answer]

低碳办公是我国政府努力推行绿色办公,建设和谐社会的重要举措,我一定认真对活动进行计划安排,保证活动的顺利进行。 Low-carbon office is an important measure of our government's efforts to promote green office and build a harmonious society. I must seriously plan and arrange activities to ensure the smooth running of activities.

在计划阶段,我会从“人、财、物、地、时”五个方面对活动进行详细计划,形成计划方案,并提交领导审批。 In the planning stage, I will carry out detailed planning of activities from five aspects: "people, finance, material, land, and time" to form a plan and submit it to the leadership for approval.

在领导审批通过后,依据计划开展组织活动。 After the approval of the leadership, organize the activities according to the plan.

进入活动实施阶段。 Enter the implementation phase of the event. 这一阶段将注意突发事件的处理,对可能出现的各种情况准备应急预案,一旦发生可以立即启动预案。 At this stage, we will pay attention to the handling of emergencies, prepare emergency plans for various situations that may occur, and start plans immediately if they occur.

最后,对活动中出现的问题进行及时总结,并形成书面材料向领导汇报。 Finally, sum up the problems in the event in time and form written materials to report to the leaders.

























81湖南省纪委公务员面试题 Interview questions of civil servants of Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection on August 1 , 2016

、某领导说,做人要像做人,做官不能像做官,你怎么理解这句话? 1. A leader said that being a man must be like being a man, and being an official cannot be an official. How do you understand this sentence?
、外省某单位来你校进行招聘毕业生,你是该校负责这个事情的领导,问你该如何做? 2. A unit from another province came to your school to recruit graduates. You are the leader of the school responsible for this matter. How do you do it?
、小彭和某外科室某人有矛盾,而且确实是外科室某人的错,小彭要你为他主持公道,你该如何做? 3 , Xiao Peng and someone in a surgical room have a contradiction, and it is indeed the fault of someone in the surgical room, Xiao Peng wants you to preside over him, what should you do?

81日下午山西 阳泉公务员面试题 Interview questions of Yangquan civil servants in the afternoon of August 1 , 2016

、假如你被聘用为公务员,是工作重点重要还是工作细节重要? 1. If you are hired as a civil servant, is your work important or important?
、“虎照门”“躲猫猫”……等一些事件经网络曝光后,很快得到解决,“网络问政”得到极大的发展,但是人民网一项调查显示对人们对相信政府“网络问政”能使问题得到有效解决的只有15% ,“网络问政”面临“信任危机”,造成这种现象的原因是什么,你如何化解这个问题? 2. Some incidents such as "Tiger Photo Gate", "Hide the Cat", etc. were quickly resolved after being exposed on the Internet, and "Internet Asking for Politics" has been greatly developed. However, a survey by People's Daily showed that people believe in the government Only 15% of the problems can be effectively solved by "Internet political affairs". "Internet political affairs" is facing a "crisis crisis". What are the reasons for this phenomenon and how do you resolve this problem?
、国家去年61号开始实行限塑令,但很多小商小贩还在提供免费塑料袋(包括厚度小于0.025mm) ,如果让你组织一次查处违反“限塑令”行为的活动,你如何组织? 3. The country started to implement the plastic restriction order on June 1 last year, but many small business vendors still provide free plastic bags (including thickness less than 0.025mm) . If you are asked to organize an activity to investigate and punish violations of the plastic restriction order, How is it organized?

82浙江永嘉事业面试题 August 2 , 2016 Zhejiang Yongjia Career Interview Questions

A对我热情,B对我冷淡,CAB之间有矛盾,你怎样处理? 1.A is enthusiastic about me and B is indifferent to me . Listen to C saying that there is a contradiction between A and B. What do you do ?
、领导叫你带队到别单位考察,但是别的单位已有考察团在考参,你怎么处理? 2. The leader asked you to lead a team to another unit for inspection, but other units have already been visited by the inspection team. What do you do?
、漫画题:公务人员每日签写'今日我未喝酒'的监督表单,以表示自己工作时间未违反纪律,谈谈看法? 3. Comic title: Public servants sign a supervision form of ' I haven't drunk today ' to show that they have not violated discipline during working hours.

84上海长宁事业面试题 Shanghai Changning Career Interview Questions on August 4 , 2016
、介绍经历和报考岗位优劣势? 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of introducing experiences and applying for positions?
、大学生创业看法? 2. College students' entrepreneurial views?
、组织活动。 3. Organize activities.
、对报考岗位的理解? 4. What is the understanding of the post?

86四川 绵阳梓潼事业面试题 Interview Questions for Zijing Career in Mianyang , Sichuan on August 6 , 2016
、用3个词语概括你的优点,并讲讲你今后如何克服缺点开展工作? 1. Summarize your strengths in 3 words , and talk about how you can overcome your weaknesses and work in the future?
、你是单位负责考勤的人,有老同事经常不遵守考勤制度,你如何看待? 2. You are the person in charge of attendance at the unit. Some old colleagues often do not follow the attendance system. What do you think ?
、对与'尽信书,则无书'你如何理解? 3.How do you understand the question of `` believe in the letter , but no book '' ?

86日山西晋城公务员面试题 Interview questions for civil servants of Shanxi Jincheng on August 6 , 2016

、刺猬取暖远了取不了暖,近了又相互剌着对方,请联系实际谈谈你的理解? 1. Hedgehogs can't get warm when they are far away, and they are holding each other when they are close. Please contact the actual to talk about your understanding?
、温总理在湖南一所大学给同学们讲:此时、此地、此身。 2. Premier Wen told classmates at a university in Hunan: At this time, here, here. How do you understand
、今年是建国60周年,你有什么感受? 3. This year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. How do you feel?

86河南省(工商)事业面试题 August 6 , 2016 Henan Province (Business and Industry) Career Interview Questions

、现在有高考无用论的说法,谈谈你的看法? 1. Now there is a saying that the college entrance examination is useless. Tell us what you think?

、影响最大的一次活动,并说一下对对此的贡献。 2. The most influential event and talk about its contribution to it.

、你发现单位体制有漏洞开会时给领导说了但他不采纳你怎么办? 3. You told the leader when there was a loophole in the unit system, but he did n’t adopt it, what should you do?

8月某地公选领导(税务副处)面试题 Interview Questions for Publicly Selected Leaders (Deputy Taxation Office) in August 2016

The total answer time is fifteen minutes, with questions, draft paper, pen.
、有人说工作要“外方内园”,还有人说工作要“外圆内方”你怎么看? 1. Some people say that work must be "inside the outer garden", and some people say that work must be "inside the outer circle" What do you think ?
、如果你当选为副处级干部,你的分管工作将会由别的副局长分配给你,但该副局长有想法,你怎么处理? 2. If you are elected as a deputy director, your deputy job will be assigned to you by another deputy director, but the deputy director has an idea, what do you do ?
、结合当地实际谈谈落实全年税收任务的具体办法? 3.Combining with local actualities, talk about specific methods to implement the annual taxation task ?

88安徽 亳州事业面试题 August 8 , 2016 Quzhou Career Interview Questions

、联系“俯卧撑”“躲猫猫”……谈谈“网络问政”热产生的原因? 1. Contact "Push-ups", "Hide the cat" ... Talk about the cause of the "Internet Asking Politics" fever ?
、领导安排你组织一次预防H1N1宣传活动? 2. The leader arranged that you organize an H1N1 prevention campaign?
、单位同事能力不如你,却得到领导赏识,你有何看法? 3. Your colleagues in the unit are not as good as you, but are appreciated by the leaders. What do you think?
、有人说到事业单位工作求工作稳定,但上进心不足,你是怎么看待? 4. Some people say that the work of public institutions requires stable work, but lack of motivation. What do you think?

88江苏 苏州村官面试题 Interview Questions for Suzhou Village Officials in Jiangsu Province on August 8 , 2016
、对于如今大学生村官要“下得去,待得住,干得好,流得动”,对此谈谈你的看法? 1. Regarding the college student village officials who want to "go down, stay up, do a good job, and be mobile", what is your opinion on this?
、随着经济发展,村里面的流动人口越来越多,给村里管理带来诸多不便,你是一个刚进村里村官,对此你该怎么做? 2. With the economic development, the floating population in the village is increasing, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the village management. You are a village official who just entered the village. What should you do about this?
、村里面有群众发疾病,说和本村的企业污染有关,对此,村里群众要上访,你获知这个消息后,你该怎么办? 3. There are people in the village who are sick and say that they are related to the pollution of the village's enterprises. In this regard, the people in the village have to petition. What should you do after you know the news?

89天津北辰事业面试题 August 9 , 2016 Tianjin Beichen Career Interview Questions
、针对自己所报岗位和自己的特点,谈谈你如何做才能胜任工作? 1. According to the position you reported and your own characteristics, talk about how you can do the job competently?
、当今社会经济发展的同时,环境污染问题也越来越突出,请你谈谈你的看法? 2. At the same time as social and economic development, the problem of environmental pollution has become more and more prominent. Please tell us what you think?
、如果领导安排你去了解农村农民子女就业的情况,你如何开展这项工作? 3. If the leader arranges you to understand the employment situation of the children of rural farmers, how do you carry out this work?
、你的一个同事,工作能力没有你强,但是却得到晋升,你如何看待? 4. A colleague of yours is not as capable as you, but has been promoted. What do you think?
8月河南新乡公选领导(科技副乡长)面试题 August 2016 Henan Xinxiang Publicly Selected Leadership (Vice Minister of Science and Technology) Interview Questions
、新乡市准备开展“农业科技宣传月”活动,请你针对此活动提出两条宣传口号,并对此活动提出你的建议. 1. Xinxiang City is preparing to launch the "Agricultural Science and Technology Publicity Month" event. Please propose two publicity slogans for this event and make your suggestions for this event .
、在金融危机形势下,大量农民工返乡,有人认为这会给政府带来很大的就业、包括福利待遇的负担,请谈谈你的看法! 2. During the financial crisis, a large number of migrant workers returned to their hometowns. Some people think that this will bring a lot of employment, including welfare benefits, to the government. Please talk about your views!
、你学历高,能力又强,但在刚上任科技副乡长的时候,你的下属不配合,不服从你的安排,你该怎么做? 3. You have a high degree of education and strong ability, but when you first took the post of Deputy Chief of Science and Technology, your subordinates did not cooperate and did not obey your arrangements. What should you do?
、作为高新技术员,你如何在市区范围内推广高新科技产业的发展? 4. As a high-tech employee, how do you promote the development of high-tech industries in the urban area?
810山东滨州事业面试题 August 10 , 2016 Binzhou career interview questions in Shandong Province
、国学大师季羡林说过“不要说假话,要说真话。假话全不说,真话不全说”谈谈你对这句话如何理解。 1. Ji Xianlin, a master of Chinese studies, said, "Don't tell lies, but tell the truth. Don't say anything, don't tell the truth." Talk about how you understand this sentence.
、你为什么报考这个职位? 2. Why did you apply for this position? And explain why.
810日浙江余杭区事业面试题 Career Interview Questions in Yuhang District, Zhejiang Province, August 10 , 2016
、你怎么看待三农问题? 1. What do you think of the issues concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers?
、如何看待工作是压力,自己能否承受工作中的压力? 2. How to treat work as stress? Can I bear the pressure at work?
、你跟张某出差办事,由于张某的失误造成了一些问题,但是跟领导汇报时,张某却说是你的失误,你怎么处理? 3. When you went on a business trip with Zhang, there were some problems caused by Zhang's mistakes, but when reporting to the leader, Zhang said that it was your mistake. What should you do?
812日浙江省村官面试题 Interview questions of village officials in Zhejiang Province on August 12 , 2016
、如果你被录取了,村委给你办欢迎会,需要你做一下自我介绍,你该怎样介绍自己? 1. If you are accepted, the village committee will give you a welcome party. You need to introduce yourself. How should you introduce yourself?
、现在H1N1型流感蔓延,假如你村里刚好有一位留学生回来,引起了村民恐慌,作为村官你该怎么办? 2. Now that H1N1 influenza is spreading, if an international student in your village happens to come back, causing panic among the villagers, what should you do as a village official?
、修高速需要经过村里,有部分公墓要迁走,村名认为迁祖坟会破坏风水,作为村官,你该如何处理? 3. You need to pass through the village to repair the highway. Some cemeteries need to be removed. The village name thinks that the ancestral tomb will destroy Feng Shui. As a village official, what should you do?
812日湖北省公领导(审计厅副厅长)面试题 Interview Questions of Public Leaders (Deputy Director of the Audit Office) of Hubei Province on August 12 , 2016
、当前,一些地方和部门在工作中存在联系领导多,联系群众少;听汇报多,深入基层少;发文件多,抓落实少,你认为出现这种情况原因是什么? 1. At present, some localities and departments have more contacts with leaders and less contact with the masses; they listen to more reports and go to the grass-roots level; they send more documents and less implementation. What do you think is the reason for this? How to change this situation?
、假如你走上新的工作岗位后,发现分管处室的同志踏实敬业,但缺乏开拓创新的精神,有的工作压力大,但平时对自己要求不严,还有的工作认真,但缺乏大局观念,你将如何带好这支队伍? 2. If you take up a new job, you will find that the comrades in charge of the office are practical and dedicated, but they lack the spirit of pioneering and innovative work, and some work under pressure, but they are not strict with themselves, and they have serious work but lack The big picture, how will you lead this team?
、某厅拟用半年的时间对过去出台的政策性、规范性文件进行清理,其中有不少是和其他部门联合发文的,这项工作涉及面广、难度大,假如你是该厅的副厅长你该怎么做? 3. A certain hall plans to clean up the policy and regulatory documents issued in the past within half a year, and many of them are jointly issued with other departments. This work involves a wide range and is difficult. If you are from the hall, What should you do, deputy director? What do you think are the difficulties in your work? What will you do?
、近年来,我省审计工作在长足发展的同时。 4. In recent years, the audit work in our province has been developing rapidly. It is also facing increasing audit risks, especially investment audit risks. Please talk with us about the actual aspects of investment audit risks. How to prevent it?
813日湖北公选领导(省妇联副主席)面试题 Interview Questions for Leaders (Deputy Chairman of the Provincial Women's Federation) in Hubei on August 13 , 2016
、在全面推进党的建设新的伟大进程中,提高领导干部的从政道德水平至关重要,请你结合实际谈谈对这个问题的看法? 1. In the new great process of comprehensively building the party, it is important to raise the level of political ethics of leading cadres. Would you please talk about your views on this issue based on the actual situation?
、举一个以往领导工作中,你亲自组织和参与的一项比较复杂的任务,在此之中遇到了那些组织与协调方面的困难? 2. For example, in the past, you have organized and participated in a relatively complicated task. What difficulties did you encounter in organizing and coordinating? What was the situation then and how did you solve it? What did you learn from it?
、些单位在调研工作中出现这样的现象:调查多,研究少;报告多,成果少,即使有些成果也很少在实践中得到应用。 3. Some units have such a phenomenon in their research work: there are more investigations and less research; more reports and less results, and even some results are rarely applied in practice. Please talk about the reasons for the above problems, and talk about your opinions on doing a good job in research in combination with the actual situation.
、随着我国社会的不断发展和进步,妇女因行业、职业、地域、年龄、家庭情况等差异分化为不同的社会阶层和利益群体,在这种情况下,妇女维权工作出现了哪些新变化? 4. With the continuous development and progress of our society, women are divided into different social classes and interest groups due to differences in industries, occupations, regions, ages, and family conditions. In this case, what new changes have occurred in women's rights protection work? ? As the vice chairman of the Women's Federation, how to strengthen the pertinence and effectiveness of women's rights protection work?

8福建 泉州事业 面试题 August 2016 Fujian Quanzhou Career Interview Questions
、你认为你的个性特点适合这次报考的职位吗? 1. Do you think your personality is suitable for the position you are applying for?
、一家冰箱厂发现存在质量问题的冰箱将其全部砸掉,有人认为应该砸,谈谈你的看法? 2. A refrigerator factory found that all the refrigerators with quality problems smashed them all. Some people think that they should be smashed. Tell us what you think?
、你的领导比较严肃,有天你和同事在背后议论他,结果发现他站在你们后面,你知道他肯定听到了议论,你怎处理? 3. Your leader is more serious. One day, you and your colleague talked about him behind, and found that he was standing behind you. You know that he must have heard the argument. What should you do?
813广西 南宁事业面试题 August 13 , 2016 Nanning , Guangxi career interview questions
、介绍你的经历(要求提及姓名,毕业学校) 1. Introduce your experience (requires name, graduation school)
、你经历的最大的一次摩擦是什么,怎么处理,后来结果怎样? 2. What was the biggest friction you experienced, how to deal with it, and what was the result?
、单位你一人值班,上级领导来视察,询问你所不了解的工作细节,当时你联系不上你的领导,你怎么办? 3. You are on duty alone in the unit. The superior leaders come to inspect and ask for details of the work you do not understand. At that time, you cannot reach your leader. What should you do?
、专业题 4.Professional questions
815日安徽省公务员面试题 Interview questions of civil servants in Anhui Province on August 15 , 2016
、经济欠发达地区有人说政府应当将重心放在经济发展上,有人说应当放在民生问题上,你怎么看? 1. Some people in the less developed areas say that the government should focus on economic development, and some people say that they should focus on people's livelihood . What do you think?
、家电下乡,省直机关领导到我市来调研,你你作为对口部门,如何做好接待工作? 2. Household appliances go to the countryside. The leaders of the provincial government agencies come to our city to investigate. How do you, as the counterpart department, do the reception well?
、一次表彰大会,你代同事去领奖,表彰的不是你,媒体以为是你并对你进行采访,你怎么办? 3. A commendation meeting, where you receive the award on behalf of your colleagues. It is not you who commends you. The media thinks it is you and interviews you. What should you do?
、人生中难免有与人争辩的时候,你还记得当时与人争辩的情形,能否描述一下吗? 4. It is inevitable to argue with others in life. Do you still remember the situation of arguing with others at the time ? Can you describe it ?
815日四川宜宾事业单位(教师)面试题 Interview Questions of Sichuan Yibin Public Institution (Teacher) on August 15 , 2016
、朋友很忙,把孩子寄宿在你家里,你顺便帮孩子指导学习,有人向领导打小报告说你办培训班,校长找你谈话,你怎么办? 1. Your friends are very busy. You board your child at your home. You help the child by the way. Someone reports to the leader that you run a training class and the principal talks to you. What should you do?
、学校要组织学生们搞一次社会实践活动,校长要你负责这次活动,你会怎么作? 2. The school will organize students to engage in a social practice activity. The principal wants you to take charge of this activity. What would you do?
、与人善言,暖于布帛;伤人以言,深于矛戟。 3 , to speak kindly to others, warm to the cloth; hurt others to speak, deeper than the spear. Would you please talk about your understanding of that sentence in connection with your professional career?
815日四川宜宾事业单位面试题 Interview Questions of Sichuan Yibin Public Institution on August 15 , 2016
、如果有人帮你,对你来说是幸运的,如果没有人帮你,对你也不是不幸,如果是你,你怎么看。 1. If someone helps you, it is lucky to you. If no one helps you, it is not unfortunate for you. If it is you, what do you think?                              
、如果给你10分,你会对你的“组织协调能力”打多少分,为什么? 2. If you give 10 points, how many points will you score for your "organizational coordination ability" and why?
、失败,对于强者来说,只是一个逗号,而对于弱者来说,就是一个句号,谈谈自己的看法。 3. Failure is just a comma for the strong, but a period for the weak to talk about your views.
816日安徽省公务员面试题 Interview questions of civil servants in Anhui Province on August 16 , 2016
、在生活中最难的是说不,在工作和学习中在什么情况下说:不,请你谈谈? 1. The hardest part in life is to say no, and under what circumstances in work and study: No, would you please talk about it?
、你在整理基层上报材料过程中发现有失实失真的情况。 2. In the process of sorting out the report materials at the grassroots level, you find that there is a situation of distortion and distortion. what would you do?
、你所在社区老年人玩牌很晚,影响他人,你是社区负责人怎么办? 3. The elderly in your community play cards late and affect others. What should you do if you are the person in charge of the community?
、漫画:左边有一人背*着墙,坐在月亮下抬头望着天.右边的图有两个人一大一小面对着面在交流说话,根据说一个漫画编一个故事 4. Comic: On the left, there is a man with his back on the wall , sitting under the moon and looking up at the sky . In the picture on the right, there are two people, one large and one small, talking and talking face to face. According to a comic, a story is written.
816日四川宜宾事业单位(电视台)面试 Interview on Sichuan Yibin Institution (TV) on August 16 , 2016
、进行自我介绍(包括谈谈自己的优势介绍) 1. Introduce yourself (including talking about your own advantages)
、请谈谈新闻工作者需要具备哪些素质。 2. What qualities do journalists need?
、请谈谈你最喜欢的一本书,说说理由。 3. Please talk about your favorite book and explain why.
、请谈谈目前电视行业的现状和发展。 4 , please talk about the current status and development of the television industry.
、如果你制定了一个很好的计划,但领导和同事都不支持,你会如何解决这一问题。 5. If you have a good plan, but the leaders and colleagues do not support it, how will you solve this problem.
Follow-up: Do you know the grass-roots TV stations in the west? Talk about opinions.
分钟,答题20分钟。 Think for 5 minutes and answer questions for 20 minutes.
8月山西长治公选(副科) 面试题 August 2016 Shanxi Changzhi Public Election (Sub-Subject) Interview Questions
、甲完成了领导交给的工作。 1. A completed the task assigned by the leader. But the leader was not satisfied. The leader said: We can't stay at the stage of doing it, we can't just finish it, but we must do it well. Please do it, do it, and do it.
、杨是单位副科长,有一次单位有急事,但是实在联系不到科长,杨根据自己的理解,果断处理此事,并向上级汇报了材料。 2. Yang was the deputy section chief of the unit. There was an urgent matter in the unit, but the section chief could not be contacted. According to his own understanding, Yang dealt with the matter decisively and reported the material to the superior. Afterwards, some leaders praised him for doing a good job immediately. Some leaders said that he made his own claims and Yang was distressed. What would you do if you were Yang?

817日安徽省公务员面试题 Interview questions of civil servants in Anhui Province on August 17 , 2016
、有位著名的企业家说过“如果想成功,需要朋友。如果想非常成功,需要敌人。”你怎么看? 1. A famous entrepreneur said, "If you want to succeed, you need friends. If you want to be very successful, you need the enemy." What do you think?
、你去外单位办事,听到有人对你单位有意见(非议),你怎么办? 2. When you go to a foreign unit to do business, and you hear someone have an opinion (disapproval) on your unit, what do you do?
、农村中小学生家住得远,用面包车接送有安全隐患。 3. Primary and secondary school students in rural areas live far away, and there are hidden safety hazards in picking up by van. Several scenarios are envisaged to change this situation.
、火车渐渐远去,一个人静静的站在月台上。 4. The train went away, and one person stood quietly on the platform. Make up a story .
8吉林省事业面试题 Career interview questions in Jilin Province in August 2016
、俗话说:没有规矩,不成方圆,但是又有人说要创新就不能守规矩,请问你怎么看? 1. As the saying goes: there are no rules and no roundabout, but some people say that if you want to innovate, you cannot keep the rules. What do you think?
、某天下午你的领导外出开会,临走前叮嘱你没有重要的事情不要找他,有个来访者来要找领导,并且说不见到领导就不走,你怎样处理? 2. One afternoon, your leader went out for a meeting. Before leaving, he told you that you do n’t need to find important things. A visitor came to find the leader, and said that he would not leave without seeing the leader. What should you do?
、通过这次面试,如果我们通知没有录用你,谈谈你的感受。 3. Through this interview, if we are notified that you have not been hired, talk about your feelings.
、专业题 4.Professional questions
818日安徽面试题 Anhui Interview Questions on August 18 , 2016
、一成功人士:决定你命运的是晚上的8点到10点,如何看待此话? 1. A successful person: What determines your fate is from 8 to 10 in the evening. How do you think of this?
、你负责一项工作,在关键时期,一骨干人员突然要带薪休假,你怎么办? 2. You are responsible for a job. In a critical period, a key person suddenly needs to take paid vacation. What should you do?
、一大学周边环境较差,政府要加大力度整改,单位派你去做前期调查工作。 3. The environment around a university is relatively poor. The government must step up rectification and the unit will send you to do the preliminary investigation. Who will you investigate? What kind of organization? What information is needed?
、单位户外训练,你作为队长,以金融危机为主题,给起个队名和口号,并简要说明理由。 4. Outdoor training in the unit. As the captain, you will give a team name and slogan with the theme of the financial crisis, and briefly explain the reason.
818日山东事业面试题 August 18 , 2016 Shandong Career Interview Questions
、当前各地的飚车、肇事交通案件不段发生,受到了社会各界的强烈谴责,对飚车、肇事者进行“严惩”的呼声越来越高,你怎么看法? 1. The current cases of traffic jams and traffic accidents are happening arbitrarily, and have been strongly condemned by all walks of life. The call for "severe punishment" against traffic jams and perpetrators is getting higher and higher. What do you think?
、“只要功夫深,铁杵磨成针”,说明了“恒心”和“毅力”的重要性,假如在这次你被录取了,你将如何对待接下来的工作? 2. "As long as the effort is deep, the iron pestle is ground into a needle", which illustrates the importance of "persistence" and "perseverance". If you are accepted this time, how will you treat the next work?
、对这这次报考的**部门,好多人都是冲着这个单位的工作环境和良好的待遇,你如何看? 3. For the ** department applying for the test this time, many people are working on this unit's working environment and good treatment. What do you think?
819日山东事业面试题 August 19 , 2016 Shandong Business Interview Questions
、组织迎全运,领导采取了你的方案,没有采取小明的,并且让小明辅助你开展工作,小明有点情绪,你该怎么处理? 1. The organization welcomed the National Games. The leader adopted your plan instead of Xiaoming's and asked Xiaoming to assist you in your work. Xiaoming was a little emotional. What should you do ?
“不在其位,不谋其职”,你是怎么理解这句话的? 2 "Out of position, not seeking employment", how do you understand this sentence?
819甘肃省公务员面试题 Interview questions of civil servants of Gansu Province on August 19 , 2016
Morning interview questions
人际关系非常重要,你怎么看? 1. Interpersonal relationships are very important , what do you think ?    
今年高考是很多人弃考,高考是很多人的跳板,你怎么看? 2. This year's college entrance examination was abandoned by many people , and the college entrance examination was a springboard for many people . What do you think ?    
如果你是群众代表,要和省委书记见面开会,你怎么交流? 3. If you are a mass representative and want to meet with the secretary of the provincial party committee , how do you communicate ?
Afternoon interview questions
事业至上还是家庭至上? 1. Career first or family first?
恺撒大帝说:我死后请将我的双手放到棺材外面,自选角度论述理解? 2. Emperor Caesar said : After I die, please put my hands outside the coffin , and discuss and understand at your own choice?
由于你的问题使单位蒙受损失,造成负面影响,单位要开发布会解释这件事,由你负责,你怎样做? 3. Due to your problems, the unit has suffered losses and caused negative effects . The unit will develop a cloth to explain this matter . You are responsible for it . How do you do it?
some where 19August 19 Business morning interview questions
、你认为应该怎样培养一种好的家风? 1. How do you think you should cultivate a good family style?
、有人说逆境是阻碍有人说逆境是动力你怎么看? 2. Some people say that adversity is a hindrance. Some people say that adversity is a driving force. What do you think?
、毕业多年,要组织一场同学会你怎么做? 3. How do you organize a reunion for many years after graduation?
some where 19August 19 Business afternoon interview questions
对于1+1你怎么看待? 1. What do you think about 1 + 1 ? 无穷大你怎么看待? What do you think about 1+ infinity?
谈谈你对通过考试选拔人才的方法的看法? 2. Tell us about your method of selecting talents through exams?
市领导要你进行一次对烟酒专卖商贩卖假烟假酒的调查? 3. The city leader wants you to conduct an investigation on the sale of fake tobacco and liquor by the tobacco and liquor monopoly?
819日山东省事业面试题 August 19 , 2016 Career Interview Questions in Shandong Province
、当前各地的飚车、肇事交通案件不段发生,受到了社会各界的强烈谴责,对飚车、肇事者进行“严惩”的呼声越来越高,你对此有什么看法? 1. The current cases of traffic jams and traffic accidents are happening in a random way, and have been strongly condemned by all walks of life. The call for "severe punishment" against traffic jams and perpetrators is getting higher.
、“只要功夫深,铁杵磨成针”,说明了“恒心”和“毅力”的重要性,假如在这次你被录取了,你将如何对待接下来的工作? 2. "As long as the effort is deep, the iron pestle is ground into a needle", which illustrates the importance of "persistence" and "perseverance". If you are accepted this time, how will you treat the next work?
、对这这次报考的**部门,好多人都是冲着这个单位的工作环境和良好的待遇,你是如何看待这一问题的? 3. For the ** department applying for the test this time, many people are concerned about the working environment and good treatment of this unit. What do you think of this problem?
820日甘肃省公务员(司法)面试题 Gansu Provincial Civil Service (Judicial) Interview Questions on August 20 , 2016
Morning interview questions
、有人说失败往往失败在你的优点上,而不是缺点上,你怎么看? 1.Some people say that failure often fails on your strengths , not your weaknesses. What do you think ?
、有人说科技发达就会有文明的发达,你怎么看? 2.Some people say that the development of science and technology will lead to the development of civilization . What do you think ?
、用掌声,汗水,泪水,笑容.编一个故事次序可以打乱.要求把四个词组都编入故事中,有一定故事情节。 3. Use applause , sweat , tears , and smiles . The order of a story can be disrupted . The four phrases are required to be included in the story, and there is a certain storyline.
Afternoon interview questions
、“说你行你就行,不行也行,说你不行就不行,行也不行”,你怎么理解这句话? 1. "You can do what you say, you can do it, you can't do it, you can't do it," how do you understand this sentence?
、保护环境是以人为本还是以自然为本? 2. Is the protection of the environment people-oriented or nature-oriented?
、请用自行车,玩具车,救护车,小轿车。 3. Please use bicycles, toy cars, ambulances, cars. 要求把四个词组都编入故事中,有一定故事情节。 The order of compiling a story can be disrupted . It is required to incorporate all four phrases into the story, and there is a certain storyline.



、“谦虚使人进步,骄傲使人落后”,但也有人说只有放开手脚大胆去做才可以取得胜利,问你怎样理解? 1. "Humility makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind", but some people say that you can only win if you let go of your hands and boldly. What do you understand?
李祖华解析] :第一,“谦虚使人进步,骄傲使人落后”这是一个人成功准则。 [ Analysis of Li Zuhua ] : First, "Humility makes people progress, and pride makes people lag behind." This is a criterion for one's success. Only by learning humility can you constantly update your knowledge and skills, learn from the experience and strengths of others, and gain the support and help of others by working with modesty, and you can be respected and praised by others. If pride will satisfy the status quo and stand still, it may not be supported and helped by others in work, and may not be respected or even isolated by others. Second, modern Although society emphasizes self-expression, it doesn't mean that you can continue to express yourself with pride, but it will be counterproductive, and self-expression still requires modesty. If a person is disgusted by other people's behaviors in order to express themselves, not only will they not be supported by others, but it will also lead to betrayal, the work cannot be carried out, the performance cannot be improved, and the progress cannot be improved. achieve. On the contrary, if one is obscured at work, humble learning, working and acting for others, they can often continuously improve their quality and their ability to express themselves. 题) (From question 44 of Li Zuhua's Answers to Interview Questions)
2   If you find a working environment after entering the unit, the nature of the work is far from what you think, what would you do?
李祖华解析] :第一,就工作本身而言,它不存在优劣和高低,工作或就业最基础的是我们谋生的手段,所以,就工作着的人而言,那只能说是个人对从事工作的适应度和驾驭性。 [ Li Zuhua's analysis ] : First, as far as work itself is concerned, there are no pros and cons and highs and lows. The foundation of work or employment is our means of earning a living. Therefore, as far as people who work are concerned, that can only be said to be personal. Adaptability and control of work. The first thing we should do is to adapt to work and the environment, instead of complaining and using preferences. Second, of course, if we can find our own digging points at work, it is the happiness of society and the embodiment of personal value. "Interest is "The first motivation", it drives a virtuous circle. But we shouldn't just discuss subjective likes or dislikes in our work, but more should be to experience and accumulate with our heart, so as to "do what we love and what we do", that is the requirement of professional ethics; third, Objectively speaking, the type of work that a person can be exposed to is limited, so there are only suitable ones. In modern society, people may value more the value of the individual being recognized by the society in the work. Abandoning the original job does not have much causality with preferences. Of course, it does not rule out the freewheeling in the state of accumulation. Fourth, as the current Young people should think more about the objective integration of individuals and society, rather than subjective emotional factors. "Doing one thing better than another" should be a higher level of civil servants. 题) (From question 12 of Li Zuhua's Answers to Interview Questions)
、你的两个朋友闹矛盾了,如果让你来调解,你会怎么做? 3. Your two friends are in conflict, what would you do if you asked for mediation?
李祖华解析] :第一,了解原因,掌握情况;第二,分别听取意见;第三,分别调解,分别沟通,分别指出对方不足;第四,在作好双方工作的基础上,把双方叫到一起进行面对面调解。 [ Analysis of Li Zuhua ] : First, understand the reasons and grasp the situation; second, listen to opinions separately; third, mediate and communicate separately to point out each other's shortcomings; fourth, based on the work done by both parties, call both parties Come together for face-to-face mediation. In face-to-face mediation, we must pay attention to adhering to the principles, point out the other party's deficiencies, and put forward reasonable suggestions on how to resolve the conflict this year.


Core tips:

时,国务院总理温家宝在中南海接受新华社独家专访,就当前经济形势、明年经济工作和其他问题回答记者提问。 Yesterday at 3 pm, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency in Zhongnanhai to answer reporters' questions on the current economic situation, economic work next year and other issues. Wen Jiabao said that as the government's prime minister, he should make the truth clear to the people. This is his obligation. At the same time, it should bring confidence and hope to the people.

Wonderful quotes

应对金融危机的表现最终靠人民评价 -The performance of the response to the financial crisis depends on people's evaluation

When talking about China ’s response to the financial crisis, Wen Jiabao said that this score also depends on the test of practice and history, and ultimately the evaluation of the people.

帮熊德明讨薪是很普通的事 -It's common to ask Xiong Deming for salary

I asked her for salary five years ago. It was actually a very ordinary thing. I paid more attention to the issue of the system.

我下到基层主要办三件事情 -I went to the grassroots to do three things.

When answering reporters' questions about frequent field trips, Wen Jiabao said that the grassroots do three things: pass on confidence, understand the situation, and study and formulate policies.

House price

Rose too fast

Four things the government should do

A reporter from Xinhua News Agency said that an Internet user said that house prices had risen too fast, and one square meter had risen by a thousand yuan a month. He wanted to ask the Prime Minister to talk about housing prices.

Wen Jiabao said: "I know that netizens are concerned about this issue. Because I see a lot of opinions from netizens every day, even sharp criticism." Wen Jiabao said that real estate has recovered relatively quickly this year, and house prices have risen in some regions and cities. Quickly, it has aroused great attention from the central government. "Here I only talk about what the government should do."

First, we must increase the intensity of the housing project and speed up the transformation of shanty towns. These two tasks must be given preferential treatment and guarantees in terms of funds, land and taxes.

Second, it is necessary to encourage residents to buy homes and improved houses. At the same time, measures must be taken to curb speculation. China's national conditions determine that our housing must adhere to the principles of safety, economy, applicability, and land saving. Special attention must be paid to the construction of small and medium-sized houses and low- and medium-priced housing.

Third, we must make good use of economic levers such as taxation, differential interest rates, and land policies to regulate and stabilize real estate prices.

Fourth, we must maintain order in the real estate market, and crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as selling discs, using land, and driving up housing prices.

Wen Jiabao said, "As long as the government is determined to solve this problem, and it is not a headache, a foot pain, but an in-depth investigation and research, we will consider all aspects of the situation and formulate long-term plans and policies to make our real estate a This can be achieved in a stable development situation. "

exchange rate

RMB is never here

Appreciation under external pressure

Wen Jiabao said that I once told a press conference at the China-Europe Meeting in Nanjing that not only there is protectionism, but even environmental protection. They create trade barriers in various ways, which is very stressful for China's outward-oriented industries, especially exports.

The pressure on RMB appreciation is increasing. 年那场金融危机当中,我们保持了人民币币值的稳定,对国际社会作出了重大贡献,今天我仍然以为,在世界主要货币接连贬值的情况下,人民币保持币值的基本稳定是对国际社会的贡献。 Everyone still remembers that during the financial crisis of 1998 , we maintained the stability of the value of the renminbi and made a significant contribution to the international community. Today I still think that the basic stability of the value of the renminbi under the continuous depreciation of the world's major currencies is Contribution to the international community. The kind of pressure that forces us to appreciate, we will never agree. I once told foreign friends this way. I said that on the one hand, you want the RMB to appreciate, and on the other hand, you are adopting various protectionist principles. The essence is to curb China's development. This may be a major issue facing our foreign economic work next year.



Has not appeared yet

刚刚由负转正, PPI也还是负的。 Wen Jiabao said that we have not experienced inflation yet. The CPI has just turned from negative to positive, and the PPI is still negative. But we have to foresee the possibility of inflation.

Wen Jiabao said that maintaining stable and rapid economic development remains the top priority of our current economic work. Adjusting the structure and changing the mode of economic development are the focus of our economic work. Next year's work must combine the three aspects of maintaining stable and rapid economic development, adjusting the economic structure, and managing inflation expectations.

刚刚由负转正, PPI也还是负的。 The reason for the combination of the three is that we have begun to pay attention to some signs of inflation expectations: first, the rise in international bulk material prices can be transmitted to domestics, such as oil and cotton; second, the currency issuance this year It may affect inflation expectations. Third, there will be a "tail-wrapping" factor in prices next year. Fourth, we have not yet experienced inflation. The CPI has just turned from negative to positive, and PPI is still negative.

We have to foresee the possibility of inflation. We must create a good and stable environment for the economy so that economic development, structural adjustment, and price increases are kept within a reasonable range, so that the economy can proceed smoothly. Regarding this point, we put forward that it shows that the central government attaches importance to this issue and regards it as an important policy for economic work next year.

Health care reform

System reform

Divided into five links

Wen Jiabao said that the reform of the medical and health system can now be clearly divided into five links.

The first is the New Rural Cooperative. The second is to widely implement medical insurance among urban employees and residents. These two tasks involve everyone. 亿人,城镇职工和居民参加医疗保险的已经超过4亿人,两项加在一起已经超过12亿人。 I can tell you that there are now more than 800 million people participating in the NCMS, more than 400 million people participating in medical insurance for urban employees and residents, and more than 1.2 billion people taking the two together. Of course, I should also say objectively that our current level of protection is still relatively low.

The third is to strengthen the construction of grass-roots medical and health institutions, and the infrastructure construction of urban communities, rural towns and villages and medical and health units. We have invested a lot of funds. The fourth is to promote the basic drug system. 多组,其目的就是改变以药养医的状况,解决群众看病贵的问题,这项工作还在进行当中。 There are more than 400 groups in the country, the purpose of which is to change the situation of using medicine to support medicine, and to solve the problem of expensive medical treatment for the masses. This work is still in progress.

The fifth is to promote the pilot reform of public hospitals. 亿元资金支持。 For the reform of the medical and health system, we have prepared 850 billion yuan in funding for three years. We must overcome all kinds of difficulties in this major event involving the health of the people throughout the country and take care of it.

Household reform

Migrant Workers in the City

Enjoy equal treatment

In answering the question of the household registration system, Wen Jiabao said that this work is of great significance: economically, it can increase the impetus of our economic development and expand internal demand; politically, it can make migrant workers enjoy equality with urban people. Treatment.

Wen Jiabao said that the central government has recently made two decisions. One is to steadily advance the reform of the household registration system, which is required by our country to accelerate the pace of industrialization and urbanization. The specific method of this reform is still being studied, but I can tell you the ideas.

First of all, we need to solve those who work in the city all year round, have a fixed job and a fixed residence, but do not have a household registration. Let them integrate into the city, work and live like city people, and enjoy the same rights and treatment.

Second, because our country has more people and less land, in big cities we must also consider the carrying capacity of big cities, and the first thing is to guide migrant workers to settle in small and medium cities and large market towns.


The intensity will not decrease

Changes in connotation

Wen Jiabao said that the world economy is interconnected, but the policies adopted by countries to respond to crises are different, and the timing and methods of policy introduction can also be different. We propose to maintain the continuity and stability of the policy, continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and a moderately loose monetary policy, and enhance the pertinence and flexibility of the policy, and maintain the correct direction, certain intensity and reasonable rhythm of macro-control.

Wen Jiabao said that we are very cautious on the issue of economic recovery and sustainable economic development. I once said, "Economic stabilization does not mean that the economy is fundamentally improving." In fact, the fundamental improvement of the economy does not mean that our economy can be on a sustainable development track.

Wen Jiabao said that we still face many problems. First, there are still many uncertain factors in the international environment. Although the economies of some countries are beginning to recover, they may also experience recurrence. The trend of continued weakening external demand is difficult to change. Secondly, although our economy is beginning to improve, many economic developments and business operations still rely on policy support and lack inherent motivation and vitality. That is to say, in this case, if we withdraw our economic stimulus policies too early, we may lose all our efforts and even reverse the situation.

Wen Jiabao said, of course, we must also adjust our policies and guidelines in accordance with changes in the situation. For example, investing. Our investment this year has paid attention to people's livelihood and environmental protection and technological innovation. Therefore, the investment intensity next year will not decrease, but its connotation will also change, that is, we must pay more attention to the development of social undertakings, pay more attention to technological innovation, and pay more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction.

We will meet again before the "two sessions"

Wen Jiabao said that this interview does not yet mean that he promised to conduct an online exchange with netizens every year. Before the "two sessions", he would also meet with netizens once.

28日,温家宝与网友进行首次在线交流,他表示,他一直认为群众有权利知道政府在想什么、做什么,并且对政府的政策提出批评意见,政府也需要问政于民、问计于民,推进政务公开和决策的民主化。 On the eve of this year's "two sessions," on February 28 , Wen Jiabao conducted the first online communication with netizens. He said that he always believed that the masses had the right to know what the government was thinking and doing, and to criticize government policies. The government also needed to ask Govern the people, ask the people, and promote democracy and decision-making.


高房价。 High house prices. 国务院常务会议决定遏制高房价,并出台四条措施,是为“国四条”。 The executive meeting of the State Council decided to curb high house prices and introduced four measures for the "National Four." 财政部、国土资源部等五部委发出了加强土地管理的通知,严防压地、囤地和房屋惜售。 The five ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Land and Resources, issued notices to strengthen land management to prevent land compaction, land hoarding, and house sales. 据悉,前央行、银监会制定的“二套房”信贷政策很可能被严格执行,明年银行将针对不同类型的房地产开发和购房需求予以不同的金融对待。 It is reported that the "second house" credit policy formulated by the former central bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission is likely to be strictly enforced. Next year, banks will give different financial treatments to different types of real estate development and housing purchase needs. 这样,用以调控房市的三大手段政策、土地、金融,都将密集实施到位,意将房地产这匹脱缰的野马挂上笼头,合上车辙。 In this way, the three major policies, land, and finance used to regulate the housing market will be implemented intensively, intending to put the detached mustang in the real estate on the head and close the rut. 但房地产商是否就范,房价能否理性尚待观察。 However, it remains to be seen whether real estate developers will comply and whether housing prices will be rational. 相信一个负责任、为人民服务的政府,绝不会视老百姓利益于不顾。 I believe that a responsible government that serves the people will never ignore the interests of ordinary people. 如果笼头还驯服不了野马,那么等待它的恐怕只有鞭子了。 If the halter still can't tame the Mustang, then I'm afraid there is only a whip waiting for it.

    野蛮拆迁。 Barbaric demolition. 强制拆迁、野蛮拆迁已经成为当前主要社会矛盾之一。 Forced demolition and brutal demolition have become one of the major social contradictions at present. 城市日新月异的发展是无数老百姓的财产和精神损失换来的,不合理的拆迁剥夺了公民的财产权与生存权,这与法律和共产党的立党宗旨是格格不入的。 The rapid development of the city is in exchange for the property and spiritual loss of countless people. Unreasonable demolition deprives citizens of their property rights and the right to life, which is incompatible with the law and the Communist Party's founding purpose. 国务院法制办已明确表示要废除目前的《城市拆迁管理条例》,另起炉灶制定新的拆迁条例。 The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council has clearly stated that it is necessary to abolish the current "Regulations on the Management of Urban Demolition and Relocation", and start a new stove to formulate new regulations on demolition. 当然,这是成都的唐福珍用生命换来的改革。 Of course, this is the reform that Tang Fuzhen of Chengdu traded for his life. 我们应该象记住为废除《收容管理条例》献出生命的孙志刚一样,记住唐福珍。 We should remember Tang Fuzhen like Sun Zhigang who gave his life for the abolition of the Regulations on Containment Management. 他们都是时代进步的标志。 They are all signs of progress. 同时,我们也不应过于乐观,用一部新法规解决所有问题。 At the same time, we should not be too optimistic and solve all problems with a new regulation. 毕竟,中央政府、老百姓与地方政府、房地产商的博弈还将继续。 After all, the game between the central government, the people and local governments and real estate developers will continue.

    电动自行车新标准 New standard for electric bikes . 国家标准委已经表示暂缓新标准的出台。 The National Standards Commission has stated that it will suspend the introduction of new standards. 公众需要、现存数量、交通安全、企业诉求、政府管理各方之间的矛盾,都是有关部门颇费心思的事情,处在进退维谷状态。 The needs of the public, existing quantities, traffic safety, corporate demands, and conflicts between government management parties are all things that the departments concerned have taken a lot of effort to maintain. 现代管理理念很重要的一条是领导者要善于妥协。 An important part of modern management philosophy is that leaders must be good at compromise. 忽视民意的强势形象在今天已不可取。 A strong image that ignores public opinion is no longer desirable today. 另外,也反映了政府部门在管理上的滞后性,事先放任,事后刹车必然不被民众接受。 In addition, it also reflects the lagging of the government departments in management. If they let go in advance, the brakes after the event must not be accepted by the public. 类似的事情还很多,看来提高执政能力不是一句空话,需要落实为每一个公务员的责任感与工作能力。 There are many similar things. It seems that improving the ability to govern is not empty words, and it needs to be implemented for each civil servant's sense of responsibility and ability to work.

    水价听证会。 Water price hearing. 放眼全国,水价涨声一片。 Looking across the country, water prices are rising. 电价、天然气也蠢蠢欲动。 Electricity prices and natural gas are also about to move. 哈尔滨水价听证会上的居民代表怒砸事件,以及曝光的假代表内幕成为一个标志性事件。 Resident representatives at the Harbin Water Price Hearing and the inside story of the exposed fake representatives became a landmark event. 加上房价,和老百姓生活息息相关的都在涨价,而老百姓的收入增长缓慢,你叫他们怎么活呢? Coupled with house prices, prices that are closely related to the lives of ordinary people are rising, and the income of ordinary people is growing slowly. How do you tell them to live? 凡听证必涨价已经成为铁律,听证成了糊弄老百姓的代名词,不砸你砸谁呢! Every hearing must increase the price has become the iron law, the hearing has become a synonym for fools, do not hit you who! 供水企业成本的模糊、听证代表的代表性、听证程序的走过场已经使听证失去了存在的合理性和必要性。 The ambiguity of the costs of water supply companies, the representativeness of the hearing representatives, and the passing of the hearing procedures have made the hearings unreasonable and necessary.

    垃圾焚烧厂安全性。 Waste incineration plant safety. 广州番禺市民用“集体散步”来表达不满与抗议。 Citizens of Panyu, Guangzhou used "group walks" to express dissatisfaction and protest. 类似的事情还有去年厦门PX事件。 A similar thing is the PX incident in Xiamen last year. 当民众的利益被忽视,又没有顺畅的民意表达渠道时,只能用这种无声、无奈的方式来抗争。 When the interests of the people are ignored and there is no smooth channel for public opinion, they can only fight in this silent and helpless way. 假如垃圾焚烧真的没有危害性,那么就像市民质问副秘书长的那样,你为什么不住在焚烧厂旁边? If the waste incineration is really not harmful, then, as the citizen asked the Deputy Secretary-General, why don't you live next to the incineration plant? 或者说,将焚烧厂建在领导居住小区旁边,有害还是无害就是最好的证明。 In other words, it is the best proof that the incineration plant is built next to the leading residential quarters.

    “桥糊糊”。 "Bridge slim". 前次某区房产局长周久耕为房地产商“仗义执言”,令南京蒙羞。 The former real estate director Zhou Jiugeng "speaked out for justice" for real estate developers, which made Nanjing ashamed. 这次劣质石桥又让其扬名。 This time the poor quality stone bridge made it famous again. 几千万元花出去了,出了个劣质工程,老百姓能不骂人? Tens of millions of yuan went out and a poor project was made. Can the people not swear? 说是热胀冷缩造成的,那南京城墙几百年了还不得冻成了碎末。 It is said to be caused by thermal expansion and contraction, and the Nanjing city wall must not have been frozen into pieces for hundreds of years. 有人拿河北赵州桥比较, 1400多年了,历经多次大地震、水灾都安然无恙,难道今人的技术比老祖宗还不如? Someone compares the Zhaozhou Bridge in Hebei with more than 1400 years. After many earthquakes and floods, it is safe and sound. Is today's technology worse than the old ancestors? 联想到曾发生的“楼倒倒”、“楼脆脆”、“楼歪歪”,都不是孤立存在,劣质工程后面都有建筑腐败。 Think of the “downstairs”, “crunchy buildings”, and “crooked buildings” that have occurred in the past. They are not isolated, and there are corruptions in buildings behind poor-quality projects. 希望这次南京还能给民众一个满意的解释。 I hope Nanjing can give the people a satisfactory explanation this time.

“民工荒”、低碳经济、产业转移、产能过剩等当前热点问题,举例说明我国未来调结构的方向和措施有哪些? The current hot issues such as the "shortage of migrant workers", low-carbon economy, industrial transfer, and overcapacity, are examples of China's future structural adjustment and measures?

1 1 . 扩内需,促消费,由外需,投资拉动转变为内需外需,消费投资共同拉动。 Expand domestic demand and promote consumption. From external demand and investment stimulus to domestic demand and external demand, consumer investment will be jointly driven.

2 2 . 大力发展第三产业。 Vigorously develop the tertiary industry. ,由第一二产业带动转变为一二三产业平衡发展 From the first and second industries to the balanced development of the first, second and third industries

3 ,平衡区域经济,破除城乡二元性,促进农村经济发展。 3. Balance the regional economy, eliminate urban-rural duality, and promote rural economic development.

4 ,优化产业结构,经济增长由依靠资源消耗的转变为依靠技术进步。 4. Optimize the industrial structure and transform economic growth from relying on resource consumption to relying on technological progress.



工作虽然非常繁忙,但是考虑到如果能够透过一系列讲座让更多基民朋友了解投资知识,少走弯路,再累也值得. Although the work is very busy , considering that if we can let more friends of the people understand investment knowledge through a series of lectures , it is worth it to take less detours .
在谈房市之前,需要让大家了解一下房子对中国的普通老百姓意味着什么?自古以来,我们经常谈论的话题是安居乐业,可见安居是广大老百姓首要的目标之一,因此房子对于老百姓的第一个职能就是居住,如果大家看国80年代的电影邻居就会深有体会。 Before talking about the housing market , we need to let everyone know what the house means to the ordinary people in China . Since ancient times , the topic we often talk about is living and working. It can be seen that housing is one of the first goals of the people , so the house is the first for the people. The function is to live . If you watch movies in the 1980s , your neighbors will have a deep understanding. 房子的第二个功能是什么,有人说投资,也就是炒房,因为房子也是一种资本品,也可以交易,但是做为资本品的房子和普通的股票和基金相比存在如下问题:流动性弱、法规复杂等等,因此如果你抱着炒房目的的话,就要小心了,关于炒房的讨论不在本贴的范围,那么房子的第二个功能是什么呢? What is the second function of the house? Some people say that investment is real estate, because the house is also a capital product and can be traded, but the house as a capital product has the following problems compared with ordinary stocks and funds: flow Weak sex, complicated regulations, etc., so if you are holding the purpose of real estate speculation, be careful. The discussion about real estate speculation is beyond the scope of this post. So what is the second function of the house? 应该是养老,过去说养儿防老,看来在今天应该是养房防老,因为房子本质类似一个固定收益的债券,可以通过出租房子获得租金来养老,大家要知道中国老百姓面临的养老问题要多严峻有多严峻。 It should be old age. In the past, it was said that raising children to prevent old age. It seems that today should be raising a house to prevent old age, because the nature of the house is similar to a fixed income bond. You can get rent by renting a house to provide for the elderly. How severe is the severity. 房子的最后一个功能是抵抗通货膨胀,这点不展开了。 The last function of the house is to resist inflation, which does not expand.
了解了房子的上述功能,下面需要谈房子价格的形成机制,和所有的商品一样,房子的价格由资金的供求决定,注意不是真实供求,这两者的区别在什么地方呢? Knowing the above functions of the house, we need to talk about the formation mechanism of the house price. Like all commodities, the price of the house is determined by the supply and demand of funds. Note that it is not true supply and demand. What is the difference between the two? 举个例子说:如果是真实供求决定,那么房价高企的背后一定是真实需求强劲,大家拼命买房,但是其实不是这样,大量老百姓买不起房子,那么房价这么高完全是资金的推动,就如同前段时间国际油价一路走高一样,根本没有真实需求的支撑,跌下来一泻千里! For example, if the real supply and demand decision is the real demand behind the high prices, there must be strong real demand. Everyone is desperately buying a house, but this is not the case. A large number of ordinary people cannot afford a house. Some time ago, international oil prices have been rising all the way. There is no support for real demand at all. 因此对于房子正确的态度是什么呢? So what is the correct attitude towards the house? 首先要有一套自己居住的房子,这里我劝各位不要攀比,要知道在香港建筑面积在100平方米以上的房子就是豪宅,量力而为,记住你还需要解决的问题还有子女教育、养老等问题,等你20-30年房贷还完了,你才发现养老金还没有攒! First of all, you must have a house that you live in. I urge you not to compare it. You must know that a house with a building area of 100 square meters or more in Hong Kong is a mansion. You can do your best. Remember that you still need to solve the problems of child education and old-age care. Wait until you finish paying off your mortgage in 20-30 years, and then you will find that the pension has not yet run out! !! !! 如果大家都是理性购房者,那么靠资金推动的房价走不了多高。 If everyone is a rational home buyer, then house prices driven by funds cannot go much higher.
但是,当前的情况需要特别分析,为什么? However, the current situation requires special analysis. Why? 大家知道房地产是水泥、钢铁等大量原材料的消耗者,房地产从某种程度上讲就是城市化,当前全球金融危机背景下,对进出口是个严酷的打击,国民生产总值的三架马车出口、消费、投资还剩下两个,消费短期无法启动,不要认为央行降息就可以拉动消费,对于美国也许正确,但是中国不是这样的,因为消费需要信心,如果基础社会福利不完善,大家谁敢消费,那么这样下来就是投资,因此最近大家看到大量的基础设施项目上马,国内无数的钢铁、水泥在无法外销的情况需要通过基础设施和房地产来吸收。 Everyone knows that real estate is a consumer of a large number of raw materials such as cement and steel. Real estate is, to some extent, urbanization. Under the current global financial crisis, import and export are a severe blow. The three carriages of the GNP export, There are only two left in consumption and investment. Consumption cannot be started in the short term. Don't think that the interest rate cut by the central bank can boost consumption. It may be correct for the United States, but this is not the case in China. Consumers need confidence. Then, investment is the way to go. Therefore, recently, we have seen a large number of infrastructure projects launched. Countless domestic steel and cement cannot be exported through infrastructure and real estate. 同时还要考虑一个问题,就是过去房地产是暴利,如果将暴力改为中等利润,势必会引发销售数量激增,因此从这点看2016年基础设施和房地产行业将比较火暴,届时将是高利多销的时代,同时高档地产有望上扬。 At the same time, we must also consider a problem that real estate was profiteering in the past. If the violence is changed to medium profit, it will inevitably lead to a surge in sales. Therefore, from this point of view, the infrastructure and real estate industry will be hot in 2016. Era, while high-end real estate is expected to rise.
房价带来的另一个问题就是高储蓄 ,高储蓄意味着什么? Another problem with house prices is high savings . What does high savings mean? 意味着贸易顺差,不要以为汇率会影响贸易的顺差和逆差,目前很多国家的贸易盈余基本是用来购买美国国债,为美国融资,因此美国应该喜欢发展中国家的高房价,这些外资投行去年叫嚣股市跑摸,对房市不谈,大家明白了把。 Means trade surplus. Don't think that the exchange rate will affect trade surplus and deficit. At present, the trade surplus of many countries is basically used to buy U.S. Treasury bonds and finance the United States. Therefore, the United States should like the high housing prices of developing countries. These foreign investment banks clamored last year. The stock market is running around, not to talk about the housing market, everyone understands.
劝诸位如果有房子的话,不要急于冲进去做炒房族,没有买的,结合自己的实际规划规划,别攀比。 If you have a house, you are advised not to rush into it and become a real estate speculator. If you do n’t buy one, combine your own actual planning and planning, and do n’t compare.

十大热点问题 2016 Top Ten Hot Issues

热点一:食品安全—— 2016年的最后一天, 石家庄三鹿集团门头标识开始拆除。 Hot spot one: Food safety-On the last day of 2016 , the door sign of Sanlu Group in Shijiazhuang began to be removed. 08年末,随着以中国多家奶粉品牌含三聚氰胺的新闻被披露—。 At the end of 2008 , with the news that many Chinese milk powder brands containing melamine were disclosed—. 201629日,食品安全委员会成立,三位副总理携15部长共保食品安全。 On February 9 , 2016, the Food Safety Committee was established, and three deputy prime ministers and 15 ministers jointly safeguarded food safety. 2016227日, jiabao.wen回答网友提问时,再次提及了食品安全问题。 On February 27 , 2016, when jiabao.wen answered questions from netizens, he mentioned food safety again.

热点二:户籍改革。 Hot spot two: Household registration reform. 201655日晚,广州市170多名警力针对杨箕村的流动人口登记和暂住证管理进行了突击拉网清查。 On the evening of May 5 , 2016 , more than 170 police forces in Guangzhou conducted a surprise check of the floating population registration and temporary residence permit management in Yangjing Village. 一名附近的居民面对刺眼的电筒,眼神中似乎有一丝惊恐。 A nearby resident faced a dazzling torch with a look of panic in his eyes. 2005年起,户籍制度逐渐放宽,但户口本上“农村”“城镇”小小的区别,仍然在影响着许多人的出生、教育、乃至结婚等等问题。 Since 2005 , the household registration system has been gradually relaxed, but the small differences between the "rural" and "urban" areas of the household registration still affect the birth, education, and even marriage of many people. 20163月两会前夕,十余家媒体发表社论,呼吁两会代表督促户籍改革。 On the eve of the two sessions in March 2016, more than a dozen media published editorials calling on the representatives of the two sessions to urge the hukou reform.

热点三:收入分配—— 深圳宝安区西乡码头,一个建筑工人正在用肩膀搬运建筑材料。 Hot spot 3: Income distribution-A construction worker is carrying construction materials on his shoulders at Xixiang Wharf, Baoan District, Shenzhen . 这些每天收入在百余元的农民工,用扁担挑出了深圳的高楼大厦。 These migrant workers, who earn more than a hundred yuan a day, picked out the high-rise buildings in Shenzhen with a flat load. 中青报09年一项调查显示: 98.3%的人感觉和十年前相比,贫富差距变得更大了, 84.6%的人认为,目前的这种贫富差距,已经让人不能接受。 A survey by the China Youth Daily in 2009 showed that 98.3% of people feel that the gap between the rich and the poor has become larger than ten years ago, and 84.6% believe that the current gap between the rich and the poor is unacceptable. . 10年经济高速发展下被忽略的结构性贫富差距渐渐明显。 The structural gap between the rich and the poor that has been neglected under the rapid economic development in the past 10 years has gradually become apparent.

热点四:住房问题—— 201617日,上海一个幼儿园课堂上,老师指导孩子们玩起房地产交易游戏,目前,要让自己的孩子就读于上海公立幼儿园的父母,必须拥有房产证或引进人才户口。 Hot Topic 4: Housing Issues-On January 7 , 2016, a kindergarten class in Shanghai instructed children to play a game of real estate transactions. At present, parents who want their children to attend a public kindergarten in Shanghai must have a real estate certificate or Introduce talent accounts. 2016年,中国房市经过短暂下跌后暴涨。 In 2016 , the Chinese housing market skyrocketed after a brief fall.

热点五:通货膨胀——图为20161229日,江苏海安,银行员工清点百元人民币现钞。 Hot spot five: Inflation-The picture shows the bank employee counting 100 yuan cash in Hai'an, Jiangsu, December 29 , 2016 . . 2016年下半年以来,中国各行各业产品“涨声一片”,去年50个城市11月中旬各类蔬菜价格旬度涨幅已达到了20 %左右。 Since the second half of 2016 , China ’s products from all walks of life have “increased in popularity,” and the prices of various vegetables in 50 cities in mid- November last year have risen by about 20 %. 经济学家纷纷发表通胀警告,官方纷纷表态通胀并非当前主要问题。 Economists have issued inflation warnings, and officials have stated that inflation is not the main problem at present. 孰是孰非尚且难下定论,但可以肯定的是,这一次有关通胀的讨论与每个人都息息相关。 I am not sure yet, but it is certain that the discussion on inflation this time is relevant to everyone.

热点六:医疗问题—— 20161026日凌晨5点半, 长沙湘雅医院, 31岁的杨燕在排队挂号时被挤倒在地,很多人从她身上踩过,导致肩膀骨折。 Hotspot 6: Medical problems-At 5:30 am on October 26 , 2016 , Changsha Xiangya Hospital, 31 -year-old Yang Yan was squeezed to the ground while standing in line. Many people stepped on her, resulting in a broken shoulder. 看病难、看病贵始终是大多数中国老百姓的一件事烦心事。 Difficult and expensive medical treatment is always an annoying thing for most Chinese people. 2016 ,中国即将启动公立医院改革试点,不知两会代表对医改的建言建议,是否会给胜败未知的改革带来更多确定因素。 In 2016 , China is about to launch a pilot reform of public hospitals. I wonder if the suggestions made by representatives of the two associations on medical reform will bring more determinants to the success of the unknown reform.

热点七:就业问题—— 2016228日,浙江省最大规模招聘会在杭州举行,超过5万大学生在雨中等待进场。 Hotspot 7: Employment Issues-On February 28 , 2016, the largest job fair in Zhejiang Province was held in Hangzhou , with more than 50,000 college students waiting to enter the field in the rain. 2016年,中国需要就业的高校毕业生超过700万人,截至91日的就业率为74% (国家统计局数字)。 In 2016 , more than 7 million college graduates in China needed employment, and the employment rate as of September 1 was 74% (National Bureau of Statistics figures). 据人保部统计,中国2016年有1200万人待业。 According to statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, there were 12 million people in China waiting for employment in 2016 .

热点八:教育问题—— 20161222日,代课教师苏汉伟和在自己所带的一年级10名学生照全家福时抹起了眼泪。 Hot spot eight: Educational issues-On December 22 , 2016, Su Hanwei, the substitute teacher, wiped tears while taking 10 family students in the first grade. 新年,他与其他40余万名代课教师将面临清退,他们离去后贫困山区孩子的教育问题,依旧悬而未决。 In the new year, he and more than 400,000 substitute teachers will face retreat. The education of children in impoverished mountain areas after their departure is still pending. 09年在整个教育系统中,教学改革、教育公平、学术腐败、高校行政化等问题,同样需要破局。 In the entire education system in 2009 , problems such as teaching reform, educational equity, academic corruption, and university administration also needed to be broken.

热点九:节能减排(国内)—— 20161014日,中国摄影师卢广以《关注中国污染》的专题摄影获得了尤金史密斯人道主义摄影奖。 Hot Spot Nine: Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction (Domestic)-On October 14 , 2016, Chinese photographer Lu Guang won the Eugene Smith Humanitarian Photography Award for his special photo "Focus on Chinese Pollution". 这些照片中的,环境的污染程度令人触目惊心。 In these photos, the level of environmental pollution is startling. 中国为保证经济快速增长,付出巨大的资源和环境代价,经济发展与资源环境的矛盾日趋尖锐。 In order to ensure rapid economic growth, China has paid huge resources and environmental costs, and the contradiction between economic development and resources and the environment has become increasingly acute.

热点十:社会保障—— 201679日, 云南水富,农民正清正在艰难的拧灯泡。 Hot 10: Social Security-On July 9 , 2016, Yunnan Shuifu, farmers Zhengqing were struggling to turn on the light bulb. 今年3月,他与其他80名赴安徽凤阳打工的农民工患上矽肺病。 In March this year, he and other 80 migrant workers who went to work in Fengyang, Anhui, suffered from silicosis. 他们最终选择开胸验肺,用法律武器获得凤阳go-vern-ment450万一次性赔偿。 They eventually chose to open their chests for a lung test, and used legal weapons to obtain a one-time compensation of 4.5 million in Fengyang go-vern-ment . 当这些朴实的农民选择了“开胸”这种无奈的方式争取自己利益时,也暴露出了日渐完善的社保体系背后隐藏的深层缺陷。 When these down-to-ear farmers chose the helpless method of "opening their chests" to fight for their own interests, they also exposed the deep flaws behind the increasingly perfect social security system.



2016 年国考面试战役即将打响,相信有不少考生正在积极备战。 The 2016 National Examination Interview Battle is about to begin. I believe that many candidates are actively preparing for the battle. 而不同的命题思路指向不同的解题方法,要想在考试中拿到高分就必须分析命题者的出题思路,找到各种题型的解题方法,而真题就是对命题者思路的最直接反映。 Different proposition ideas point to different problem-solving methods. If you want to get high scores in the exam, you must analyze the proposition person ’s problem-solving ideas and find various types of problem-solving methods. The true questions are the most important to the proposition person ’s thinking. Reflect directly.

重庆万人高考弃考,最近出现了“读书无用论”,对此,你怎么看? In Chongqing, the 10,000-person college entrance examination was abandoned. Recently, the theory of "uselessness in reading" has appeared. What do you think about this?

【参考答案】 (1)点题:重庆出现万人高考弃考,以及最近出现了“读书无用论”。 [Reference Answers] (1) Point: There are 10,000 college entrance examinations abandoned in Chongqing, and the "uselessness theory" recently appeared. 这种现象的出现是有害的,但又有其深层次的原因,需要引起我们的反思。 The emergence of this phenomenon is harmful, but there are deep-seated reasons that need our reflection.

(2)有害:教育的根本目的在于提高人口素质,进而提升整个社会的文明程度。 (2) Harmful: The fundamental purpose of education is to improve the quality of the population and thus the civilization of the entire society. 但“读书无用论”一旦广为传播,会加剧人们以功利主义的态度去认识教育,进而阻碍教育制度的有效实施,妨碍国民素质的提高;同时对弃学者而言,也丧失了一次接受教育、掌握更高技能的机会,使之在社会分工中处于底层,甚至可能在将来被边缘化。 However, once the theory of "uselessness of reading" is widely spread, it will aggravate people's understanding of education with a utilitarian attitude, which will hinder the effective implementation of the education system and the improvement of national quality. At the same time, for abandoning scholars, it will also lose a education 2. The opportunity to master higher skills makes it at the bottom of the social division of labor and may even be marginalized in the future.

(3)原因:一方面是大学生就业难,许多大学生一毕业就失业,其深层次的原因还在于人才培养的结构不合理,有些人才严重过剩而职业技术人才严重短缺;另一方面是教育成本高昂,使许多贫困家庭不堪重负。 (3) Reasons: On the one hand, it is difficult for college students to get employed, and many college students lose their jobs upon graduation. The deep-seated reasons are also the unreasonable structure of talent training, some serious surplus of talents and serious shortage of vocational and technical talents; on the other hand, education costs High levels have overwhelmed many poor families. 两相对比,使得上大学面临高成本低收益的危机。 The comparison between the two makes college attending a crisis of high costs and low returns.

(4)对策:一是要加强对大学生就业的引导和扶持力度,鼓励大学生去西部下基层就业,同时鼓励创业,以创业带动就业;二是要从根本上扭转人才结构上的矛盾,加强对职业技术类教育的扶持力度;三是要降低教育成本,保证贫困大学生都能上得起学。 (4) Countermeasure: First, we must strengthen the guidance and support for college students' employment, encourage college students to find employment at the lower levels in the west, and at the same time encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment; Support for vocational and technical education; the third is to reduce education costs and ensure that poor college students can afford to go to school.

【专家个性化答题点睛】 [The finishing touch of expert personalized answers]   本题考察应试者的综合分析能力,答题时可以根据问题的表现、影响、原因以及对策这一套路进行。 This question examines the comprehensive analysis ability of the examinee. When answering the question, it can be carried out according to the performance, impact, cause and countermeasures of the question.

单位让你做一个大学生当村官动机和目的的调查,你怎样保证调查的真实性? The unit asked you to do a survey on the motivation and purpose of university students as village officials. How do you ensure the authenticity of the survey?

【试题类别】 [Question category]   计划组织类试题 Organizing exam questions

【能力考核】 [Ability Assessment]   调查能力(计划组织能力的一种) Investigation capability (a type of planning organization capability )

【答题主线】 [Mainline of answering questions]   破题+计划+实施+总结 Problem solving + planning + implementation + summary

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]   大学生当村官是新农村建设的一项重要举措,也是解决目前就业问题的有效途径之一。 College students becoming village officials is an important measure for the construction of a new countryside and one of the effective ways to solve the current employment problem. 为了能够留住人才,更好地培养好、发挥好大学生的各方面能力,对大学生当村官的动机和目的进行调查非常有必要(破题,大家一般说一下调查的意义就可以了) In order to retain talents, better cultivate and give full play to college students' ability in all aspects, it is necessary to investigate the motivation and purpose of college students as village officials ( breaking the question, everyone generally talks about the significance of the survey ) . 为了保证调查的真实性,我计划从以下几个方面入手: In order to ensure the authenticity of the investigation, I plan to start from the following aspects:

首先,我要准确理解这次调查的目的和意义,从思想上重视这项活动。 First of all, I want to understand the purpose and significance of this survey, and attach importance to this activity.

其次,我要根据目的制定切实可行的调查方案,查阅各种资料并听取领导和其他同事的建议和意见制定一个调查问卷。 Secondly, I will develop a practical survey plan according to the purpose, consult various materials and listen to the suggestions and opinions of leaders and other colleagues to develop a survey questionnaire. 为了保证调查的真实性,该调查问卷以非记名的方式进行,在调查问卷内容上用相对婉转的方式来体现对动机和目的进行调查,调查问卷人的人群要相对合理,注意调查的男女比例、人群的年龄层次和文化层次。 In order to ensure the authenticity of the survey, the questionnaire was conducted anonymously. The content of the questionnaire was used in a relatively euphemistic way to reflect the motivation and purpose of the survey. The population of the questionnaire should be relatively reasonable. Pay attention to the proportion of men and women in the survey The age and cultural level of the population.

再次,调查问卷制定完备之后和各个高校的就业指导中心联系,取得对方的配合,组织人员把调查问卷发放到几个典型的大学里。 Third, after the survey questionnaires were fully developed, they contacted the employment guidance centers of various colleges and universities to get the cooperation of the other party. The organization staff distributed the questionnaires to several typical universities.

最后,对调查问卷回收并统计相关数字,去伪存真,使用科学的统计方法获得最后的统计数字,进行量化分析并最终撰写调查报告,呈交领导做决策参考。 Finally, the survey questionnaire was collected and statistics were collected, the counterfeits were stored, and the final statistics were obtained using scientific statistical methods. Quantitative analysis was performed and the survey report was finally written. It was submitted to the leaders for decision-making reference.

【专家个性化答题点睛】 [The finishing touch of expert personalized answers]   其实这道题目考察大家调查的方式、方法,特别强调调查的准确性。 In fact, this topic examines the survey methods and methods of everyone, with particular emphasis on the accuracy of the survey. 考生在回答这类问题的时候首先要明确题目的要求,其次要选择合适的调查方法,还要有科学的统计方法才能获得准确的数据。 Candidates must first clarify the requirements of the questions when answering such questions, and secondly, they must choose appropriate survey methods, and they must have scientific statistical methods to obtain accurate data. 参考答案给的是其中的一种方法,其实考生完全可以用网络调查、随机采访、电话调查、开会座谈等方法。 The answer given is one of the methods. In fact, candidates can use Internet surveys, random interviews, telephone surveys, conferences and other methods.

基层性工作和研究性工作,你愿意从事哪项工作? Grassroots work and research work, what kind of work are you willing to do?

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]   对于我来说,我必须首先界定我的眼前目标和长远目标,这样才能有的放矢,更好地确立工作方向。 For me, I must first define my immediate goals and long-term goals, so that I can be targeted and better set the direction of work.

从我的专业理想和职业生涯规划来说,我觉得我比较愿意、也比较适合从事研究性的工作。 From my professional ideal and career planning, I feel that I am more willing and suitable for research work. 因为…… (谈自己的专业和自己的职业生涯规划以及自己为什么适合研究性工作) Because ... ( Talk about your major and career plan and why you are suitable for research work )

但是,凡事都不能一蹴而就,美好的愿景并不代表我现在能够一步登天。 However, everything can't be done overnight, and a good vision does not mean that I can reach the sky now. 我觉得就我目前的情况而言,是不能够直接胜任研究性的工作的。 I feel that as far as I am concerned, I am not directly qualified for research work. 我是个应届大学毕业生,虽然具备扎实的理论知识,但是我的工作经验、社会阅历都不够丰富,实际操作能力还有所欠缺,这对于我来说是目前最需要提高的,也是做好一切工作的根本。 I am a recent college graduate. Although I have solid theoretical knowledge, my work experience and social experience are not rich enough, and my practical skills are still lacking. This is what I need to improve at the moment and do everything well. The root of work. 所以,我现在迫切需要从基层工作做起,在基层性工作中锤炼自己各方面的综合素质,以便能够适应今后更加复杂、更加专业的研究性工作。 Therefore, I urgently need to start at the grassroots level and exercise my comprehensive qualities in grassroots work in order to be able to adapt to more complex and professional research work in the future.

综上,我认为,研究性工作是我的工作方向,而基层性工作是我现在必须要经历的基础阶段,对目前的我来说,是最重要的、也是我最愿意从事的。 In conclusion, I think that research work is my work direction, and grass-roots work is the basic stage that I must go through now. For me at present, it is the most important and most willing to engage in.

对某地建造五星级医院的事情发表看法? Comment on the construction of a five-star hospital somewhere?

【解题思路】 (1)分清面试题型:就现象谈看法类试题 [Question ideas] (1) Distinguish the types of interview questions: talk about opinion questions about phenomena

(2)把握测评要素:综合分析能力、言语表达能力等 (2) Grasp the evaluation elements: comprehensive analysis ability, speech expression ability, etc.

(3)整理答题思路 (3) Organize the answer ideas

①客观地分析一下现象 ①Analyze the phenomenon objectively

②提出自己的观点 ②Propose your own point

③总结概括 ③Summary

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]   各位考官,我开始答题: Examiners, I start answering questions:

某地建造五星级医院,说明当地有这样的社会需求,可以说这是一种正常的市场经济现象。 The construction of a five-star hospital somewhere shows that there is such a social demand in the locality, and it can be said that this is a normal market economic phenomenon. 但是,在我国当前医疗经费投入普遍不足、医疗资源极其紧张的情况下,建造五星级医院,必然会影响到广大普通患者的就医机会。 However, under the circumstances that China's current medical funding is generally insufficient and medical resources are extremely tight, the construction of a five-star hospital will inevitably affect the general medical patients' medical opportunities. 毕竟,在现实状况下,属于富裕阶层的患者是少数,身处非富裕阶层的患者是多数,甚至部分人时刻都可能面临“看不起病、吃不起药”的情况。 After all, in the real world, patients belonging to the affluent class are a minority, and patients in the non-affluent class are the majority, and even some people may face the situation of "being sick and unable to take medicine" at all times. 我们的医院尤其是公立医院,如果不为这些患者的经济承受力着想,而片面追求服务富人,那无疑是不负责任的,是违背医院应该遵循的公益原则的。 Our hospitals, especially public hospitals, are not irresponsible if they do not think about the financial endurance of these patients, and are one-sided pursuit of serving the rich, which is against the principle of public welfare that hospitals should follow. 从这个角度来说,这种现象是非常不正常的。 From this perspective, this phenomenon is very abnormal.

我认为,各地应该首先把资金投入到基础医疗设施的建设上,优先解决广大不富裕群众的基本医疗卫生需求,不应该仅仅从营利的角度来考虑问题。 In my opinion, all localities should first invest funds in the construction of basic medical facilities, give priority to addressing the basic medical and health needs of the majority of the poor, and should not consider the problem solely from the perspective of profit. 毕竟医疗不是普通的服务,它关系到了个人的最基本的权力——生存权。 After all, medical care is not an ordinary service, it is related to the most basic right of the individual-the right to survival. 如果连普通民众基本的医疗需求都解决不了,就大肆建造五星级医院,势必会造成非常恶劣的社会影响,不利于建设和谐社会。 If even the basic medical needs of ordinary people cannot be solved, the construction of a five-star hospital will inevitably have a very bad social impact, which is not conducive to the construction of a harmonious society.

我认为,在这些问题上,政府可以发挥积极的调控监管作用,尽量使社会资源更平均、更广泛的服务于每一个社会成员,不能使它们成为个别人享受的特权。 In my opinion, on these issues, the government can play an active role in regulating and supervising, try to make social resources more evenly and widely serve every member of society, and cannot make them a privilege enjoyed by individuals.

有只母鸡下了一个金蛋,农妇就把鸡杀了想取更多的金蛋。 When a hen laid a golden egg, the peasant woman killed the chicken and wanted more golden eggs. 你怎么看? What do you think?

【试题类别】 [Question category]   寓言类试题 Fable Test

【能力考核】 [Ability Assessment]   综合分析能力和语言表达能力 Comprehensive analysis and language skills

【答题主线】 [Mainline of answering questions]   解释+意义+联系实际 Explanation + meaning + connection to reality

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]   这个故事告诉我们做事不能杀鸡取卵,贪图眼前的好处而损害长远利益。 This story tells us that doing things can't kill chickens and fetch eggs, and covet the immediate benefits and harm the long-term interests. 给我们的启发是做任何事情都要有长远的眼光,不能被眼前的一些小利所迷惑,作出愚蠢的事情,最终损害的还是自己的利益。 The inspiration for us is that we must have a long-term perspective in everything we do. We cannot be fooled by the small benefits in front of us. Doing stupid things will ultimately harm our own interests.

在我们的日常生活中经常存在这种事情,比如商人为了眼前的一些小利而损害消费者的利益,最终失信于人而导致生意失败。 This kind of thing often exists in our daily life. For example, a businessman damages the interests of consumers for some small profits in front of him, and eventually loses trust with others, leading to business failure. 学生考试作弊虽然获取了比较好的成绩,但是在实际运用知识时却不知怎么办,最后还是害了自己。 Although students got better results in cheating in exams, they didn't know what to do when they actually used their knowledge, and finally hurt themselves. 联系到我们国家的经济建设,改革开放以来,经济有了长足的发展,但是也严重破坏了环境。 In connection with the economic construction of our country, since the reform and opening up, the economy has made considerable progress, but it has also severely damaged the environment. 为了短期的利益,以损害环境为代价,结果造成了草原沙漠化,水土流失,江河湖泊污染,鱼类大量死亡,空气污浊,就连我们喝的水也不能保证。 For short-term benefits, at the expense of the environment, the result is desertification of grasslands, soil erosion, rivers and lakes pollution, fish deaths, and air pollution. Even the water we drink cannot be guaranteed. 这种为了短期的利益而损害长远利益的行为应该立即停止。 Such acts that harm the long-term interests for short-term benefits should stop immediately. 党和国家面对这种情况,英明决策,把生态文明建设列为我们国家的四大建设之一,并且将环保局提升为环保部。 Faced with this situation, the party and the country made a wise decision to make the construction of ecological civilization one of the four major constructions of our country, and promote the Environmental Protection Agency to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

作为一名公务员,在平时的工作中也要注意把人民的长远利益放在首位,不能为了短期利益而“杀鸡取卵”。 As a civil servant, in normal work, we must also pay attention to putting the long-term interests of the people first, and we cannot "kill chickens and get eggs" for short-term benefits. 我们只有以科学发展观来武装头脑,以可持续发展作为我们的发展之道,我们的工作才符合最广大人民的根本利益,我们的政策才能得到人民的支持,才能有效地执行下去。 Only when we arm our minds with a scientific outlook on development and take sustainable development as our way of development, can our work be in the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, our policies can be supported by the people, and they can be effectively implemented.

【专家个性化答题点睛】 [The finishing touch of expert personalized answers]   有关寓言类的题目,一般的思路就是三部曲,首先揭示寓言所表达的寓意,然后阐述其意义,对我们的工作、生活、学习等有什么指导意义,最后联系实际,对我们的实践有什么指导,这里一般可以联系国家的政策或者自己的报考职位来谈。 On the topic of fables, the general idea is a trilogy. First, reveal the allegorical meaning expressed by the fable, and then explain its meaning. What is the guiding significance for our work, life, learning, etc., and finally link with reality, and have a practical significance For guidance, you can usually contact the country's policy or your application position to discuss.

领导给你安排了任务,但是和你合作的人与你有矛盾,你怎么办? The leader has arranged a task for you, but the person you work with conflicts with you. What should you do?

【试题类别】 [Question category]   人际关系类试题 Interpersonal test

【能力考核】 [Ability Assessment]   沟通能力和协调能力 Communication and coordination skills

【答题主线】 [Mainline of answering questions]   帽子+沟通对策+表态 Hat + communication strategy + stand

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]   领导安排我任务是对我的信任,也是对我业务能力的锻炼,我一定认真负责,圆满完成任务。 Leaders arrange my tasks to trust me and to exercise my business ability. I must be serious and responsible to successfully complete the tasks. 我认为一项工作需要各方的合作才能高效地完成,我与合作的人有矛盾势必会影响到工作的进展,我打算采取以下措施来解决这个问题: I think that a task requires the cooperation of all parties to complete it efficiently. Contradictions between the person I work with and the cooperation will inevitably affect the progress of the work. I intend to take the following measures to solve this problem:

首先,我会自我反思。 First, I will reflect on myself. 如果是私人之间的矛盾我想我会主动和同事进行沟通,私人矛盾只是我们两个人之间的事情,希望我们能以工作为重,以大局为重,精诚合作,共同圆满完成任务。 If it is a personal contradiction, I think I will take the initiative to communicate with my colleagues. The personal contradiction is only a matter between the two of us. I hope that we can focus on the work, focus on the overall situation, and cooperate sincerely to complete the task together. 我想同事也是有这种觉悟的。 I think colleagues also have this awareness. 如果是工作的矛盾,我想可能是我平时说话做事不讲究方式方法,造成了同事对我的不满,那么我会利用这次合作的机会,和同事深入交流,坦陈我平时的一些缺点和不足,希望同事能够谅解。 If it is a contradiction in work, I think it may be that I usually talk and do things in a way that does not pay attention to methods and methods, causing colleagues to be dissatisfied with me. Then I will use this cooperation opportunity to communicate with colleagues in-depth and confess some of my usual disadvantages and deficiencies I hope colleagues can understand.

其次,在工作过程中,我会积极主动工作,有事情多与该同事协商,听取他的意见和建议。 Secondly, in the course of work, I will work proactively, consult the colleague more often if there are matters, and listen to his opinions and suggestions. 如果他在工作中遇到困难,我会尽力帮助。 If he encounters difficulties at work, I will try my best to help.

最后,我会在日常工作中多关心该同事,如果我有业务上的不懂之处,我会虚心向他请教,他有不懂的地方我也会主动帮助,相互学习、共同进步。 Finally, I will pay more attention to this colleague in my daily work. If I do n’t understand anything in business, I will openly ask him for advice. If he does n’t understand, I will take the initiative to help and learn from each other and make progress together.

我想只要我能够开诚布公,谦虚谨慎,主动合作,同事是会抛弃前嫌,和我共同完成这项任务的。 I think as long as I can be honest, humble and cautious, and take the initiative to cooperate, my colleagues will abandon the former suspects and complete this task with me.

【华图专家个性化答题点睛】 [The finishing touch of personalized answers from Huatu experts]   对于领导委派的任务,我们要认真地完成,但是与我们合作的人和我们有矛盾是工作的障碍,所以为了完成任务必须先解决和同事的矛盾。 We must seriously complete the tasks assigned by the leaders, but the conflicts between the people we work with and us are obstacles to our work, so we must first resolve the conflicts with our colleagues in order to complete the task. 和同事之间的矛盾我们要分情况区别对待。 We must treat conflicts with colleagues differently. 既有个人之间的私人矛盾,也有纯粹的工作矛盾,但是有时候这两种矛盾很难区分,无论如何我们都要先从自己身上找问题,找差距。 There are both personal contradictions between individuals and pure work contradictions, but sometimes these two contradictions are difficult to distinguish. In any case, we must first find problems and gaps from ourselves. 一般个人的问题有为人和处事两个方面。 General personal problems are both human and business. 为人上有主动和被动之别,被动一般会被别人理解为傲慢,不尊重人,所以沟通的时候要体现主动。 There is a difference between active and passive people. Passiveness is generally understood by others as arrogant and does not respect people. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect initiative when communicating. 为人还要尊重别人才能获得别人的尊重。 To be respectful of others is to be respected. 处事有做事方式、方法和程序的问题。 There are problems with the way, method and procedure of doing things. 做事方式有民主型、专断型等,所以我们在反思的时候要从这几个方面入手,根据不同的原因采取不同的方法。 There are democratic and arbitrary ways of doing things, so when we reflect, we must start from these aspects and adopt different methods according to different reasons. 大家在处理矛盾问题时既要有意识层面的认识,又要有具体的方法。 When dealing with contradictions, we must have both a conscious understanding and a specific method. 这样才能体现个性,展现能力。 Only in this way can individuality and ability be demonstrated.

有人说:“说真话领导不高兴,说假话老百姓不高兴,说笑话大家都高兴。”谈谈你的看法。 Some people say, "Leaders are not happy to tell the truth, ordinary people are unhappy to tell the truth, and everyone is happy to tell the joke." Talk about your views.

【试题类别】 [Question category]   社会现象类试题 Social phenomenon questions

【能力考核】 [Ability Assessment]   综合分析能力,语言表达能力和权力观 Comprehensive analysis ability, language expression ability and power concept

【答题主线】 [Mainline of answering questions]   破题+危害+原因+对策+表态 Problem solving + harm + cause + countermeasure + position

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]   这种现象在我们一些地方和机关是存在的,对于这种现象,我是这样看的: This phenomenon exists in some of our places and institutions. For this phenomenon, I look at it like this:

首先,这是一种不良的机关作风,它不利于我们领导干部了解实情,体察民情,体恤下情。 First of all, this is a bad style of organs. It is not conducive for our leading cadres to understand the actual situation, observe the people's situation, and be sympathetic to the situation. 不符合我们党历来提倡说真话,反对说假话的优良传统。 It is not in line with our party's fine tradition of advocating truth and opposing falsehood. 不符合我们实事求是的工作作风和为民服务的宗旨,是应当加以批判和纠正的。 It is inconsistent with our realistic working style and the purpose of serving the people, and it should be criticized and corrected.

其次,出现这种情况既有历史原因,也有现实原因。 Secondly, there are both historical and practical reasons for this occurrence. 有说话人的原因,也有听话人的原因,但主要还是看听话人愿听不愿听。 There are reasons for the speaker as well as the reason for the listener, but the main reason is whether the listener is willing to listen or not. 中国历史上说真话丢了脑袋的,可以说举不胜举。 It is arguable that the truth has been lost in Chinese history. 同时,因弄虚作假、阿谀奉承而升官发财的也不乏其人。 At the same time, there is no shortage of people who have been promoted for fraud or flattery. 正是因为这个原因,所以在关键时刻,往往敢说真话的人少,而明哲保身、含含糊糊、不求有功,但求无过的人多,这就形成了说假话,说领导和上级喜欢听的话的不良之风。 It is for this reason that at the critical moment, there are often fewer people who dare to tell the truth, while Mingzhe is self-defeating, vague, and does not seek merit, but there are many people who seek nothing. This has led to falsehood, leadership and The bad wind that the superior likes to hear. 现实生活中,我们一些领导干部喜欢“报喜不报忧”,没有实事求是的精神,一些人摸准了领导的脾气,只拣好听的话说,对于真话却故意隐瞒或含糊其辞。 In real life, some of our leading cadres like to "report good news without worrying" and have no spirit of seeking truth from facts. Some people have sensed the leadership's temperament and only chose good words, but deliberately concealed or vaguely told the truth. “说假话群众不高兴,”这是事实。 "The crowd is unhappy to tell the truth," it is true. 因为历史的经验已经证明,说假话最终受害的是群众。 Because historical experience has proven that it is the masses who ultimately harm the truth.

为了鼓励大家说真话,我想我们的领导干部和工作人员应当做到以下几点: To encourage everyone to tell the truth, I think our leaders and staff should do the following:

领导干部应该以身作则鼓励说真话,以人民群众的根本利益作为自己工作的出发点和落脚点,要敢于听真话,乐于听真话,反对假材料,假汇报。 Leading cadres should lead by example and encourage truth-telling, and take the fundamental interests of the people as the starting point and end point of their own work. They should dare to listen to the truth, be willing to listen to the truth, and oppose fake materials and false reports. 形成一种以说真话为荣,说假话为耻的工作风气。 Form a work ethic that takes pride in speaking the truth and is ashamed of telling the truth.

工作人员要时刻想群众之所想,急群众之所急,要勇于向上级汇报真实情况,要敢于做魏征,善于做魏征,把人民群众的呼声、利益要求及时地反馈给上级领导。 Workers must always think about what the masses think, and urge the masses to be anxious. They must have the courage to report the truth to their superiors, dare to do Wei Zheng, be good at Wei Zheng, and timely feedback the voices and interests of the people to their superiors. 对老百姓要实事求是,敢于面对困难,及时帮助群众解决问题。 Be realistic to the common people, dare to face difficulties, and help the masses solve problems in a timely manner.

人民群众要敢于揭发那些说假话的人,要发挥舆论监督的作用。 The masses must dare to expose those who are telling lies and give full play to the role of public opinion supervision.

其实大凡明智的领导者都是愿意听真话的,因为听到真话,才能了解实情,才能为制定科学决策提供可靠的依据。 In fact, all wise leaders are willing to listen to the truth, because they can understand the truth and provide a reliable basis for making scientific decisions. 可见,领导喜欢听真话,求真若渴,是说真话的重要前提。 It can be seen that leaders like to listen to the truth and to be thirsty for truth is an important prerequisite for telling the truth.

我们应该有说真话的市场。 We should have a market for truth. 各级领导干部应该像温总理一样:善于听真话,喜欢听真话,鼓励说真话。 Leading cadres at all levels should be like Premier Wen: good at listening to the truth, like to listen to the truth, and encourage the truth. 唯其如此,说真话的人多了,干实事的人才能多,求真务实才能形成氛围,落实科学发展观,构建和谐社会才大有希望。 Only in this way can there be more people who tell the truth, and more people who can do practical things. Only by seeking truth and being pragmatic can they form an atmosphere, implement the scientific outlook on development, and build a harmonious society.

【专家个性化答题点睛】 [The finishing touch of expert personalized answers]   “说真话领导不高兴,说假话老百姓不高兴,说笑话大家都高兴”,对于这句话,我们要指出其危害,分析其原因,可以从历史、现实,说话人、听话人等方面找原因,找到原因要提出对策,可以从加强领导干部的历史责任感,党性和为民服务的宗旨等方面来论述。 "Leaders are not happy to tell the truth, ordinary people are unhappy to tell the truth, and everyone is happy to tell the joke." For this sentence, we must point out its dangers and analyze the reasons, which can be from history, reality, speakers, listeners, etc. Finding the cause and finding the cause to propose countermeasures can be discussed in terms of strengthening the sense of historical responsibility of the leading cadres, party spirit, and the purpose of serving the people. 最后总结提升到求真务实,落实科学发展观,构建和谐社会上来。 Finally, the conclusion is to upgrade to seeking truth and being pragmatic, implement the scientific concept of development, and build a harmonious society.

某工厂排放污水,领导让你去调查,你如何实施? A factory discharges sewage. The leader asks you to investigate. How do you implement it?

【试题类别】 [Question category]   计划组织类试题 Organizing exam questions

【能力考核】 [Ability Assessment]   计划组织协调能力、言语表达能力 Planning organization coordination ability, speech ability

【答题主线】 [Mainline of answering questions]   帽子+三个环节 Hat + three links

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]   领导把调查工厂污水排放情况的工作交给我,是对我的信任,我深感责任重大! The leadership gave me the task of investigating the sewage discharge situation of the factory. It was my trust and I felt a great responsibility! 我一定竭尽所能,全面详尽地调查工厂污水排放的真实情况。 I must do my best to investigate the actual situation of the factory sewage discharge in a comprehensive and detailed way. 我将会采取以下几个步骤开展这次调查: I will take the following steps to conduct this survey:

首先,我会深刻领会领导的对这次调查的要求、意图。 First, I will deeply understand the requirements and intentions of the leaders for this investigation. 详细了解有关污水排放的知识,制定详细的调研计划,包括调研时间、参加人员、调查方式、保密规定、准备所需物品、安排车辆等。 Learn more about sewage discharge knowledge and develop a detailed survey plan, including survey time, participants, survey methods, confidentiality regulations, preparation of required items, arrangement of vehicles, etc. 计划报领导审批。 The plan is reported to the leadership for approval. 为了保证调查结果的准确性,相关工作注意保密,尽量不让工厂领导知晓。 In order to ensure the accuracy of the survey results, the relevant work must be kept confidential, and as far as possible, the factory leaders are not aware of it.

其次,我会严格执行既定计划,并及时解决调查中遇到的问题,根据需要随时调整方案。 Secondly, I will strictly implement the established plan and solve the problems encountered in the investigation in time, and adjust the plan at any time as needed. 遇到重大问题及时向领导汇报请示。 In case of major problems, report to the leaders for instructions in a timely manner.

最后,我对所取得的材料进行初步分析,去伪存真,然后,对各种材料进行认真的汇总分析,并得出初步的结果。 In the end, I conducted a preliminary analysis of the materials obtained, removed the false and stored the truth, and then carried out a serious summary analysis of various materials and obtained preliminary results. 认真检查汇总结果,如果没有问题,根据这份材料写出详细的调查报告,上交领导。 Check the summary results carefully. If there are no problems, write a detailed investigation report based on this material and submit it to the leader. 同时做好个人工作总结,以期不断提高自身能力。 At the same time do a good job summary, with a view to continuously improve their ability.

【专家个性化答题点睛】 [The finishing touch of expert personalized answers]   注意污水调查要保密,确保调研资料的准确性。 Note that the sewage survey should be kept confidential to ensure the accuracy of the survey data.

如果你与工作中的同事发生了误会,你会采用什么方式和途径解决? If you have a misunderstanding with a colleague at work, what methods and approaches will you use to solve it?

【试题类别】 [Question category]   人际关系类试题 Interpersonal test

【能力考核】 [Ability Assessment]   沟通能力 Communication skills

【答题主线】 [Mainline of answering questions]   反省+沟通 Introspection + communication

【参考答案】 [Reference Answer]   我是个容易相处的人,与同事之间很少产生误会。 I am an easy-going person and I have few misunderstandings with my colleagues. 如果我在工作中和同事发生了误会,我将采取以下方式和途径来解决: If I have a misunderstanding with my colleague at work, I will take the following methods and approaches to resolve:

首先,我不会因为和同事之间的误会而影响了工作。 First of all, I will not affect my work because of misunderstandings with colleagues. 我会以工作为重,我想同事也是这样的人。 I will focus on work, and I think my colleagues are the same.

其次,我会先从自己身上找原因,如果是因为我工作中太自我,不能听取同事的合理建议和意见,我会积极调整自己的心态,有事情多与同事商量,发扬民主。 Secondly, I will find the reasons from myself first. If it is because I am too self-working, I cannot listen to the reasonable suggestions and opinions of colleagues, I will actively adjust my mentality, and have more discussions with colleagues to promote democracy. 如果是我工作方法不妥当,我会改正我的工作作风。 If it is my work method that is not proper, I will correct my work style. 如果是我平时沟通不讲究方式方法,我会更加注意自己的沟通技巧。 If I do n’t pay attention to communication methods, I will pay more attention to my communication skills.

再次,如果是我和同事对工作的认识不一致而导致误会,我会及时和同事进行沟通,我们都是希望把工作做好,我们的目标是共同的,只是工作的方式不一致。 Thirdly, if my colleagues and I misunderstand the work and cause misunderstanding, I will communicate with my colleagues in a timely manner. We all want to do our work well. Our goal is the same, but the work methods are inconsistent. 所以我相信经过及时沟通,大家都可以了解对方的想法和工作思路,彼此取长补短,不仅能消除误会,而且会把工作做得更好。 Therefore, I believe that through timely communication, everyone can understand each other's ideas and work ideas, and learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, which will not only eliminate misunderstandings, but also make the work better.

最后,我会经常和同事交流,在平时的工作学习中相互帮助,共同进步,防止误会发生。 Finally, I will often communicate with my colleagues, help each other during normal work and study, and make progress together to prevent misunderstandings. 同时我会多参加单位集体性活动,增进和同事之间的私人感情。 At the same time, I will participate more in the collective activities of the unit to enhance the personal relationship with my colleagues.

总之,和同事之间产生误会并不可怕,只要我们能够以工作为重,与同事真诚对待,主动沟通,我想误会一定能够化解。 In short, misunderstandings with colleagues are not terrible. As long as we can focus on work, treat them with colleagues in good faith, and take the initiative to communicate, I think that misunderstandings will definitely be resolved.

【专家个性化答题点睛】 [The finishing touch of expert personalized answers]   人际关系处理是公务员日常工作与生活中会面临的问题,能够有效地与领导搞好关系、与同事和睦相处,与下级打成一片是一名公职人员必须具备的素质。 Interpersonal relationship handling is a problem that civil servants face in their daily work and life. Being able to effectively establish relationships with leaders, live in harmony with colleagues, and integrate with subordinates is a must-have quality for a public official. 处理和同事之间的关系要注意真诚,多包容、多理解、多关心、多沟通,与同事有矛盾要先自我反省,这样才能有效地处理和同事的误解、误会、矛盾等。 When dealing with relationships with colleagues, we must pay attention to sincerity, be more tolerant, understand, care, and communicate with each other. We must first reflect on ourselves when we have conflicts with colleagues, so that we can effectively deal with misunderstandings, misunderstandings, and contradictions with colleagues.


2016 江西省公务员面试将于32021日全面展开,自2005年以来,江西省公务员面试题中不乏引起广泛关注的社会热点。 The 2016 Jiangxi civil servant interview will be fully launched on March 20 and 21 , and since 2005 , there have been many social hotspots in Jiangxi provincial civil servant interview questions. 2005年江西省公务员面试考到了安全生产问题, 2016年考到了公务员热和教育乱收费问题(其中教育乱收费还涉及到了南昌当地某重点中学), 2016年考到了农民工讨薪难的问题, 2016年考到了广泛关注的过洋节与自主创新, 2016年考到了“恢复五一黄金周大讨论”与高中文理分科问题。 For example, in 2005 , civil servant interviews in Jiangxi Province covered safety production issues, in 2016 , civil servants' fever and education fees were charged (among which, education fees also involved a local key middle school in Nanchang ). In 2016 , I paid attention to the Ocean Festival and independent innovation, which was widely concerned. In 2016 , I took the "Resume the May Day Golden Weekly Discussion" and the issue of high Chinese science. 可见,社会热点问题历来是江西省公务员面试的重点来源。 It can be seen that social hotspots have always been a key source of interviews for civil servants in Jiangxi Province.

     社会热点的面试题主要考查考生对社会现象的理解、把握和分析能力,对考生的综合素质具有较高的要求,加之社会现象分析题模式化的东西很少,因而对社会热点类面试题的解答也最能体现出考生的基本素质,招考单位多愿意选择此类面试题,所以考生应当对此高度重视。 Social hotspot interview questions mainly examine candidates' ability to understand, grasp and analyze social phenomena. They have high requirements for the comprehensive quality of candidates. In addition, there are few things to model social phenomenon analysis questions. The answer also best reflects the basic qualities of the candidate. The applicants are more willing to choose such interview questions, so candidates should pay great attention to this. 这也是我在江西省公务员面试培训的过程中反复强调过的,在课上我根据个人的一些体会跟学员一起对当下的一些社会热点进行了分析,在此愿抛砖引玉,与广大考生共同分享。 This is what I repeatedly emphasized during the interview and training of civil servants in Jiangxi Province. During the class, I analyzed the current social hotspots with the students based on my personal experience.

1 1 . 你如何看待“啃老族” / “月光族” / “蚁族” ? What do you think of "Lao Lao" / "Moonlight" / "Ant" ?

2 2 . 近日,上海六所高校自主招生测试密集举行,考生人数逾万。 Recently, the independent admissions test of six universities in Shanghai was held intensively, with more than 10,000 candidates. 六所高校中,有4所要么是理科生不考语文,要么是全部考生只考数学和英语两科,这一“学科歧视”现象引起众多考生、教师的关注。 Of the six colleges, 4 are either science students who do not take Chinese, or all students who take only mathematics and English. This "disciplinary discrimination" phenomenon has attracted the attention of many candidates and teachers. 对此你怎么看? What do you think of it?

3 3 不少80后晒宝宝一年消费的帖子近日成为关注的焦点:“ 5000?上好的幼儿园两个月就要这个数! ”“明年宝宝就入托了,又要多支出1000! ”……各类帖子各有看头,但都表达了一个意思:“养孩子难,不敢生孩子”。 Many post- 80s baby babies' consumption for one year has recently become the focus of attention: " 5,000 yuan ? A good kindergarten will need this number in two months ! " "Next year, the baby will be entrusted, and another 1,000 yuan will be spent ! " ... … All kinds of posts have their own highlights, but they all express a meaning: "It is difficult to raise a child, and I dare not have children." 网友戏称为“孩奴”,你如何看“孩奴”现象? Netizens are nicknamed "child slaves". How do you see the phenomenon of "child slaves" ?

4 4 . 近日,不少返工白领纷纷在网上晒春节账单,“去年好不容易存下的1万多块钱算是报废了”、“送压岁钱、孝敬长辈, 7天就花掉了7000块”……继“房奴”、“卡奴”之后,刚刚过去的春节又给都市白领扣上了“节奴”新帽子。 Recently, many reworked white-collar workers have been online for the Spring Festival bills. "It was scrapped last year when it was difficult to save more than 10,000 yuan." "House slaves" and "Kanu", the Spring Festival just passed to the urban white-collar workers put a new "Slaves" hat. 你如何看待节奴现象? What do you think of the slavery phenomenon? (此题为省考班学员齐晓云、胡小西提供,在此表示感谢) (Provided by Qi Xiaoyun and Hu Xiaoxi, students of the provincial examination class, thanks here)

5 5 . 今年春运期间,铁路部门在部分车站试行了火车票实名制,引起了广泛关注。 During the Spring Festival this year, the railway department tried out the train ticket real-name system at some stations, which caused widespread concern. 你怎么看? What do you think?

6 6 . 国务院2016121日提出要设立“中国旅游日”。 On December 1 , 2016 , the State Council proposed the establishment of a "China Tourism Day." 近日,湖南建议将毛泽东出生日定为“中国旅游日”;四川提出把邓小平视察峨眉ा